ASOIAF Winds of Winter Predictions (Part 2) Daenerys


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  • mikulas polivka
    mikulas polivka  1 months back

    I cannot click on "like" button, couse there are 666 likes and I don't want to ruin it...

    • Charles TenEyck
      Charles TenEyck  3 months back

      I’m the same way I won’t read any of those chapters from the winds of winter. I want it all or none.

      • Sydni Taylor
        Sydni Taylor  4 months back

        Tyrion was the worst advisor to Daenerys on the show. I definitely hope the books are a little different like hopefully doesn't become conveniently stupid and failing at every single turn.

        • Shade of the Evening
          Shade of the Evening  4 months back

          You're such a cutie. Hope to get to meet you at Con 💕🙋📚 Huge fan😊

          • Elsa Frost
            Elsa Frost  4 months back

            Are there really people who think Dany is a side character? Lmao yeah sure, Dany is probably the least important character, and Stannis is obviously the main protagonist which is why he has no POV chapter, while Dany's chapters go out of their way to tell a story that's happening on the other side of the world basically. 🤣

            • Tiana
              Tiana  4 months back

              For her to get to Ashai it will take 4 more books since it's half across the world, and then 4 more to get to Westeros. So I don't think that's gonna happen :D

              • Elsa Frost
                Elsa Frost  4 months back

                Also GRRM said he wasn't planning on sending any of the characters there, at least in this story.
                Which is cool with me because in order to keep the place mysterious we shouldn't see much of it.
                And yeah, the book length 😆

            • Danielle Stanford
              Danielle Stanford  4 months back

              😍 You > d&d

              • Amaan Khan
                Amaan Khan  5 months back

                Woah I’ve been watching this account hella and never realized you were black. That’s hype

              • Witie Anne Molina
                Witie Anne Molina  5 months back

                I love Dany too. A very complex character. 🔥🐲

                • Sydni Taylor
                  Sydni Taylor  4 months back

                  Me too. Fuck Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Varys and Jon. She helped them in the Great War and look how Tyrion, Sansa and Varys talked behind her back when these three tickets were in the crypts during the Long Night.

              • Talita Franco
                Talita Franco  6 months back

                About the dragon horn, Moquoro tell to Victarion that he doesn’t need to blow the horn, he have to use his blood to bind the horn to him and then doesn’t matter who blow the horn!!
                Second if she was used like Nissa I’ll be furious, one of the things I love about this books is the way the females characters are treated!!! She deserves more than end like a sacrifice!
                I don’t want to comment about anything else because I read all the pieces of WoW that are out and a lot of them are about the situation in Meereen (2 Barristan and 1 Tyrion povs) but I think that the how Meereen situation will be resolved fast in the beginning of the book! And I agree that the situation with the Dothraki will be easy, like Pono want to duel with my son? Dracarys!!! They follow strength and she is the mother of Dragons!!
                I hope you do more of this videos! The series are so disappointing now that I’m so needing the books right now!!!

                • Resatozz
                  Resatozz  6 months back

                  dude make more of these

                  • Red Reigns
                    Red Reigns  8 months back

                    Do you think we’ll even get to see a dream of spring? Not to be negative but, we’re stillllll waiting on Winds....

                    • Cronic
                      Cronic  8 months back

                      New to your channel so I have been watching some of your old videos.. This was a great one.. It has been a few years sense I last read ASOIF but didnt Danny hear a lone wolf howling around the time of Jon being attacked? Can you do a video on Jon your predictions. As for me I think Jon didnt die and wont die like in the show. First cut grazed him, second and third found their mark but he never felt the fourth only cold, after he wispered Ghost. They are two chapters after his attack pluss the prolog so he wasnt even the cliffhanger. I think he warged Ghost or Bran pulled him to Ghost like he did from Ghost to Summer. Pluss Val and Wun Wun are close and the Red Witch has to be close because she is the one that warned him twice about the daggers n the dark. SO my thinking is Barn pulled him into Ghost to save or shield him from pain while the rest try to keep him alive.

                      • Tom W
                        Tom W  11 months back

                        I hope GRR Martin will not use Dany as sacrifice to power up a sword for fuckin jon. Like It would be so stupid and insulting.

                        • Elsa Frost
                          Elsa Frost  4 months back

                          I really, really don't think it will be like that.

                      • Clarisse Rates
                        Clarisse Rates  11 months back

                        I'm so glad to see your video. Thank you!

                        • Jan Wouter
                          Jan Wouter  1 years back

                          Why did u stop this series

                          • Sam Waters
                            Sam Waters  1 years back

                            Valyrians can likely survive the dragonhorn with their blood, or at least Dany, also i don't think George has revealed hidden scenes with the artists for the calendar, probably just an artist's imagination

                            • jordilop15
                              jordilop15  2 years back

                              I think she will march her army over land. There is a perfectly fine Valerian road that leads west.

                              • naponroy
                                naponroy  2 years back

                                Dany didn't burn in book one because of blood magic, the sacrifice of three lives t hatch her dragons, Martin has confirmed this in an interview. The red priest Victarion has says the horn can be made his without him having to blow it, so it might work for him, though something will likely go wrong. I suspect the horn doesn't bind dragons, but binds to dragons, as in Valyrians. We'll see.

                                • Rhee Venjenz
                                  Rhee Venjenz  2 years back

                                  Great opening! Thanks for that as a Targaryen geek I get so much shit. Burn them All 🔥😜 now then... I know what you mean. I think it does require Valaryian blood and fire magic. I think that's why that's their words so they remember. I think Visenya practice this magic. Hell YES on your predictions. It looks like the Dothraki Sea. I wish for Asshai. 💖🔥

                                  • One Journey
                                    One Journey  2 years back

                                    🎬 1 ❄️🔥❄️🔥 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. 🏰🏰🏰 ⚔️🛡⚗️🌬💨❄️🌧🌫 Winter is coming 2019 Winner, Winner

                                    • Jose Nova
                                      Jose Nova  2 years back

                                      HES BLACK???

                                    • mhorset
                                      mhorset  2 years back

                                      i guess that the dragonhorn acts by forcing the dragon to "dracarys"... and the person who blows it pay with life for using dragonfire for once

                                      • Sleepy Effy
                                        Sleepy Effy  2 years back

                                        she'd be cool as a villain

                                        • Lightning Farron
                                          Lightning Farron  2 years back

                                          Sleepy Effy I would not make sense to this story. There are heroes Vs villains in this series. If you want that type of writing don't stick around A Song of Ice and Fire.

                                      • Sleepy Effy
                                        Sleepy Effy  2 years back

                                        She's not gonna die ever, man. 5 major characters.

                                        • L. Parsons
                                          L. Parsons  2 years back

                                          when did you fall in love with fantasy? what was the first book you ever read? how old were you?

                                          • Katakuna
                                            Katakuna  2 years back

                                            George R.R. Martin pointed out that in the books, Danny being fireproof was only a one time thing. This was only possible with leftover magic that was released from the witch, which was also how she got her dragons.

                                            • Kevin Waters
                                              Kevin Waters  3 years back

                                              Started reading the books when I was 10 lol

                                              • ChapterFourBand
                                                ChapterFourBand  3 years back

                                                If Dragonbinder is blown, the dragons will come to the horn's master, so Victarion can give the horn to someone else to blow it, but the horn is still his thus Victarion lives and the dragons are bound to him.

                                                • Kevin Hickin
                                                  Kevin Hickin  3 years back

                                                  ok, i'll get over it

                                                  • kathleen bainbridge
                                                    kathleen bainbridge  3 years back

                                                    Recent episodes of the show (which aren't 100% in line with the books but they are collaborating with G.R.R.M to follow the basic plot) have seen out some of these predictions.

                                                    • Marta Bonet
                                                      Marta Bonet  3 years back

                                                      Maybe it's not going to Asshai, but meeting someone from Asshai, like maybe a red priestess. They might have the knowledge she needs.

                                                      • Luminya M
                                                        Luminya M  3 years back

                                                        These are just great videos, you really know your subject. I have learned a lot.

                                                        • Kaitlyn Sheridan
                                                          Kaitlyn Sheridan  3 years back

                                                          George said that they dont go to Ashai

                                                          • tre_ brooklyn
                                                            tre_ brooklyn  3 years back

                                                            I'm addicted to these videos now I've never read the void but I think I have to you make them seem way better that the show and I love the show

                                                            • s Schoenleber
                                                              s Schoenleber  3 years back

                                                              You predicted it, just without the dragons and with just fire she did it! Great video

                                                            • x1990x
                                                              x1990x  3 years back

                                                              Annnnd she just made them bend to her knee the last episode. Great video.

                                                              • Lightning Farron
                                                                Lightning Farron  2 years back

                                                                1990xx the show. We don't know about the books

                                                            • Tomas D.
                                                              Tomas D.  3 years back

                                                              You've got some cool books in the background mate!

                                                              • kungensimon
                                                                kungensimon  4 years back

                                                                is this guy srsly wearing a durag in 2015?

                                                                • ibesweetp2
                                                                  ibesweetp2  4 years back

                                                                  What's this rivalry between Dany and Stannis fans? Stannis is my favorite character in the books but Daenerys never did anything to earn my hatred. She's trying her best as a ruler, she cares about the common people. There's also a lot of simularities between the two.

                                                                  • Kelly Fortune
                                                                    Kelly Fortune  3 months back

                                                                    Tom W in the books, he is outside Winterfell, and told one of his men he sent on an errand that if he falls, that they should work to get Shireen on the Iron Throne bc she’s the heir after he is.

                                                                  • ZerogunRivale
                                                                    ZerogunRivale  5 months back

                                                                    @Jaguar King Except it's not for a foreign religion. He was burning her to end the blizzard so the lives of thousands wouldn't starve or freeze or worst to death in the cold. Not saying that it's completely justifiable, and i'm not even saying something Stannis in the books would do (in the books, it looks like Mel is going to burn Shireen at the Wall without Stannis' permission). All I am saying is that it's certainly more justifiable than Dany who sometimes burns people without any reason at all. There are some moments where she's justified, but there are moments she's burning people without evidence, such as in Season 5. And the point is really beyond this: the point is that there is a huge double standard when it comes to Stannis and Dany in the show. When Stannis burns someone, it doesn't matter what the justification is, people immediately say, "OMG so bad". But when Dany goes on a burning spree which can sometimes reach absolutely absurd levels, people treat her as if she's always justified.

                                                                  • Jaguar King
                                                                    Jaguar King  5 months back

                                                                    @ZerogunRivale there's nothing justifiable in burning his allies and own daughter for the sake of a foreign religion.

                                                                  • ZerogunRivale
                                                                    ZerogunRivale  5 months back

                                                                    Honestly, I've only seen this rivalry when concerning the show fandom and not the book fandom, though feel free to correct me if i'm wrong. When it comes to the show, I understand where the Stannis fans are coming from. Dany fans acted like she was the only one with a legitimate claim and pretty much overlooked every time she went overboard burning people while completely judging Stannis harshly every time he burned someone. And if you compare the times they both burned people, one can easily argue that 9 times out of 10, Stannis was far more justified that Dany ever was.

                                                                  • Marie Libra
                                                                    Marie Libra  7 months back

                                                                    Tom W no, he told everyone who suggests killing shireen to fuck off. He’s better in the books.

                                                                • Alex
                                                                  Alex  4 years back

                                                                  the lore says the dragon horn no matter who blows it the owner of the horn gets the dragon but I don't think that

                                                                  • Lulu
                                                                    Lulu  4 years back

                                                                    He did say that Targaryen's aren't immune.. Viserys showed us that, and Summerhall did the same, but I'm left wondering if she is. She says, "He is no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon." Then, it doesn't kill her. Jorah said, "Rhaegar was the last dragon." Then she incubates eggs in a big fire and they hatch. Perhaps not ALL Targaryens are immune, but the "dragons", like Aegon and his sisters, some of the dragon riders that died during the Blackfyre rebellion, Rhaegar (maybe) and Dany, have some magical affinity to fire. Where under certain circumstances they are immune. Sorry for the rant. But Summerhall told us that a big fire is necessary to hatch eggs, and Dany definitely walked into that fire. She couldn't have been the only one who ever did. Maybe only certain people are.

                                                                    • Pragya Vishwakarma
                                                                      Pragya Vishwakarma  2 years back

                                                                      Felix Liley not Blackfyre Rebellion, it was dance of dragons when most of the dragons died

                                                                  • Elderly Undertaker
                                                                    Elderly Undertaker  4 years back

                                                                    the dragon horn is a SLAVE HORN. it controls people.when euron blew it and gave a speech in the Iron islands everyone was supporting him for Lord/King. then later those affected began having second thoughts and changed positions. watch preston jacobs.

                                                                    • Elderly Undertaker
                                                                      Elderly Undertaker  4 years back

                                                                      I think it may be that it works best on the weak minded, and for short periods of time. Preston Jacobs video convinced me. but it's only a theory of course.

                                                                    • Croshawable
                                                                      Croshawable  4 years back

                                                                      +pat fiasco Dude, don't be a prick. Preston ends every video by admitting he's probably wrong, that's why his crazy theories are the most entertaining.

                                                                    • Elderly Undertaker
                                                                      Elderly Undertaker  4 years back

                                                                      doesn't* and i'm sorry but you're wrong

                                                                    • Wilma Olandres
                                                                      Wilma Olandres  4 years back

                                                                      maybe no.... because even aeron hears it but still dont support euron...

                                                                  • DixPix Incorporated
                                                                    DixPix Incorporated  4 years back

                                                                    The calendar was made by some European dude lol it doesn't mean the scenes are canon or whatever.
                                                                    Plus, why the hell are the dragons so small? Last time we saw them, they weren't the size of underfed labradoodles

                                                                    • Katie Brazzell
                                                                      Katie Brazzell  4 years back

                                                                      who the fuck would think dany wasnt a major player?

                                                                      • Redhawk
                                                                        Redhawk  4 years back

                                                                        What is about dany could get raped by the khalasar?

                                                                        • jennifer
                                                                          jennifer  4 years back

                                                                          i doubt ashai will be part of her story line as GRRM stated that ashai will feature in flash back only, so that most likley may come from a melisandre pov chapter, also i believe quaiths prophesy means finding the dothraki  like to go forward you must go back (to the dothraki where she started) as to the north west east south stuff the dothraki sea is in the south east from mereen, so that explaines that, not too sure about the shadow bit though unless we find that out later, but yeah..doubtful dani will go to ashai i was hoping she would but Grrm squashed that

                                                                        • TrueLoner
                                                                          TrueLoner  4 years back

                                                                          What dragon egg did she find in the Dothraki sea?  I read the books and don't remember anything about an extra egg that was found...

                                                                          • TrueLoner
                                                                            TrueLoner  4 years back

                                                                            @King of awesome Ah, ok.  I didn't know about that.  Do you have a link where I can read about it?  

                                                                          • Andy Shelton
                                                                            Andy Shelton  4 years back

                                                                            +TrueLoner He was talking about the original plot idea which was recently leaked. Aspects have changed hugely but the general direction is probably the same.