Jesus Is King: The Great Kanye Debate | Podcast


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  • XXL
    XXL   1 months back

    Do you think Kanye West's Jesus Is King album will be released?

    • Zoli Kiss
      Zoli Kiss  1 months back

      @SiiChoo Last year it was Good... Every week he released an alBum in summmer

    • SiiChoo
      SiiChoo  1 months back

      Who else is tired of waiting for Kanyes album?😪

  • Lil Tokyo
    Lil Tokyo  1 months back

    • solon james
      solon james  1 months back

      Who’s Will Kayne?


      • Allison J
        Allison J  1 months back

        solon james i love how the top comment has 3 likes

    • Huff Huff
      Huff Huff  1 months back

      He supports Trump so probably not. Because that’s how the left works 🖕🏼

      • Gavin LaBrash
        Gavin LaBrash  1 months back


        • R. P.
          R. P.  1 months back

          I heard it's dropping if and When the great rapture happens

          • emmanuel mckoy
            emmanuel mckoy  1 months back

            As someone from his camp, it will drop but not this week

          • bluntedvic 420
            bluntedvic 420  1 months back

            Who fucking cares he’s a fucking Uncle Tom brain washed the black community and why is the old bitch doing interviews lol

            • tittytwister 1888
              tittytwister 1888  1 months back

              HE IS FUCKING 🥜🥜🥜🥜💩💩💩💩

              • ImagineGettingPressed
                ImagineGettingPressed  1 months back

                Kanye’s a good raper

                • KingPurrpツ
                  KingPurrpツ  1 months back

                  gaming ace he raped us of our joy😔

                • gaming ace
                  gaming ace  1 months back

                  Damn he rapes kim.....oh wait it ain't raping if she enjoys it

              • You'r Mom
                You'r Mom  1 months back

                xxls only relevance is the freshman list this literally said this video had 1 view

                • Anant Dhingra
                  Anant Dhingra  1 months back


                  • Raymond
                    Raymond  1 months back

                    Kim made me exhausted with all her false info 😒

                    • Raymond
                      Raymond  1 months back

                      Matt Swirl facts cilvia demo is a classic

                    • Matt Swirl
                      Matt Swirl  1 months back

                      @Raymond Is it? I hope so cause Zay's last album is one of the best hip hop albums ever n the dude evolves big time.

                    • Raymond
                      Raymond  1 months back

                      Matt Swirl coming soon

                    • A D
                      A D  1 months back

                      Kanye gave her that info.

                    • Matt Swirl
                      Matt Swirl  1 months back

                      The real question is where is the new isaiah rashad album

                  • WL_DevilChild
                    WL_DevilChild  1 months back

                    First, hi

                    • MrBeast
                      MrBeast  1 months back