Judy Greer on working with "all the Jens" and her most quotable line

  • Published: 19 August 2019
  • It’s hard to imagine, but The A.V. Club has never run a Random Roles with Judy Greer. We’ve talked to her, sure—in 2011, for her show Mad Love—but never sat down and run through all her appearances as the funny friend in rom-coms or how she cut her teeth alongside Kyle Chandler in an episode of Early Edition. We decided to rectify that with the release of both Driven and Where’d You Go, Bernadette, both of which star Greer. As you’ll see in the rather lengthy video above, Greer has a lot to say about her illustrious career, in which she says she’s worked with “all the Jens” and almost all the Cate/Kate/Catherines. She also drops some mind-boggling information about just how long it takes her to record her scenes for each episode of Archer, so if you’re into that sort of information, be on the look-out and be ready to be surprised.

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Comments • 3

  • goldestmean
    goldestmean  3 months back

    "Woo-hoo! Outlaw Country!!!"

    • MsZooper
      MsZooper  3 months back

      Where are the band covers?

      • Ghost Note
        Ghost Note  3 months back

        She's great in everything I've seen her in. Apparently very charming in person as well.