Game of Thrones: S8E5 - Book to Show

  • Published: 16 May 2019
  • Aziz, Lady Gwyn and Joe Buckley discuss the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones.

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Comments • 123

  • HardinthePaint Jackson
    HardinthePaint Jackson  8 months back

    called it Bran the broken 🤣🤣🤣

    • Anthony Vasquez
      Anthony Vasquez  8 months back

      I was going to like this video but didn’t want to ruin the 666

      • Tony Abraham
        Tony Abraham  8 months back

        You see the ring Varys left in the cup? He left it for the servant girl. He wants her to give her poison in her food! So either way she’s a goner. So just Jon Sansa and Bran are in danger.

        • Marcus Tully
          Marcus Tully  8 months back

          The irony in Dany's whole "free them from tyrants" is just too much. I watched the episode again (honestly, only because my friend was watching it when I went over, I wasn't planning on it). My buddy at the end said how it's going be difficult for Dany to sell that whole "tyrant" bill of goods after she torched the city. My only reply was that it would have been a hard sell even before she did. Even if it was relatively bloodless, I'd guess the everyday citizen would have been skeptical.
          I was a classics major, as such i was seeped in Roman history. the similarities are hard to avoid. SHE spoke of Cerci as this evil tyrant, and to many in the upper echelons of Westerosi society I'm sure there are many who are sympathetic to that (at least the ones who were connected to people blown up in the Sept). To the average person on the street, I'm not so sure they would agree.

          I think about Roman emperor's who are roundly thought of as despots and tyrants; Caligula, Nero, Domitian,etc. we think of them as that because that's what the histories tell us. However those histories were written by the upper echelons of society. Dio, tacitus, suetonius, etc; they were all in the senatorial class. The average Roman on the street didn't care. Nero was hugely popular when he died (well, not if you were one of the people fighting Lions in the arena, but they were few). The average commoner didn't have any ties to them. To them, besides being victorious in war, "good" emperors were the ones who put on the most and best games. They're so far from any politics, they didn't consider the things people like Tacitus (or Dany, Sansa, Jon,etc) have to consider.

          Besides blowing to the Sept (which I'd wager most don't believe Cerci did it anyway), what does the average blacksmith, tavern owner, merchant care about the "game of thrones?"
          Hell, even Joffrey. People rioted when he was King, but that was because the wars were causing them to starve. Once the Tyrells started sending food into the city, they had very little to complain about. She was acting like she couldn't believe the people of KL weren't ready to overthrow her, but why would they?

          Seems to me that NOW they do have a ruler to truly hate. The irony of her whole "rid the world of tyrants" is almost absurd, especially with the scene from episode 6. It looks like they are restaging some of the rallies at Nuremberg, just replaced Dany for Hitler, and Unsullied for the SS.

          *I typed this waiting for a train, and it was a royal pain in the ass, so please look past typos. I don't have the patience to proofread it, and my stop is coming up.

          • joseluis Torres Calle
            joseluis Torres Calle  8 months back

            So I've also read that according to someone involved with the production, it's been heard from Martin himself, who wrote the script with Jane Goldman, that Daniel Wu from "Into The Badlands" will star in this Blood Moon project. Needles to say, crazy epic! Imagine if it's for the part of the Bloodstone Emperor from Yi Ti, in the books it's said that the Blood Stone Emperor caused the Long Night, it all seems to be coming together with this update!

            • roby mars
              roby mars  8 months back

              Excellent podcast guys! Some positive views on the episode! Thanks for putting everything into perspective!

              • Sunshine&SilverArrow
                Sunshine&SilverArrow  8 months back

                Thank you! 🌞

                • Vincent Werts
                  Vincent Werts  8 months back

                  Well you see. People aren't necessarily mad that they got a morally grey story, because that is GoT. People are mad that this story was poorly executed to make an understatement.

                  • RodelIturalde
                    RodelIturalde  8 months back

                    The greyness of the story have also ceased to exist.

                • paul 1859
                  paul 1859  8 months back

                  @WesterosHistory love how you point out that Sandor and Dany are both driven to darkness by revenge, in that moment Sandor convinces Arya to choose a different path

                  • Queeropatra
                    Queeropatra  8 months back

                    When did Grey Worm Stan someone in the back? The Lannister soldier turned around for a second, but Grey Worm threw the spear when he turned back around to face him. They were face to face when he was speared, although he caught him off guard and it was still dirty.

                    • Kenneth Lopez
                      Kenneth Lopez  8 months back

                      where can i get the audio of the intro?

                    • Heather Riede
                      Heather Riede  8 months back

                      Love the great points you all bring up as to how this show story could still possibly relate to how the books will go. I know GRRM will write it much much better though, even if it does end up going this way and Dany becomes mad but I still don't want to think she'd kill innocents in a manner which she did in the show...

                      • F. U. C
                        F. U. C  8 months back

                        I assumed Varys did not understand the voice from the fire because it spoke a different language

                        • Canon
                          Canon  8 months back

                          I wonder if in that pivotal moment, Daeny understood why her father was going to torch the city because they are hateful people, playing games, and trying to overthrow each other all the time and maybe it's best, in her mind, to just torch it all and leave Westeros for good. Like, that's for my dad and I'm leaving because ya'll aren't worth ruling. Thoughts?

                          • Renee Lasswell
                            Renee Lasswell  7 months back

                            The Mad King burned people alive because he was mad, not because of treachery. He descended into madness slowly, over a number of years. That is how madness normally works, there's no sudden flip of a switch and you're crazy, you become crazy, unravel.

                        • Hanlie van der Merwe
                          Hanlie van der Merwe  8 months back

                          Let's not forget that Greyworm, as an Unsullied, was indoctrinated to show no fear or emotion. He even had to kill a newborn baby. Missandei humanized him, but after her death he reverts back to his roots. This was depicted beautifully when he threw the only physical reminder of Missandei in the fire. Dany may have freed him, but he is "back in chains" now.

                          • Heather Riede
                            Heather Riede  8 months back

                            1:34:00 she didn't do much though this whole season. They barely showed Cersei and it was always just her standing there, so they lost on any more cool intrigue scenes w/her. Not a good enough ending to make her stay for this last season. They should've just killed her off last season.

                            • RodelIturalde
                              RodelIturalde  8 months back

                              Cersei could have gotten much more out of this season, no matter if she survived or died. But D&D seems to be more in love with big fighting scenes that stretches out forever instead of intrigue and dialog and plot.

                          • anya so games
                            anya so games  8 months back

                            LADY GWEN YOU BLEW MY MIND... We are the RIGHTFUL watchers of GAME OF THRONES and WE WILL SIT ON THE COUCH...oh oh wait 🔔 ... 🔥 🔥 🔥

                            • SKG Anno
                              SKG Anno  8 months back

                              Great asombly! This show is better than the one on HBO sundays at 20:00 atm... #AshayasTheBest

                              i hope you do a verylong community stream after the season with Gwyn, Yolk, Joe+Wifey., LmL and Tony Teflon!

                              • Big Bise
                                Big Bise  8 months back

                                Frankenstein wasn't killed by his creation! He died of pneumonia! You guys were supposed to be the ones that corrected all the other incorrect people! Ugh, oh well.

                                • F. U. C
                                  F. U. C  8 months back

                                  Big Bise it’s still a trope

                              • Rainer Korzendörfer
                                Rainer Korzendörfer  8 months back


                                • xyr3s
                                  xyr3s  8 months back

                                  why are the other 2 people the size of postage stamps and the water mark on top of them? lol

                                  • xyr3s
                                    xyr3s  8 months back

                                    faegon? like foelivia? lol.

                                    • Maerilyn Sand
                                      Maerilyn Sand  8 months back

                                      Is there a reason, that the Livechat is not always readable after the live-stream?

                                      • Tajara
                                        Tajara  8 months back

                                        Just started reading the books, (fire and blood 1°) Dany is meagor the cruel and Jon is Jaharis. PARALLELS

                                        • AKdsad100
                                          AKdsad100  8 months back

                                          Always thought that Dany reminds me of Meagor, not her father. Dark, rejected, tyrant, but strong willed...

                                      • Sasha T.
                                        Sasha T.  8 months back

                                        only one thing i disagree with, Arya did use the crossbow, when on winterfell siege she helps the Hound, remember?

                                        • Roodenko Family
                                          Roodenko Family  8 months back

                                          This book talk is the BEST! Thank you so much!!!

                                          • Bobby Bee
                                            Bobby Bee  8 months back

                                            Maybe I'm just a dumb man but it seems counterproductive for Danny to prove Searcy right and burn everyone alive when she could have shown them mercy and proving her wrong

                                            • Russ Contini
                                              Russ Contini  8 months back

                                              I would read world of ice and fire first, it just brings the novels several extra levels of understanding and an extra layer of colour. Also it will avoid you having to re-read the novels again to unravel the layers.

                                              • J Compton
                                                J Compton  8 months back

                                                Agree! I think, for someone who has already watched the show, World of I&F would be interesting place to start. That being said, I feel like it should be pointed out and emphasized to whoever is picking up WOIAF for the first time that it was written by a Septon for Tommen, so it's written through the lens of trying to show the best picture possible of the Baratheons and Lannisters.

                                            • Robert Campbell
                                              Robert Campbell  8 months back

                                              The brilliance of Martin's storytelling is that he uses the reader to prove his thesis and become their own jury with the charges that he lays at humanity's feet. We are swept along by the passions rooting for our favorite person to "win." As the story moves along our tribalism causes us to overlook more and more of the faults in our hero. She burned a rape victim alive - but we say "that woman killed her husband and led to the loss of her child." She crucified people - but we say "those were bad people that surely deserved it." She kills two prisoners of war because they refuse to acknowledge that she has the "right" to rule them - but we say "well, she's the 'rightful' heir..." Maybe here we feel a bit of creeping doubt but we've invested ourselves in her quest and double down. The truth about Jon Snow confronts her with ambiguity about her own "right" to rule - and her ambition is unmasked. Even as those around her see it - we like Jon Snow refuse to believe it - because we have come to love her and identify with her. We like Jon Snow watch in horror as she becomes everything she said she was against. The will to power is root and destruction and human misery is always its flower. If there is to be a happy ending to this story it was never going to be anyone sitting on the Iron Throne, but that the Iron Throne and the lust for control it represented would be utterly destroyed.

                                              • Robert Campbell
                                                Robert Campbell  8 months back

                                                @BushLitter Indeed! What I particularly liked is that a nod was given to what I think Martin's ultimate messaging regarding the way forward for the kingdoms. Samwell's democracy is still a bridge too far right now- but it has been put out there now and you have to believe that idea isn't just going to die out completely. Before the Targaryen Empire, the kingdoms were run locally, with the unique interests of their own local citizens in mind. There's a nod to that being the future as well, as the North is now an independent kingdom again. It may be that the other kingdoms benefit from the structure provided by the old order, but if that ceases to be true there is now a possibility of a peaceful exit from the association. The freedom of association is one of the most basic freedoms and is a hedge against tyranny. Overall, I was pleased with what I think are the broad strokes we'll see done with much more skill in the novels (if they are ever finished). I think some people's aversion to how this played out was due in no small part t the hamfisted way the showrunners had to rush to get to the resolution due to trying to cram so much into the last two seasons.

                                              • BushLitter
                                                BushLitter  8 months back

                                                @Robert Campbell Looks like we got that happy ending after all

                                              • Robert Campbell
                                                Robert Campbell  8 months back

                                                You've lost the plot friend. She's not "mad" or "insane" - just a person that has bought into her own legend and who has come to believe that entitles her to decide what is right for others. Nearly every truly vile act in human history was perpetrated by people who convinced themselves they were doing the right thing, even though that thing is typically just a cover for their own ambitions. The seeds of Dany's fall were planted in the very sense of entitlement your comment seems to be railing against. It is also rooted in her learning early on that violence is an effective and justified solution to terrible situations.

                                              • F. U. C
                                                F. U. C  8 months back

                                                Jon Snow killed a fucking kid who was just going along with everyone else and motivated by the death of his parents. Ned Stark didn’t spare the guy who fled the Nights Watch even though he saw wights. Where’s their moment to go mad?? Oh yeah I forgot we trust men to make those decisions but not women. So they had to do this to prove she is mad to the audience because no one thought she would be a character to commit genocide against the city she used to want to rule.

                                              • BushLitter
                                                BushLitter  8 months back

                                                Wish I was as eloquent in trying to explain this position to friends and family. Often times discussion around this story would devolve into predictions of who will sit on the iron throne. I've always been of the view that by the time this all ends, there won't be an Iron Throne

                                            • james szalwinski
                                              james szalwinski  8 months back

                                              I’ve always thought (not sure if this is in the books) that when Ramsay Bolton tells Theon, “if you think this is going to end well, you haven’t been paying attention” that was George speaking to the readers/viewers.

                                              • TheEmhalo
                                                TheEmhalo  8 months back

                                                They could have improve this in one move. Cersie melted down the bells to make her scorpions. the city surrenders but dany doesn't get the message she attacks it triggers the wildfire the city burn it looks like dany went mad people die.

                                                • TheEmhalo
                                                  TheEmhalo  8 months back

                                                  they needed more time to make this turn in my opinion. my disappointment is not that they did it that they didn't give time it felt like a u-turn practically character assassination.

                                                  • BushLitter
                                                    BushLitter  8 months back

                                                    More time? They showed her turn over 7 seasons. Slowly but surely

                                                • Colin Pennie
                                                  Colin Pennie  8 months back

                                                  I have this theory that episode 6 will start with a shot of bran stark. Eyes glazed over because he’s warging. Cut to dany, eyes glazed over because bran has warged into her.

                                                  • Bobby Bee
                                                    Bobby Bee  8 months back

                                                    There is no comparison between Danny and Tywin. Everyone hated Tywin because he was ruthless everyone loved Danny because she was mistreated and she freed the slaves but now she just burned a million innocent people alive so by any measure she is demonstrably worse than Tywin.

                                                    • Bobby Bee
                                                      Bobby Bee  8 months back

                                                      @RodelIturalde His actor played him well but I would say Varys or Tyrion are the greatest.

                                                    • RodelIturalde
                                                      RodelIturalde  8 months back

                                                      Tywin was the greatest character in GoT though.

                                                  • stardust dragon
                                                    stardust dragon  8 months back

                                                    Danys story was to turn 3 stone eggs into dragons and kill everyone in Kings Landing. That is bad writing. We also know Jon dies too. Jon was brought back to life to get Dany to fight the Night King and find out he is really the true heir to the throne and then he dies. Cersi and especially Littlefinger wins because they live on in Sansa. Arya loves death. That sums it up. Now we need to know what Brans purpose is. Is Bran bad or good or just another character that really served no purpose then to tell Jon who is mother and father was. I probably wouldn't have bothered watching the show if I knew it was going to turn out this way. I doubt Martin will ever finish his books.

                                                    • Minkley McMoo
                                                      Minkley McMoo  8 months back

                                                      Danny turned the unsullied into individuals with desires and emotions. She broke what made them advantageous.

                                                      • Nathaniel Scott
                                                        Nathaniel Scott  8 months back

                                                        I think it's possible in the books that Dany marries Faegon not Jon, perhaps that aspect of the characters have been combined in the show, eg. Jon is also Faegon to some degree.

                                                        • Leafblade15
                                                          Leafblade15  8 months back

                                                          Seems like fAegon will marry Arianne instead at this point

                                                        • Kevin GT
                                                          Kevin GT  8 months back

                                                          Blue flower growing in a wall of ice points only to Jon though.

                                                      • Shane O'Connell
                                                        Shane O'Connell  8 months back

                                                        Daenerys: Sandor, Isn't it?
                                                        Sandor: Your Grace
                                                        Daenerys: You are the brother of Gregor Clegane
                                                        Sandor: Jumps in to a fiery cataclysm

                                                        • PowerScissor
                                                          PowerScissor  8 months back

                                                          Watching Aziz work on his sound issue was 10 times more entertaining than Season 8 of GOT for me.

                                                          • Thomas Smithson
                                                            Thomas Smithson  8 months back

                                                            Did anyone notice the parallels of Lady Tarbeck and Cersie and that Tywins kids died almost exactly like the reynes of Castemere both suffocated at the bottom of a castle caved in by rubble with the enemy in their castle except one died by water and one by more rubble. Idk if I'm explaining it well but you can't deny the connections

                                                            • Dayln Roegner
                                                              Dayln Roegner  8 months back

                                                              Exact thing I was thinking when I saw that and I heard the raynes of castemre song

                                                          • SHARON GRAINGER
                                                            SHARON GRAINGER  8 months back

                                                            Do you think Arya will shoot Drogon through the eye with a weirwood arrow? Like the bastard brother of Toren Stark in Bran's vision. She's been shown with a bow a lot.

                                                            • Doktor Cool
                                                              Doktor Cool  8 months back

                                                              Is Dany's heart in conflict with itself? Then it's an interesting story according to GRRM. We get to see the inner conflict (whom do I trust, do I follow my plan or do I listen to my presumably clever advisors?), but we miss any insight why she does what she does in the end.

                                                              • herbsta magus
                                                                herbsta magus  8 months back

                                                                I wasn't that surprised or upset by what Dany did. Maybe I do not have the attachment most fans of the show have to her but after watching all of the episodes her behavior always suggested she might end up doing ever more terrible shit. It is debatable if the show portrayed things very well but Dany's character was always questionable at best in terms of ethics and ultimately she showed the blood lust suggested by her previous executions and other actions.

                                                                • Tajara
                                                                  Tajara  8 months back

                                                                  Yesssss, thank you. Dany was cruel from season 1; just beacuse her life sucks people think she's Good

                                                              • John Grimes
                                                                John Grimes  8 months back

                                                                Does anyone think GRRM will actually finish the books?

                                                                • KaliBhakta
                                                                  KaliBhakta  8 months back

                                                                  I'm still holding out hope. His biggest problem is he's got seven thousand four hundred twenty-two subplots to tie up and nine million eight hundred fifty-four thousand seven hundred sixty-three POV characters with arcs to complete. I'm hoping that TWOW will manage to fold them all back into the main story so that ADOS will be easier to write. Also, this may have to go to an eighth book.

                                                                • RodelIturalde
                                                                  RodelIturalde  8 months back

                                                                  It would surprise me if he did before he dies.

                                                                • Tajara
                                                                  Tajara  8 months back


                                                              • herbsta magus
                                                                herbsta magus  8 months back

                                                                Episode 5 had a very Star Warsy feeling to it. Multiple characters had to decide to take the light or dark path in this episode. It reminded me of the Star Wars movies and games when characters are forced to choose the light or dark path at particular moments.

                                                                • herbsta magus
                                                                  herbsta magus  8 months back

                                                                  Do you guys/gals think it is possible that Bran used the Night King (wittingly or unwittingly) to diminish Dany's forces because he knew about her Anakin-style Dark Side turn that would happen and wanted to be able to get rid of her later? Could Bran have used Ice and FIre to rid Westeros of two evil queens??

                                                                  • Psammead Sand
                                                                    Psammead Sand  8 months back

                                                                    Aziz, Dany could walk into your house, dracarys your cats, threaten Ashaya and I feel you would still make excuses for her.
                                                                    Still love Westeros History though!

                                                                    • GeekFurious
                                                                      GeekFurious  8 months back

                                                                      Dany tells Jon, "Let it be fear," and tells Tyrion their "mercy" will be shown to future generations following their violence on the present. She had already made the decision to bring her wrath. She just hadn't planned on how much of that wrath she would show. Dany is not "crazy." Dany has been shown no other way by the people she trusted to be on her side. So it's all on her to do... and she has one card left, dragon fire. Once she delivers fire, her bloodlust increases and she goes too far. But the notion this wasn't seen coming is ridiculous. If you want to argue it wasn't done as well as it could have been, fine. But to call it a "failure" is... well, it's hyperbole because you want to influence people's perception with manufactured outrage because YOU didn't like how it turned out. You feel tricked because you didn't pay attention (I mean the general you, not anyone specific).

                                                                      • F. U. C
                                                                        F. U. C  8 months back

                                                                        GeekFurious “blood lust” that’s a new explanation of danys turn. Still doesn’t make sense. She has only ever used violence to conquer and enforce her rule, not because she likes to kill...