Bill Skarsgard Interview: Pennywise Actor Talks IT Chapter Two and More


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  • Nicole Gomer
    Nicole Gomer  5 hours back

    I wish there was a way for me to tell Bill Skarsgard that he is a phenomenal actor. I loved him in IT, IT Chapter 2, Hemlock Grove and Castle Rock just to name a few. What an awesomely cool, sweet guy. Love ya Bill and I hope to see you in more movies.

    • Aoife O'Donnell
      Aoife O'Donnell  4 weeks back

      Best interview by far!

      • Clown Girl
        Clown Girl  2 months back

        Bill Skarsgard was the clown- IT
        Like Heath Ledger was the clown - Joker

        • Tamara Flanagan
          Tamara Flanagan  2 months back

          Awesome interview hope to hear more from Bill Skarsgard

          • Maggie McCauslin
            Maggie McCauslin  2 months back

            I know Tim Curry's Pennywise is iconic but Bill's Pennywise is the Pennywise I picture reading the book that might just be me though 🤷‍♀️

            • Alpha Agui
              Alpha Agui  2 months back

              I say, they are both iconic on their respective time/era

            • premila piyachandra
              premila piyachandra  2 months back

              For me bill is iconic! No offence to Tim! Just my opinion

          • ernestolopez23
            ernestolopez23  2 months back

            OG pennywise meeting bills pennywise?? Greatest idea i ever heard! i would pay alot of money if that were to be able to happen and watch

            • ernestolopez23
              ernestolopez23  1 months back

              AnEasyGoPerson YT yes i know which is why i said IF it were able to happen. I do realize it would be so much work for tims version of pennywise to film, but one can wish right lol

            • AnEasyGoPerson YT
              AnEasyGoPerson YT  1 months back

              Tim Curry suffered a stroke years ago so it couldn't happen without alot of behind the scenes help for Tim to stand, also he'd need time to get his lines out.

          • melissa 21
            melissa 21  2 months back

            Pennywise family, really ?😂😂😂 you had a hidden talent men handsome

            • Beezeecade
              Beezeecade  2 months back

              *is diligently scouring the internet for BillS interviews now that he can do some*

              Thanks for this one, CinemaBlend, it was a good one.

              • Dismal Doll
                Dismal Doll  2 months back

                I’m gonna miss seeing him as Pennywise

                • Silly•Best•Friends!
                  Silly•Best•Friends!  2 weeks back

                  Same, and I hope there's gonna be a supercut! :D

                • premila piyachandra
                  premila piyachandra  1 months back

                  AnEasyGoPerson YT oh so! This is the end of pennywise 😭😔

                • AnEasyGoPerson YT
                  AnEasyGoPerson YT  1 months back

                  @premila piyachandra His origin isn't a real movie I could see, he comes from a universe made of light and landed in Derry

                • premila piyachandra
                  premila piyachandra  2 months back

                  I hope they will make IT chapter 3 with the origin of pennywise 😫

              • Poetic Nation
                Poetic Nation  2 months back

                This was an amazing Bill Skarsgard interview. The questions were better than more mainstream outlets (no offense, lol), and his answers were better explained and thought out (I'm guessing because he has more time to talk here)... Anyways, CinemaBlend, thanks for this - IT was pretty awesome.

                • Ess Most
                  Ess Most  2 months back

                  Finally someone asking about the voice..great interview..thanks alot..!!

                  • Virginie Trepanier
                    Virginie Trepanier  2 months back

                    Amazing interview! I was getting tired of hearing all the same questions so this was like a breath of fresh air.

                    • Lagii
                      Lagii  2 months back

                      I love his stutter a lot

                      • David
                        David  2 months back

                        I've been binging interviews and behind the scenes content since last weekend after I watched Chapter 2 and was so curious to hear more from the man himself. I'm just fascinated by his interpretation of Pennywise and how he brought this character to life. Thank you for this interview! I really enjoyed it.

                        • Jennifer
                          Jennifer  2 months back

                          Same here! Phenomenal movie and Bill makes Pennywise so incredibly vivid.

                      • Dani P.
                        Dani P.  2 months back

                        Sean, we need a new "Sean reacts" series. The videos from Game of Thrones were so fun.

                        • SociallyCool
                          SociallyCool  2 months back

                          I wondered that too. Like why he doesn’t do a lot of press for the movie. Only time he’s done it is for like Jimmy Kimmel or Conan, but that’s about it.

                          • gab sd
                            gab sd  2 months back

                            Omg thank you for that

                            • Ricky
                              Ricky  2 months back

                              I saw the movie and it was absolutely great! 😁👍
                              Bill Skarsgård is so handsome and so talented!🤡🎈

                              • Interstellar Mind
                                Interstellar Mind  2 months back

                                Finally a proper Bill Skarsgård interview