Response to Adam Conover’s Tweet | Hospitals & Mammograms | Wednesday Checkup


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  • Hasanna Robinson
    Hasanna Robinson  8 hours back

    I liked Adan before i even knew this channel.
    But Dr. mike's right.
    Adam may be factual but he's facts might not be up to date.

    • A.T.T. 123
      A.T.T. 123  15 hours back

      YouTube dram VS. Constructive drama

      • V
        V  17 hours back

        Adam can’t handle criticism

        • Vandell
          Vandell  1 days back

          I think the thing that went over your head is that the episode *was* about the entire healthcare system, and not just hospitals. It was an episode that took place inside of a hospital, so it probably felt more personal. Considering you work with hospitals. .. also, you responded to his point about hospitals being profiteers with "yeah, hospitals are profiteers ['we need to get three people together just to make sure their insurance is right and we get paid']"

          • Adam Randolph
            Adam Randolph  1 days back

            Fyi, the systemic issues you were saying that need to be explored have been. The main ones are sexism, racism, capitalism, imperialism/colonialism, and ableism, in no specific order.

            • Mallory Padilla
              Mallory Padilla  2 days back

              You missed a couple of points that Adam made that you did not show in your critique video!

              • Dhwani Parmar
                Dhwani Parmar  3 days back

                I saw this and the previous video right after Adam's video and man I agree with you. Both my parents are doctors but still Adam made me sway with his mammogram bit even when it was mammograms that helped with the early diagnosis of my mother's breast cancer. I really do applaud you for being so objective (at least as objective as a doctor can get). Thank you so much for such an initiative, this type of education is really important for the average population.

                • Whacko Otaku
                  Whacko Otaku  3 days back

                  Ok now this made me want to subscribe. Mad respect for handling this so calmly

                  • TJ Acree
                    TJ Acree  3 days back

                    I think some ppl are putting their loyalty for one or the other ahead of truth. They are both right.

                    • Liam Lowenthal
                      Liam Lowenthal  3 days back

                      Also, I find it fairly disgusting 90% of the people here are bootlickers.
                      If you're a fan of this show, that's completely fine. If you're a fan of Adam's show, again, great. The fact they're communicating between each other, pointing out, explaining, etc - However way you feel like spinning what *actually* happened, changes no fair reality, they're just communicating their points of view towards each other. Adam rejected the critique, explained why he didn't call Mike any nasty names. He stated quite simply what he thought. Evidently, that's horrible, and you people need your silver spoons lined with sugar too - that's not how a debate works. Alright? Mike was very graceful in how he handled it. I feel Adam simply said his piece in a way that wasn't lined with silver and sugar like you all need your disagreements to be handed to you.

                      I think I have more of a problem with the commenters here. It's one thing to disagree, you do that all day, it's perfectly healthy to question and debate.
                      But most of you are being nasty. Outright *nasty*. I can tell a lot of you just didn't like Adam to begin with and now you have more fuel for your fire. I believe Mike covered that kind of negative thinking and cleared it as unhealthy, so as much as you seem to be licking his boots because you're a fan of him, you're not being impressed by it. Obviously, the man just wants to hold a conversation - the rest of you want to set torches on fire and grease up the guillotine so to speak. All because your spoons didn't have sugar on them.

                      And you're calling other people children. Ha.

                      • Liam Lowenthal
                        Liam Lowenthal  3 days back

                        Then cite your sources. That's all you need. Literally, all you need. You're a doctor, I assume you went to college if you're in Murickuh, cause this backward country doesn't do proper apprenticeships, which means you had to have learned research and data collection.
                        Please don't turn into half the YouTube channels here, and please don't present yourself like 99% of political America happening at this moment, right now. Hand-fed information is *dangerous*. You said as much earlier in your last video.
                        Cite. For god's sake, just *cite*.

                        • Mark Douglas
                          Mark Douglas  18 hours back

                          But if you're a doctor do you need to cite if you're not referencing someone else's data/research? Some stuff is his own knowledge/research and he is the primary source right?

                      • Caroline Ellinwood
                        Caroline Ellinwood  4 days back

                        Adam: complains
                        Mike: “So you want the fake facts, yes, ok no

                        • Katie McAlister
                          Katie McAlister  4 days back

                          How much Spanish do you know?

                          • Adrian Abromaitis
                            Adrian Abromaitis  5 days back

                            I feel like sometime you confuse your audience about the difference between viruses and bacterial infections.

                            • Tina Engelbrecht
                              Tina Engelbrecht  6 days back

                              So, one of the points that I got from the Adam ruins everything episode when I watched it was that it wasn't the hospitals jacking up prices, it was the medical insurance companies, so if you don't have medical insurance you are still getting charged the same price. I don't think Adam was demonizing hospitals. The point about politicians also has to be taken into account the amount of lobbying the medical insurance companies do to keep the system the way it is. I don't live in the states, but we also do not have universal healthcare here in South Africa and the same principles apply here.

                              • Tina Engelbrecht
                                Tina Engelbrecht  5 days back

                                @LastKing Hahahaha, so funny someone saying Liberal, we don't work like that in South Africa, I have actually watched many different documentaries on Christopher Columbus, and they all point to him not being the good guy. I do think you should source information from multiple places, I don't just watch one thing and base all my views on it.

                              • LastKing
                                LastKing  5 days back

                                Well the deal with Adam ruins everything is they avoid facts to manipulate you into believing into something. Watch the Christopher Columbus episode the whole thing leaves out facts and misleads you into believing their liberal propaganda.

                            • Sergio Martinez
                              Sergio Martinez  6 days back

                              More than likely Adam didn't write any of that tweet, just saying.

                              • Reagan E
                                Reagan E  6 days back

                                I think another big misunderstanding could be that Adam’s show could’ve been tailored to a certain demographic (who usually watches his show)- people who are likely too young to need a mammogram. Those are the people he’s trying to reach while Mike is trying to include everyone in his content.

                                • RandomPhail
                                  RandomPhail  6 days back

                                  I still would've liked to hear you confirm/deny/comment on Adam's segment where he talked about Hospitals dramatically and arbitrarily raising prices for things simply because the health insurance companies wanted a certain percentage of sales.

                                  • General GK
                                    General GK  6 days back

                                    Adam is the epitome of an armchair critic who knows next to nothing about a subject, pretends like he's an expert, and throws a hissy fit when a real expert challenges him.

                                    • PinkJellyfish
                                      PinkJellyfish  7 days back

                                      Sorry but Adam has me seeing my MILs point of view and totally not looking forward to it. But your breakdown and discussions have helped me even turn her around. We only really pay attention to things for so long... all the useful information was lost after his skit.

                                      • the serpent
                                        the serpent  7 days back

                                        That the thing I’ve noticed with these debunker/fact-checker/did you know? types, they love correcting and lecturing others but can’t take correction or constructive criticism.

                                        • Kween Yasmine
                                          Kween Yasmine  7 days back

                                          I just watched Adam’s episode and tbh I was shocked that he made no mention of BIR costs (billing and insurance related costs) as they are one of the major reasons behind exorbitant healthcare pricing in the US.

                                          • Sonia Medina
                                            Sonia Medina  1 weeks back

                                            Maybe Adam should rewatch his alpha/beta makes episode

                                            • Naruto X Hinata
                                              Naruto X Hinata  1 weeks back

                                              He is so bright and humbling.. my heart 💗

                                              • HokuCy
                                                HokuCy  1 weeks back

                                                The start is an apology video

                                                • Kayte Deem
                                                  Kayte Deem  1 weeks back

                                                  Your method of explaining your criticisms is so doctor-like. “I observed a symptom that wasn’t discussed while diagnosing hospital costs in your video. You’re focusing too much on this smaller symptom, that is a concern, but there is a much larger one that isn’t being identified” is what I heard. You’re looking at all of the possibilities that could effect the cost, like you would look at all of a patients history.

                                                  • sadi jav
                                                    sadi jav  1 weeks back

                                                    Can u visit Pakistan???

                                                    • Erin Connelly
                                                      Erin Connelly  1 weeks back

                                                      What are your opinions about sleeping in the same room/bed as your baby? I’ve seen some controversy about it recently.

                                                      • FantasticEggs
                                                        FantasticEggs  1 weeks back

                                                        I went back on this and people are honestly misunderstanding both sides. Adam accepted when he made mistakes, so did Mike. Adam and Mike both made points they agreed on. This was probably the most responsible public argument, both parties knew their research, they both handled it like adults and turned an argument into giving even more education on Twitter and YouTube.

                                                        • Alice Saxson
                                                          Alice Saxson  1 weeks back

                                                          Adam is a stupid sjw

                                                          • Liveordiebyinches
                                                            Liveordiebyinches  1 weeks back

                                                            Oooh internets beef. Juicy.
                                                            But for realz tho. Do a bit on how the current overpriced system does and what you think are the steps to change it. Based on the platform you create im thinking Senator. Ijs.

                                                            • YBTragedy
                                                              YBTragedy  1 weeks back

                                                              Why are people acting like this was drama? Adam responded and wasn't violent or aggressive lol simply pointed out the facts behind him. 2019 is scary lol yall snowflakes

                                                              • Oz El
                                                                Oz El  2 weeks back

                                                                Why don't you guys have non-profit public/state hospitals like the rest of the modern world. Where people can get all treatment for almost zero cost. Health care is A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.. like right to be physically safe from danger, right to be able to consume basic food and water, right to have shelter, right to speak freely, right to have education till employment, right to do science, and right to be treated with the best medicine when there is illness. These are birth rights of humans that you don't have to do something to deserve. (you have to do something negative to undeserve). And RIGHT TO OWN GUNS is not a human right. It is an ancient vulgar ignorance fed by gun dealers that kinda only exist in USA among all modern countries.

                                                                • Patrick Breen
                                                                  Patrick Breen  2 weeks back

                                                                  Adam never gives all the facts, and that's why I cant stand watching him.

                                                                  • TheBodyguard13
                                                                    TheBodyguard13  2 weeks back

                                                                    Proper response to criticism on your comedy show about ruining things: i appreciate you taking the time to review my comedy show and provide some extra perspective. I also disagree on some points you made, these ones specifically. (An optional why you disagree or clarification request here)
                                                                    Adams response: Mike says this and that, here's an oversimplified reaction to his "points" because I'm probably upset. What do you mean I'm trying to present him as a shill? I had an expert and obviously everyone is doing in-depth research on my points in a COMEDY show.
                                                                    My response to the response: wow it seems like maybe only having a single expert on something that covers more than one aspect than the expert's fields of study leaves you open to holes in an argument about something every person uses at least twice in their lives. Peer reviews are a thing you know...

                                                                    • Alba G
                                                                      Alba G  2 weeks back

                                                                      I thought Adam was cool on criticism

                                                                      • Kevin Solomon
                                                                        Kevin Solomon  2 weeks back

                                                                        Dr Mike is genuinely such a sweet guy. He has a soul intension for everyone living a healthy and happy life. I don't see why someone would hate or demotivate him for what he is doing. Infact he's motivated me to live a healthy life. I absolutely respect him for what he is doing.🙌

                                                                        • Johanna Reinholz
                                                                          Johanna Reinholz  2 weeks back

                                                                          I am from Germany and our healthcare System is very good. No one has to pay imense ammounts because you have to have insurance. Even unemployed can get a Low Budget insurance. And they won't be charged with Hospital Bills ect.
                                                                          Thats so dumb. I think you are right. With each of your Points. And US healthcare System should be changed so maybe everyone must have insurance and politics have to make that possible so everyone can pay it

                                                                          • Mhenga Mchokozi
                                                                            Mhenga Mchokozi  2 weeks back

                                                                            Adam ruins evrything even his own argument.
                                                                            We understood what Dr Mike was saying coz we normal women people would have that kind of reaction from Adams videos. Thanks doc. You seem to understand people better. Already there is so much paranoia with the medical industry and all the big pharma conspiracies it is nice to have someone just help you make a better decision who is trained.

                                                                            • Jesse Smoot
                                                                              Jesse Smoot  2 weeks back

                                                                              mike approaching a critique of capitalism and then running away from it

                                                                              • Jesse Smoot
                                                                                Jesse Smoot  2 weeks back

                                                                                like i lov ya but ya gotta realize there some issues with the "it's just a business in needs to make a profit" mentality

                                                                            • Sofi P
                                                                              Sofi P  2 weeks back

                                                                              love how Dr John Elmore is referred to as Dr Elmore, while Dr Mike V. is just Mike. You can taste the condescendence.

                                                                              • Anju Tiwari
                                                                                Anju Tiwari  2 weeks back

                                                                                It just feels like a good wordplay to cover-up for the previous reaction disaster...... Doc. Mike is well rehearsed.

                                                                                • a753951852
                                                                                  a753951852  2 weeks back

                                                                                  There is no substitute to critical thinking for us..

                                                                                  Nether Dr. Mike or Adam won't able to give wholesome information by any standards.. There is always going to be variations in one's opinion..

                                                                                  For example, if Dr Mike were to give proper wholseome information, then it wouldn't be in a video, it would have to be in a 600 page book for each video..

                                                                                  • Christian Olaf Rodenhaus-Garzia-Anderson

                                                                                    A criticism I have that I didn't see Adam or the commenters on the first video include, is that Mike imo seems kind of condescending towards his viewers/patient. Is it really a realistic fear that women choose their medical treatment solely on the advice of a clearly somewhat superficial TV show? Maybe it is, but I would assume greater critical thinking skills in the average woman, especially if they are of the age where they might be required to get a mammography in the first place.

                                                                                    • Pyromaniacy
                                                                                      Pyromaniacy  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Im lucky i dont have to pay for healthcare as i i live in the uk

                                                                                      • Commenter McCommentFace

                                                                                        Working in a hospital or medical facility will completely open your eyes on these things. Nobody can truly understand the absolute absurdities or medical insurance unless they work in it everyday (I have for two years now). It’s a nightmare and people think it’s the hospitals that want to raise prices for profitably when in reality it takes a well-paid army to wade through correctly filing insurance claims.

                                                                                        • Sleepteiner
                                                                                          Sleepteiner  2 weeks back

                                                                                          I think the fundamental root of this argument between Adam and Mike stems from how confident they are in the intellectual and mental capabilities of the average person. Adam and his writing and research teams believe that they made their points in clear and obvious ways (the points being that you shouldn't assume that hospitals are always acting in your best interest, because that's not how capitalism works, and that getting more preventative care than you need, whether it be antibiotics or mammograms, can in many cases do more harm than good) while Mike does not have faith that the average person watching will pick up on those points well enough, and even be misled.

                                                                                          Chances are that, since Mike is actually a Doctor who spends a lot of time with average people in their most vulnerable states, Mike is probably more correct about how the average person will react to this episode, even if that implies the sad reality at how bad the average person is at critical thinking and focusing. However, Adam and his team are probably more correct about the average person *who watches their show*, since if someone isn't great at critical thinking, they aren't going to enjoy a show where the point is to challenge your preconceptions of the world. So, the solution about how to write the show better isn't easy since writing only with your audience in mind and writing to be perfectly understandable to every kind of person are both bad ideas, since the first might cause misunderstandings and the second is impossible.

                                                                                          That being said, I do think Adam and his team could have written the show in a way that cases less misunderstanding. Everyone can always technically do better in pretty much every way. However, at what point in making something clearer does the writing becomes so sanitized and safe that people start to lose interest, which means that no one would get the important messages that Adam is trying to convey, even if they would understand it if they cared to watch. The only thing that I can really think of would be to have multiple experts review the script rather than just one, even if that one is right 95% of the time. Since how information is presented to the average person is obviously not agreed upon by all medical professionals, more opinions would be better than one. However, how feasible that would be considering the time constraints of a TV show like this is not something I claim to know.

                                                                                          • Mrs. Waldrop
                                                                                            Mrs. Waldrop  3 weeks back

                                                                                            I want to point something out. Mentioning the 900 bed hospital vs. 1300 billing employees isnt really an accurate representation of having too much administration. Just because there are only 900 beds doesnt mean there are only 900 patients. Patients leave and stay at various lengths. That hospital serves tens of thousands of patients a year. (Over 16,000 admitted and nearly 166,000 out patient visits.) Each of these patients has who knows how many different insurances with different rules. There is too much administration, I can agree with that. I just dont think those numbers are the best way to point that out.