ASOIAF: Tyrion Lannister (Book Spoilers) - Focus Series


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  • Emmanuel Mondesir
    Emmanuel Mondesir  6 months back

    Tyrion in the books joined Daenerys just for the sake of seeing Kingslanding burn. In the show he somehow still care about the place.

    • ninethreefivesix
      ninethreefivesix  6 months back

      Book and Show Tyrion are 2 different people. A lot of the characters are significantly different in the show and that's probably why the final few seasons feel like shit.

  • I'm a Potato
    I'm a Potato  7 months back

    He seems a lot more intelligent in the books compared to the show, where he gets most of his ideas from Cersei and loses battles against his brother...

    • Theodore
      Theodore  2 years back

      I am actually rereading ACOK and came to the conclusion that one of the bigger ball drops of Tyrion’s reign as hand was the fact that he still left many people hungry. Inflation was contributing to the starvation just as much as lack of food. Didn’t he have his mountain clans burn fields rather than having small folk harvest free of charge or something? His focus was mainly political and strategic but I feel he lacked the mind for welfare.

      • Jamal Campbell
        Jamal Campbell  2 years back

        How old is tyrion

        • Madman
          Madman  3 years back

          Nice, just discovered your channel and I'm liking your style. I'll be going through your entire series now! :D

        • raven arceneaux
          raven arceneaux  3 years back

          so tyrion is the reason dany got the second sons😗

          • Lailonniel EleneiRose
            Lailonniel EleneiRose  2 years back

            They are on audio book if you'd rather listen to them as you go about your day rather than read it all yourself ^^ I read them but not everybody has the amount of time to commit to such an undertaking, even I'm seriously considering purchasing them so that I can go back through them anytime to double check things or notice clues I didn't see or understand during my initial read through, also the book versions of the character are just so damn good that it's really worth getting to know them as well as the show's version's. Ramsey is more intense in the books come the fifth one so I will warn you of that ahead of time but otherwise they're really worth it to read.

          • Samaru onesixthree
            Samaru onesixthree  3 years back

            In the books Danny convinced the Second Sons to work for her after Yunkai, but then when the slavers went to war with her, the Second Sons defected because they were paid better. However, Tyrion noticed that they were very doubtful about the slavers as military commanders, and so plans to have them defect back to Danny.

          • raven arceneaux
            raven arceneaux  3 years back

            I gotta read those books it's just I bore easy and I don't have patience to read😂 don't think the books would be boring though

          • ThePlayX3
            ThePlayX3  3 years back

            In the books I think. The show is different.

        • The Void that speaks
          The Void that speaks  3 years back

          you forgot to mention the part where he fucking kills everyone including cercie and becomes the king of the 7 kingdoms

          • RepubliKing DimeBag Duffy

            Tyrions wife wasn't raped in the barracks. She was a whore who was paid. Aside from that, GREAT video, im looking forward to the rest of them.

            • Don Kanaille
              Don Kanaille  3 years back

              That is what Tyrion was told by Tywin and Jaimie, but Jaimie eventually reveals that this was lie fabricated by Tywin. She genuinely fell in love with him and was mass raped by Tywins guards.

            • MartianPH
              MartianPH  3 years back

              In the Books she was.

            • Spencer West
              Spencer West  3 years back

              Naw in the books Tywin covered the whole thing up

          • Marie Bonaparte
            Marie Bonaparte  4 years back

            so the whole friendship between him and varys was made up in the show? and shae too (<-- if yes, what a waste of story time and cast member)? btw great videos! :)

            • Zen Tennen
              Zen Tennen  2 years back

              The Varys storyline is very complex, he is supporting Aegon Targaryen (not Jon Snow), another pretender for the throne. I'm guessing the show wanted to simplify the story and made Varys help Tyrion.

            • Marie Bonaparte
              Marie Bonaparte  4 years back

              Wow thx for the quick reply! :)
              I've just started to read the books to compare them to the shows, would've been pretty disappointed if the whole shae thing was completely made up, since they left out characters like coldhands,lady stoneheart, aegon...etc
              Also i think it's odd to change the varys/tyrion storyline

            • CivilizationEx
              CivilizationEx   4 years back

              +Marie Bonaparte the Shae storyline was in the books too and it went pretty much like the tv show, and Varys/Tyrion were friends in the books too, but not as close as in the show, and their storylines are very different, Tyrion ends up in Essos while Varys stays in Westeros, both doing completely different things.

          • p jm
            p jm  4 years back

            so daenerys didn't really won the second sons herself?

            • ThePlayX3
              ThePlayX3  3 years back

              This video is mostly about the Books, the show plays out differently.

          • Stannis The Mannis Baratheon

            Stannis will succeed next time

            • So Watermelon
              So Watermelon  1 years back

              If only you beat the barstard Ramsay..

            • 6dig-S 61
              6dig-S 61  3 years back

              Stannis The Mannis Baratheon

              patients my friend, patience.

          • Andrew Manford
            Andrew Manford  4 years back

            I agree with 99% of this but you fail to mention he is an alcoholic. Which he clearly is and is a major point in his character and most likely in Winds.

            • Hank Fahly
              Hank Fahly  2 years back

              Leeann Graham idk what books you were reading but he's defiantly an alcoholic. Plenty of successful and intelligent alcoholics out there

            • Leeann Graham
              Leeann Graham  4 years back

              +Andrew Manford  Robert Baratheon is an alcoholic, by our definition. Not so sure Tyrion has a check in each box of alcoholism.

          • Stannis The Mannis Baratheon


            • The Hound's Chicken
              The Hound's Chicken  2 years back

              Stannis The Mannis Baratheon STANNIS THE MANNIS WITH A FUCKING PLANNIS

          • Tony Medina
            Tony Medina  4 years back

            This explains a lot thanks!

            • Hunter Fulton
              Hunter Fulton  4 years back

              Why are his eyes multicolored in your Picture of him?

              • CivilizationEx
                CivilizationEx   4 years back

                @Hunter Fulton His eyes are mismatched in the books, this pic is a combination of the show Tyrion and book Tyrion.

            • sseifert01
              sseifert01  5 years back

              what about shae?

            • LETMEC4FREE
              LETMEC4FREE  5 years back

              Tyrion Lannister is the true son of Tywin Lannister. Jaime, a great warrior, was a glorified body guard.

              • Ben Wilson
                Ben Wilson  1 years back

                Celestino Miguel Neves Portela Tyrion has strategy and tatics of Tywin

              • Larkin Hancock
                Larkin Hancock  2 years back

                LETMEC4FREE A bodyguard who ends up letting anyone he guards die

              • Celestino Miguel Neves Portela
                Celestino Miguel Neves Portela  2 years back

                I like to think that each of Tywin 's inherited a portion of his persona: cersei his ruthlesness, Jaime his military prowace and tyrion his intelligence

              • marinus18
                marinus18  2 years back

                I don't think he's the mad King's son. He's absolutely nothing like him.

            • UniversalPotentate
              UniversalPotentate  5 years back

              I cannot wait for the next season of GoT. We're gonna see Tyrion meet Daenerys.
              That's gonna be AWESOME!

              • Bilal Kılıç
                Bilal Kılıç  5 years back

                we want brandon stark

                • Holypikemanz
                  Holypikemanz  5 years back

                  I like the simple but accurate portrait pictures!

                • minj4ever
                  minj4ever  5 years back

                  A common drunk septon married Tyrion not the High Septon. Tywin forced the High Septon to dissolve the marriage. 

                  • CivilizationEx
                    CivilizationEx   5 years back

                    You're right about that, my mistake, I've added an annotation to correct the error. Thanks for pointing it out. :)