THE FACTS: Cigars vs Marijuana | Louder with Crowder


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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder   1 months back

    Do you smoke cigars at all? And how many partake of marijuana? What are your opinions on each?

    • Thomas Mitchell
      Thomas Mitchell  3 weeks back

      Weed makes me a better artist

    • TnT FoX
      TnT FoX  1 months back

      Smoked the Marryjawanna once, fell asleep on the floor of a hotel at Vidcon and got laughed at by my friends. I hadn't slept for 2 days because of insomnia and anxiety, so if they came out with a THC pill that could help with insomnia I'd try it. Not a fan of smoking but with pharmaceuticals they can extract, combine, and whip up stuff like CBD oil for specific uses. I'm on a high dose of Xanax which I do not like cause you slowly build up a tolerance and withdrawal is hell... I've been taking 2mg once a day for 2 years, now I need to take it twice a day or I get Nervous twitches mid day.

    • PJ Lawrence
      PJ Lawrence  1 months back

      I smoke cigars, I’m enjoying one now:) I’ve been second handed from THC vapes enough to know I hate that shit. A bad tobacco buzz from a cheap cigar sucks, but being high just makes my eyes feel inflamed and clouds my head. Personally it makes me anxious, which I DO NOT need. Enjoy whatever it is that you like but don’t force me to accept it and believe me when I say that I smoke cigars for the flavor, not the nicotine.

    • OPE .-
      OPE .-  1 months back

      @StevenCrowder what kind of cigars do you smoke?

    • Flat Earth Reset
      Flat Earth Reset  1 months back

      Cannabis has also been shown to increase cognitive function some even claim thats why they made it illegal. Got to keep everyone dumbed down on big pharma

  • Matthew Silver
    Matthew Silver  1 days back

    What was wrong with Fievel goes West?

    • Nicholas Pelmonter
      Nicholas Pelmonter  2 days back

      I used to smoke a lot of weed just to get high... I haven't smoked in years now, because it isn't worth my job/career. Ever since quitting, I did develop peripheral and sensory neuropathy in both hands and forearms. I would happily smoke a joint to help with that, but it would cost me my livelihood, and I will not take pain killers or something like Gabapentin, because I am worried about my liver, especially since I like my beer. So, where is the middle ground? I just suffer and lock up trying to use my impact drill for the rest of my life?

      • Davehimself
        Davehimself  5 days back

        I smoke marijuana for lots of reasons medically for sure its great but.... Anything needs to be done in moderation and concern for ones health I personally would be on like 5 daily meds if i didnt use it hwever our lunga are made for air so meh but my choice right lol I jave smomes cigars and pipes for a while as well as tryed cigarettes too so i do have a broad spectrum of experiance and I do enjoy a good smellin tobacco pipe no not everyday but when the occasin calles for it i think if we could just use our brains more it might not be so hard for most people to find the truth instead of just repeating what they here somewhere else so let me smoke and give thanx to the lord for all I have and hopefully soon build my ar with the intention to use it to hunt. Lol thanx crowder for being here brother stay strongyour in my prayers

        • shadowshockwave
          shadowshockwave  6 days back

          People with asthma or allergies have a problem with second hand smoke, even vaping affects those with tabbaco allergies. Having to deal with this diminishes their lives. The 30 ft law isn't enough. It should be illegal to smoke or vape in any shared space. Apartment complexes, duplexes, apartment communities, etc. Especially since even pro tabbacco and pro canibus supporters acknowledge the effect on younger people.

          • Sygma
            Sygma  6 days back

            Steven crowder you’re a fucking idiot. Research thc and cbd. How the fuck are you gonna compare cigars to it. Plus cbd is the best medicine for inflammation ever and probably chronic pain too. Much rather take it than the pharmaceuticals you suck dick about.

            • James Brett
              James Brett  7 days back

              Thc/Cbd drinks will never work. People tolerate edibles because they know a big surprise high is coming. I ate a bag of gummies at 150mg and maybe got as high as one bong hit. Lasted 3times as long, but the price and inconsistent waiting time doesn't justify the reward.

              These companies think people will buy a 2mg thc/Cbd drink like I have seen from Canopy Growth? At prices like a tall boy of beer, and the potency of a non alcoholic drink, who is buying this?

              • Likanen Länsi
                Likanen Länsi  1 weeks back

                Stephen you're out of your place, keep doing change my mind projects or political discussions...i guess you have zero experience or you did it once and freaked out' no wonder even ALEX JONES, hates you....BOTH ARE DANGEROUS, BALANCE IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING IN LIFE! PERIOD.

                • cogitoergovexo
                  cogitoergovexo  1 weeks back

                  Name that quote: Stripes! Bill fuckin' Murray at his finest. Not his line.

                  I started on cigars at 18. Went to pipes to save money. Moved to cigarettes when I didn't want to sit outside for 45 minutes on a regular basis. Smoked for 12 years. Quit 6 months before my son was born, cold turkey. The quitting, not my son. Almost three years later I haven't smoked but I still miss them.

                  • AH-Games
                    AH-Games  1 weeks back

                    Both republicans and democrats want cannabis to be free OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE

                    • I'm CIA
                      I'm CIA  1 weeks back

                      How about don’t use either and stay healthy ladies and gentlemen ⚡️

                      • SuperDuper Shots
                        SuperDuper Shots  1 weeks back

                        Imma weed guy, but not super pro marijuana, just use it as a good time thing, as in drinking and smoking cigars and what not, don’t think people should if it makes them bums but I smoke every day and go to work every day. Think people kinda make it seem worse then it is but that’s just me🤷🏼‍♂️

                        • Jack
                          Jack  1 weeks back

                          Dip gang.

                          • jimmy hoffa
                            jimmy hoffa  1 weeks back

                            Most the weed theyre growing these days has way too much thc and not enough of the cbd's which helps balance out and decrease that shitty paranoia. I remember smoking during my school years and it was relaxing but years later i started smoking this new shit and just feeling like i was gonna cry from the anxiety and paranoia. I wish more people would talk about this fact when discussing weed and shit.

                            • Against The Grain
                              Against The Grain  1 weeks back

                              Smoking cigarettes increases the amount of testosterone produced in the body as well. That works great for me, being that I'm middle aged and I need all the help I can get. But when my wife smokes she always wants to beat the shit out of me. So, more testosterone is not great for everyone. 😖😖😖😖

                              • Adventure Inc
                                Adventure Inc  1 weeks back

                                So weed must be illegal? You know what? Eating cheese cake causes diabetes and heart disease. Maybe we should imprison people who eat cheese cake for 10 years and imprison the responsible bakers for life.
                                What do you think?

                                • Lumjum
                                  Lumjum  1 weeks back

                                  It doesn't make sense that weed would be illegal, and cigarettes aren't

                                  • Andrew Coolman
                                    Andrew Coolman  1 weeks back

                                    When I started college pretty recently since I'm 18 and just graduated high school I rushed and one of the fraternity event was a cigar smoke event and I tried cigars on top of a hotel in Vegas in suit and tie I've been smoking cigars since I love them

                                    • NorthSeaHero
                                      NorthSeaHero  1 weeks back

                                      I smoke unfiltered additive-free tobacco cigarettes and I worry FAR less about that than I do about my crippling food addiction and horrible diet overall.

                                      • sam c
                                        sam c  1 weeks back

                                        What’s the point lol

                                    • helen slowly rots
                                      helen slowly rots  1 weeks back

                                      Watching this while smoking a phat cig probably gonna smoke a phat joint later

                                      • Librado Moreno
                                        Librado Moreno  1 weeks back

                                        Who is on lsd watching?

                                        • rikardotsamsiyu
                                          rikardotsamsiyu  1 weeks back

                                          *Joe Rogan wants to know your location*

                                          • Jacob Corbett
                                            Jacob Corbett  1 weeks back

                                            China man has weed in that pipe he's fuckin baked look at him lol

                                            • Max Adams
                                              Max Adams  1 weeks back

                                              This week on Alex Jones

                                              • Liam is moist
                                                Liam is moist  2 weeks back

                                                I smoked too much weed and fell into psychosis during use. Still effected today but not as bad.

                                                • Optic Nugget
                                                  Optic Nugget  2 weeks back

                                                  Of course the tobacco lobby is more powerful. Why do you think Juuls were banned?

                                                  • J Leo
                                                    J Leo  2 weeks back

                                                    You ever hear of a blunt my g? Best of both worlds lmfao

                                                    • bananaxo
                                                      bananaxo  2 weeks back

                                                      Nicotine has been the face of public health scourges and crusades since 1920? REALLY dude. Way to make me not even want to watch past 2 minutes of this un-researched, uneducated video.

                                                      • localpsychosis main
                                                        localpsychosis main  2 weeks back

                                                        Nicotine can kill you in its pure form just by skinn contact

                                                        • brendan q
                                                          brendan q  2 weeks back

                                                          One cigar every day

                                                          • robert fortune jr
                                                            robert fortune jr  2 weeks back

                                                            I'm a fan of both cigars can get a lil rough tho

                                                            • opol opol
                                                              opol opol  2 weeks back

                                                              Dmt. Microdose cubensis. Vape. Kratom.

                                                              • Nessa
                                                                Nessa  2 weeks back

                                                                bunch of dudes trying to prove to themselves that smoking a cigar is more healthy than cigarets, WOW.
                                                                pretty sure the bias was there especially with obvious tact;
                                                                A. first: respect with reasonable logic with what you ultimately are biased about (weed)
                                                                B. second: explain previous statements but also discredit them by saying there are better alternatives (nicotine, other big pharma drugs)
                                                                C. third: Further drive the bias with a conflated argument such as (Weed activists think weed cures everything)
                                                                Also just because there are people with money in the marijuana industry does not make it the same as big pharma.
                                                                Money doesn't equal anti kumbaya and people are not hating big pharma because of the money they make, it's because of the actions.
                                                                nucking futz

                                                                • Shari Lavender-Hummel
                                                                  Shari Lavender-Hummel  2 weeks back

                                                                  I have a chronic pain disorder and I feel there are people who are trying to keep me from pain relief. And I have to say this makes me an angry person. I have the right to have pain relief without being seen as a “junky, med seeking loser”.

                                                                  • ZoMbiE GrUnT
                                                                    ZoMbiE GrUnT  2 weeks back

                                                                    I put the weed in the cigar roll it up light it up,sitting up watching my boy crowder blowing it up. luv ya show.

                                                                    • Captain Morgan
                                                                      Captain Morgan  2 weeks back

                                                                      The tobacco lobby is the most powerful. Because medical facts don't matter unless you can communicate them effectively. Ever seen "Thank You for Smoking"? Tobacco lobbyists can get lung cancer dying children to take up smoking again.

                                                                      • Captain Morgan
                                                                        Captain Morgan  2 weeks back

                                                                        I vape nicotine. I heard someone say the other day vaping is just as bad as smoking cigarettes. WTF MEDIA

                                                                        • Josh Paniss
                                                                          Josh Paniss  2 weeks back

                                                                          'Tell Your Children' author Alex Berenson

                                                                          • Peyton Blackburn
                                                                            Peyton Blackburn  2 weeks back

                                                                            I’m high rn gotem

                                                                            • ryan lee
                                                                              ryan lee  2 weeks back

                                                                              Steven said "maybe weed can help you sleep." wtf! maybe? steven you ignorant mofo. i should call joe rogan on his ass.

                                                                              • pinpoint45
                                                                                pinpoint45  2 weeks back

                                                                                so the moral of the story is both tobacoo and cannabis are great for human health...if used properly...

                                                                                • pinpoint45
                                                                                  pinpoint45  2 weeks back

                                                                                  i would rather smoke a hooka before a cigar. its just more enjoyable imo. but i smoke cannabis every day.

                                                                                  • J Socks
                                                                                    J Socks  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Take it off being a schedule 1, allow testing and isolate those positive properties to allow for manufacturing of new medications. However a lot of people who want “medical cannabis “ just use it as an excuse to get high.

                                                                                    • M Jdhrvevshs
                                                                                      M Jdhrvevshs  6 days back

                                                                                      J Socks yes I’m a libertarian

                                                                                    • J Socks
                                                                                      J Socks  7 days back

                                                                                      M Jdhrvevshs just so I know where you are coming from, do you believe all drugs should be legal?

                                                                                    • M Jdhrvevshs
                                                                                      M Jdhrvevshs  7 days back

                                                                                      J Socks although marijuana does have medical uses I agree the main arguments for legalisation should be freedom and personal responsibility

                                                                                    • J Socks
                                                                                      J Socks  7 days back

                                                                                      M Jdhrvevshs then make that your argument. Don’t vail it in some lofty ideal of using it medically.

                                                                                    • M Jdhrvevshs
                                                                                      M Jdhrvevshs  7 days back

                                                                                      Nothing wrong with getting high

                                                                                  • Luis Herrera
                                                                                    Luis Herrera  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Serious question: Why is it the people at work and in my family that smoke marijuana are lazy in work and dont strive for a better life? As to people who dont smoke are better quality workers and more responsible. Is it a stereotype or is that how all Potheads are? I dont smoke marijuana and I purchased a house at 22 and my cousins in my family had the same opportunities and are broke all the time.

                                                                                    • Fuck you Fuck you
                                                                                      Fuck you Fuck you  2 weeks back

                                                                                      No nicotine all thc. It cost way to much for something that has zero positive benefits thats killing you.

                                                                                      • Phantom Prism
                                                                                        Phantom Prism  2 weeks back

                                                                                        FUCK cigars

                                                                                        • Johnny Varsity
                                                                                          Johnny Varsity  2 weeks back

                                                                                          If i had a choice between a BLACK&MILD and a Blunt I'd take the blunt

                                                                                          • MrSpreadem
                                                                                            MrSpreadem  2 weeks back

                                                                                            I’m psychologically addicted to weed, don’t need it but want it everyday. Since it’s become legal it doesn’t feel cool anymore feels like I have a problem

                                                                                            • MrSpreadem
                                                                                              MrSpreadem  1 weeks back

                                                                                              ​@MrLilindo haha its also pretty fun, but i digress

                                                                                            • MrLilindo
                                                                                              MrLilindo  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Pretty dumb to do it because it's "cool" imo