FRUIT NINJA of FRUITS 🍎 Amazing Fruits Cutting Skills 😱 Fruit Food for Summer


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  • bab sy 313
    bab sy 313  5 months back

    Ninja ??? Γ„hhhh ... ok...
    If that is a ninja then they would have died out

    • C Y
      C Y  5 months back

      This is how I cut fruits on daily basis. I didn't know I am that amazing!

      • Gazelle Arabe
        Gazelle Arabe  5 months back

        Hi, i like your channel but please no clickbait, there is no ninja skill here

        • Beelzemo Babbity
          Beelzemo Babbity  5 months back

          People are complaining about him not being a ninja... but like, it’s pretty fast, he cut perfect water melon triangles faster than I could just cut the melon on half

          • AnnNC North Carolina
            AnnNC North Carolina  6 months back

            I thought Ninja meant fast or something..Oh well next....

            • Samia raj952
              Samia raj952  6 months back

              Good jobπŸ™‹

              • H Marin
                H Marin  6 months back

                Bien chancho

                • Foodie Lah!
                  Foodie Lah!  6 months back

                  Fresh fruits!! πŸπŸ‰πŸˆ genius ninja!!πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€βš”οΈ

                  • McKenna Paulsell
                    McKenna Paulsell  6 months back

                    Thank you for all the beaitiful fruit you are displaying. If you could improve to meet the standard
                    of the title of your video link, you should relax and let all the cutting be natural and flow easy, steadily, and consistency of flow.. thank you for this scene and video

                    • Π›Π΅Ρ€Π° Π’ΠΈΡˆΠΠ―

                      Okey but where are my promised ninja cutting skills?

                      • pak47cv
                        pak47cv  6 months back

                        Not impressed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

                        • Kelly Star
                          Kelly Star  6 months back

                          Either that watermelon is hard as fuck, or he needs a sharper knife

                          • UK DoctorFRCS
                            UK DoctorFRCS  6 months back

                            Did i miss something? I just see a man peeling, slicing and chopping fruit like anyone else would. Clickbait?

                          • NEW STREET FOOD
                            NEW STREET FOOD  6 months back

                            I love making this kind of videos

                            • Blazekyre
                              Blazekyre  6 months back

                              As a recommended video, the title is way too misleading............ fruit ninja the application has slicing and dicing, where as this video does not.................

                              • bill p
                                bill p  6 months back

                                Oh no we better report it. Better yett lets all send a complaint to youtube with a signed petition with zero signatures on it cos no one actually gives a fuck about that. Bigger problems than a misleading fucking title bucko