Nalgene Strength Test -


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  • Jordan Behm
    Jordan Behm  3 days back

    No it’s not bulletproof but any other water bottle would’ve exploded. The nalgene took it like a champ and had clean bullet holes

    • Splandrocity8000
      Splandrocity8000  4 months back

      Are you in PA? I ask because how you said "water"

      • Chris
        Chris  5 months back

        chinese love hot water

        • Alex's Bikes and Motors

          running it over was impressive

          • Nate Bowler
            Nate Bowler  2 years back

            Great video 😀

            • Ricardo  Anaya
              Ricardo Anaya  2 years back

              But does it make water taste like plastic after a while???

              • xl
                xl  2 years back

                your forgot to scream yee ahh when shooting your "22"

                • Skankhunt #42
                  Skankhunt #42  2 years back

                  Use clear one

                  • ablack012993
                    ablack012993  2 years back

                    Yo that truck is sick!!!

                    • Tobias Tietsch
                      Tobias Tietsch  2 years back

                      Just sick people.

                      • Michael Lena
                        Michael Lena  3 years back


                        • Jon R.
                          Jon R.  3 years back

                          did you get your t-shirt

                          • Sebastian Eck
                            Sebastian Eck  3 years back

                            Not bullet proof??? It's a shame :)))

                            • Owen Byrne
                              Owen Byrne  4 years back


                              • Owen Byrne
                                Owen Byrne  4 years back

                                who puts boiling water in a water bottle it will still heat up BPA or nonBPA

                              • Caleb Hoo
                                Caleb Hoo  4 years back

                                +Owen Byrne but you can't put boiling water in that one or poison will leech

                            • Niezmierzone równiny
                              Niezmierzone równiny  4 years back

                              kto od Qucyka?

                            • Stanley Tran
                              Stanley Tran  5 years back

                              lol not for hire

                              • SHOW theShow
                                SHOW theShow  5 years back

                                nice nice test. davidsquall351 doesn't know sh#% and Kayla Ferlatte doesn't know sh$% about china ok i went there with my cousins once and i think i know what its like? good vid, nice nice test 

                                • Kayla Ferlatte
                                  Kayla Ferlatte  6 years back

                                  sooo waiit i can only put boiling water while im travelling  in china ? does the altitude of  china change the density of the plastic to enable its water boiling abilities ? if that is the case i will move to china 

                                  • Joeyplaysgames
                                    Joeyplaysgames  8 months back

                                    Patrick Brown because China is a shithole country

                                  • Patrick Brown
                                    Patrick Brown  5 years back

                                    I believe he was making a reference to China's poor water quality and the need to boil it before drinking it.

                                • davidsquall351
                                  davidsquall351  6 years back

                                  nice test

                                  • tofudogg
                                    tofudogg  6 years back

                                    Use an AK.