Midsommar Analysis and Review! (spoilers at the end)

  • Published: 04 July 2019
  • Here is my deep dive analysis and review of Midsommar by Ari Aster! Let me know what you thought of the movie. PS All of my ratings are out of 5!

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Comments • 438

  • D Cabral
    D Cabral  3 days back

    I found you! I love this review. You are very genuine.

    • Girly Gore
      Girly Gore   2 days back

      Thank you so much! Glad you found me :)

  • Michael Østergaard
    Michael Østergaard  1 weeks back

    My version was 2 hours and 50 minutes and not a minute too long.

    • Shane Pellerin
      Shane Pellerin  2 weeks back

      They didn't "get"to go to Sweeden they were ensnared by Pelle to be used as human sacrifices for the Hartga nature cult.Like Ulf and the other guy tricked Connie and her boyfriend. (The Couple from London)I don't think a lot of people got that .

      • Tommy Frog
        Tommy Frog  2 weeks back

        Film was horrifying and slightly boring...Decent film, but over 2 hours of that stuff was way, way too long...The shlongfest was weird...

        • OneEyeMan
          OneEyeMan  2 weeks back

          I am obsessed with Midsommar. Your analysis was spot on. It's scary how much you and I are in sync about it. One thing that none of the reviewers mention is the music. All the music was so light, airy, and friendly. That with the constant daylight and mostly white clothing give the movie an almost ethereal quality. You almost don't see the darkness sneaking up. But when it does, WOW! I agree with you about the deformed prophet. Why was he featured so much in the advertising when he has such a minor part. Finally, I'm undecided on whether to view the cult as evil, or just doing what they believe in and feel is right and good. Right now, I'm leaning toward the latter view. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this. I can't wait to see what Ari Aster comes out with next. I can't imagine it topping either Midsommar or Hereditary, which I also loved.

          • Girly Gore
            Girly Gore   2 weeks back

            The music is great! I’m glad you enjoyed the film as much as I did!

        • bill danelli
          bill danelli  3 weeks back

          My girlfriend & I loved Midsommar. We had seen Hereditary & I was so impressed with a horror movie that didn't rely on cliches & cheap jump scares. I don't like slasher movies at all & tend to be drawn towards movies with a high creep factor. Being a big fan of David Lynch's films, I'm fine with dream logic & endings that don't tie up all the loose ends. After seeing a movie like Midsommar, I enjoy watching videos of people who analyze movies & talk about all the Easter eggs. I'm looking forward to getting the director's cut when it comes out on DVD. Thanks for your take on it. I felt the same way about the pivotal scene that affected you so much. I've never seen anything like that.

          • Girly Gore
            Girly Gore   2 weeks back

            I’m so glad you loved it as much as I did. I also can’t wait for the directors cut

        • Guerilla Pyro
          Guerilla Pyro  4 weeks back

          Can't wait for the directors cut bluray release Oct 28th! Love the theatrical release

        • le levrierine
          le levrierine  4 weeks back

          I love your review! I absolutely agree that the 3 main themes are relationship/grief/empathy. I had to view this movie more than once because I too think is brilliant in a totally unsettling way. I’d like to add some of my thoughts. About empathy, I noticed how the Härgans literally do everything in unison, like how during the first lunch they seat exactly in the same moment even if most of them have their back to the others, so it would be impossible to know *when* to sit, or in the stunning ending scene the 3 "priests" light on fire the straws, again, in the exact same moment, even if all 3 of them can't see each other. I have another theory that I didn't find in any other reviews: in the hättenstupa suicide the old woman on the cliff is still standing, nobody has stll any idea of what is about to happen, but then we see Dani almost hyperventilating. Then, just a moment before the woman's jump, Dani is calm, pacific. It should have been the opposite, calm in the beginning and then, as the tension grows, worried and scared. My theory is that Dani is already in full empathy with the Härgans, so when the old woman is preparing herself to jump she is scared and anxious too (we see that at the moment of the toast she has red eyes, meaning she has been crying), but then when she accepts her fate she calms down -and Dani appears calm and stops hyperventilating- and a few seconds later she jumps off the cliff. Does anybody agree with my analysis?

          • le levrierine
            le levrierine  3 weeks back

            I’m looking forward to that! I’d really love your opinion on the matter

          • Girly Gore
            Girly Gore   3 weeks back

            Wow! I’m gonna look for this when I get a chance to rewatch it

        • Spark La'vie
          Spark La'vie  4 weeks back

          I agree with that ugly guy not used much. I thought he is a big part of the horror. Brilliant movie one of my faves.

        • Nelson Villegas
          Nelson Villegas  4 weeks back

          Empathy is not how I would describe the cult. More like psychotic murderers.

        • EliasRomero
          EliasRomero  4 weeks back

          I come in by kiss

          • Jin Jay
            Jin Jay  1 months back

            Best breakdown I have seen on YouTube !!

            • Girly Gore
              Girly Gore   1 months back

              Awh thank you so much! I appreciate you checking out my channel

          • Marc Padilla
            Marc Padilla  1 months back

            Yeah,when that kid pissed on the tree of life, I thought, there's no way he lives through this.

            • Girly Gore
              Girly Gore   1 months back

              Haha this is a great comment

          • Pro Gamer
            Pro Gamer  1 months back

            This movie was amazing. Like the paintings on the walls were like they were telling the story

            • Girly Gore
              Girly Gore   1 months back

              Absolutely! I’m glad you loved it too:)

          • Cassie
            Cassie  1 months back

            Your fav part was mine too.

          • Raquel Raquel
            Raquel Raquel  1 months back

            I was in a cult for three years. And they are very united and treat you like family specially when you first enter the cult so you become reliant on them. They tell you your worldly family isn't important and isn't really there when you need and doesn't understand you. But they do, they are your true spiritual family that will always be there for you. Now you depend on them because you have isolated yourself from everyone outside of that "family" and are emotionally dependent on them. And now they ask you for money or favors. It's all a scheme. Not a true family

            • Girly Gore
              Girly Gore   1 months back

              You are the comment I’ve been waiting for!!! Someone who really experienced this kind of stuff. Do you mind if I ask what cult it was? No worries at all if you don’t want to share.

          • Tacsense
            Tacsense  1 months back

            the man who impregnated the woman....
            he was portrayed as a buffoon and not worth much,
            so i ask....why do these people need his DNA infecting the harmony?
            or was this not thought of by Ari?
            edit: they know about this because they inbreed when they need a soothsayer
            cheers, good review.

            • Girly Gore
              Girly Gore   1 months back

              Haha that’s a pretty good point. Thanks for watching!

            SEBASTIAN MORENO  1 months back

            you are so goty

            • sa amz
              sa amz  2 months back

              Aaaaaaaaaaaand from the look you got am i the only one to think of you as a real life vampire ? 🤣 Anyways, all i wanna say is, Ari Aster , he simply defined Midsommar in broad light that can't be compared with any other movies under this horror/thriller genre. Soemthing fresh.. something unique under this genre.

              • sa amz
                sa amz  1 months back

                @Girly Gore You got that look fo sure. haha. Keep up the good work. ✌️

              • Girly Gore
                Girly Gore   1 months back

                I want ppl to think of me as a vampire haha. So glad you liked this movie! Glad you found my channel

            • William Southwick
              William Southwick  2 months back

              Being someone who is knowledgeable in Norse/Germanic lore & rituals, I think Ari Aster was very masterful in his portrayal of a society as it may have been a 1000 yrs ago!!

              • Girly Gore
                Girly Gore   1 months back

                That’s so great to know! I’m glad you found my vid :)

            • Paul Chien
              Paul Chien  2 months back

              Hoping you had the privilege of seeing Aster’s original “director’s cut” last month. Loathed “Hereditary” but heard a piece of on Aster’s careful research on pre-Christian Scandinavian customs, rituals & rites and his aim to turn Western bias on tribal savagery on its head, so I was sold. 100% I agree on your points on this movie as an emotional empath who has suffered through multiple, toxic codependent relationships. Pure catharsis is what I felt at the end and I definitely saw the cut a second time with friends who hadn’t seen it. It’s even better the second time. Aster definitely has me a fan now; every single aspect nailed down (that music!) and his actors gave meta performances, especially Pugh.

              • Girly Gore
                Girly Gore   2 months back

                I haven’t yet :( I need to find it. I’m so glad you loved the movie too!

            • Johnny Rivas
              Johnny Rivas  2 months back

              Fantastic review! I have finally seen this movie and I was stunned by its magnificence. This is not only my favorite review of the movie so far but it's also one of my favorite reviews of all time. It's not only great because you give a much-needed woman's perspective but your points are so spot-on, especially in the spoiler section. Keep up the great work!

              • Girly Gore
                Girly Gore   2 months back

                Thanks Johnny!! Your comment made my day. I really appreciate you watching :)

            • Old Music
              Old Music  2 months back

              I'm Here After Finding This In The Liked Videos Section Of KISS (Rock Band).

              • Girly Gore
                Girly Gore   2 months back

                Hahaha youtube is weird. But welcome!

            • Antonio Echeverría
              Antonio Echeverría  2 months back

              Great Review can't wait to see it 😱

              • Girly Gore
                Girly Gore   2 months back

                Let me know when you do! Would love to hear your thoughts

            • Riana Anaïs
              Riana Anaïs  2 months back

              Everyone is so caught on the empathy of the women in that scene but no one is talking about the fact THEY CAUSED THE PAIN. I think it's truly sinister.

            • Kim Rodriguez
              Kim Rodriguez  2 months back

              Very nice analysis; I loved it, too🌻!

              • Girly Gore
                Girly Gore   2 months back

                Thank you! I appreciate you watching :)

            • Jørgen Fallet Mosand
              Jørgen Fallet Mosand  2 months back

              Omg girl you are awesome, I agree with everything you said!

              Also my mom comitted suecide and my bf broke up with me 2 months later after our relationship faded, And I also live in Norway! so this movie was a HIT! Super good movie, I'm glad I didn't go to Sweden ;)

              • Javed Bost
                Javed Bost  2 months back

                Yes I agree. Right after the tragedy you watch them wail in anguish and pain.

                • Girly Gore
                  Girly Gore   2 months back

                  Exactly!! Thanks for watching :)

              • KD
                KD  3 months back

                I was really disappointed.

                • Cesar
                  Cesar  3 months back

                  I learned the difference between sympathizing and empathizing in poetry class in college. It’s nice to hear it from others... nostalgia mode.

                  • Girly Gore
                    Girly Gore   3 months back

                    Haha we should all learn it!

                • James Tarr
                  James Tarr  3 months back

                  I loved this movie as I love the slow-burn. Movies like this one, Heredity, The Witch, and The Others are right up my ally. I've seen many reviews of this movie and most people aren'y very sympathetic to Christian. I happened to feel more for him than most. For instance, in their relationship, it was just as much Dani's fault for not ending the relationship and Christian was clearly drugged and coerced to have that ritual sex; I believe he was unable to make a choice and it was against his will. Lastly, Dani's punishment for him waaaay over the top, I don't care how bad a relationship is, you don't drug your partner and burn them alive, especially when he is unable to help himself. Imagine sitting paralyzed as people around you set the place afire? Imagine hearing the screams of the other sacrificees and knowing that inevitably that is your fate and you can do nothing about it. Macabre.

                  • Letty Lunasical
                    Letty Lunasical  2 months back

                    That's all very true, he was over punished. However in Danni's defence a) she was dependent on him and had low self esteem, she wasn't in the right logical headspace to know they needed to split and b) she was also heavily drugged by the end of the film. She was totally spaced out. I also saw her killing him as evidence of her dedication to the cult; had he lived he would have escaped and that poses a risk to the cult.

                  • Girly Gore
                    Girly Gore   3 months back

                    Haha that’s all true but it is a horror movie

                • TheZemun
                  TheZemun  3 months back

                  In my life I have seen many , many stupid movies like Serbian Movie that tried to be presented as Art ...and this is one of them. Guys , don't waste more than 2 hours of your life like I did . Besides, did you notice that only males are sacrificed at the end ...

                  • TheZemun
                    TheZemun  2 months back

                    The British woman was killed .

                  • Letty Lunasical
                    Letty Lunasical  2 months back

                    The British woman was sacrificed and the old lady at the start threw herself off a cliff.

                • Feyser1970
                  Feyser1970  3 months back

                  i like

                • Ernst Stavro Blofeld
                  Ernst Stavro Blofeld  3 months back

                  I have watched it twice already and it’s a brilliant film.In my top 10 horror movies already.

                  • cool beans
                    cool beans  3 months back

                    Great review!!! Subscribed!!!

                  • 30192
                    30192  3 months back

                    Heavy biased stupid american movie .. Americans stopped producing good movies since early 2000's .

                    • Somebody name me
                      Somebody name me  3 months back

                      I love how in depth you go with explaining things, it made me feel like i’ve already seen the movie. I really can’t wait to go see it though

                      • Girly Gore
                        Girly Gore   3 months back

                        Let me know when you do! Would love to hear your thoughts :)

                    • Deb B
                      Deb B  3 months back

                      I think I’ve watched around 30 reviews/analyses of Midsommar, and this one is my favorite. I think you really nailed it on everything.

                      • Girly Gore
                        Girly Gore   3 months back

                        thanks so much! I really appreciate you checking out my review <3

                    • Jesssomo
                      Jesssomo  3 months back

                      Love this review, I wish the beginning was talked about more. Supposedly the home release is supposed to have 30 extra mintues

                      • paranormal P.A.activity
                        paranormal P.A.activity  3 months back

                        @Girly Gore its being released in theaters this Friday, the running time will be 271 minutes

                      • Girly Gore
                        Girly Gore   3 months back

                        I cannot wait for that!!

                    • Niall Martin
                      Niall Martin  3 months back

                      Hey Girly, do you think the moral relativism of the Americans doomed them? The pagans have clearly disciplined world view with a defined philosophy whereas the Americans don’t want to make any western privilege “judgements” when they should all clearly have bolted immediately. Dani is completely psychologically shattered and the belief system of the pagans reintegrate her. It’s an alarming position Mr Astor.

                      • Pete P
                        Pete P  3 months back

                        It’s beautiful and horrifying at the same time

                      • Pete P
                        Pete P  3 months back

                        It’s a masterpiece

                        • Ashley Hall
                          Ashley Hall  3 months back

                          Excellent review! I so fell in love with this movie. The way Ari writes women is so refreshing and exciting. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite directors.

                          • Girly Gore
                            Girly Gore   3 months back

                            thank you!! he's also one of my favs

                        • Dust Memory
                          Dust Memory  3 months back

                          Horrible things happen to men and no one blinks, thata the lesson here.

                          • Petrina Guglielmo
                            Petrina Guglielmo  4 months back

                            I just happened upon your channel while looking for reviews of Midsommer. I love your take on this and can't wait to watch more of your reviews. You are intelligent and incredibly articulate at expressing your opinions about the film. So excited to have found your Channel!

                            • Girly Gore
                              Girly Gore   4 months back

                              I’m so glad you found me!! So glad to have you here and excited to talk horror with you

                          • J Donovan Steele
                            J Donovan Steele  4 months back

                            WOW! I've wanted to hear a woman's perspective on this film so desperately. And your expressions are so refreshing to hear. This film is a celebration, and a monument to true empathy. I'm so happy to see so many concurring responses in the comments, too. Thank you for being awesome, and you definitely just gained a subscription! Scream on!

                            • eternal soul
                              eternal soul  4 months back

                              This is my type of horror movie not watered down like most others

                              • Girly Gore
                                Girly Gore   4 months back

                                Nice! I’m glad you liked it

                            • Aj Kennon
                              Aj Kennon  4 months back

                              very excited to watch this film, I couldn't wait so I watched all spoilers, witch I regret. I'm really interested to see dani's family kill them selves or whatever exactly happens. I've heard it is one of the most disturbing things in the movie.

                              • eternal soul
                                eternal soul  4 months back

                                you better hurry up its not gonna be in theaters much longer

                              • Girly Gore
                                Girly Gore   4 months back

                                You gotta see it! Let me know what you think after watching :)