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  • the walkin dude
    the walkin dude  1 hours back

    As long as nobody makes a d&d movie that involves wizards being the ruling class and some bungling thieves that steal a magic map and run into a crazy dwarf and the guy who wrote the rocky horror picture show, everything will be fine.
    What's that?
    They did?
    There was?
    He did?
    Well, dammit.

    • PPDD
      PPDD  6 hours back

      Maaagic has brooooken!

      You are awesome :)

      • Lauren K
        Lauren K  9 hours back

        I almost clicked away halfway through, around the ten-minute mark I was like "okay but this is pretty extreme and ridiculous and there's just no way" and somewhere in the last two minutes I was suddenly sold. What an adventure this has been.

        • Corbinite
          Corbinite  12 hours back

          THANK YOU. Just about every single homebrew I've found for the wild magic sorcerer has just expounded on the issues I already had with the class. Like the d1000 wild magic surge table that has a chance of making the sun go supernova and ending the world. And it's not even that the magic is too big to contain and YOU go supernova, no the sun just goes supernova for no real reason. It's just adding to the ridiculousness, it's the same from a grounding perspective as the vanilla one that makes you burp out bubbles. And that kind of gameplay can be fun for sure. I definitely want to play in a game as a wild magic sorcerer, with the vanilla or expanded tables. But there is absolutely no way of fitting vanilla wild magic sorcerer or most homebrews into the way I've built my world, it just grates against it so severely. It doesn't actually evoke the feel of not having good control over your powers.

          And your homebrew is... holy shit. It's amazing. I'd personally change a few things, maybe replace the 18th lv feature so there's still some risk, like surges do half-damage on a failed save and no damage on a success, and I might change the 6th lv feature which triggers the surge into something with a bit of a different flavor. But I'm totally using this at the very least as a jumping off point.

          • MonarchsFactory
            MonarchsFactory   3 hours back

            Often times the nice comments I get don't sink in very easily, but I wanted to let you know that this is exactly the kind of response I hoped to get from this video and that your comment made my day. :)

        • Okyanus Kar Şen
          Okyanus Kar Şen  17 hours back

          Hey Dael! I've been watching your videos for quite a while now, and they really are mind opening on many aspects and give pretty good ideas, keep up the good work !
          I'd like to have your opinion on island hopping campaigns, as in have you ever DM'd one? What did you do/would you do to keep the traveling aspect interesting? How long do you think a journey between two juxtapposed islands should take, both in game and irl? On more of a worldbuilding level, what kind of "myths" and/or folk tales would you implement? What of the maritime cultures and societies inhabiting the islands? Etc, etc...
          P.S: I really hope you do a video on this btw, think it would be pretty darn cool!

          • CH3-Cd-CH3
            CH3-Cd-CH3  1 days back

            why not base the amount of damage on the percentile? damage equal to half their level rounded up for each 10%, that way you have them playing the risk game even more, early on "oh it's only like 4 damage even if it goes wrong, it's fine" then later on "oh fuck, any time I use this I might really die" which would really reward early on recklessness and then beat you with the stick later on

            • Dominic von Stösser
              Dominic von Stösser  1 days back

              The way I do the wild magic surge is that the sorcerer has a base latent chance of wild magic happening, which equals their level. Then each time they cast a spell, that spell's level is added to that base chance; this leads to the number creeping ever higher. And each time a spell is cast, percentiles are rolled; if the number is equal to or below the wild magic number, *pop* something odd happens. The number resets to the base chance after a long rest.Also, every time a spell attack roll is fumbled, *pop* something odd happens. I also use a 3rd party wild magic surge table with something like 300 entries, and use those as a baseline.

              • Patrick Kenny
                Patrick Kenny  2 days back

                Have a good grasp on what I like about wild magic sorcerers fictionally but not mechanically. This was inspiring and helpful.

                • Senrab3123
                  Senrab3123  2 days back

                  Wizards are the smart kids who studied hard to get good grades.

                  Sorcerers are the popular kids who graduate no matter what because their parent's are rich or powerful, but are clearly under qualified for the real world.

                  Warlocks passed by cheating with the help of a friend who knew all the answers.

                  Thank you for attending my TED Talk about the Arcane Magic High School Metaphor.

                  • Vigilant Sycamore
                    Vigilant Sycamore  2 days back

                    On a different note, what you said about how in your setting you treat magic as dangerous made me think of how I treat magic in the world(s) I'm working on. I'm one of those people who's great at coming up with ideas and not so great at picking one and developing it, but there's really two or three worlds I've got ideas for.

                    First, a Slavic-inspired homebrew setting. This would either have Slavic gods and monsters mixed in with the more traditional D&D gods and monsters, or all-Slavic. I'm not sure how to treat magic here, maybe something that you can see the effects of but not the thing itself? I'm also friends with a Slavic pagan on tumblr, and a lot of the ideas I already have for this setting were inspired by her blog, so the way I depict magic may be influenced too.

                    Then there's another idea, which I've decided to keep separate, partly because it's very different from conventional D&D. In this one, while magic works differently for different classes, if you don't properly control it, or use too much power, it might start to mutate you. Or alter you psychologically - one idea I've had for this world is that there are physical spells and semantic spells. For fire magic, a physical spell is just fueled by something to burn, but semantic magic (which can be stuff like a healer burning the sickness out of someone's body, or a necromancer turning someone's soul to spiritual ash, leaving just a burnt-out husk) are fueled by the caster's own emotional energy.

                    And the third-ish one is magic as something that can be understood with time. This is the idea behind a homebrew class I've thought of that's all about understanding why certain spells have the components they do, the purpose of the words, movements, and materials. And this understanding would let them basically modify spells or just MacGyver something, with appropriate restrictions.

                    • Vigilant Sycamore
                      Vigilant Sycamore  2 days back

                      This is a really interesting video!

                      I'm actually playing a sorcerer in my current (and first) campaign, and considering his personality (he has the sage background and his mentor was a controversial wizard who got killed for his unethical experiments, he's a bookworm and has the "I take notes when I see a demon" personality flaw, and I've been trying to lean further into a sort of mad mage angle with him)... the way you described your version of a wild magic surge, and the clarity/knowledge that comes with it, I feel like my character practically seek out opportunities to push magic to its breaking point after the first time it happens, just to experience that again.

                      • Miles Lugo
                        Miles Lugo  2 days back

                        Suicidal multiclass idea 17:3 your wild sorcerer and A Berserker Barbarian. You need at least those first 3 levels in barbarian and that wild surge ability but I can see it being a sliding scale.

                        • Mo Bouihi
                          Mo Bouihi  2 days back

                          I really dig this. Thank you!

                          • Scott Junner
                            Scott Junner  2 days back

                            "The Druid has a blue streak in her hair!" So, yeah, shit's well fucked up.

                            • Mike
                              Mike  3 days back

                              I think I wish wizards were the way they used to be in older editions where they were arcane academics but also born with a gift, kinda like the mages in The Witcher, where only some people are born with magic abilities and can hone them with rigorous training and study. Otherwise, I feel like there would be way more wizards if anyone could do it and it makes sorcerers too passive, not having to train themselves. Guess I have some homebrew to work on!

                              • Breno Sobral
                                Breno Sobral  3 days back

                                I liked some of those ideas, and I may use some of those tu encreases my player interesse on the game

                                • Astrein1
                                  Astrein1  3 days back

                                  In my world Dragonborn, Elves and other races are innate sorcerers, so I set the rule that a Wild Magic Sorcerer is a creature that practiced magic by its own and didnt even discovered its innate sorcery (if it even had one). That or someone who got magic powers after suffering magical/genetical experiments on its body. So... Untrained creature or the result of magical/genetical experiments.

                                  • Ryan Arland
                                    Ryan Arland  3 days back

                                    Magical mishaps make the arcane feel so much more magic-y, y'know? Great vid. :)
                                    Also, this reminds me of what I had planned to rework a warlock-like class into, except instead of the risk being in playing with the limits of arcane, it'd be the warlock making frantic split-second pleas with their patron to get them out of a tight bind with some reailty-bending super strong magics like what you're talking about in this vid. But instead of the random chance of a freak accident occurring, the idea was going to be that ever favor came with a due to the devil and eventually they'd come to collect on your tab and the consequences would be aligned with the patron's own agenda. Example: a trickster patron, such as a powerful fae might grant you a re-roll to avoid getting your leg nommed off by a dire gator, but some time later on when you least expect it, they'll let an adversary of yours re-roll their attack, maybe even grant them a crit, perhaps instead they send out a sprite to light your in on fire. Any little disaster they can think of just so they can watch you squirm for their own amusement. Or perhaps a fiendish patron who will exchange favors for souls and if you don't pay up in time, he'll chip away at your own soul, possibly going as far as to rob you of a permanent hit point or 2 or something. I just like the idea of a karmic exchange. A warlock's short-term investment in saving their hide in the moment is going to hang the paranoia of bad luck over their head and suddenly every black cat they pass by in an alley is going to make their hair stand on end, not knowing when or how their patron may collect. And, like your system, maybe they don't come knocking right away, but it can build up the more the warlock taps into these favors until their bill runs real high.
                                    It'd also be interesting if the warlock had to negotiate to attain all their new powers, just like a wizard needs to study or read magical texts to learn their magic. Each bargain with a warlock's patron could look something like entering a fugue state and projecting themselves to the plane of their patron a la Edward Elric at the gate with the god-like entity that can promise him knowledge or his brother's body, whatever the warlock wants, but at a price.
                                    Perhaps the warlock could even use one of their last second pleas to get a one-time use of magic well beyond their skill level to cast yet but it could have some horrific side-effect. Perhaps the rift that opens up to cast that spell directly from the patron's plane accidentally sucks a party member up, banishing them to the patron's plane and suddenly the big bad is defeated by the 8th level warlock that just pulled a 9th level spell out of their butt but now their friend just got isekai'd off to a land of shadows of darnkess or the faewild and now the whole party has to live with the consequences of the warlock's gamble as they venture out to rescue their lost teammate where ever they are being held!

                                    I also may have presented the patrons as super malevolent. I feel like that is appropriate, though the sadism could be adjusted since it would ultimately be the GM's decision to rule how and when patrons take their dues. My idea sprouted with trying to map fantasy archetype skill trees to tarot cards for a homebrew system and I believe this one was the Hanging Man.

                                    • Reece Shaw
                                      Reece Shaw  3 days back

                                      "Here's some mechanics now BREAK YOUR GAME"

                                      I mean... Aight

                                      • Cryoshakespeare
                                        Cryoshakespeare  3 days back

                                        Jebediah Kerman has entered the chat

                                        • Lunar Foxfyre
                                          Lunar Foxfyre  3 days back

                                          I love all your ideas to be honest.

                                          • Shane Sibold
                                            Shane Sibold  3 days back

                                            Love hearing this beauties take on classes and dnd in general. Always good insight and ideas as well as good ole humor thrown in.

                                            • Mike King
                                              Mike King  4 days back

                                              3:55 more Katharine Hepburn please!

                                              • Douglas Vine
                                                Douglas Vine  4 days back

                                                Ooooh, In the game I run, magic is going to warp (thanks to BBEG) this is a great idea for an effect of times when the magical area fluctuates up. Wonder what the opposite would be during magical droughts. Thanks for the ideas Dael!

                                                • Epheros Aldor
                                                  Epheros Aldor  4 days back

                                                  This is really helpful, Dale. Thanks! In my game, I've been working on tweaking my sorcerers because, to me, there isn't something that stands out really about them - I mean thematically, yes, there is the RP stuff, but number crunchy, they can massage their spells, that's really about it. My first tweak is to give sorcerer's access to their entire spell list. Meaning they have access to use all the available spells in the PHB/XGtE sorcerer list (available to their level, of course, using their somewhat flexible spell slots) and not prepare spells. My idea is that through sheer willpower and force of personality they are coalescing raw magic around them into form, whatever form they need.
                                                  For sorcerers, their bodies and mind are conduits channeling raw magical energy and there are risks for doing that. I hadn't really considered the idea of some of these consequences you've added here in this video and you've helped me focus a bit on balance through this idea.
                                                  Great content, thanks so much!!

                                                  • Ethan Oliva
                                                    Ethan Oliva  4 days back

                                                    I love these videos. One minute, Dael's going on this wonderful tangent of space and stars and time flashing before your eyes, the world warping at your behest as your magic unfolds in the most explosive way possible, and then the next moment, "YA BOIIII"

                                                    • Tabletop Obscura
                                                      Tabletop Obscura  4 days back

                                                      I mean theoretically if you're talking a dark future-time travel adventure the majority of it could be written ahead of time and just held in reserve. Write the plot points you want covered in the adventure ahead of time, future details you want the players to know about so they can try to prevent them or just respond to them. The only thing you'd really have to alter is the level of challenge the encounters offer.

                                                      • Will O
                                                        Will O  4 days back

                                                        This reminded me a little of how I've read Psykers are handled in the Warhammer 40k universe. If any DMs watch this and think it's a neat idea, but don't like Time Travel (tm) as an option for when your sorcerer breaks, look up the 'Perils of the Warp' from 40k for additional inspiration. Just be aware that game is intentionally more dark/grim than DnD normally is.

                                                        • Fiona Kriner
                                                          Fiona Kriner  4 days back

                                                          Druid with a blue streak in her hair?
                                                          NO. IT CANNOT BE.

                                                          • Alex Trollip
                                                            Alex Trollip  4 days back

                                                            The amount of passion for this idea and DND in general is so infectious.
                                                            Even if the idea was dumb I'd be super on board.

                                                            That aside, this is so awesome. I am quite new to the dming so I'll run with the normal game for a bit still but it sounds amazing

                                                            • Alex Trollip
                                                              Alex Trollip  4 days back

                                                              I'll keep it in my "little" book of ideas to use for later

                                                          • Shawn Wesley
                                                            Shawn Wesley  4 days back

                                                            Sounds pretty great. Almost certainly needs some tweaking, but a fantastic starting point for making the sorcerer genuinely unique. I always enjoy a good risk/reward mechanic.

                                                            I might make some tables, still, that progress either with how many times the sorcerer has warped reality, or progress with level. And then make it a bit more common for this thing to happen. That way I can have some "safe" early level/low chaos repercussions, but as things progress eventually the "going nuclear" option shows up on the table and becomes more and more prominent in the potential outcomes until it's the only thing that will happen when the Wild Magic check fails. That'd also give me more control over when The Bad Thing happens.

                                                            Of course, the "safe" repercussions still need to be scary and reckless, to build up anticipation of _what else might happen._

                                                            • Emily Payeur
                                                              Emily Payeur  4 days back

                                                              I like this! In a case where magic breaks at a bad time or more than once, it could be fun to prep a few smaller encounters/challenges that aren't quite as big as an alternate future. Maybe the sorcerer gets a more narrative-based vision of the future/past, they create a massive bend in physics (permanent reverse gravity on the area?), or summon some alien creature through a tear in reality.

                                                              • Colin Childress
                                                                Colin Childress  4 days back

                                                                Random thing, but I thought of a trap I was wondering what you thought of.Trap door with a very deep pit and a gelatinous cube at the bottom. Glyph of Warding at the entrance to use Stoneshape should anyone but me step on it. The floor opens to drop you in then quickly reseals. Now you're on a gelatinous cube and it's pitch black.

                                                                • DemTacs
                                                                  DemTacs  4 days back

                                                                  A wild saucerer appears. Your campfire stew increased in deliciousnis.

                                                                  • Sean Cook
                                                                    Sean Cook  4 days back

                                                                    And this is why I like to play sorcerers more than wizards. Yes, I like a challenge.

                                                                    • Matthew Cole
                                                                      Matthew Cole  4 days back

                                                                      I love your idea for the wild magic surge and the breaking of magic. It reminded me of the Wheel of Time and how male channelers slowly go insane by using their magic.

                                                                      • Lynneiah
                                                                        Lynneiah  4 days back

                                                                        I did something similar like this once, except somewhat less drastic. I replaced sorcery points with the Wild Surge, and every time you cast a spell or used a feature that would use sorcery points, the DC went up by that spell's level, or by the sorcery points that would have been spent. Then a d20 was rolled. On a failure, a surge happens and the DC goes back down by 5, resetting to 1 after a long rest.

                                                                        Then I changed surges to be more dramatic and universally harmful to the sorcerer, but again, nowhere to the same level. More of a 'once per one or two sessions' oh shit moment, rather than a once-a-campaign cataclysm.

                                                                        • TheEndKing
                                                                          TheEndKing  4 days back

                                                                          Is the lipstick a recent thing? I can't remember it from earlier videos, but it looks great on you dude.

                                                                          Your idea for the Sorcerer being inside this sort of inner/outer reality thing, seeing how the heavens work, that's a great idea and very provocative. It could be interesting if they could even see the hands of the gods, pushing and turning the planets and suns and doing whatever else.

                                                                          • Damien Feymont
                                                                            Damien Feymont  5 days back

                                                                            This would pair well with making the sorcerer a constitution caster.

                                                                            • Fausto Araujo
                                                                              Fausto Araujo  5 days back

                                                                              I paid attention to nothing because of this GLORIOUS HAIR. <3

                                                                              • bpphantom
                                                                                bpphantom  5 days back

                                                                                So what I'm getting is... hunt and kill all sorcerers in Dael's worlds. Sorcerers are forced underground and are near extinction. Warlocks FTW!!

                                                                                • R1pcord
                                                                                  R1pcord  5 days back

                                                                                  This is BRILLIANT!

                                                                                  • Gabriel Smith
                                                                                    Gabriel Smith  5 days back

                                                                                    This is so, so good! I hope there's more videos about how to spin flavourful classes (e.g., Wild Magic Sorc., Horizon Walker, Dream Druid) in the future!

                                                                                    • Kha Ngo
                                                                                      Kha Ngo  5 days back

                                                                                      This is so fucking cool

                                                                                      • Aaron Infante-Levy
                                                                                        Aaron Infante-Levy  5 days back

                                                                                        Great video! This applies to all Sorcerers, not just Wild Mages. Sorcerous magic should be risky and dangerous, and your Sorcerous Origin determines what it looks like when magic goes wrong. Players who gravitate toward Wild Magic want to leave the mishaps up to chance. Players who prefer Draconic Magic want mishaps to feel dragon-y in some way. Players who like Storm Magic want mishaps to look like a big magical storm haloed with arcane lights.

                                                                                        • Talconhiro
                                                                                          Talconhiro  5 days back

                                                                                          Ahhh I love this sooo mucchh

                                                                                          • Marc Telfer
                                                                                            Marc Telfer  5 days back

                                                                                            It's like you've somehow managed to channel your TED moments into DnD... and it's awesome! :D

                                                                                            • Kevin Wilson
                                                                                              Kevin Wilson  5 days back

                                                                                              I would prob discribe how the Sorcerer sees the world and what have you like how elves see it but like x10