The Voice of REason: Ryan Leaf on Baker & the Browns’ Disappointing Season | The Rich Eisen Show


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  • Dave  Anderson
    Dave Anderson  1 months back

    He looks healthy good for him and he did a great job on the show

    • john bush
      john bush  1 months back

      Baker should go full marshawn lynch mode on the Mic

      • Joshua Warren
        Joshua Warren  1 months back

        Always love Ryan Leafs perspectives he seems logical and level headed when analyzing the game

        • Rich83
          Rich83  1 months back

          If anyone knows what not to do it's Leaf!

          • john bush
            john bush  1 months back

            He should do a show with manziel

        • john anthony
          john anthony  1 months back

          How stupid are these people? It’s baffling to me how all these people keep saying that baker is blaming the loss on the refs. He literally never said that. He’s said numerous times his play hasn’t been good. He’s said numerous times the team isn’t playing up to their ability. He simply stated some of the calls were terrible, which they were. He did not blame the loss on that. These dummy’s just lie repeatedly for clicks.

          • The Randy Tomato
            The Randy Tomato  1 months back

            @Willie Johnson Seattle got as many as the Browns?

            No. Now I know you're either delusional, or didn't watch the game. The rest of your comment speaks for itself... and not well - says everything about you, and yet nothing of any value about the topic at hand.


          • Jason
            Jason  1 months back

            @Willie Johnson time to stop dancing around it. I agree. Shut up and WIN. sick of the bullshit

          • Willie Johnson
            Willie Johnson  1 months back

            You still don't get it. Baker needs to just STFU, keep his head down and start playing winning football. He constantly says things that grabs headlines. Reporters are constantly trying to bait him into saying something stupid or controversial and he never disappoints. He even volunteered this last one. He needs to just give short innocuous answers and leave. And as far as bad calls did you hear Seattle complaining? They got as many bad calls as the Browns. Seattle didn't complain and whine because that's not what winners do. Baker is no longer a rookie and the Browns are no longer the feel good story of the season. Baker has made the Browns unlovable losers. Stop whining and win something.

          • The Randy Tomato
            The Randy Tomato  1 months back

            Yeah.. I've seen 3 players mention the refs' shitty performance so far, all of them made it clear that they should have won the game regardless.

        • hank zero
          hank zero  1 months back

          Why are you ending the video and cutting him off mid sentence!?!?!

          • Tilden Katz
            Tilden Katz  1 months back

            I'm happy for Ryan Leaf. Hope he found peace.

          • C Vandy
            C Vandy  1 months back

            Never realized how similar Ryan Leaf sounds to Tom Green until today

            • Joshua Beheler
              Joshua Beheler  1 months back

              Hell yeah he does, and even favors him lol.