D&D Beyond Animated Intro Reveal and Reaction (Critical Role)


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  • Just Someguy
    Just Someguy  2 days back

    3:33 Matt with that nat 20 stealth roll
    I just now saw him after having seen this a few times already

    • phi
      phi  2 weeks back


      Man it makes me emotional to see Molly in action in this intro. I miss that bastard.

      • James Maceaveli
        James Maceaveli  3 weeks back

        I love how Matt just phases out like a ghost, so spooky.

        • Shane Gallant
          Shane Gallant  4 weeks back

          That really is a sweet intro!

          • Wizard Ioe
            Wizard Ioe  1 months back

            It shows how a much attachment these guys have to these characters appearing in an 80’s style commercial, since they are all voice actors and have played many other characters who have been animated in video games, anime, cartoons and movies.

            • Nikko Gammad
              Nikko Gammad  1 months back

              I now kinda want DnD Beyond to let the CR team make a karaoke version of this too for live shows. I bet most of the audience would know this song too.

              • The Dwarf
                The Dwarf  2 months back

                I've seen this so many times and I am just now noticing that Duplicate Jester makes an appearance. That's awesome.

                • Acean HUN
                  Acean HUN  3 months back

                  Critters: Take our 11 million dolars and make it longer

                  • TalkingSoup
                    TalkingSoup  4 months back

                    god i just love their genuine delight when people make cool stuff

                    • Andrew Einmo
                      Andrew Einmo  4 months back

                      Yo the animators secretly Rick Rolled us.

                      • ItsAnotherDanny
                        ItsAnotherDanny  5 months back

                        I would loved to have seen everyone's reactions while they were watching.

                        • p0pp4
                          p0pp4  5 months back

                          It's so very 80's

                          • christopher stovall
                            christopher stovall  5 months back

                            6 idiots disliked this

                          • lolageez1
                            lolageez1  5 months back

                            Sooo good, legit tingles

                            • Lenny Lynch
                              Lenny Lynch  6 months back

                              well that animation didn't age well. (RIP Molly)

                              • Cormorant Colors
                                Cormorant Colors  4 weeks back

                                Why does EVERYTHING containing Molly just HAVE to be infected with so many comments about how DEAD HE IS??

                              • BloodShot05
                                BloodShot05  1 months back

                                I mean at least Molly got animated once!

                              • Renaissance Dreemurr
                                Renaissance Dreemurr  4 months back

                                Thanks for that😑

                              • Andy Malik
                                Andy Malik  5 months back

                                Or did it? I think it did because it's specifically an 80's cartoon jingle, giving waves of nostalgia. All of the classic cartoons from the 80s are since gone, like Molly. It's a stretch, but it works.

                              • Patrick COD
                                Patrick COD  5 months back

                                Long may he reign

                            • Yeah Bee
                              Yeah Bee  6 months back

                              Where do I recognize the blonde in the right from? Actress?

                              • DrDeepspace
                                DrDeepspace  4 months back

                                And now Ashley is the lead voice in the new animation Infinity Train.

                              • De Lupe
                                De Lupe  4 months back

                                She was also in CSI: Vegas for an episode as Dreama Little.

                              • George Gebhard
                                George Gebhard  5 months back

                                Growing pains as well

                              • Dmitrii Derugin
                                Dmitrii Derugin  5 months back

                                She was the Gibson's daughter in What Women Want

                              • Tom
                                Tom  5 months back

                                Yeah that’s ashley, she often misses the games, she’s the barbarian who throws the knoll at 3:45

                            • Joshua Nichols
                              Joshua Nichols  6 months back

                              I also loved how Caleb stays in the background through much of it. Fits his character nicely.

                              • gm41970
                                gm41970  8 months back

                                Just noticed the belt buckle of Fjord; is positioned so it resembles an F (for Fjord?). Done on purpose or is that just me?

                                • CartoonishIdealism
                                  CartoonishIdealism  1 weeks back

                                  It stands for FUCK

                                • Cormorant Colors
                                  Cormorant Colors  4 weeks back

                                  I’d like to think Fjord is literally just a cartoon character that wears a belt with his own initial on it.

                                • DHR T
                                  DHR T  5 months back

                                  I mean...I don't know about that tbh. I think it's just a happy coincidence

                                • Tomasz Skowroński
                                  Tomasz Skowroński  7 months back

                                  good catch.

                              • XXAnonymous BunnyXx
                                XXAnonymous BunnyXx  9 months back

                                I love how baue throws the arrow

                                • Jeff Straley
                                  Jeff Straley  4 months back

                                  Missile Snare allows a Monk to throw back a projectile if they completely negate the damage.

                              • kadishevdox
                                kadishevdox  1 years back

                                The level of excitement and the pure, unadulterated joy they all show when seeing it for the first time just shows how much they love it. I am so envious of this group.....😁......you can just tell what kind of players and people they are...

                                • Karl Kael
                                  Karl Kael  1 years back

                                  Im still catching up in the first campaign, but you videos have me hyped up to get up to date so bad! 🤓😃