Search for victims continues after Hurricane Dorian's wrath

  • Published: 10 September 2019
  • A week after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, the official death toll is 45 — but that number is expected to skyrocket. Errol Barnett is in the Bahamas, where the search for victims continues.

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Comments • 14

  • Mike Turner
    Mike Turner  2 months back

    Take a cheap shot at Trump again sickening! How about suggesting how to help!! Sumaritans Purse 1-800-789-1525

    • bigbangnone
      bigbangnone  2 months back

      Death toll only 30. I think NOT ! The real death toll is probably in the hundreds. Most do not think about the three groups involved here.
      - FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths)
      - Bahama Local and wide Governments
      - Poor Local People in the impoverished low laying land neighborhoods.

      1) The FEP bribes the Gov to not evacuate the poor - even though they have plenty of time before the CAT-5 hurricane Dorian hits.
      2) The Gov says great, because they do not want to deal with the expense of relocating, then rebuilding, and returning people to their homes.
      3) Then after death and damage, the FEP jump up and offer to buy the land cheap, and develop it for profit.
      4) The Gov blocks the surviving owners (who cannot afford to rebuild) from returning to their property, and the FEP is allowed to purchase and develop the land for personal profit.

      • MoneyGod vG
        MoneyGod vG  2 months back

        I dont know how much you are paying attention to the news about it but on one channel it had interviewed people there talking about theres basically nothing there and nothing for them to really do about the people dealing with the bodies dont know how much but its increasing and a man is complaining that their are dead bodies at the church he said some took shelter in a building and the wall fell on them and you can see a body right there and he pointed to a leg I'd what it looked like

    • latara dell
      latara dell  2 months back

      Gangs,this man dissolves any good gesture by opening his mouth.Gangs.Really?

      • Eric Wholley
        Eric Wholley  2 months back

        @M Hottie there is video of him saying that. Politicians, like the media are not worth defending. You have to pan sift for the truth.

      • M Hottie
        M Hottie  2 months back

        Trump probably didn't even say that. The news lies all the time.

    • Promise You
      Promise You  2 months back

      My condolences to the families that lost people Death is evil curse

      • MerksPintSizedPenis
        MerksPintSizedPenis  2 months back

        Wait 70000 homeless wowwwww that's crazy!

        • MerksPintSizedPenis
          MerksPintSizedPenis  2 months back

          I'm sitting here pooping while watching, anyone else?

          • MerksPintSizedPenis
            MerksPintSizedPenis  2 months back

            @Promise You how'd you know I was pooping? WTF

          • Promise You
            Promise You  2 months back

            And why do we need to know your pooping every watch’s youtube while pooping but need to know especially while watching serious news

        • Ruthie May
          Ruthie May  2 months back

          The longer they wait, the more difficult it becomes as bodies decompose and smell even worse. 😢😢😢 The death toll will be phenomenal. We may never know since they're abandoning these areas.

          • Kip McEwen
            Kip McEwen  2 months back

            Democrats have shown themselves to be guttersnipes who slam Trump 24 7 instead of doing something constructive like meeting with Trump and going on national TV to offer their solutions for dealing with the hurricane's aftermath, so as to show they at least tried. But that's not going to occur as Dems are political party first, America second, hacks who politicize anything and everything in their faux outrage while they fingerpoint and virtue signal.

            • It’s Train
              It’s Train  2 months back

              Kip McEwen Trumps the one who is making the aftermath worse by limiting the amount of people that can enter the u.s. after the storm. They aren’t gangs. They are families. I want you to go into there shoes. I want you to imagine having your home destroyed along with all of your belongings. And not so make it worse, the U.S. says NOPE you can’t enter. You don’t know where you and your children will live or find stuff to eat. How about republicans stop being so selfish. I am not saying they will live for a long period of time. They just need a few weeks to regroup and find ways to rebuild. What part of this do you not understand?