Restored Apollo 11 Moonwalk - Original NASA EVA Mission Video - Walking on the Moon

  • Published: 17 July 2014
  • Original Mission Video as aired in July 1969 depicting the Apollo 11 astronauts conducting several tasks during extravehicular activity (EVA) operations on the surface of the moon. The EVA lasted approximately 2.5 hours with all scientific activities being completed satisfactorily. The Apollo 11 (EVA) began at 10:39:33 p.m. EDT on July 20, 1969 when Astronaut Neil Armstrong emerged from the spacecraft first. While descending, he released the Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly on the Lunar Module's descent stage. A camera on this module provided live television coverage of man's first step on the Moon. On this, their one and only EVA, the astronauts had a great deal to do in a short time. During this first visit to the Moon, the astronauts remained within about 100 meters of the lunar module, collected about 47 pounds of samples, and deployed four experiments. After spending approximately 2 hours and 31 minutes on the surface, the astronauts ended the EVA at 1:11:13 a.m. EDT on July 21.
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  • Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar

    Directed by Stanley Kubrick

    • Jeff Hyun
      Jeff Hyun  4 years back

      one step forward

      • altfactor
        altfactor  4 years back

        I don't think the images were this good on the original broadcast.

        • Regnet35
          Regnet35  4 years back

          +altfactor They weren't. This video is recreated and enhanced from several TV broadcasts using 21 century technology.

      • Gary Stinten
        Gary Stinten  4 years back

        it looks transposed over a surface..

        they look seethrough in some parts.

        • YDDES
          YDDES  4 years back

          +Gary Stinten
          Depends on the slow scan analoug TV technology and the converting of that signal to broacast format.
          Try googling "afterglow" and "ghosting"

      • FlexZ
        FlexZ  4 years back

        "One giant leap for mankind" and poses the US flag.

        • spearhead787
          spearhead787  4 years back

          Every time i watch it i go right back to the moment in 1969. A six year old kid sitting up open mouthed with mum and dad, well past his bed time. Watching on our 20 inch black and white TV here in England. It was INCREDIBLE .!!!!

          • clockmaker 2
            clockmaker 2  4 years back

            Looks cool!! Actually it looks different because of the lower gravity and no atmosphere.Thanks!

            • Timestoppa
              Timestoppa  4 years back

              Why is it that EVERYWHERE I go on YouTube that is the least bit moon-related, there are hundreds of comments saying "fake!!!"?

              • Timestoppa
                Timestoppa  4 years back

                @Paul Brown LOL LMFAO!!! Thanks for the explanation!

              • Paul Brown
                Paul Brown  4 years back

                +Timestoppa on Youtube Because conspiracy nuts are like bacteria, in more ways than one.

            • EUSSR
              EUSSR  4 years back

              So, where are the stars? Or this is a Hollywood studio without stars? )))

              • Collin W
                Collin W  4 years back

                The camera was not set to expose for stars.

              • The Yee
                The Yee  4 years back

                @EUSSR Exposure for the camera is too low. For it to be high enough to see the stars, you couldn't see anything else.

            • dave Jones
              dave Jones  4 years back

              they must have spent billions on getting men on the moon & all that technology  , but they skimped on high grade video cameras..wonder why

              • spearhead787
                spearhead787  4 years back

                +almostfm Excellently put,i always beats me why people don't just go and research these things a bit,the information is available for all to find.

              • Rick Jones
                Rick Jones  4 years back

                @dave Jones stated "Film stock of any manufacture cannot withstand the radiation and therefore fog all film if not protected."

                Says who? Do you actually KNOW what kind of film NASA used in the Hasselblad 500EL Camera?

                The cameras taken to the Moon by the Apollo astronauts used mostly Kodak Ektachrome MS and EF color film, with a speed (sensitivity to light) of ISO 64 and 160 respectively, and Kodak Panatomic-X black-and-white film, with a speed of ISO 80. Both films were in the 70 mm format, which means that the film strip was 70 millimeters (2.75 inches) wide. The resolution (capacity to record details) of these films was impressive even by today's standards: 80 lines per millimeter for color film and 170 lines per millimeter for black-and-white. In today's digital units, that's roughly equivalent to 40 megapixels for color pictures and to a whopping 160 megapixels for black-and-white ones, according to the Arizona State University's state-of-the-art Apollo image scanning project. So-called color reversal film was used. This kind of film produces slides (transparencies) that can be viewed directly instead of negatives (images with reversed colors) that need to be printed. This choice might appear unusual, since negative film is more tolerant to difficult lighting and to over- and underexposures, but it was dictated by the awareness that negatives would have entailed color accuracy problems: photographs taken in space or on the Moon often don't include any familiar objects that can be used as a color reference and therefore print lab technicians would not have known how to set their printing equipment correctly to render the true colors. Color reversal film doesn't have this problem. The Apollo films were derived from the ones used for high-altitude photo reconnaissance, which were designed to withstand temperatures down to -40°C (-40°F). Their special Estar polyester base had a melting point of 254°C (490°F) and was thinner than usual, allowing each film magazine to store enough color film for 160 photographs or 200 photos for black-and-white film. A silver-colored coating was applied to the camera bodies used on the lunar surface, in order to reflect the light and heat of the sun and reduce the risk of overheating. On board cameras were coated with a more traditional black. Months prior to launch the Astronauts were all given 500EL cameras modified with the large adjustment levers and encouraged to practice as much as possible. The Astronauts took their practice cameras to family picnics and birthday parties and such. 

                There was a satellite which in 1967 tested 17 different film types in orbit, both without and with shielding (1cm polycarbonate) over 10 days.

                See :

                That was testing the sensitivity to the electrons and protons along with any secondary radiation. Makes interesting reading. Especially considering all the shielding used was 1 cm of plastic.

                That and there were many lunar probes which used film. (Both Russian and NASA)

                Entirely unmodified film cameras were also used in space prior to Apollo as well.

                What radiation?

                The layman often just doesn't realize that scientists and engineers apply that word to several very different things: particulate radiation, such as alpha, beta, proton, neutron and heavy ions; and electromagnetic radiation, such as visible light, infrared, ultraviolet. To further confuse things, gamma radiation is electromagnetic, not particulate (unless we want to start discussing wave-particle duality!)

                Laymen, especially the many who suffer from radiation phobia, can get pretty worked up about it.

              • Rick Jones
                Rick Jones  4 years back

                @dave Jones stated "Your forgeting..its imposable for human to.enter the  Allan belt... fact."

                NO this is NOT fact. There is not a single aerospace engineer on the planet that agrees with your statement.

                Unless you can answer these three questions correctly you don't know enough about the VAB's to make an educated comment. 

                1. What is the actual amount and nature of radiation present in the Van Allen Belts?

                2. How long would an astronaut be exposed to that radiation while passing through the belts on a lunar trajectory, and what dose of radiation would he receive?

                3. What would be the likely health effects?

                Regarding the Van Allen belts, and the nature of the radiation in them, they are doughnut-shaped regions where charged particles, both protons and electrons, are trapped in the Earth's magnetic field. The number of particles encountered (flux) depends on the energy of the particles; in general, the flux of high-energy particles is less, and the flux of low-energy particles is more. Very low energy particles cannot penetrate the skin of a spacecraft, nor even the skin of an astronaut. Very roughly speaking, electrons below about 1 million electron volts (MeV) are unlikely to be dangerous, and protons below 10 MeV are also not sufficiently penetrating to be a concern. The standard database on the fluxes in the belt are the models for the trapped radiation environment, AP8 for protons, and AE8 for electrons, maintained by the National Space Sciences Data Center at NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center. Barth (1999) gives a summary which indicates that electrons with energies over 1 MeV have a flux above a million per square centimeter per second from 1-6 earth radii (about 6,300 - 38,000 km), and protons over 10 MeV have a flux above one hundred thousand per square centimeter per second from about 1.5-2.5 Earth radii (9,500 km - 16,000 km). Now of course you can claim, that since NASA maintains the standard database on VAB fluxes the information can not be trusted. However, the actual fluxes encountered in the Van Allen belts is a matter of great commercial importance, as communications satellites operate in the outer region, and their electronics, and hence lifetimes, are strongly affected by the radiation environment. So the worlds aerospace corporations build satellites costing hundreds of millions of dollars based on the information provided by NASA. If the NASA information was bogus your GPS, your satellite weather forecast, your satellite TV, satellite phones and many other forms of satellite communication would fail to work properly. Thus millions, and even billions of dollars are at stake, never mind the Moon! 

              • dave Jones
                dave Jones  4 years back

                Your forgeting..its imposable for human to.enter the  Allan belt... fact..  there running experiments NOW  to find a way.. NOW.
                Film stock of any manufacture cannot withstand the radiation and therefore fog all film if not protected..there film was NOT protected,NASA said that themselfs... yet they produce perfect quality photos of there so call landing

              • Rick Jones
                Rick Jones  4 years back

                +nutsackmania stated "but NASA erased those tapes like retards"

                No ........they did not ......... NASA does not know what happened to one telemetry tape from Apollo 11. It may just be misplaced or it may have been overwritten, NASA just doesn't know. The telemetry data tapes from Apollo 12 - 17 are still available. Only the slow scan *video* from Apollo 11 is missing. NASA has over 24 tons of telemetry tapes from Apollo stored at Goddard.
                The missing tapes refer to Apollo 11's slow-scan television (SSTV) telecast recorded in its raw format on telemetry data tape during the time of the first Moon landing in 1969. The recordings were discovered to be "missing" after a team of retired NASA employees and contractors tried to locate the tapes in the early 2000s. The data tapes were recorded as a backup in case the live television broadcasts failed for any reason. In order to broadcast the SSTV transmission on standard television, NASA ground receiving stations performed real-time scan conversion to the NTSC television format. The moonwalk's converted video signal was broadcast live around the world on July 21, 1969 (UTC). At the time, the NTSC broadcast was recorded on many videotapes and kinescope films: they were never missing. The hope is that better quality video could be recovered from those tapes. Even if they are found the video was only recorded at 320 lines resolution. Look at any video you have that is 640 x 480 and imagine what it would look like at half that resolution and you will have an idea of what the quality would be.

                The only tape that has been misplaced, lost, reused or whatever, is NASA's copy of the original slow-scan TV BROADCAST from the Apollo 11 moonwalk (stored on a single Apollo 11 telemetry tape), the SAME TV broadcast that we've all seen already because it was broadcast and recorded live worldwide.

                NASA's original Apollo 11 moonwalk tapes were only a backup in case the live TV broadcast didn't work. They would have given us a slightly clearer/sharper version of the SAME TV footage that we've ALL seen already, and even then, that clarity has now been achieved through digital restoration.

                None of the Apollo 11 film or photographs were lost.

                Therefore whilst NASA losing the original Apollo 11 moonwalk TV broadcast tapes was unfortunate, it's not a big deal because the contents of that TV footage had been recorded worldwide. So what was really lost? :-)

                With each Apollo mission, the quality of the TV footage improved, and yet nothing has been lost from Apollo 12 (except the TV camera was damaged), or Apollo 13 (we all know what happened there), or Apollo 14, or Apollo 15, or Apollo 16 or Apollo17.


                Have you ever read the transcripts of the voice communications of the various Apollo missions? They match perfectly with video, film, and even still photography provided by NASA. The United States' manned Moon landing program generated an immense amount of documents: technical manuals, plans and blueprints for even the tiniest spacecraft part, thousands of science articles, checklists, procedures, measurements, budgets, audits, contracts, purchase orders, inspection reports, press kits, mission reports, medical reports, experience reports, sample analyses, full transcripts of communications, and much more. These documents were generated by the various contractors that designed, developed and tested the equipment they were responsible for.

                After more than 45 years, there has not been a single expert in engineering, physics, geology or aerospace, that has found a mistake within the Apollo evidence.

            • zgrillo2004
              zgrillo2004  4 years back

              EAT IT CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!! This is proof right there that we DID go to the moon!

              • Petr Beranek
                Petr Beranek  4 years back

                +Jon Killings Nearest place with low gravity is Mars (if they was not on the Moon).

              • Jon Killings
                Jon Killings  4 years back

                @zgrillo2004 I don't know , why don't YOU tell me ?

              • zgrillo2004
                zgrillo2004  4 years back

                @Harry Andruschak
                your welcome. these idiots are conspiracy theorists who believe that the moon landings were rigged just to put down NASA

              • zgrillo2004
                zgrillo2004  4 years back

                @Jon Killings
                then how come my father was hired to make a LEM cockpit simulator in the 60s. and he told me first hand that it was real.

              • Jon Killings
                Jon Killings  4 years back

                How is this ''proof'' ? they could be anywhere! how the hell do you really know? the answer is we don't.

            • Hyun-ju Kim
              Hyun-ju Kim  4 years back

              was on-air visual/audio casting possible from the Moon at that time? I mean, even now is that possible?

              • almostfm
                almostfm  4 years back

                @Hyun Ju Kim Yeah.  It's just TV.  As long as your antenna is big enough to pull in the signal, it's not a problem.  In fact, there were amateur radio operators who were picking up the audio with equipment they'd built themselves and an antenna in their back yard.

            • Wild Boar
              Wild Boar  4 years back

              Ah freemasons white boys club! Playing with highteck toys for black occult religion.

              • ZCE305
                ZCE305  4 years back

                There are no words to describe the courage of those 3 astronauts

                • bochy07
                  bochy07  5 years back

                  Where is the Stars, billions of them ?!?

                  • Daniel Earwicker
                    Daniel Earwicker  4 years back

                    @bochy07 It was daylight on the moon. During the day on Earth, can you see the stars? (Where I live you can barely see them at night due to the street lighting).

                  • SlyBlueCat
                    SlyBlueCat  4 years back

                    @bochy07 Exposure time. The stars are really dim , so you either get a picture of the bright moon surface and the crew with no stars, or a white overexposed featureless surface with stars above.

                  • Jacob
                    Jacob  4 years back

                    I think it had something to do with the camera

                • Егор Декстер

                  Я очень горжусь,Мы высадились на Луне ! Мои эмоции переполняют Душу ! Это лучшее в жизни что я вижу,Один человек сделал шаг огромный шаг в будущее,в освоении космоса ! Не могу удержаться от слёз радости ! Следующая наша остановка,это Марс ! Россия,Америка,Китай,Индия

                  • Егор Декстер

                    I"m  delighted that We're on the moon ! Yay !

                    • yammmit
                      yammmit  4 years back

                      We're not.

                      I'm* we're*

                  • Егор Декстер

                    Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! I Love You !

                    • Bob B.
                      Bob B.  5 years back

                      I would think they would have better cameras 30 yrs after,say,The Wizard of Oz?

                      • lfrankow
                        lfrankow  4 years back

                        @Grady Klein sorry for the misunderstanding, Grady.   I wasn't replying to you.    My comment was about the Van Allen belts, which is the excuse of the moment that moon hoax people are gravitating to.   

                      • Audio Arcturia
                        Audio Arcturia  4 years back

                        @lfrankow What are you talking about? I was just pointing out that him complaining about high durability cameras on a piece of metal that went to the freaking moon being low fidelity is pointless. Said nothing about radiation levels... <.<

                      • almostfm
                        almostfm  4 years back

                        @Bob Burton The real problem was that they had some limitations on how the camera had to be designed.
                        First was the weight--the camera weighed 5 pounds.  At the time, "portable" TV cameras were huge, and required two people (one to run the camera, one to carry the battery) is an example.  Even by the mid-70's, portable TV cameras still weighed about 20 pounds.  The Apollo camera weighed 5.
                        It also needed to consume very little power.  Other cameras at the time used a crapton of electricity.
                        Finally, there was the issue of bandwidth.  They only had so much available, which they maximized by running at 10 fps (instead of 30 for a normal TV), and at a much lower resolution than even standard definition TV.
                        All that conspired against getting even close the quality of a TV studio or film camera.
                        Besides, it's 1969, and they're showing freaking TV pictures from the moon--a little perspective, please.

                      • lfrankow
                        lfrankow  4 years back

                        @Fractal Music Radiation is not as deadly as they show in the movies. There were people alive at Fukushima, for example, though they were exposed to outrageous levels of radiation.

                        Protecting against potentially lethal levels of radiation is simple. If you've ever used a microwave, you can see that it isn't all that difficult to shield things from harmful rays. It's all engineering and science.  

                        Engineering and science and project management at unheard of levels by people who were much smarter than most of the smartest people alive today, is what it took to put people on the moon. There was no hoax.  

                        It is just so unimaginable by today's standards, that people have trouble comprehending it. Kind of like the pyramids. Heck, we can't get buildings to stand 100 years, and the pyramids have withstood 5000+ years. That's something tough to wrap your noodle around.

                        Seriously, it's all science and engineering on a super-human level. Everything unbelievable can be explained, and most of the answers are (believe it or not) out there in the Googleverse.

                      • Fractal Music
                        Fractal Music  5 years back

                        @Bob Burton Built to withstand the rigors of space? No.

                    • Bourke Snap
                      Bourke Snap  5 years back

                      Everyone is getting to know the truth.... Man has NOT yet been to the moon. I'm not a scientist, but knowledgeable enough to argue the case. Many people are smarter today, as mankind gets smarter, together, rather than blindly following and being dumb / naive / ignorant. Nothing patriotic about the bluff, NASA... simply political and pathetic.

                      • Bnio
                        Bnio  5 years back

                        20:54 the first laugh on the moon.

                        • Alexander Brown
                          Alexander Brown  5 years back

                          Whether intentional or not, your question implies that we haven't been back because we're no longer able to do it now. The primary reason we haven't isn't so much capability but money. NASA's budget is currently about 0.5% of the federal budget. During the height of the Apollo program that figure was about 5%, with the vast majority being funneled directly to Apollo. Throw enough money, national pride, curiosity and anti-Soviet sentiment at a problem and it will get taken care of in a hurry. It was the right time; a perfect storm, so to speak.
                          The goals, among other things, were making sure a human being could survive space travel and then, hopefully, to send a few to the moon. Those were accomplished (and, to be fair, the fruits of that labor continued to serve us well into the future). The problem was that after these were accomplished people began to wonder why we needed to continue funding the same mission over and over again. An expensive mission. Adjusted for inflation, each Apollo landing (not mission, but landing) cost roughly $20B. To put that into perspective, that's more than NASA's entire budget this year alone.
                          A human standing on a surface other than the Earth is a truly amazing feat for not only our country but our species as a whole. But, as amazing as it is, it's also extremely pricey and extremely dangerous. A lot of what we need to do in space can be accomplished at the ISS, and a lot of what we need to know about the moon can be accomplished with a probe. We need a more pragmatic purpose to justify the costs.

                          • Terry Badger
                            Terry Badger  4 years back

                            This video is still being processed. Video quality may improve once processing is complete.

                          • Terry Badger
                            Terry Badger  4 years back

                            What does this even mean?
                            #1 Giant Impact ~ The leading theory of the moon's formation posits that it coalesced from material blasted into space when a planet-size body slammed into the newly formed Earth about 4.4 billion years ago.

                          • Terry Badger
                            Terry Badger  4 years back

                            @DANNY DUBRAVKO To go retrieve the dead bodies they left 40+ years ago.

                          • Terry Badger
                            Terry Badger  4 years back

                            @Astrobrant2 GO figure you would say that!

                            ROFLOL ~ "Excellent comment!"

                          • Terry Badger
                            Terry Badger  4 years back

                            "The primary reason we haven't isn't so much capability but money."

                            About the most ill-educated part of your post!

                        • netsite69
                          netsite69  5 years back

                          How can an astronaut lived on the moon while the temperature extremest hot (250F to 300F)? That is impossible!

                          • David Knisely
                            David Knisely  5 years back

                            Uh, maybe because they wore specially-designed spacesuits (and the lunar surface temperatures only get up to around 250 degrees F near lunar noon, and that is only the surface itself, as the astronauts were largely walking around in a vacuum).  The landing occurred in the lunar morning not long after lunar sunrise.  The actual temperatures encountered during the Apollo 11 moonwalk were between 180 degrees F in the sun and -160 degrees F in the shade of the lunar module.  The spacesuits provided the astronauts with breathable oxygen, cooling, communication, and protection from the vacuum of space and insulation from the intense sunlight.  There is a lot of information available on how the suits were made and tested, so a little research should provide you with all the facts.  

                        • Philippe Lefebvre
                          Philippe Lefebvre  5 years back

                          incroyable 2h30 de film et la source de lumière et les ombres ne bouge pas ,ah la belle arnaque américaine 

                          • Mr Frennox
                            Mr Frennox  4 years back

                            Si ça avait vraiment du être un fake, les américains auraient mis tellement de moyen en place pour s'assurer que tout était parfais qu'on ne verrait aucun défaut.

                        • Bilegjargal
                          Bilegjargal  5 years back

                          The sunlight can't reach the Moon unless it has air. Air makes the sunlight on the earth. 
                          Neil's clothes were brightened. Still thinking about that...

                          • Cliff Yablonski
                            Cliff Yablonski  4 years back

                            @Flores Newgate No, it's retartet....that's l33T speek moron. 

                          • Kurt H
                            Kurt H  4 years back

                            @Flores Newgate "The sunlight can't reach the Moon unless it has air."

                            What the $%^&?
                            Are you really this dumb, or are you "trolling" for lack of having a life?

                          • Bilegjargal
                            Bilegjargal  5 years back

                            @Cliff Yablonski Retarded*

                          • Cliff Yablonski
                            Cliff Yablonski  5 years back

                            OMG dude you are retartet please STFU

                          • Bilegjargal
                            Bilegjargal  5 years back

                            @redmonkeyass26 gg, you won the internet.

                        • wayne strawford
                          wayne strawford  5 years back

                          Excellent exellent you cannot ever get tired on watching history in tbe making

                          • Astrobrant2
                            Astrobrant2  5 years back

                            These hoax nuts are the kind of people who would look for the nicest yard in town and go dump all their trash on it.

                            • Laurelindo
                              Laurelindo  4 years back

                              +nico basket
                              There is nothing wrong with your English, as far as I can tell - you may have accidentally misspelled "launch" as "lauch", but except for that, you could probably come off as a native speaker.
                              Actually, I am not a native English speaker myself, but I am very familiar with the language, and your English is totally fine.

                            • Astrobrant2
                              Astrobrant2  4 years back

                              @nico basket I agree with Max.

                            • Mr Frennox
                              Mr Frennox  4 years back

                              They just don't go back to moon because there is nothing they could earn. Launching one on the moon would just be throwing money away. Nothing as valuable as the price of thé lauch there.
                              Sorry for bad english :(

                            • Cliff Yablonski
                              Cliff Yablonski  5 years back

                              Funny thing about the conspiracy crowd is if the first Apollo mission had failed and they never tried again, these very same people would be claiming that they really went to the moon and kept it a secret. It's just part of their contrarian nature, it makes them feel important and smarter than everyone else. 

                          • Brandon Bennetzen
                            Brandon Bennetzen  5 years back

                            Had Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin failed to liftoff from the moon and were stranded on the surface forever. This is what Richard Nixon was prepared to say to the nation:
                            Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace.
                            These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice.
                            These two men are laying down their lives in mankind’s most noble goal: the search for truth and understanding.
                            They will be mourned by their families and friends; they will be mourned by their nation; they will be mourned by the people of the world; they will be mourned by a Mother Earth that dared send two of her sons into the unknown.
                            In their exploration, they stirred the people of the world to feel as one; in their sacrifice, they bind more tightly the brotherhood of man.
                            In ancient days, men looked at stars and saw their heroes in the constellations. In modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood.
                            Others will follow, and surely find their way home. Man’s search will not be denied. But these men were the first, and they will remain the foremost in our hearts.
                            For every human being who looks up at the moon in the nights to come will know that there is some corner of another world that is forever mankind. 
                            After that speech Houston would have ordered Mike Collins to leave his crew mates behind on the moon and return to earth.

                            • almostfm
                              almostfm  5 years back

                              And it makes you wonder: If the landings were faked as some people claim, why prepare a eulogy?

                            • Derac Mack
                              Derac Mack  5 years back

                              That's deep, man.

                          • Hernán Cortés Villalobos

                            ¿Cómo es posible que en 2 horas y pico no haya variado la sombra de la piedra ni del módulo?

                            • David Keenan
                              David Keenan  5 years back

                              Because a lunar day lasts over 354 hours. So shadows change nearly 30 times slower than on Earth. Two hours on the Moon is like 4 minutes on Earth.

                          • TheRootsMan
                            TheRootsMan  5 years back

                            OK, guys - I have been wondering for my entire life about that occasional "beeping" sound that you hear coming over the Apollo audio . . . Can anyone enlighten me about that? What was the purpose of this "beep" ? What was it indicative of? Did it come from the earth or the moon? (Insane curiosity going on here . . . )

                            • DD Brock
                              DD Brock  5 years back

                              @Astrobrant2 haha, will do...

                            • Astrobrant2
                              Astrobrant2  5 years back

                              @DD Brock Go ahead. Just send me some of the money you make.

                            • DD Brock
                              DD Brock  5 years back

                              @Astrobrant2 That is an outstanding idea. Mind if I borrow it?

                            • Astrobrant2
                              Astrobrant2  5 years back

                              Good answers here.
                              For some people like myself who have watched a lot of Apollo footage, they have over the years become a unique part of the ambiance of Apollo -- like birds to a forest or waves to a beach. I want a series of them for my cell phone ringer.

                            • TheRootsMan
                              TheRootsMan  5 years back

                              @almostfm Wow - that's impressive! Thank you! 

                          • Svonkie
                            Svonkie  5 years back

                            They said they put a man on the moon, but NASA so bungled the video of the landing that they claim they indadvertedly "erased and reused" the original footage of what is considered to be the most monumental feat in human history.  And people why trust in government is at an all-time low. 

                            • EmmaInCandyland
                              EmmaInCandyland  5 years back

                              Why do they look to be translucent?

                              • EmmaInCandyland
                                EmmaInCandyland  5 years back

                                Thank you for the kind explanation

                              • tjblues01
                                tjblues01  5 years back

                                It is like that, because TV technology of the era:

                                Those video tubes tend to have large inertia. Longer that sweep time. It produced smudged, blurry and translucent images of "fast" moving objects.


                            • WMTeWu
                              WMTeWu  5 years back

                              I have a feeling that the most interesting events took place just after the camera had been turned off ;)

                              • Alan Redmond
                                Alan Redmond  5 years back

                                I believe we went to the moon. Neil and Buzz are two of the most amazing human beings who have ever lived. Not a single astronaut has ever said we didn't go to the moon. Several astronauts have talked publicly about aliens and advanced technologies that NASA deny, but no astronaut has ever said we didn't walk on the moon. We've not been back since the early 70's so its understandable why people are questioning if we ever went at all. For me the biggest tragedy is the fact mankind has never explored the solar system further than our own doorstep since Neil and Buzz showed mankind what we are capable of.

                                • Andrew W
                                  Andrew W  5 years back


                                  • NateThatsNasty
                                    NateThatsNasty  5 years back

                                    this is when we finally learned that the moon is not made of cheese. :')  

                                    • Raptor22
                                      Raptor22  5 years back

                                      @Odoglv1 lol

                                    • NateThatsNasty
                                      NateThatsNasty  5 years back

                                      No. :( they even tasted it on the lander jus in case.

                                  • Chris Kingery
                                    Chris Kingery  5 years back

                                    It was a soundstage on Mars.

                                  • DataWaveTaGo
                                    DataWaveTaGo  5 years back

                                    If you want to know how this was possible you can still get copies of "Handbook Of Astronautical Engineering" Heinz Hermann Koelle, editor, 1961 LCCC # 61-7305 It's 1,800 pages of great human knowledge from the minds of scientific & engineering giants few people have heard of. I used it in the 1960's to design launch vehicles. One of my favorite books I re-read it from time to time and marvel at the breathtaking brilliance of the many contributors.

                                    • almostfm
                                      almostfm  5 years back

                                      But it's much easier to just claim there was some massive conspiracy--no reading or thinking required.

                                  • F. Matthew Fagan
                                    F. Matthew Fagan  5 years back

                                    Thanks for uploading this. Trolls notwithstanding it's sad to read comments from close-minded ignorant people who still believe this was faked. Even though each and every "fact" supporting a fake has been technically and scientifically refuted in each and every way from such sources as NASA, MIT, Popular Mechanics and even TV's Mythbusters!

                                    • Dworshi A
                                      Dworshi A  5 years back

                                      Fun fact:
                                      They put up the flag too close to the lander, when they launched the ascend module, the engines exhaust knocked over the flag.

                                      • Snoxicle
                                        Snoxicle  5 years back

                                        Why does everybody think this is fake?

                                        • ThatCamel104
                                          ThatCamel104  5 years back

                                          @netsite69 What could convince you?

                                        • Binny223
                                          Binny223  5 years back

                                          @netsite69 What makes you think that? Looks perfectly real to me.

                                        • netsite69
                                          netsite69  5 years back

                                          @Liam Farrow
                                          It is still fake. Noting pretending.

                                        • Liam Farrow
                                          Liam Farrow  5 years back

                                          @Imposture Lune "Everything has been made on earth, and photoshopped when not real." You just made that up off the top of your head. Everything you conspiracy theorist bring to the table in regards to "evidence" is mere speculation on what you can't understand. The moon landing was in 1969. Adobe photoshop and computer photo editing software was released *20 years later*. Could you stop pretending that you know what really happened? 

                                        • netsite69
                                          netsite69  5 years back

                                          @Astrobrant2    You believe a "man walk on the moon" all you want. Me, I believe the Apollo 11 Transcripts
                                          is fake. I'm not convince you and neither you can convince me.

                                      • Thebuilderofthings1
                                        Thebuilderofthings1  5 years back

                                        This all started when the Russians first launched Sputnik. The historic event struck fear in the US, now one of two super powers at the time had an advantage, having the capability to launch weapons from space. It all evolved into what has been called "The Space Race". Who would get to the moon first.

                                        The fact that the Russians to this very day have not called the USA's landing to be a "farce". Of all detractors, Russia would have been the first screaming foul right from the start. This was the only mission designed to put man on the moon, nothing else. Later missions will be designed to keep man on the moon for extended times, with the ability to manufacture their own food, oxygen and water. This is why the US has yet to go back to the moon. 

                                        A completely different mission entirely which involves new technology.  

                                        • John O
                                          John O  5 years back

                                          Have you ever noticed that most of the people who insist the Moon Landings were "faked" -- also tend to be the same people who insist Bigfoot is real.

                                          • carella211
                                            carella211  5 years back

                                            Im such a nerd, im gonna watch all 3 hours of this and enjoy every minute!

                                            • Storms and Saugeye
                                              Storms and Saugeye  4 years back

                                              @cerrejonensis Oh you~

                                            • cerrejonensis
                                              cerrejonensis  4 years back

                                              +Amy 1 TB and growing, you'll need ta ask NASA ta store it for ya soon, LOL

                                            • Storms and Saugeye
                                              Storms and Saugeye  4 years back

                                              +carella211 I downloaded it to my mega nasa file (1 TB and growing)

                                          • Rodrigo Meireles
                                            Rodrigo Meireles  5 years back

                                            really awesome

                                            • stevepwnz
                                              stevepwnz  5 years back

                                              I don't think New Zealand got the best quality footage as mentioned at the start of this video . I am fairly certain NZ didn't even get it Live as the tape was flown over from australia by the NZ air force . 

                                              • Jim Kay
                                                Jim Kay  5 years back

                                                I remember watching this as it happened while on holiday in Cornwall. A magnificent achievement.