Try to Complete In One Second Challenge (Fastest Workers)


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    REACT   7 months back

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  • Jenner Ramos
    Jenner Ramos  8 hours back

    O no

    • NMJ Noah ツ
      NMJ Noah ツ  2 days back

      For money Lola from loud house just flicked through the money's and said 500 really she is the fastest

    • Alexcia Diabate
      Alexcia Diabate  2 days back

      This video is the fakest thing I have ever seen I didn’t even bother watching the hole video

      • V_Lotte 2
        V_Lotte 2  17 hours back

        Forgot to switch accounts didnt you

      • Dayn 08
        Dayn 08  21 hours back

        Alexcia Diabate what’s the point of replying to your own comment?

      • wertyiop le
        wertyiop le  1 days back

        @Alexcia Diabate HOLE video.... Huh?

      • Gage Ritchey
        Gage Ritchey  1 days back

        @Alexcia Diabate did you really just reply to your own comment

      • Paawan t
        Paawan t  2 days back

        You are my grandma's diaper

    • Tasha Moore
      Tasha Moore  2 days back

      The guy did 13 boxes in 30 seconds

      • Val Aslani
        Val Aslani  3 days back

        I can fold one box in less than ten seconds

        • DerP Picklez
          DerP Picklez  3 days back

          Absolutely Nobody:
          Not One Single Soul:
          The Bottles: *cLIng cLiNG cLInG clIng*

          • bitobiq
            bitobiq  2 days back

            Then it’s kablush

        • Lukas Laurović
          Lukas Laurović  5 days back

          i just open my bottle by hitting the cap on the table

          • 100 Subs with no Vids!!!!! HARD!!!!!!

            C”MON GUYS WE CAN DO THIS THING!!!!!

          • Saucee
            Saucee  6 days back

            I’m confused why they say do it in one second always but there’s always 30secs or a minute on the clock....? What am I missing lol someone please shed some light on this lol

          • EditFoxYT
            EditFoxYT  1 weeks back

            13:57 Haha Danny And Jon..... Vat Ninteeeen Dot Com *click*

          • OneShotShinobi
            OneShotShinobi  1 weeks back

            you guys dunno how this works at all

            • John Johnson
              John Johnson  1 weeks back

              Daniel is slowing starting to become my fav FBE it was brandon it might be a tie cause i just like how full of energy the both are but i also like tom and alberto and well i like all of y’all tbh

              • NoahxxGaming
                NoahxxGaming  1 weeks back

                i was at 33 when i lost count then you didnt lose count 🤔

                • GirlonfireforChrist 360

                  im good at the water mellon one if you think thatv the water melon boy is good then like this

                  • Darcy-Mae Wood
                    Darcy-Mae Wood  1 weeks back

                    I dont know what u call this but can u do a challenge where u play a video and they are not aloud to look at it but they can listen to it to tempt them to look

                    • Lauryn Valentine
                      Lauryn Valentine  1 weeks back

                      Isn’t it one minute??

                      • Yahboi ExX
                        Yahboi ExX  1 weeks back

                        Hi. ?

                        • kitty2711 N
                          kitty2711 N  1 weeks back

                          Alberto be looking like jughead from riverdale

                        • LomLomChainsaw
                          LomLomChainsaw  1 weeks back

                          T H E W A T E R M E L O N S O U N D S W H E N T H E G U Y W A S E A T I N G I T

                        • MavandClide
                          MavandClide  1 weeks back

                          Ok, but did they get to keep the money they counted?

                          • Sub 2 ViperPlays Ft
                            Sub 2 ViperPlays Ft  1 weeks back

                            Why all these comments so recent

                            • TMC Brush
                              TMC Brush  1 weeks back

                              Sub 2 ViperPlays Ft the comment settings are set to newest first automatically. Also, it is so recent because people post comments.

                          • Mely Susana
                            Mely Susana  1 weeks back

                            I like how they are all more than one second

                            • E Chan
                              E Chan  2 weeks back

                              The technique for counting money was the amount of fingers they used to flick with

                              • Ken The Amalgamate
                                Ken The Amalgamate  2 weeks back

                                The money one litterally greet them to asia

                                • Hac 1633
                                  Hac 1633  2 weeks back

                                  Alternate title
                                  Brittany destroying her opponent for 14:50 minutes straight

                                  • Silenced
                                    Silenced  2 weeks back

                                    Ary 100% worked at a pizza place😂

                                    • Jon McPherson
                                      Jon McPherson  2 weeks back

                                      The balloons 🎈 I probably could do........maybe 😹

                                      • TINA ARABIA
                                        TINA ARABIA  2 weeks back

                                        How fanny the girl with red sweater never had a soda 🥤 to drink and she never used a can opener , but she still managed to open 20 bottles!!

                                        • Shadow Cutie
                                          Shadow Cutie  2 weeks back

                                          *starts to panic* aAAAa..oH mY goOd

                                          • Maxim Stepinac
                                            Maxim Stepinac  2 weeks back

                                            Kids In China are taught how to use something like an abacus. Then they calculate large additions. At the age of that banker they picture the abacus thing and they just write down the number

                                            • Xyn
                                              Xyn  2 weeks back

                                              The only thing I got from this video is both the girls in the red are fine af

                                              • TheRealPandaBoom
                                                TheRealPandaBoom  2 weeks back

                                                I can’t stop laughing from the first second 😂

                                                • SAMIL MAHAT
                                                  SAMIL MAHAT  2 weeks back

                                                  you can do the money counting one by using 4 fingers and everytime you repeat count by whatever 4 bills your using (only if its the same bill)

                                                  • Sabrina Ahmad
                                                    Sabrina Ahmad  2 weeks back

                                                    One second? You mean 30 seconds? 😅

                                                    • Gacha_Zassy _Kyoot
                                                      Gacha_Zassy _Kyoot  2 weeks back

                                                      io y'all know I can turn my tongue into a clover

                                                      • leah pugh
                                                        leah pugh  2 weeks back

                                                        when you eat the water melon there’s a way to cheat just say to you partner close your eyes and i’ll eat the water melon in 1 second and then just give the water melon to some body else then say open your eyes and i’ve eat it

                                                        • Jolteon The third
                                                          Jolteon The third  2 weeks back


                                                        • Crystal middlebrook
                                                          Crystal middlebrook  2 weeks back

                                                          Did you use water balloons for them to blow up? Hahahaha

                                                          • Izabella Bula
                                                            Izabella Bula  2 weeks back

                                                            Did anybody think Brittney was Sofie Dossi in the beginning?

                                                          • AzV1k1Ng
                                                            AzV1k1Ng  2 weeks back

                                                            The bartender in me was like that bottle challenge was easy

                                                            • The Last Sasquatch
                                                              The Last Sasquatch  2 weeks back

                                                              Imagine going to the gym and boom someone is making pizza boxes

                                                              • Persona SanA
                                                                Persona SanA  2 weeks back

                                                                Fast doesn't always mean efficient, super cool tho.

                                                                • Doug Mertz
                                                                  Doug Mertz  2 weeks back

                                                                  I find it much easier to count money while holding it, not slapping it on the table each time.. definitely not anywhere near the guy in the video though

                                                                  • I’m Blue Da Ba Dee
                                                                    I’m Blue Da Ba Dee  2 weeks back

                                                                    Wow these people are fancy... using bottle openers to open bottles. I use my hands..

                                                                    • Tin jj jb
                                                                      Tin jj jb  2 weeks back

                                                                      I use the floor doesn't work well

                                                                    • I’m Blue Da Ba Dee
                                                                      I’m Blue Da Ba Dee  2 weeks back

                                                                      Doug Mertz lol. No it’s the ones they have in the video

                                                                    • Doug Mertz
                                                                      Doug Mertz  2 weeks back

                                                                      You sure it's not a twist top glass bottle? Those don't count.

                                                                    • Abhinav Bharadwaj
                                                                      Abhinav Bharadwaj  2 weeks back

                                                                      I use lighters

                                                                  • Alexciya
                                                                    Alexciya  2 weeks back

                                                                    Kacey reminds me of Millie Bobby Brown

                                                                  • Mohamad Makkouk
                                                                    Mohamad Makkouk  2 weeks back

                                                                    Damn people get dumb when put under pressure

                                                                    • ML Funny Moments
                                                                      ML Funny Moments  2 weeks back

                                                                      Me counting money be like
                                                                      Me:one twoyzykxkg vn mv,mg hkzjyznydjttjdkuxgnskydyiskyw6ictjsu