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  • Lee Nevil
    Lee Nevil  4 months back

    Nice collection mate I can recognize so many of the spines I own too.. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Repulsion, Twins of Evil and Society most notably haha..

    There's one giallo Im waiting for to be released called The Black Belly of the Tarantula.. Surprised it hasn't been given the Arrow treatment yet to be honest..

    • Adam Cesare
      Adam Cesare   4 months back

      I bet it will eventually, since many of these were also Blue Underground releases, once upon a time. Fingers crossed!

  • solid snake 323
    solid snake 323  6 months back

    My favorite would be Suspiria (if you count that since I know some people don’t) or The Psychic

    • escaped vivesectionist
      escaped vivesectionist  8 months back

      Deep Red/The Case of the Scorpion's Tail.

      • MANOR
        MANOR  8 months back

        "...which is the greatest goddamn title I've ever heard..." Perfect. Definitely a giallo title hahaha

        • Chris Tharyyn
          Chris Tharyyn  9 months back

          Tenebrae and Don’t Torture a Duckling

          • J. Kalee
            J. Kalee  9 months back

            Tenebre is like a perfect giallo to me. I also love the more sleazy ones like Sister of Ursula, Folds of the Flesh and Giallo a Venecia

            • MHSmith22
              MHSmith22  9 months back

              Deep Red is my #1, but Tenebre and The Case of The Bloody Iris are pretty close 2nd and 3rds.

              • Adam Cesare
                Adam Cesare   9 months back

                I’m hoping that since Arrow seems to be re-releasing a lot of the gialli that were formally done on DVD by Blue Underground, hopefully IRIS is going to make its return soon!

            • Steve P Brady
              Steve P Brady  9 months back

              Learned a new film term today, Giallo. Thanks for the lesson!

              • Michael DeCesaris
                Michael DeCesaris  9 months back

                I didn't know about this book from Tremblay. Always amazes me when someone can write in wildly different ways. Any non horror authors you've ever read that have written a one-off surprisingly intense horror story? And ha, always more Italian!

                • Michael DeCesaris
                  Michael DeCesaris  9 months back

                  @Adam Cesare thanks, and keep the videos coming. They're great.

                • Adam Cesare
                  Adam Cesare   9 months back

                  Good question, can’t think about any off the top of my head, but I think both Joyce Carol Oates and Haruki Murakami are both thought of as “literary” writers but they’ve all written some scary ass stories.

              • Blaine.1989
                Blaine.1989  9 months back

                Profondo Rosso. 100%.

                • Fanis Metal
                  Fanis Metal  9 months back

                  Well my favorite is Profondo Rosso; it's the movie that got me into loving the giallo genre so much but apart from that i really fucking love Sergio Martino's All the Colors of the Dark. The trippy atmosphere combined with some occult scenes, interesting plot and a great soundtrack by Bruno Nicolai makes it such a pleasure to watch.

                  • Adam Cesare
                    Adam Cesare   9 months back

                    That's two votes Deep Red! A great picture! I've got All the Colors on the way! I've seen it but it's been *years*.

                • UziSuicide666
                  UziSuicide666  9 months back

                  Don't Torture A Duckling, Suspicious Death of a Minor, and Blood and Black Lace

                • Gamer Geek244
                  Gamer Geek244  9 months back

                  I love a lot of giallo movies. I have 5 favorites. I have all these from the arrow releases
                  5. Death Walks on High Heels. Directed by Luciano Ercoli and stars Neives Navarro (Under the stage name of Susan Scott)
                  4. Death Walks at Midnight. Again, starring Neives Navarro and directed by Luciano Ercoli. An amazing blu ray box for two amazing films.
                  3. Don’t Torture a Duckling. Directed by Fulci.
                  2. Bird with the Crystal Plumage. I love Deep Red and Tenebrae but out of the Argento giallo films this is my favorite.
                  1 Torso. I love this movie so much. I think Sergio Martino need to be recognized as an Italian horror master and I was super excited when arrow announced they were gonna release this film.

                  • Gamer Geek244
                    Gamer Geek244  9 months back

                    Bird with the Crystal Plumage is a VERY close second. The twist is probably my favorite giallo twist ever with the victim being the killer. I never saw that coming.

                  • Adam Cesare
                    Adam Cesare   9 months back

                    This is a hell of a list. DEATH WALKS AT MIDNIGHT has probably my fave giallo bad guys. BIRD will always be my #1, but I can't argue with TORSO.

                • Thomas Pernice
                  Thomas Pernice  9 months back

                  Adam, I enjoy your videos very much. But, there are some of us who believe in God and object to you using God's name in vain. Thank you.

                  • Thomas Pernice
                    Thomas Pernice  9 months back

                    Thank you for understanding, my friend.

                  • Adam Cesare
                    Adam Cesare   9 months back

                    apologies, Thomas. I'll try to watch it in future videos.

                • Crawford Glissadevil
                  Crawford Glissadevil  9 months back

                  All time favorite? Profundo Rosso. Besides the big 3, I dig Spaniard Jesus Franco films like Venus in Furs and Vampyros Lesbos. Franco's Dracula may be my favorite version.

                  • Adam Cesare
                    Adam Cesare   9 months back

                    I'm def one day going to do a big Franco deep-dive video! I have to build up to it.