Here’s Why Honest Mechanics Won’t Fix This Car

  • Published: 30 October 2019
  • I Won’t Fix This Toyota Solara, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Toyota Solara review. Toyota Solara problems. Buying a Toyota Solara. Is the Solara worth it? Buying a used Toyota Solara. Should I buy a Toyota Solara? Are Toyotas reliable? The truth about the Toyota Solara. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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Comments • 857

  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer   3 weeks back

    The Toyota No One Talks About:

    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:
    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
    2. Mid-Grade Scan Tool:
    3. My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool:
    4. Cheap Scan Tool:
    5. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:
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    9. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

    ⬇️ Things used in this video:
    1. Common Sense
    2. 4k Camera:
    3. Camera Microphone:
    4. Camera Tripod:
    5. My computer for editing / uploading:

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    • Lilibeth Doherty
      Lilibeth Doherty  2 weeks back

      The fix is buy a used toyota it is better than a new [email protected] Montana

    • aljanat5
      aljanat5  3 weeks back

      7:08 The down side of running the car with AC on all the time could be increased load on the alternator and the car battery life being shortened as well as fuel economy dropping but then I am not a car guy so maybe it is the way to go if you are saving up for a new OEM compressor.

    • Chuck Balyeat
      Chuck Balyeat  3 weeks back

      The clutch bearing never quits spinning .Sideloads increase when you light up the coil , but it still has to rotate .

      Best case scenario ,the customer only drives a 2 or 3 mile commute and doesnt smoke an engine .

    • smile6868
      smile6868  3 weeks back

      Hi Scotty .. how can I communicate with you for questions and info exchange.

    • Mike Martin
      Mike Martin  3 weeks back

      Hi Scotty; thinking of restoring 3 cars from the early 70s ; a 1971 Ford Capri (V6 Essex engine ) a 1970 Plymouth Cricket ,a 1974 Toyota Celica. What's your experience with these cars and how do you rate them now they are almost 50 years old? I look forward to your reply . Metalmikey97. From UK.

  • AndyEffertz
    AndyEffertz  2 hours back

    Must be an old Toyota to have a fan belt still

    • SoManyNamesIllTryThis01

      I've never seen a radiator cap mounted on the top of the engine

      • Eugene Smith
        Eugene Smith  4 days back

        What make of tools do you use? Looks like Snap-On.

        • Gary Geiser
          Gary Geiser  4 days back

          Once upon a time I wanted to become an auto mechanic. However, I discovered I was able to remove a nut or bolt and then not be able to put it back where it came from! UGH! So frustrating. Today, after some 73 different jobs in my life time - I am so happy none of them was being a mechanic. Watching you work reaffirms my wise decision not to do this stuff for a living.

          • b t
            b t  4 days back

            Bearings are funny that way. They can get noisey to tell you they are failing. Then fail 3 years later. I just get the part ready and replace once it fails

            • Keith Jornov
              Keith Jornov  5 days back

              Hey Scotty What do you think of the 2018 Toyota Yaris iA as far as holding up

              • arosnett
                arosnett  5 days back

                My compressor locked up. Could stop the engine by turning on the ac :I

                • Jeff Clark
                  Jeff Clark  5 days back

                  I’ve seen plenty of those bearings lock up and throw the belt. New belt won’t help that and no it doesn’t make any difference if the A/C is on or off. Always makes me laugh when customers say ehh I’ll keep an eye on it. Yeah keep an eye on that bearing when it leaves you stranded or keep an eye on that loose ball joint as your wheel falls off

                  • Angel Galvan
                    Angel Galvan  5 days back

                    Are Toyotas more expensive than fords to fix when it comes to engine & transmission repairs? Cost of parts?..

                    • John Buick
                      John Buick  6 days back

                      The A/C is an integral part of the climate control. This actually helps to dehumidify the cabin in the winter. Just fix it because if it seizes or something and your belt gets fucked then you're stuck somewhere maybe in the middle of nowhere.

                      • William Brindley
                        William Brindley  7 days back

                        Because a/c is needed for proper defrost,, fix it right the first time. Change the comp!! Who wants a failure& a comeback. All you did was waste customer time & money,,gonna need a new belt& a/c comp.

                        • CVLS Chucky Ve
                          CVLS Chucky Ve  1 weeks back

                          Scotty I am not only not even remotely mechanical I always hated getting my hands dirty and to this day im not much into Cars (strange thing for a guy lol.) Regardless of that fact I absolutely love watching your videos Not only are you informative but sldo, you're very entertained I love that style of dilivery you have. so keep it up and Keep kicking a**.

                          • Sirius Enigma
                            Sirius Enigma  1 weeks back

                            Ac are very useful in winter. They can reverse which boost the heater and cut humidity in the car.

                            • Chris Reed
                              Chris Reed  1 weeks back

                              Cars used to have different belts for each component such as AC belt, fan belt etc..well now they almost all use just one belt for EVERYTHING..which means when the A/C comp locks up it shreds the belt leaving you stuck..I noticed on some trucks such as the Chevrolet Silverado it has the A/C on it's own, separate belt so you won't be left on the side of the road just because your A/C goes out..before you talk bad about Chevrolet go look on E-Bay and see how many GM trucks are still running for sale with over 400K miles...All cars/trucks should still have a separate belt for the A/C!

                              • GizmoFromPizmo
                                GizmoFromPizmo  1 weeks back

                                The defroster makes the compressor kick in. So even in the winter the AC is being used.

                              • silenciummortum
                                silenciummortum  1 weeks back

                                I could see this guy in the video for “Forever Young” and hear Rod Stewart’s voice out of his mouth haha. Same voice just no limey accent.

                                • Grogz40
                                  Grogz40  2 weeks back

                                  This is a bit of a gamble though. I worked on a car several months ago for the same issue. Told the customer that he would need to replace the A/C compressor on his Jeep Journey. He opted to pass. 4 days later, the Jeep came in on a tow truck. The bearing froze up and destroyed the belt. Though this was during the early summer time in Texas so undoubtedly, he was running the A/C.

                                  • Trafalgar D. Law
                                    Trafalgar D. Law  2 weeks back

                                    I thought toyotas were invincible scotty

                                    • Domingo De Anda
                                      Domingo De Anda  2 weeks back

                                      Hell yeah!

                                      • whiskers78753
                                        whiskers78753  2 weeks back

                                        If you hear weird noises, just turn the radio up.

                                        • Jay R
                                          Jay R  2 weeks back

                                          Which car do mechanics prefer to work on. easiest to fix ?

                                          • Morgan
                                            Morgan  2 weeks back

                                            Ayy, see what happens

                                            • laurie n
                                              laurie n  2 weeks back

                                              I owned a 2001 Solora and it was a great car. I was built like a tank. I had it for 8 years.

                                              • meeekstube
                                                meeekstube  2 weeks back

                                                I'm wondering why I got notified about this crap! Never had a Toyota or rode in one...It was my choice TO YO TA!

                                                • Erich Mais
                                                  Erich Mais  2 weeks back

                                                  New AC compressor with a 6 pick carbon-kevlar clutch, for maximum ac performance

                                                  • Marc B.
                                                    Marc B.  2 weeks back

                                                    I missed the part about why an 'honest mech. wouldn't fix this car'. Am I the only one that didnt see or hear anything about 'honest/dishonest' mechs. fixing this car?

                                                    • Mustapha Gai
                                                      Mustapha Gai  2 weeks back

                                                      Scotty to the customer:
                                                      Live with it for now. What the heck.
                                                      Bring it back it the summer

                                                      • greg mertz
                                                        greg mertz  2 weeks back

                                                        What a great video yes keep coming with all these interesting aspects. I'd like to know more about the 2.7 Dodge Charger engine I have which is also in the Chrysler 300 I have the 2007 Dodge Charger weep hole issue I'm sure you heard of it there any way to get around it without replacing the whole thing as a tell me time chain say it's okay but you should do all in that kit give you something about that for me preciate it thank you again G m m

                                                        • Four Rings
                                                          Four Rings  2 weeks back

                                                          Why Scotty likes working on Toyota’s. Customer complaint is noise at idle. Scotty answer I’m not going to diagnose your car. I’ll just take off your serpentine belt and replace it with a fan belt.

                                                          • Jack Radzelovage
                                                            Jack Radzelovage  2 weeks back

                                                            his face right at 1:18 XD

                                                            • Tim Ramich
                                                              Tim Ramich  2 weeks back

                                                              A defroster isn't going to be needed for a Texas winter. But he's so full of crap about not replacing the clutch. Shame he doesn't know that a belt needs to be retensioned after it makes one revolution.

                                                              • Stilian Ivanov
                                                                Stilian Ivanov  2 weeks back

                                                                My Toyota Corolla from 1999 doesn’t even have an AC compressor.... one less thing to break down.
                                                                And its not a necessity either because I live in Denmark 😂

                                                                • Vasil Aleksandrov
                                                                  Vasil Aleksandrov  2 weeks back

                                                                  Can't you just use a shorter fan belt? One that skips the AC compressor.

                                                                  • Shadow Of The Night
                                                                    Shadow Of The Night  2 weeks back

                                                                    Yo Ozzy what's up

                                                                    • L S
                                                                      L S  2 weeks back


                                                                      • Wet Lettuce
                                                                        Wet Lettuce  2 weeks back

                                                                        Too many horror stories of using aftermarket/reman AC compressors that destroy the entire AC system.

                                                                        • John O'Neill
                                                                          John O'Neill  2 weeks back

                                                                          I bought cars with AC for my wife and daughter's cars but I have never had air conditioning in any car I owned for my use. It is just one more thing to fix. Same thing with power windows. I use hand cranks, the women in my family have power windows. I replace a window regulator at least once per year. Hand cranks last beyond when the rest of the car is worn beyond use. Obviously Scotty is down in Texas, that is a different world from up here in Pennsylvania.

                                                                          • CD'S Automotive & Repair

                                                                            If it was me i would have just bought a shorter belt that came for without A/C and been fixed until summer came back and worry about it then . So if the ac compressor started to screw up I wouldn't have the customer coming back to me for a AC complaint again of it either locked up all the way or it's making terrible noise and would need to be fixed again and then him charged for another repair . I just fix it the first time since it was already making a noise and had play in it .

                                                                            • Ronald Harrison
                                                                              Ronald Harrison  2 weeks back

                                                                              There is no fan on that belt Scotty, haha.

                                                                              • hairburger62
                                                                                hairburger62  2 weeks back

                                                                                Always love your segments & your little grunts, too cute!

                                                                                • Magic Bus
                                                                                  Magic Bus  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Love this show.

                                                                                  • Jim Stafford
                                                                                    Jim Stafford  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Better yet find a shorter belt that will allow you to bypass the ac

                                                                                    • dougjstl1
                                                                                      dougjstl1  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Can you put on a shorter belt that doesn't go around the air conditioner

                                                                                      • InsideOfMyOwnMind
                                                                                        InsideOfMyOwnMind  3 weeks back

                                                                                        So why wouldn't an honest mechanic fix this car? It depends on what the customer wants, not how long they might be able to limp along with it. I would jump at it if that's what they wanted.

                                                                                        • beazleybub
                                                                                          beazleybub  3 weeks back

                                                                                          Love how he calls it a "Fan Belt" when the car has electric fans. LOL!

                                                                                          • balloon farm
                                                                                            balloon farm  3 weeks back

                                                                                            Um. But you're honest AND you fixed the car. Was "Here’s Why Honest Mechanics Won’t Fix This Car " just a teaser? I do learn a lot from your videos, though.

                                                                                            • Herbert Woodbury
                                                                                              Herbert Woodbury  3 weeks back

                                                                                              I disagree with Scotty on this. Letting it go until it totally fails will tear up a bunch of stuff along with stranding the customer, or you, on the highway. this happened to a friend of mine with a 97 Lumina. If the compressor does go out, even to seizing up, the bearing will allow the pully to be used as an idler pulley for the belt by just disconnecting the electrical to the compressor.
                                                                                              On most cars, you don't have to pull the compressor all the way out with disconnecting the lines and replacing the refrigerant to replace the bearing. I have replaced the clutch bearing on 3 different cars and none of them took me over 2 hours with a cost of under $25 for parts. The compressor and recharge will cost WAY more than the labor to replace the bearing.
                                                                                              The clutch bearing allows the pully to be an idler when not using the AC and is a requirement to carry the belt.
                                                                                              The first one of these I did was a 99 Buick Century and it took me about 2 hours because as I was getting ready to adjust the clutch clearance I found a spacer that went behind the bearing so I had to take the compressor back out and do the job over again.
                                                                                              Even at $100 an hour it is still cheaper than replacing the whole compressor.