A 7-Year-Old's Anti-Bullying Rap Video Goes Viral


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  • Chasity Glenn
    Chasity Glenn  3 weeks back

    Excellent job lil money Mike! Any of the people who disliked this video are bullies!

    • Monica Spriggins
      Monica Spriggins  4 weeks back

      Well done lil money Mike!!!💚💸

        SEGWAY DAVE  4 weeks back

        If you exude positive energy it returns to you.

        • AfroSamurai
          AfroSamurai  4 weeks back

          This cutie!

          • 08FayFay
            08FayFay  4 weeks back

            Awesomeness 😃✅so cute

            • Pauline Baker
              Pauline Baker  4 weeks back

              Great job lil money mike.
              Keep it up.
              Yea grandma.

              • Kaitlyn R
                Kaitlyn R  4 weeks back

                This is so cute!

                • NanjiZ Animationzz
                  NanjiZ Animationzz  1 months back

                  LIL TAY WHO?
                  *_ITS ALL ABOUT LIL MONEY MIKE YALL_* *xD*

                  • Fabian Alfonso
                    Fabian Alfonso  1 months back

                    Grandma? BLACK REALLY DONT FUCKING CRACK 😭😭😭😭😭💓

                    • lon Nguyễn
                      lon Nguyễn  1 months back


                      • Meagan Dawn
                        Meagan Dawn  1 months back

                        Awww! Sweet!❤️

                        • jimmy newtron
                          jimmy newtron  1 months back

                          jimmy newtron here

                          • Emma Watson
                            Emma Watson  1 months back

                            Amazing 👌

                            • A A
                              A A  1 months back

                              Why does kelly stand with her hands on her hips when she talks? It’s strange. 🤷🏻‍♀️

                              • Chasity Glenn
                                Chasity Glenn  3 weeks back

                                A A wow! What a stupid thing to say. Are you a bully? Did the video here reach the core of your soul and make you feel awkward? I think it did. Why are you bullying Kelley for the way she stands? Why don’t you just go on about your life and do what you want to do and what makes you happy and let her stand and whichever position makes her happy! What are you going to suggest next? What positions she and her husband need to be in when they are intimate? What position she needs to sit in? What position she should lie in when she is sleeping? If those were on camera would you be criticizing those as well? I think so.

                              • Pauline Baker
                                Pauline Baker  4 weeks back

                                She exudes strength and confidence. Go Kelley go.

                              • Eric Ryan
                                Eric Ryan  4 weeks back

                                Someone misses the entire point and feel of this show.

                              • Taylor Swift cool page
                                Taylor Swift cool page  1 months back

                                OMG!! People like you need to vanish ... She is standing the way she wants to. Your comment is pathetically nonsense.

                              • A A
                                A A  1 months back

                                I can see why people suffer from anxiety and depression when they use social media. It’s one of my first few posts on YouTube, and I’m getting attacked for making a simple observation, WOW, indeed.
                                Hope you are all happy on the inside, cos I am. And you won’t break me.