Jason Momoa | From 3 To 39 Years Old


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  • Ayten Martinova
    Ayten Martinova  2 months back

    The name of song Please

    • F.B.I - Wall Breaker
      F.B.I - Wall Breaker  6 months back

      From 18 to 20 he looks hot, what happened to him in his youthhoood that now he looks so ugly.

      • Sahil Dhankhar
        Sahil Dhankhar  6 months back

        Music name plz

        • Zenos bí ẩn
          Zenos bí ẩn  7 months back

          Momoa 39 year old why so old

          • Joker Haha
            Joker Haha  9 months back

            I really love him as aqua man #2019✌️😍

            • Jesse Segedy
              Jesse Segedy  10 months back

              Handsome bastard. I bet he gets free food when he goes out to eat.

              6:29 That dude to the right of Jason looks like Steve-O, if he took Venom.

              • Narcis Codrut
                Narcis Codrut  11 months back

                satanistule .faci semnele dracului .rahatule

                • Dany 1977
                  Dany 1977  11 months back

                  At 35 he looks... plain, poor body shape, except the face, of course. Once attractive face, always attractive face. But nowadays, the body, the face, fantastic. Money, nutritionists and fitness experts can make a guy in his early 40's look like a God. If I say he's good-looking, and I'm straight, I wander how women react.

                  • Med amine
                    Med amine  8 months back

                    Its the protein that make a guy like that

                • Jana Drbalová
                  Jana Drbalová  1 years back

                  Ok, so you write down the films/tv shows (GOT, Cohan the Barbarian,...) the pictures are from and forget Stargate Atlantis?

                  • Moswen
                    Moswen  1 years back

                    I'm not gay but... Damn, he was so fucking hot

                    • 마더빠꺼
                      마더빠꺼  1 years back

                      D.C THOR

                      • walid sadi
                        walid sadi  1 years back

                        he looks like roman from wwe

                        • Valzalel
                          Valzalel  1 years back

                          His eyebrows are so pointy...

                          • M4L1AS
                            M4L1AS  1 years back

                            Song name?

                            • NINA STAR
                              NINA STAR  1 years back

                              really perfect video

                              • Hatice Nur
                                Hatice Nur  1 years back

                                I like this music

                                • Abhishek Rajurkar
                                  Abhishek Rajurkar  1 years back

                                  22 and 23 he looks so bad

                                  • Calleigh
                                    Calleigh  1 years back

                                    I like him with out long hair and facial hair more

                                    • Eron Guerreiro
                                      Eron Guerreiro  1 years back


                                      • Лугмар Леров


                                        • Лугмар Леров


                                          • aidan werleman
                                            aidan werleman  1 years back

                                            My favorite characters in dc is awesome

                                            • Даня
                                              Даня  1 years back

                                              what's the music?

                                              • Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

                                                Ha hecho Buenos papeles como Conan el Bárbaro.

                                                • LucianV the hedgehog
                                                  LucianV the hedgehog  1 years back

                                                  Jason Momoa he 39 years

                                                  • MINATO RENEGADO
                                                    MINATO RENEGADO  1 years back

                                                    Nossa eli criança pareçi o Paulo do carrossel

                                                    • NTL YT
                                                      NTL YT  1 years back


                                                      • Jack ordway
                                                        Jack ordway  1 years back

                                                        Love your vids