Is Three Hours Just Too Long For Avengers Endgame - The John Campea Show


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  • Bruh Gaming
    Bruh Gaming  5 months back


    • Triton LockJaw
      Triton LockJaw  6 months back

      John, Adamantium is an off-shoot of Vibranium in the comics already. Just so you know.

      • Atlanta Sauvage
        Atlanta Sauvage  7 months back


      • ROrlando SP
        ROrlando SP  7 months back

        Yes too long

        • ROrlando SP
          ROrlando SP  6 months back

          Triton LockJaw your personal opinion haha. Good movie but for me too long.

        • Triton LockJaw
          Triton LockJaw  6 months back

          It was the perfect length.

      • Dan Holliday
        Dan Holliday  8 months back

        Maybe adamantium is an alloy of vibranium.

        • Triton LockJaw
          Triton LockJaw  6 months back

          Dan Holliday That’s what it is in the comics, pretty much.

      • Dan Holliday
        Dan Holliday  8 months back

        Thanks for making my work days infinitely more enjoyable John. I love these long shows

        • FaB92 N
          FaB92 N  8 months back

          Stop show to us when you drink. Its so much ridiculous

          • C J V
            C J V  8 months back

            I think three hours will be great, can't wait!

            • Hito157
              Hito157  8 months back

              … and I still want the Extended version on DVD!

              • Prof Nazrul Islam
                Prof Nazrul Islam  8 months back

                4-5 hours are the1950s standard Epics with ofcourse an Intermission. So stop conforming to what the theatres want by trying to put too many showings..John Campea you really should know better

                • Sam Mills
                  Sam Mills  8 months back

                  Prof Nazrul Islam movies of that length had intermissions. If Endgame had an intermission, I think that would be awesome. Alas, that’s not the case.

              • Eidia Nabi
                Eidia Nabi  8 months back

                3 hours isn't long enough!!!

                • Darth Watson
                  Darth Watson  8 months back

                  1:53:51 I love how he adjusts his position in this hypothetical conversation hahahahaha

                  • Steven Brown
                    Steven Brown  8 months back

                    Gulps in a mic are cringeworthy but you obviously don't care. Lol

                    • terry vick
                      terry vick  8 months back

                      The "McConaissance" ended with those super bizarre Lincoln car commercials.

                      • harley mccallum
                        harley mccallum  8 months back

                        No, 3 hrs is too long for your video.

                      • PAUL J C MARSHALL
                        PAUL J C MARSHALL  8 months back

                        John :"Avengers Endgame: Is 3 Hours Just Too Long"
                        Me: No, no it isn't.

                        But seriously, they could have gone full Pete Jackson/ Lord of the Rings on this thing. It's the pinnacle of the MCU with a decades worth of build up, and whole generation of - now - young adults who grew up on this franchise!

                        • Christopher Elizalde
                          Christopher Elizalde  8 months back

                          2:36:32 ...."dont worry we're not gonna be this long tomorrow.... the JCS ends up being 5 hours and 45 minutes 😂😂😂 love ya Campea!

                          • Darth Watson
                            Darth Watson  8 months back

                            50:21 hahahahah looks like some C3PO dance

                            • suckdogofficial
                              suckdogofficial  8 months back

                              If you are taking kids to see it who will need to use the bathroom during the movie, find out beforehand when a good breakpoint is to take them.

                              • Timothy 330
                                Timothy 330  8 months back

                                Been waiting like 10 years for this i dont care how long it is i just want it to be epic.

                                • Felhek Lehrian
                                  Felhek Lehrian  8 months back

                                  Are you stupidd??
                                  Too long???


                                  • Triton LockJaw
                                    Triton LockJaw  6 months back

                                    Are you stupid??
                                    Freaking out over a YouTube video title???


                                • Gerard w.
                                  Gerard w.  8 months back

                                  Culmination of 10 years and billions of dollars... dumbass question

                                  • Triton LockJaw
                                    Triton LockJaw  6 months back

                                    No it’s not. No question is dumb. Grow up, dude.

                                • Ryan Lawson
                                  Ryan Lawson  8 months back

                                  Is 2 hours 40 minutes too long for a John campea show about a 3 hour movie being too long. Lol come on bro

                                  • Legion
                                    Legion  8 months back

                                    In regards to the Adamantium/Vibranium topic , the original origin of Adamantium states that it was essentially a failed experiment by Dr. Maclain who attempted to recreate/synthesize Vibranium by bonding steel and Vibranium. Though he was unsuccessful in creating a synthesized version of Vibranium, the process inevitably led to the creation Adamantium.

                                    So realistically speaking, Adamantium existence can be easily explained the same way. X person tries to synthesize Vibranium w/small amount acquired from Wakanda, inevitably fails, creates Adamantium.

                                    • Legion
                                      Legion  8 months back

                                      @Andrew Forte I think that was the X-Men animated series origin for Adamantium or a later run in the comics. Can't remember exactly when but I am familiar with that one as well.

                                    • Andrew Forte
                                      Andrew Forte  8 months back

                                      I thought it was a admixture of vandium with vibranium that inadvertently lead to the making of adamantium?

                                  • Steve FromPA
                                    Steve FromPA  8 months back

                                    Can anyone recommend another movie podcast like this one where we talk about theories and speculate and do reviews and everything this show does? I just can’t watch this show anymore. It’s literally torture anymore. It sucks cuz I like this show a lot and have been suffering through it for a year or more but I just can’t anymore. So if anyone has suggestions on other good movie talk shows similar to John Campea please let me know.

                                    • Steve FromPA
                                      Steve FromPA  8 months back

                                      V.I.K DOPE BOY it’s a personal pet peeve I guess you can say. Not sure how else to describe it. But it’s every time he slurps/gulps his damn drink it’s literally like nails on a chalk board to me. I can’t stand it. I have anxiety even starting his videos because I know every minute to 2 minutes on the dot he’s gonna be slurping and gulping his drink. I can watch his videos when someone else is with him because he either doesn’t do it as much or it’s masked by the others talking. But his solo videos literally drive me insane. I understand when your talking for hours at a time your gonna need a drink here and there. It wouldn’t be bad if it was once every 15 to 20 minutes but it’s every two minutes on like clockwork and I just can’t take it anymore. Either his microphone is turned up to high because it picks up all the little noises his throat makes or he doesn’t know what a mute button is but it’s disgusting and I need to find someone else to watch. I do listen to other podcasts but I like Johns the best. Just sucks I can’t take that noise anymore.

                                    • Force Unleashed
                                      Force Unleashed  8 months back

                                      How do you suffer?

                                  • Factual Opinion
                                    Factual Opinion  8 months back

                                    Army of darkness> evil dead 1 & 2

                                  • KELEX
                                    KELEX  8 months back

                                    26:44 - That's why you should always put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door handle outside when you don't want to be disturbed, like during a live show, duh! LOL!

                                    • CyberGorn StarTrooper
                                      CyberGorn StarTrooper  8 months back

                                      New Star Wars should be - The Rebellion Strikes Back!

                                      • Mike Scott
                                        Mike Scott  8 months back

                                        John most of the fans would be happy with a couple of easter eggs dropped in the movie endgame. Tony Stark sells his building to the Future Foundation or Richards Inc. Falcon walking the grounds finds a soccer ball complains about finding these balls on the property from the school up the rd frame a shot on the ball and it says property of the Xavier School

                                        • CyberGorn StarTrooper
                                          CyberGorn StarTrooper  8 months back

                                          You nailed it - New Endgame big bang trailer nocks it out of the park - some spoilers (You called the Handshake as well)!

                                          • Mike Scott
                                            Mike Scott  8 months back

                                            Its official John 3 hours 2 minutes bought tickets on Fandango AMC site crashed. My local theater sold out its first 2 Thursday night showings in less then 15 minutes

                                            • Aria V. Jayarajasa
                                              Aria V. Jayarajasa  8 months back

                                              John Campea: *made 3 hours long video about whether 3 hours is too long for Avengers movie.

                                            • Factual Opinion
                                              Factual Opinion  8 months back

                                              I'm just not bothered by remakes/reboots.
                                              I cant wait to see the new hellboy & childs play 😁
                                              & I guess pet Sematary since people calling it a remake even tho I see it as another book adaptation

                                              • D.J. Taylor
                                                D.J. Taylor  8 months back

                                                Three hours is not too long for Endgame. This video however is wildly overlong given the subject matter.

                                                • David Price
                                                  David Price  8 months back

                                                  Saw Pet Sematory at a Cineworld Screening last night. Excellent film, better than Us in my opinion.

                                                  • Doshi
                                                    Doshi  8 months back

                                                    Ending of ironman 3 Tony actually said " I am Ironman"

                                                    • jackeysmith19
                                                      jackeysmith19  8 months back

                                                      Im curious if well will get a star wars trailer before endgame

                                                    • Iain McManus
                                                      Iain McManus  8 months back

                                                      A big movie fan and he didn’t expect this film to be 3 hours so he’ll watch every other marvel film get all invested in it and then see that the Russo brothers are blessing us with 3 hours of pure bliss and now he’s gone from DYING TO SEE IT to I’ll wait... bullshit.

                                                      • Comics N Kicks
                                                        Comics N Kicks  8 months back

                                                        Iain McManus espically when it’s only 22 minutes longer than infinity war

                                                      • Jason Elwood Hanna
                                                        Jason Elwood Hanna  8 months back

                                                        I call bull shit too, if you had any inclination to see the movie there's no way you won't see it because of that

                                                    • Sanjan Phukan
                                                      Sanjan Phukan  8 months back

                                                      1:50:35 Oh well I don’t know what anyone will say but a chance to talk about intense comicbook stuff over drinks is something I’d absolutely love to do. Probably because I haven’t had the chance to do it as much as I’d like.
                                                      Anyway great show as always John !

                                                      • KCL 5
                                                        KCL 5  8 months back

                                                        Length of runtime affects box office.. seriously? Titanic 3hrs 15mins made 2.187 billion 2nd all time.. avatar 2hrs 45mins 2.8 billion most all time.

                                                        • The Badass
                                                          The Badass  8 months back

                                                          The dry cleaning intermission was awesome.

                                                          • RENATO CANELADA
                                                            RENATO CANELADA  8 months back

                                                            12:00 : How someone goes to "dying to see it!!!" from... *realises its 3hours* "Oh... i'll probably wait for it..." come on...

                                                            • Ivo Bonev
                                                              Ivo Bonev  8 months back

                                                              That is someone who is "I might see it, I am not sure".

                                                          • Gracia Ilagan
                                                            Gracia Ilagan  8 months back

                                                            Length doesn't matter, it's endgame, so i will for sure watch it.. excited!!

                                                            • Nightshade Novels
                                                              Nightshade Novels  8 months back

                                                              OMG. How many times do I have to say this?? No, three hours is NOT too long for a movie. Go back and look at Kevin Costner's work!! Many of the greatest, most memorable films have been 3 hours long. This runtime is NOTHING new!

                                                              • Doshi
                                                                Doshi  8 months back

                                                                And Lord of the rings was over 3 hours and nobody complained! Or avatar and Titanic we're very long movies and still nobody complain! I don't get how end game is getting so much complaining?

                                                            • Shahyad Esfandiary
                                                              Shahyad Esfandiary  8 months back

                                                              Looking forward to a good movie whatever length it is.

                                                              • Kenn Chooch
                                                                Kenn Chooch  8 months back

                                                                It's illegal to do business while on a business.
                                                                You are breaking law.

                                                                • Kenn Chooch
                                                                  Kenn Chooch  8 months back

                                                                  You are doing business while on their business

                                                              • gumperman
                                                                gumperman  8 months back

                                                                I love the run time for Avengers: Endgame! When I go out to see a movie, and it has the potential to be a great film, and an epic, I want that film to be as long as possible! In food terms, when I go see a movie, I don't want it to be just an appetizer, I want a full on meal!

                                                                • Ryan Kraemer
                                                                  Ryan Kraemer  8 months back

                                                                  John, your show today is 2 hours 39 minutes. If that isn't too long, I think Avengers Endgame's runtime is just fine. More is MORE. More is BETTER. More is greater VALUE (i.e. more minutes per dollar).