unPHILtered: Why Dr. Phil Says Patients Should Become Part Of Their Own Treatment Plan


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  • Jokanaan
    Jokanaan  5 days back

    "What's the common denominator?"
    "I'm not good at fractions"

    .... i lost it 😭

    • Courtney Bumstead
      Courtney Bumstead  1 weeks back

      "I'm not good at fractions"

      • Zues 52
        Zues 52  1 weeks back

        I watch porn alot. Am i proud, no, am i straight, according to my search history yes, have i had my doubts, yes, do i anymore? No. With this being said, global warming will be the cause of WWIII.

        I hardly ever get to comment on dr phil videos so i took advatage of the situation.

        • Sky Rollins
          Sky Rollins  1 weeks back

          I feel like she just really wanted the conspiracy theory that everyone's against her to be true

        • Elaina Kosmidis
          Elaina Kosmidis  1 weeks back

          Loved his analogy...”Where are you?” I agree. 👍

          • Angel Black
            Angel Black  1 weeks back

            Is it me though or did he misunderstand what she responded? She said her first question would be "who are you?" and he said "Exactly, where are you.". No?

        • Barry
          Barry  1 weeks back

          *h a m b u r g e r*

          • Miss Anne Norling
            Miss Anne Norling  1 weeks back

            If she says, "without a doubt" one more time..😑

            • Kate
              Kate  2 weeks back

              You cannot recover until you reach the point that you take responsibility for yourself and have self reflection. It took me ten years of different types of therapy to reach that point. Wasted ten years of my life thinking everyone else was responsible for me. The moment I looked at myself (Yes it was very painful and uncomfortable) was when I was able to enter true recovery. I have Borderline personality disorder and I am considered recovered

              • Rev-v
                Rev-v  2 weeks back

                Send her to the ranch!

                • sandra turner
                  sandra turner  2 weeks back

                  Anosognosia, it has a name.

                  • Grace McCarter
                    Grace McCarter  2 weeks back

                    I'm so loving this episode well done dr phill X

                    • Jus- Sayin
                      Jus- Sayin  2 weeks back

                      When I got off the wall and acted so very different. Got involved in extremely dumb and off the wall behavior. What happened is I started feeling suicidal and with medical tests I was diagnosed with cancer caused by hormonal imbalances from estrogen levels gone wild. After cancer surgery, radiation, rest, I become normal. But I was odd for a few years until I was diagnosed with extreme hormonal levels. Causing me cancer.

                      • Katrina Smith
                        Katrina Smith  2 weeks back

                        I will say that I grew up in a town where things where "wierd" everywhere and it made me "weird" and I moved and things were not weird in this new place and I stopped being weird

                        • Katrina Smith
                          Katrina Smith  2 weeks back

                          @Qimat Swift I'm referring to Dr Phil's analogy of if everything is weird maybe it u that's the problem which can be true but not in every case

                        • Qimat Swift
                          Qimat Swift  2 weeks back

                          She was calling it weird, but that was her word for her paranoid delusion that people were sabotaging her and following her. So I think your case is different lol

                      • Alexx Rawss
                        Alexx Rawss  2 weeks back

                        That’s defiantly just a bald cap.

                      • Kendahl-Rae Strachan
                        Kendahl-Rae Strachan  2 weeks back

                        I love the way Dr. Phil called the church people sons of bitches 🤣🤣🤣

                        • Princess Chelsanator
                          Princess Chelsanator  2 weeks back

                          This poor woman. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities) and I'm wondering if that's what this woman has

                          • Nee Nee O
                            Nee Nee O  2 weeks back

                            gangstalking is real, people.

                            • Chief Handler
                              Chief Handler  2 weeks back

                              No, it's not. You need to call Dr Phil.

                          • Jack Savage
                            Jack Savage  2 weeks back

                            Poor lady has issues. Wish her the best but not surprised if she does not get better.

                            • Flor Berlinski
                              Flor Berlinski  2 weeks back

                              Dr Phil you are great 👏👏👏

                              • Veta B.T
                                Veta B.T  2 weeks back

                                is no one going to talk about that fact it’s called unPHILtered

                              • LuCalisthenics
                                LuCalisthenics  2 weeks back

                                Can we actually comment now?

                                • SpiritQuartz976 Pugz
                                  SpiritQuartz976 Pugz  2 weeks back

                                  I drew anime dr phil

                                  yall welcome

                                  • Just Daniel
                                    Just Daniel  2 weeks back

                                    Dr "and those sons of b...... are weird" Phil

                                    • Jonathan Cook
                                      Jonathan Cook  2 weeks back

                                      She probably Applied her own bias' on paperwork that made it to Courts.. Killing more than 300+ people over time because "she" was filtering her opinion like people are not individuals with individual problems that are unique to themselves.. So, that system she was corrupting caught on and identified her playing God and being at fault because she is Mentally ill manipulating paperwork... as many Hospitals Do. She is a victim of herself. She tossed around her money assuming job security... And her co-workers kelp seeing Bodies. They looked at Records and seen her opinion time and time again. One by One colleted a Snowball and avalanche of information that the healthcare system is corrupt.. and now she herself is in it living standards she made for her past patients.. She Doesn't understand her actions, and the Bodies she has made burn. Help for mental health is possible with Good Care.. but she was a fall person for that hospital... meaning if one is possible.. how many others are there, and what is the actual body count of that Corrupted System?

                                      • Stefania Owzarek
                                        Stefania Owzarek  1 weeks back

                                        @Jonathan Cook can you please stop responding to me. I do not wish to converse with someone who clearly has some sort of mental issues themselves or some other sort of issue that I can't help with. There are paid professionals that can help you.

                                      • Jonathan Cook
                                        Jonathan Cook  1 weeks back

                                        @Stefania Owzarek 🤣🤣 you think 8 years in college, and you can never be wrong🤣🤣 this is why I am stuck explaining..🤣 No College Can Teach Common Sense.. Not everyone has Class.. I am stuck Schooling you now on "Bigger Picture".. people can attend School for 900 years and still not have Common Sense.. A Doctor who Treats patients is supposed to be an investigator that has Common Sense and know how to apply Common Sense to make procedures and steps toward health mind, health body.. Dr. Phil gets this.. at least I think he kinda does. Him stepping back could ignite his signals to see the larger Cover Up.. a CNA is past being just a Nurse.. she has the C, meaning Chief, she was in rank a fall person because she had the position to Govern.. Doctors and Courts made her the scapegoat for their mistakes.. because 20 years of college doesn't teach common sense.🤣 they made additions and don't want to take responsibility because it means they messed up.. which discredits and incriminated the whole system🤣 So, Dr. Phil has a Golden Egg.. Meaning that there is a Golden Goose..🤣 and that is the Big Picture🤣 That is why she is claiming what she is claiming and know one understands.. she doesn't understand.. it is what she knows about that hospital over how many years? Which would make those people turn on each other and cause light to shine on a bigger problem.. So, the made a Scapegoat out of this Female. Get it? It is job politics. But they messed up.. them playing the game "at all".. means they know they messed up, so,, the move at all means that they are "Covering Up" something at that hospital that they pushed Politics with-in rank.

                                      • Jonathan Cook
                                        Jonathan Cook  1 weeks back

                                        @Stefania Owzarek why does the bed have tie downs? Humm? To restrain someone. So, shove off.. you are not thinking clearly obviously..🤣🤣 Do I need to keep explaining? They used her as a political Fall figure.. in the case the people who she worked with are also connected.. you don't see the big picture. As many people don't. Look at the political view. They used her as a political scapegoat. Same as every employer would to clear their name.. dealing with Billions of dollars a year. So, she doesn't know how to explain it. She is saying, she doesn't know why.. I just explained the politics. They caused addiction.. They caused suicides.. They didn't properly treat anyone.. They used this lady as a Scapegoat to clear company involvement. Yes.. That is true.. Dr. Phil has a Golden Egg in his possession but doesn't understand it.🤣 Meaning the Golden Goose is Real.. That is how investigators see this. Her kids don't understand.. Dr. Phil probably wishes this not be the case.. But she has been medicated.. So?? She would need 3 months clean off of pills.. Injections take longer to process out.. they can ask her if they used needles. At that point, it is anyone's guess what they poisoned her with to make her appear this way. She has information, or "is" information. But has a chemical attack with-in her own body, unable to process and explain.. meaning.. She was in the Direction of being a scapegoat, until Dr. Phil got involved.. Dr. Phil can give her time to recover and she can explain why she was targeted.. meaning, missing Pills.. more and more.. leading up to thousands of suicides and behaviors that appear crazy, but it is just survival instinct triggered by Manipulation.

                                      • Stefania Owzarek
                                        Stefania Owzarek  1 weeks back

                                        @Jonathan Cook no you do not make any sense what so ever. She was a nurses aid not working in mental health as a provider. Im sorry if you believe this is what happened here but it's not.

                                      • Jonathan Cook
                                        Jonathan Cook  1 weeks back

                                        @Stefania Owzarek Really? Their Company Cut her loose because she worked in Mental Health as a Provider.. They cut her loose because they are liable for Medical Frauds that resulted in Suicides.. like Benzos are extremely addictive.. So, if they inject you or Drug you.. they are trying to kill you to keep something from getting out. They Thrue her under the bus to try and keep Healthcare Courts out of the light.. along with Doctors.. the whole healthcare system.. So, Dr. Phil has a person that can explain how her notes went to Doctors, which in how many cases showed up in Courts? Tie'n how many Suicides and Drug problems together? People use the system to stay employed collecting insurance payments.. she can explain illegal practices that she was involved in, if she actually understood.. that is why she "feels targeted". A lot bigger than just "Big Pharma".. it is Doctors and "health care systems" in-acting Disgusting Acts against people.. then people drug feen for dope after release.. giving America more problems and "health care systems" are given a side view of "being needed".. it is another part of World Manipulation.. it employs Schools, Hospitals, Police, Judicial Systems.. it funds and gives purpose to further mass extinction and detain freedoms. People don't know this? Really? Talking out problems is the best thing.. America is a Victim Society.. even with weapons, 93% of all U.S. People wouldn't survive in all out war.. this is why Trump is President.. People don't know how to survive with the infrastructure they were raised in.. and generators won't be able to stay running forever?? Cuz gas runs out and pumps shut down.. this is why everyone has claimed Corruption and stuff? She was a part of "The System", so they are starving her out.. Her kids Don't understand because they relish in "White Privilege"..🤣 one of those Selfies look like a 6-10th generation Expensive Phone.. probably not their first expensive phone.. Someone is 26 I think they said? Expensive Phones and Apartment? That doesn't include phone contracts and other things "Keeping up with the Jones" lifestyles?🤣 College loans?🤣 people are digging deeper and deeper.. as Bodies collect.. so? She was thrown off the Bus and everyone she had been connected to will be pulled with her because she made a trail of Data to tie them to a failed system that caused a larger problem and acts like they aren't "the problem".. people always expect more,, but how many people can understand 4 billion selfish needs and wants? 4 Billion people playing "Keeping up with the Jones'" all day every day world wide..🤣 it is going to self destruct at some point? Like this lady.. they are cutting weight trying not to take responsibility for a Genocide.. that is why she says corruption or something?? Make sense?

                                    • Alyssa Cogswell
                                      Alyssa Cogswell  2 weeks back

                                      *knows the word denominator and its place in fractions, but refuses to believe logic*

                                      • Jennifer Bates
                                        Jennifer Bates  2 weeks back

                                        I'm going to college for psychology and sexual science, and I love watching him

                                        • Chief Handler
                                          Chief Handler  2 weeks back

                                          @WiFislilpeach Check out gangstalkers or targeted individuals on YouTube. It'll give you something to talk about in class.

                                        • WiFislilpeach
                                          WiFislilpeach  2 weeks back

                                          Jennifer Bates I’m a psychology major too and i LOVE Dr. Phil 🥰

                                      • Savannah Spanish
                                        Savannah Spanish  2 weeks back

                                        My first question would be "how did you get this number?" 🤔

                                      • Lil Nicki
                                        Lil Nicki  2 weeks back

                                        -So we can comment now😴

                                      • ok boomer.
                                        ok boomer.  2 weeks back

                                        Love this man.

                                        • Robert Bryan223
                                          Robert Bryan223  2 weeks back

                                          No I was first

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