Brady Quinn details Notre Dame's success with Brian Kelly, talks Red River Showdown | CFB | THE HERD


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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Who will win the Red River Showdown?

  • Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]

    the top 4 should be the BEST IN THEIR CONFERENCE 1) LSU ( by far the biggest win in the SEC 2) Ohio St 3) Clemson 4) Oklahoma 5) Alabama (has not beat a top 10 team all season) 6) Wisconsin 7) Penn St 8) Boise St ( but all top 10 teams should be undefeated) 9)Baylor 10)SMU .. (can they keep it up )

    • eric garcia
      eric garcia  1 months back

      Brady Quinn defending Helton is laughable

      • Jikku john
        Jikku john  1 months back

        Is colin cowherd avoiding talking about the NBA pre-season because he doesnt wanna talk about China?

        • Daniel Wagner
          Daniel Wagner  1 months back

          Brady Quinn...Really Colin? HAHAHA

          • jack harrington
            jack harrington  1 months back

            The same Class as Saban and Dabo hahaha colin your getting crazy in your old age 😂😂

            • J Wim
              J Wim  1 months back

              kelly is a piece of garbage! He’s responsible for the death of a young man which should haunt him the rest of his life!

              • Steven Meinking
                Steven Meinking  1 months back

                Brady Quinn gets no love. Dude's takes were pretty good.

                • donkeygospel6
                  donkeygospel6  4 weeks back

                  Oh, he can get a lot of love from me anytime...

              • K Martinez
                K Martinez  1 months back

                Notre Dame has not hit their "ceiling" under Kelly. We are still building, CBK is all together a different coach then he was 2 years ago. Now i look at what he is doing since 2017, he is too date 26-5 since 2017, his teams are on the cusp of being an elite program. Good Coaches know these things dont happen overnight, will ND win a NC, all homerism aside, Yes i do believe we can win a Natty, look at what teams win Titles, every year churning out elite level NFL players, Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia he in the class of Dabo and Saban, absolutely not, NO CHAMPIONSHIPS !!!!, but can he be yes and ND is trending up, we are not satisfied with a 6 point loss to Georgia being our high point, it all starts with Coaching Development and Recruiting, TWO aspects which CBK compares too Dabo and Saban.

                • Stay Smoove
                  Stay Smoove  1 months back

                  This show can do better than airpods

                  • Ted Rooney
                    Ted Rooney  1 months back

                    What is your take on Carolina?

                    • Toodank2bunderstood
                      Toodank2bunderstood  1 months back

                      Colin you're right he's not a 6'4" big guy...

                      He's 6'3" 230... could you stop bringing up his size as a weakness.....

                      • MegaMilyon
                        MegaMilyon  1 months back

                        Stop pretending like Notre Dame has "admission standards".   They have lower standards for ATHLETES !!!

                        • Anthony Broaddus
                          Anthony Broaddus  1 months back

                          MegaMilyon how many SEC schools have it mandatory that freshmen take Calculus like Notre Dame does?

                          I bet SEC players MAY take algebra in their four years in college. Calculus?

                        • Eric Daniel
                          Eric Daniel  1 months back

                          @Kevin Pulliam losing Stepp to USC was tough. He was actively recruiting for ND when things went south with admissions. Good example. Folks a little older than you remember what happened with Randy Moss. That's part of what helped Lou Holtz find the door.

                        • Kevin Pulliam
                          Kevin Pulliam  1 months back

                          Bro as an ND athlete that went through the recruiting process I promise you they have way higher standards than any other school besides maybe Stanford, Vandy, and Northwestern. Even good schools like Michigan, UVA, and UCLA let anyone in that will hit the NCAA minimum requirements. The USC RB was lcommitted to ND and then had to decommitt because of academics. No other top football school deals with it as much as we do

                        • Eric Daniel
                          Eric Daniel  1 months back

                          There probably aren't more than a couple of scholarship football players who would have gotten in to ND if they weren't elite athletes, but they do still have higher standards than most other programs. For one they require four years of math and three years of foreign language in high school. They also require an academic record that suggests the player has the ability to graduate in four years with a real major.

                        • dutchislax14
                          dutchislax14  1 months back

                          You don’t know what you’re talking about

                      • Tyler Skinner
                        Tyler Skinner  1 months back

                        Colin... it is ludicrous to say anyone is more nfl ready, out the draft-able qbs in college after this season, than jake Fromm.

                      • Robert Davis
                        Robert Davis  1 months back

                        Sometimes I wonder what is cowherd doing under his desk 😂😂😂😂😂

                        • Aubri The Unicorn
                          Aubri The Unicorn  1 months back

                          Waxing his carrot

                        • ablackprep
                          ablackprep  1 months back

                          Robert Davis he’s admitted why his desk is how it is

                        • Robert Davis
                          Robert Davis  1 months back

                          Cowher needs to lower his big desk egomania

                        • Robert Davis
                          Robert Davis  1 months back

                          Probably watching Sam darnold playing in the beach

                      • Kip Bigley
                        Kip Bigley  1 months back

                        Can we get him a mic next time. He’s literally on tv using airpods

                        • Dev Man
                          Dev Man  1 months back

                          Brian Kelly is in the class of Saban and Dabo? HAHAHAHAHA

                        • Hello There
                          Hello There  1 months back

                          No he’s a good not great coach. Notre Dame is not a contender and hasn’t been for a long time and most likely never will be again.

                          • Kevin Pulliam
                            Kevin Pulliam  1 months back

                            @Chuck McMahonyeah 1936 is a complete random and arbitrary cutoff that just makes his team look better. Historically ND is more accomplished than Oklahoma. It is close but its also very obvious ND has better history

                          • Chuck McMahon
                            Chuck McMahon  1 months back

                            Hello There I like how you’ve decided when football started counting... gotta disqualify others to build up your team I guess. Just another guy with an opinion on a team that you don’t like. Oklahoma has heisman qbs and still can’t win. Judge your own team first

                          • Kevin Pulliam
                            Kevin Pulliam  1 months back

                            @mike de julia Georgia is not an elite program. ND has more past success and currently they are about even. Also once Lincoln Riley goes to the Cowboys we will see how good Oklahoma is. They had some down years before he got there

                          • mike de julia
                            mike de julia  1 months back

                            Hello There Notre dame has been my team for decades however you are correct. Good team and good program but that’s it. They are not in the caliber of Alabama, Ohio State Clemson, Oklahoma, and even Georgia. They played Georgia right the last two meetings but still lost. Notre dames schedule year in and out Mets their athletic capabilities and they will be an average of 8,9, 10 win seasons. Never a national championship moving forward. Those days are gone.

                          • Mark Patterson
                            Mark Patterson  1 months back

                            @Hello There they did look good

                        • H.dukes 95
                          H.dukes 95  1 months back

                          Colin lol. I’m from South Bend, I sold programs during all the football games from 2008 til 2015. For Weis last year Kelly’s first year, 2012 undefeated til Bama run, all that. Relax with the ND dickeaten lol

                          • Steve S
                            Steve S  1 months back

                            I’m sure Collin still wet of baker Mayfields failures

                            • Colton Beebe
                              Colton Beebe  1 months back

                              Colin “I wanna start with something” Cowherd

                            • D J
                              D J  1 months back

                              Brady Quinn sounds like an astronaut😂😂😂