Avengers Endgame : Captain Marvel Meets Avengers Scene 4k


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  • CC Elite
    CC Elite  2 weeks back

    Cap- "Let's go get this son of a bitch."

    Tony- "And for gods sake watch your language!

    • CC Elite
      CC Elite  2 weeks back

      1:28 the only music a real man cries to

      • Hiatt Grey
        Hiatt Grey  3 months back

        You think you'll do Star Wars clips?

        • DC Fnatic
          DC Fnatic  3 months back

          You should do a vid with all the Spider-Man scenes from Infinity War and Endgame

          • ClAsh gamer Coc
            ClAsh gamer Coc  3 months back

            I fell like she kinda underestimates herself

            • LilBig Jervie
              LilBig Jervie  3 months back

              BloodyFlowerFilms I think that’s other way around Optimus was a better fighter and while megatron is all about strength and power as you can see all his weapons has massive force than Optimus’s weapons

            • BloodyFlowerFilms
              BloodyFlowerFilms  3 months back

              LilBig Jervie Exactly. A more superior, experienced fighter will always defeat a more powerful one like Megatron and Optimus, Optimus is more powerful but Megatron is a better fighter and keeps them even.

            • LilBig Jervie
              LilBig Jervie  3 months back

              Just because she has the power of one of the infinity stones doesn’t mean she can win every battles. Thor can destroy her because of his fighting experience. Being the strongest and powerful doesn’t make them the best and better. Thor is just better than captain marvel that’s the fact

          • Nisha Prakash
            Nisha Prakash  4 months back

            @1:28 savage title card

            • Balasaheb Lone
              Balasaheb Lone  4 months back

              GREAT VIDEO !!