Kodak Black, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty & Denzel Curry's 2016 XXL Freshmen Cypher


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  • RwaCS
    RwaCS  22 minutes back

    2:44 xdd

    • Quis Major
      Quis Major  48 minutes back


      • Z
        Z  1 hours back

        Folks hate on this but this is THE most watched XXL lol I fucks with it tho but Megan and Da Baby still had it lol

        • braydon a
          braydon a  2 hours back

          Bru lil boat souds like he's got something clogged in his throat

          • David Lapoirie
            David Lapoirie  3 hours back

            This is the most iconic cypher

            • jesus crispen
              jesus crispen  3 hours back

              The best one

              • Mr beast
                Mr beast  4 hours back

                I wouldn't know these rapper if I didn't watch this XXL 💪💪💪💯💯🔥🔥🔥

                • Caiden's Kingdom
                  Caiden's Kingdom  4 hours back

                  Lil uzi verts god danm will never die

                  • Emmanuel Pr
                    Emmanuel Pr  5 hours back

                    Como creció tan rápido

                    • Emmanuel Pr
                      Emmanuel Pr  5 hours back

                      Yo conozco este hip desde el 2017 bros!!

                      • Que
                        Que  6 hours back

                        No one will know why I got so many subscribers

                        • DeadManWalkin423 HD
                          DeadManWalkin423 HD  6 hours back


                          • Kamien Michel
                            Kamien Michel  6 hours back

                            I love 21 and Uzi vert and lil yachty damn there great I wanna be like them

                            • Lefty
                              Lefty  7 hours back

                              ratings 1. Denzel Curry 8/10 2. Lil Yatchy 7.5./10 3. Uzi 5.5/10 4. 21 Savage 3.1.00001 5. Kodak 3/10

                              • TheRobSurvives
                                TheRobSurvives  7 hours back

                                In 6 months this video is gonna be 4 years old, that's crazy

                                • Ben Thompson
                                  Ben Thompson  7 hours back

                                  Whoever thought besides me denzel curry would be the most successful right now.

                                  • Basic C
                                    Basic C  7 hours back

                                    Denzel is on a whole other level

                                    • Dora The Explorer caused 9\11

                                      Compare this to the 2012 cypha and you’ll realize how god damn far we actually stray away from real rap/HipHop

                                      • Demari Palmer
                                        Demari Palmer  8 hours back

                                        Denzel Curry is not one of them

                                        • Alvaro S
                                          Alvaro S  9 hours back

                                          evvry time i see im most sure this da best ziiper that will ever be

                                          • Gianlucca Corzo
                                            Gianlucca Corzo  10 hours back

                                            my answers in math test that I didn’t study for 2:11

                                            • IssA David
                                              IssA David  11 hours back

                                              What with subtitles

                                              • Team HMOA
                                                Team HMOA  11 hours back

                                                This is actually one of 21 savage best raps lol these doofy niggas all garbage except denzel curry. And he the one you probably you never heard of . ironic or sad isn't it

                                                • AngleMan
                                                  AngleMan  12 hours back

                                                  Lil yatchys freestyle could of been so much better if the beat kept that tempo

                                                  • Lukas Steinlicht
                                                    Lukas Steinlicht  12 hours back

                                                    ASS AND TITTIES

                                                    • Lukas Steinlicht
                                                      Lukas Steinlicht  12 hours back

                                                      BRO THIS IS THE BEST CYPHER FR THO NO CAPIN ON EM GANG GANG

                                                      • Lukas Steinlicht
                                                        Lukas Steinlicht  12 hours back

                                                        THIS SLAPS
                                                        GANG GANG

                                                        • Seven0two
                                                          Seven0two  12 hours back

                                                          Denzel is the start kid
                                                          Uzi the small one
                                                          Lil Yachty the cool kid
                                                          21 the oldest
                                                          And Kodak the funny one
                                                          In class

                                                          • Jamesly Almeda
                                                            Jamesly Almeda  12 hours back

                                                            Go follow me on Instagram now https://www.instagram.com/p/B4XKkVGpiFg/?igshid=9s1tjngp2ucj

                                                            • Jessisme
                                                              Jessisme  12 hours back

                                                              the best one no cap

                                                              • Rich John
                                                                Rich John  13 hours back

                                                                21 , 21 , 21 , 21 classic ha . Idk what is worse in this video , Lil uzi verts style or his freestyle. Really though ... where is the lie lmao

                                                                • Sharp_Shark2586
                                                                  Sharp_Shark2586  13 hours back

                                                                  they should of been the on the track of ZEZE

                                                                  • Dison i
                                                                    Dison i  13 hours back

                                                                    1.21 Savage
                                                                    2.lil Uzi
                                                                    5.lil yachty
                                                                    What’s your guys List

                                                                    • jose jaun
                                                                      jose jaun  10 hours back

                                                                      1. Denzel
                                                                      2. Yachty
                                                                      3. Uzi
                                                                      4. Kodak
                                                                      5. 21 savage

                                                                  • teebz R
                                                                    teebz R  14 hours back

                                                                    Curry the best the Kodak.. all others cant rap.. especially lol UV

                                                                    • Chase foster
                                                                      Chase foster  14 hours back

                                                                      One of the worst freestyle sessions ever

                                                                      • KEric 23
                                                                        KEric 23  14 hours back


                                                                        • David Brooks
                                                                          David Brooks  14 hours back

                                                                          This is murder

                                                                          • itslilhype
                                                                            itslilhype  15 hours back

                                                                            Still here fuck you mean

                                                                            • Adam Macias
                                                                              Adam Macias  15 hours back

                                                                              Lol what I'm saying they all trash

                                                                              • Adam Macias
                                                                                Adam Macias  15 hours back

                                                                                21 choke

                                                                                • Some Random Dude
                                                                                  Some Random Dude  15 hours back

                                                                                  This was as well written down as the apology videos

                                                                                  • Rafiq JnS
                                                                                    Rafiq JnS  16 hours back

                                                                                    Better than 16Baris

                                                                                    • Rehema Nansubuga
                                                                                      Rehema Nansubuga  16 hours back

                                                                                      OooooooH 21 savge
                                                                                      Fire denzle curry lil uzy vert
                                                                                      Pretty dope lil yatchy
                                                                                      Yeah ight
                                                                                      Trash kodak black

                                                                                      • OGR-Scintilla
                                                                                        OGR-Scintilla  16 hours back

                                                                                        Who thinks this is hands down the best Cypher ever, also the best freshmen class

                                                                                        • Prow
                                                                                          Prow  17 hours back

                                                                                          this shits wack xd

                                                                                          • Antoine Magnan
                                                                                            Antoine Magnan  17 hours back

                                                                                            This is shit is so insaneeee

                                                                                            • Roman Adomitis
                                                                                              Roman Adomitis  17 hours back

                                                                                              Savage looks like he has a bad joke he wants to tell

                                                                                              • quavo Sow
                                                                                                quavo Sow  18 hours back