Is your positivity toxic? How being positive may be harmful when helping others l GMA Digital

  • Published: 17 October 2019
  • Looking at the bright side isn't the solution to every problem, an expert says.

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Comments • 6

  • S Burch
    S Burch  4 weeks back

    It’s called Holding Space for someone. It’s one of those things that takes practice. We all want our friends to look at the bright side so I get why it isn’t easy to hold space for someone.

    • Megan Dunklin
      Megan Dunklin  4 weeks back

      I know so many people like this including those in my family and it drives me insane. It's basically like they are telling me my stress is all in my head and to get over it. It's perfectly ok to be unsure about something because that's what life is like. Nothing is like a Disney movie anymore where everyone lives happily ever after.

      • Jae Kay
        Jae Kay  4 weeks back

        Its true,but I guess it depends on the individual & theyre perspective.
        If positivity is being used in a negative way its toxic.

        • Gemini Love
          Gemini Love  4 weeks back

          Yes, this the truth. There is so much negativity in the world it's almost ridiculous to be or keep thinking positive under the circumstances.

          • jennifer dolson
            jennifer dolson  4 weeks back

            You have to be in touch with your feelings, not all feelings are positive, we have all kinds of feelings. The key is to process them and not linger in them for too long. Life is not easy and it's not supposed to me, we all have lessons to learn through pain and hard experiences, but you choose to grow and learn from them or you will end up repeating them until you do. I've repeated many bad patterns before I learned the lesson from them, we all do that, it's the human experience.

            • Jughead Jones girlfriend