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  • Lets do this
    Lets do this  3 days back

    Bernie has done so much more than that orange, lying, and racist goon in office. Also he has never conspired with foreign power. He is for the American people unlike the traitor in office only there to enrich his pockets.

    • Charlie Freeman
      Charlie Freeman  2 months back

      So I’m not for any politicians at all. I think they are all corrupt. I wonder how close to his own people he actually is.

      • Alma Ahmethodzic
        Alma Ahmethodzic  3 months back

        Bernie Sanders novi predsjednik SAD ✔️✒️✨

        • Jawn Bullson
          Jawn Bullson  3 months back

          Liberalism truly is a mental disorder! I read these comments and they are truly disturbing! People just want something for nothing it seems and it doesn’t work like that! The government doesn’t pay for it we do don’t you get that??? What really needs to be done is to remove restrictions and regulations that keep businesses from expanding. When they tax the so called 1% who do you think pays for that? The consumer pays for it in the form of higher prices! Come on this is 4th grade economics 101. Democrats are so effin dense I cannot stand it! Hmmm let’s vote to take away God given rights and give me higher taxes... smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ unbelievable!!!

          • Bas van Laanen
            Bas van Laanen  1 weeks back

            You're right it's 4th grade economics. That's why most people move on to the 5th grade and realise that anything Milton Friedman said is a bunch of crap.

          • spicypigs
            spicypigs  3 months back

            not a liberal, a socal democrat (called a socialist here in america)

        • Venus Bloodflow
          Venus Bloodflow  3 months back

          Thanks for speaking for the rest of us Mr. Sanders.

          • HappyTreesPNW
            HappyTreesPNW  4 months back

            the first clip. It was Portland, OREGON! Not Maine!

            • John
              John  4 months back

              Can't believe I actually considered this loser at one point thank God for Trump

            • Ack
              Ack  4 months back

              You can vote your way into socialism, but y’all have to fight your way out

              • mark haas
                mark haas  5 months back

                Why is warren ahead of Sanders in the Polls? Perhaps Native Americans were duped after-all by Pocahontas and think she really is one of them. About 10% of the country is Indigenous or has native ancestry and maybe they want to "take their country back" . Come on Bernie, surely you've got some illegitimate grandparent with off-white skin in your family tree somewhere. Just make it up like Warren did for Christ-sakes. They're the New Donkey Party, so they won't care if it's true or not as long as it's possible you're not white. You're welcome for the advice. And thank YOU, "Progressives" for the great Donkey Show. Very entertaining.

                • Rusty Bucket
                  Rusty Bucket  7 months back

                  Bernie Sanders will make America great again. Not hate again. It's time for a better future for our youth and the elderly. Lower the cost of prescription medications so people dont have to waste their paychecks and work 2 jobs to get what they need. Fund more in education so our young children children can have a smart and better future. #Bernie2020

                  • Johnny Baskin
                    Johnny Baskin  9 months back

                    #Bernie2020 & y'all better not screw it up this time

                    • _kidricardo _
                      _kidricardo _  2 weeks back

                      Dustin Smith lmao y’all really think y’all little “militia” can defeat the worlds biggest military 💀💀

                    • Dustin Smith
                      Dustin Smith  1 months back

                      @Sammy America gun owners make up the largest army in the world. We are the militia, we have the constitutional right to overthrow a tyrannical government. That's why we own guns, not to hunt. It's coming, you better pray you dont come near me in battle. Dont bring a kitten to a gun fight! Comrade!

                  • James Richard Jeremy Clarkson-Hammond-May

                    It was Portland Oregon.

                    • littlemiller6
                      littlemiller6  9 months back

                      The bird should have been number one

                      • issaciams
                        issaciams  4 months back

                        I agree. Then the SNL skit as #2.

                    • mins-BOY
                      mins-BOY  9 months back

                      Bernie 2020

                      • Sophie Sadeghi
                        Sophie Sadeghi  9 months back

                        Crazy Bernie, everyone knows that you’re a liar 🤥

                        • Sophie Sadeghi
                          Sophie Sadeghi  9 months back

                          CiTrus girLzz you’re stupid

                        • Sophie Sadeghi
                          Sophie Sadeghi  9 months back

                          CiTrus girLzz Nope 👎
                          Like you and crooked hillary and nasty 🤢 nancy and all other demonRats

                      • Theodicist Eddie
                        Theodicist Eddie  9 months back


                      • Shan M
                        Shan M  10 months back

                        That was Portland,OR (not Portland, ME).

                        • d k
                          d k  12 months back

                          Sure.... show him now that he is the most popular politician in the US, but when he was fighting for the democratic election? Hardly no coverage.... mean while Trumps empty podium was more important than this legend! SMH NBC...

                          • Connor Clarke
                            Connor Clarke  4 months back

                            the media are obsessed with trump and give him non-stop attention. No publicity is bad publicity.

                          • Mohammed Joraid
                            Mohammed Joraid  8 months back

                            This video is posted from Jun 2016. But I get what you mean.

                        • Sophie Sadeghi
                          Sophie Sadeghi  1 years back

                          He is a loser anyway
                          Who is listening to a loser

                          • Sophie Sadeghi
                            Sophie Sadeghi  9 months back

                            James Richard Jeremy Clarkson-Hammond-May
                            Haha 😆
                            Now, all you stupids are filling up his bank account
                            Keep donating idiots, since democraps are donkeys

                          • Sophie Sadeghi
                            Sophie Sadeghi  9 months back

                            CiTrus girLzz
                            He lost because he’s a loser and however supporting him is a loser 2

                          • Sophie Sadeghi
                            Sophie Sadeghi  9 months back

                            HIERSCHI1 They’re stupid as much as you calling a few idiots millions 😂😂

                          • Alex
                            Alex  9 months back

                            You love the traitor caveman who cannot keep his promises!

                          • HIERSCHI1
                            HIERSCHI1  10 months back

                            Millions of people. Where is your following tho?

                        • Tony Tune
                          Tony Tune  1 years back

                          Bernie and Larry are related.

                          • karlwashere123
                            karlwashere123  1 years back

                            I campaigned for him for 2 years. Hillary clinton debbie wiseman schultz and the d_n_c shattered my heart. Not only did I switch parties and vote for our current clown n chief but I most likely will never vote for the Democratic party again.

                            • Sophie Sadeghi
                              Sophie Sadeghi  1 months back

                              Rage Fury
                              That communist mouse 🐭 is going back to basement where he belongs

                          • Stephanie Yeminez
                            Stephanie Yeminez  1 years back


                          • Ruth Cuadrado
                            Ruth Cuadrado  2 years back

                            Oh America! How could you let this guy go?

                            • Dustin Smith
                              Dustin Smith  2 months back

                              Hes a communist

                            • joe
                              joe  2 months back

                              @Fred Herbert He beats Trump in nearly every head to head poll feel the bern 2020

                            • Fred Herbert
                              Fred Herbert  2 months back

                              @joe and failing again. #MAGA2020

                          • The Frenchmen
                            The Frenchmen  3 years back

                            He is turning his back on his revolution and you! He will fall in line like a good dog. He failed to show the world how corrupt that woman is by trying to take a high road and it left his followers high and dry. He is a failure!

                            • αlιуαн
                              αlιуαн  2 months back

                              The Frenchmen That comment didn’t age well 😬

                            • Maria Arreaga
                              Maria Arreaga  3 years back

                              Protectyer Rights you really need to educate yourself. His policies would never be like Venezuela or Cuba you moron. Ever heard of democratic socialism? No? Maybe you should learn the difference. Why do you think countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark are doing so well? Because they understand that higher taxation isn't a bad thing, it goes back into the economy to help pay for free college, universal healthcare and more. Look into more of his policies because it sounds like you know nothing.