Nikita Dragun and Merrell Hollis Talk Trans Identity, Makeup and Dragun Beauty


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  • Raquel Hughes
    Raquel Hughes  7 months back

    goog lightning....

    • Lisa T-Wright
      Lisa T-Wright  8 months back

      That's such a sweet spirit! 😍

      • Allen A
        Allen A  8 months back

        hi bitch x

        • Carmyn Legrand
          Carmyn Legrand  8 months back

          She’s a mood

          • Hi. How. Are. Ya
            Hi. How. Are. Ya  8 months back

            You did-do Wendy's William's makeup!!! WHAT!!!💯💕👏 is she ok, Wendy I mean!! Nikita love you girl👏 pussy👏 stunting 👏

            • Jaime D
              Jaime D  8 months back

              Anybody know the outfit she is wearing? Primarily the top piece with the chain?

              • Alexa Nicole
                Alexa Nicole  8 months back

                its from michael ngo. he's on instagram and he took down his website for some reason :/

            • LVNDR BEAUTY
              LVNDR BEAUTY  8 months back

              I love Nikita's story, being a trans woman, trying to be an influencer myself, I know the fight with the world we have to put up with, but the love for yourself gets you through it all!!! Being strong isn't easy.

              • Kookie
                Kookie  8 months back

                Mama of dragons ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                • Jana
                  Jana  8 months back


                  • G & M
                    G & M  8 months back

                    i love nikita so much 💖💖💖