Bodybuilders try the US Navy Seals Fitness Test without practice


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  • Mr Putman
    Mr Putman  40 minutes back

    What are the signs of hypothermia......not that!

    • Raja Alkautsar
      Raja Alkautsar  45 minutes back

      Please do INDONESIAN MARINE Fitness test, you just have to do one thing to pass, swimming through Sunda Strait or English Channel

      • Sondre Calmeyer
        Sondre Calmeyer  51 minutes back

        As with all special forces tests like these, it's to see if the candidates can actually show up for selection, without hurting themselves. In other words, this is the bare minimum of physique required to TRY OUT for most SOFs.

        • Sean
          Sean  57 minutes back

          These guys seem sound and obviously endurance fitness is not what they are training for but fair play for trying I personally try and keep up my cardiovascular fitness as well as weights training as thats gonna be more beneficial as you get older

          • Paradise Dave
            Paradise Dave  57 minutes back

            Cpl D. Breunesse former 2Commando. This is our entrance test and conducted by our very own SASR It is considered on par with SAS UK entrance.

            • Sean
              Sean  1 hours back

              The fitness test for paras is harder , need to do mile and half under 9 min 30 seconds . I dont look half as good as these guys but got mid 60s in push ups , 22 over hand pull ups fully locked out , 80 odd sit ups and 9min 16 in 1.5 mile test

              • Joseph Fahner
                Joseph Fahner  1 hours back

                Army fitness test

                • Big Mike
                  Big Mike  2 hours back

                  These two guys have been trying like hell to get the hell outta the Popeyes Drive thru

                  • Matt Laird
                    Matt Laird  3 hours back

                    That run from them is pretty poor. We have fat cunts in RF who run sub 10 fueled by V and darts.

                    • It’s me FALCO
                      It’s me FALCO  3 hours back

                      Do norwegian fitness test army

                      • Adriano Banak
                        Adriano Banak  3 hours back

                        Looks like you are pussies to try russian army test;)

                        • Colin Dewyea
                          Colin Dewyea  3 hours back

                          You guys are taking too long a break between exercises. They are two minutes per event, two minutes rest. Also, you did chin-ups, not pull-ups... Pull-ups are with an overhand grip, none of those counted, correct your grip, mount the bar and start over! Was that the doggie paddle?? It's not so easy to play a SEAL on TV!

                          • Budz buddington
                            Budz buddington  3 hours back

                            Army Ranger fitness test. have fun with your 5 mile run in 35 minutes.

                            • mohd afiq
                              mohd afiq  3 hours back

                              Basically the main target of this video is to achive as much like and highest viewer hurmmm.... 100% achieve

                              • BlackSH0veldeath
                                BlackSH0veldeath  4 hours back

                                Wow that is surprising on the sit ups. Like I'm not anywhere near as ripped and barely have abs. And while watching I wanted to see what i could do. And I was able to do 67 sit ups in that time. And I know I'm not as strong or jacked as either of you. Like I couldn't do 10 perfect pull ups if my life depended on it.
                                I almost was able to do the push ups but was 6 off. Didn't have a pull up bar. But for some reason I have a hard time with them. It could be my shoulder surgery but it coul just be cause I'm weak lol.

                                But yeah. The sit up is what surprises me. Cause you both are shredded and sub 10 body fat. I figured 100 would be relatively easy for you. One of my
                                Clients looks similar to you and takes test
                                And I've seen him knock out 150 before

                                I wonder if maybe it's more than your core like i know for me it was my back that made me stop. Cause I have a disk that's slipped. So maybe you guys have some lower back issues from heavy lifting or something. Cause there's no reason with those abs you can't bust out much more.

                                • MySuperfly7
                                  MySuperfly7  4 hours back

                                  You should do the fighter pilot test and see if all that tensing can keep you conscious at 9Gs.

                                  • BlackSH0veldeath
                                    BlackSH0veldeath  4 hours back

                                    Just cause you take test doesn't mean you are a body builder lol I mean you look great don't tell me wrong. Well done. But you couldn't qualify for men's physique (neither could I) but saying you are a body builder is a bit presumptuous.

                                    The only reason I say that was I was hoping this was gonna be like a 230 lbs + body builder attempting the marine test. And you actually have a good build for something like this since you are not very heavy. So I imagine you could do pretty well. (I'm sure there will be lots of acting and pretending it's harder than it already is) but man. What a let down. I wanna see a 300lbs off season guy try to pull this off.

                                    And side note I hope you guys had people close by while swimming. Cause that would be hella dangerous to do endurance swimming in cold water in jacket weather. Thank god. Neither of you guys muscles shut down. Being that out of breath. Sinking and drowning is a very real possibility. When I was an EMT , people would swim In the river which was really cold, and I did cpr to several people and saw several people that were dead when we arrived. Like their friends pulled them out. And. Sometimes you could resuscitate them
                                    And get them hooked up in the ambulance and other times they wouldn't be able to cough out the water.
                                    I had to try to do CPR on a 14 year old that tried to swim across one time and giving mouth to mouth to a kid. Just praying they cough up water when unconscious is extra pressure obviously. But he was gone too long. And his brain and heart were already fully shut down. One of the hardest days of my life. Both his parents showed up. I cried the whole way home after I Got off.
                                    RIP Gavin T I promise i tried harder than ever that day. And I still think about it every December 16th.

                                    • Laurențiu G. Z.
                                      Laurențiu G. Z.  4 hours back

                                      stamina 3 - steroids 10

                                      • Me Tooo
                                        Me Tooo  5 hours back

                                        Only 47? Smh

                                        • Cramaine
                                          Cramaine  6 hours back

                                          Russian Army Fitness test only have to throw grenades? Take a look at Australian Navy Clearance Divers. To pass they have to go for a jog while hauling live ordinance through the surf (this after being kept awake by their instructors for a few nights) and then kit up and take said ordinance into the water where they set explosives (by touch in zero visibility) and then detonate it. Those guys are tough!

                                          • kidda74
                                            kidda74  7 hours back

                                            Calisthenics, that would be fun to see.

                                            • Hendry Global
                                              Hendry Global  7 hours back

                                              Do MARSOC special operations training

                                              • iChubby Racing
                                                iChubby Racing  7 hours back

                                                Not to nit-pick but those pull ups were chin ups. Pull ups, I believe, are with the palms facing out, not in. Still, I couldn't do it...….

                                                • john mcbriarty
                                                  john mcbriarty  7 hours back

                                                  Do they not wear t shirts in the navy seals?

                                                  • Cry Phoenix
                                                    Cry Phoenix  7 hours back

                                                    Any one else join any of the military branches (and no matter if you were physically fit or a potato like I was) And immediately excel at one of the pt test mine was running and I was a smoker I was fast and I could run for ever

                                                    • piwo
                                                      piwo  7 hours back

                                                      As a marathon runner I would say the running and swimming standard are very easy standards. I believe most casual runner and casual swimmer would pass these two.

                                                      The push ups 'pass standard' seem quite approachable as well.
                                                      Not too sure about the stomach crunches but pull ups would definitely be the hardest to most people.

                                                      Of course these guys don't have a convenient body to do that. too much mass and probably too lean they just sink in the water.

                                                      • Joey Cottontail
                                                        Joey Cottontail  8 hours back

                                                        Gay guys blow their load in 30 seconds and fall asleep

                                                        • Jack Baringer
                                                          Jack Baringer  10 hours back

                                                          This guys lips were blue at the end of the video. I’m pretty sure they were both about to go hypothermic

                                                          • Big dick Daddy
                                                            Big dick Daddy  10 hours back

                                                            Do a marine work out

                                                            • RED GRIM
                                                              RED GRIM  10 hours back

                                                              No fitness damn all looks

                                                              • vsmith3rd
                                                                vsmith3rd  10 hours back

                                                                Why not swim freestyle?

                                                                • Daniel Burm
                                                                  Daniel Burm  11 hours back

                                                                  This test is just like a yearly physical test everyone in the navy has to do.
                                                                  I think maybe the seals have to do pull ups a swim and a run maybe not sure.
                                                                  but u either opt to do the swim, or the run.
                                                                  For Navy Push ups, You only have to go down to a 90 degree bend in your elbows and back up.
                                                                  And for Sit ups you touch your elbows to your knees and back down.
                                                                  Age is a factor in your required total amounts and times.
                                                                  And next time u do the run well at least for me I just tried to sprint the entire mile and a half and would get anywhere from 7 min 26 secs - 8 mins.

                                                                  • Eero Koskelo
                                                                    Eero Koskelo  5 hours back

                                                                    Our Finnish infantry do that same in the snow and in the frozen lake..and faster :D

                                                                • Sadie Mae
                                                                  Sadie Mae  11 hours back

                                                                  Is that how u swim fr

                                                                  • Elix Pro
                                                                    Elix Pro  12 hours back

                                                                    these niggas out here lookin like Ark characters

                                                                    • HavoK Gaming
                                                                      HavoK Gaming  12 hours back

                                                                      Holy shit you guys are not fit for this. I've 250 6'5 and not fit by any means. My brother was in the military and he graded me. I did the same test. I fucking smoked y'all's scores. Not pull ups but situps, push-ups, and the mile easy.

                                                                      • 92alphagal
                                                                        92alphagal  13 hours back

                                                                        Body building is quite different from cardio

                                                                        • Burrito
                                                                          Burrito  13 hours back

                                                                          go wth patty ayo

                                                                          • Shaun Rabenort
                                                                            Shaun Rabenort  13 hours back

                                                                            just to point out the pull ups are meant to be done hands facing away, not facing towards.

                                                                            • Micheal Lee
                                                                              Micheal Lee  13 hours back

                                                                              I'm sorry boys, I am a United States Navy special operations recruiter and i've seen 17 year do much better then you guys. In BUDS guys like y'all would not make it past the first 5 hours. The fact that you couldn't get 70 push ups is by far amazing. The test is in the particular order of a reason. The test is as ordered; swim/10min break/ push /2 min break/ crunches/ 2 min break/ pull ups/10 min break/ run (10 sub run is recommended) . Fact is the swim should be the easiest part of the test. proper stroke and tech is critical due to the lack of energy loss in the Combat Side Stroke. if you are serious about doing this challenge then follow the challenge do it in the order. the muscle will only weigh you down and cause you to fail. SEALs are skinny and have endurance and nerves of steal. good try boys, but not quite. keep it up though.

                                                                              • Coughlin's Atlas
                                                                                Coughlin's Atlas  14 hours back

                                                                                As someone who swam in college, those shoes are why you dropped out before your equally as shitty friend.

                                                                                • Coughlin's Atlas
                                                                                  Coughlin's Atlas  14 hours back

                                                                                  The 11 year old girls on swim team can travel 50 meters underwater without breathing and swim for hours without stopping. They could spank the seals test like it was just another afternoon.

                                                                                  • Christie Smith
                                                                                    Christie Smith  15 hours back

                                                                                    When you are doing the pushups..when you break the plank position...which both of you did more than are done....that what the rules state

                                                                                    • Látom Mortem
                                                                                      Látom Mortem  15 hours back

                                                                                      Sit-ups are bad for your back.

                                                                                      • MR T
                                                                                        MR T  15 hours back

                                                                                        Running a 10:50 mile and half and then dry heaving, bro u need to work on your cardio/running

                                                                                        • Father Mother
                                                                                          Father Mother  15 hours back

                                                                                          1 Seals are awesome
                                                                                          2 God bless your mind, lungs, and soul

                                                                                          • Josh Wales
                                                                                            Josh Wales  15 hours back

                                                                                            Who actually expected these guys to Perform well? They are too massive and out of cardio shape to conduct this. Their bodies are unrealistic in the Spec Ops community. Thats all Hollywood stereo type bullshit.

                                                                                            • Josh Krispin
                                                                                              Josh Krispin  15 hours back

                                                                                              I’m sorry but if your about to puke after a 1.5 mile run at an above 7 minute pace then you are soft

                                                                                              • Nathan Charles Augustine
                                                                                                Nathan Charles Augustine  16 hours back

                                                                                                100 no breaks boys