Renée Zellweger interviewed by Simon Mayo


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  • Ilona Muller
    Ilona Muller  2 months back

    How sweet and curteous Simon can be 😆 ... when he's in company with a beautiful lady and not Kermode 😁

    • Dr Donald Blake
      Dr Donald Blake  2 months back

      Sounds like another Oscar winging its way to Renée.

      • Adam Romero
        Adam Romero  2 months back

        She's so good in this

        • Gary Cambridge
          Gary Cambridge  2 months back

          Love her - can’t wait to see the film too 😍

          • Pamela Atkinson
            Pamela Atkinson  2 months back

            Loved the two gay men. When she was in their home and one of them told her about why they couldn't attend her concerts years before, I was in floods. Rene sounds lovely. Simon always brings out the best in his interviewees.

            • JOXCY
              JOXCY  2 months back

              She is surprisingly really charismatic and likable, and quite a hot voice too...

              • Dave Lewis
                Dave Lewis  2 months back

                If anyone would like to check out an additional review of the film click here