Competitive MyLeague/MyGM! NBA 2K20 Blog Released

  • Published: 29 July 2019
  • Could be an interesting year for NBA 2K20 Myleague / MY GM! Hopefully the 2K team implements these changes in a good way (hopefully...)


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Comments • 43

  • KrispyFlakes
    KrispyFlakes   3 months back

    Any of these changes you are excited about the most? Or do you think they didn't do enough? What are some key things they missed that you wanted to see?
    2nd Channel:

    • Booty crumbs Are yum
      Booty crumbs Are yum  3 months back

      KrispyFlakes one thing they need to work on is that they need to let cpu players demand trade like superstars

    • Grim Sniperr
      Grim Sniperr  3 months back

      Krispy do a 2024 Bronny and Lebron Rebuild

  • Craig Barrett
    Craig Barrett  2 months back

    Why does the coloured sock option not work? The colours I select before game do not show up in match

    • Yahshua Yahudah Ben Yisreal

      lazy!!!!!!! no bro madden ass is lazy...madden made appreciate 2k even more

      • Nico Polisi
        Nico Polisi  3 months back

        Krispy they need they’re rights to be in the draft classes

        • Erik Lerström
          Erik Lerström  3 months back

          lol so it's a 60 dollar roster update?

          • THEArnas LTU
            THEArnas LTU  3 months back

            Im most interested in my league (online) because thats the mide im playing more than MT with 30 people

            • Ethan turner
              Ethan turner  3 months back

              Madden put a scenario engine in their game

              • Captain Heat
                Captain Heat  3 months back

                Please play mycareer

                • mdg_45 Gaming
                  mdg_45 Gaming  3 months back

                  U cant put players in that didnt give they rights to be in a game so thats why they drafts are like that

                  • Justmemes -
                    Justmemes -  3 months back

                    im glad about the force winners because in june of next year we can simulate how many games each team won last season correctly, instead of re simulating a season that has already happened with each output. And I am a small youtuber, would help if you would subscribe to my channel

                    • Ankle Shnapper
                      Ankle Shnapper  3 months back

                      easy normal and hard modes are based off sliders like player progression and regression and trade difficulty

                      • Tuz_2ksaucy
                        Tuz_2ksaucy  3 months back

                        If you read some of the paragraphs then it will answer your questions

                      • Crazy Man78
                        Crazy Man78  3 months back

                        Krispy you should do a team of current day players who resemble the 1992 dream team to see if they go 82-0

                        • poop mup
                          poop mup  3 months back

                          And the reedeem team

                      • MatthewYJB
                        MatthewYJB  3 months back

                        Do a Skyrim playthrough please

                      • Jake
                        Jake  3 months back

                        Hey krispy Thad was a nice pickup for the bitch ass bulls they will be the clippers of this last season

                        • Donald Trump
                          Donald Trump  3 months back

                          I use CAP draft classes more often than not because nobody makes good draft classes

                          • Daniel Douglas
                            Daniel Douglas  3 months back

                            That why you check rosters before

                            • Michael
                              Michael  3 months back

                              Is that herpes?

                              • Donald Trump
                                Donald Trump  3 months back

                                I like that you don't start out as the coach but I don't like that you eventually become the coach, and the trainer, and the arena valet.

                                • C H R I S M O T I O N S
                                  C H R I S M O T I O N S  3 months back

                                  You can get rookies in 2k19 now

                                • Donald Trump
                                  Donald Trump  3 months back

                                  This could be a good year for us GM's if they are in fact saving the big gameplay features for 21

                                  • Wray Akins
                                    Wray Akins  3 months back

                                    I’m a big fan of doing realistic rebuilds and doing a simulation of the league as a whole and making realistic moves for each team and controlling each team. Being able to force wins really helps this out as now you can put teams in the playoffs that actually will make the playoffs instead of teams like the wizards or suns making it. Also, I would like it if free agency was more realistic and players went to big market teams and guys like LeBron won’t go to the Suns. Also, it would be cool if 2k had guys constantly checking on real life NBA rumors and inserting them into MyLeague so that realistic trades and moves would go down.

                                    • Lilsaintbb21
                                      Lilsaintbb21  3 months back

                                      I wish 2k would have all the teams commentators like for the pistons George Blaha but that’s unrealistic. I also wish you could chose if you wanted to play in a normal game a playoff game or the finals in play now, and it would be cool if you could have real owners and Gm’s in the game. For rosters you should be able to edit hair if you want, cross platform rosters are a must, rating the roster is a must, and being able to edit draft picks in the roster is a must

                                      • The Great Wee Wee
                                        The Great Wee Wee  3 months back

                                        Lilsaintbb21 still don’t understand why you can’t change the hair

                                    • Ayomikun Ajayi
                                      Ayomikun Ajayi  3 months back

                                      Noti gang

                                      • OPS Alex
                                        OPS Alex  3 months back

                                        It’s my birthday 🎂 can krispy plz like this

                                        • Brendan Rice
                                          Brendan Rice  3 months back

                                          Krispy go to create a roster on the options menu and you can see the rosters before you download them

                                          • Albert Harris
                                            Albert Harris  3 months back

                                            Not only , that the historic draft class prospect have like 13 years pro so you have to reset it to 0 to be able to contend for rookie of the Year and that's just lazy on the devs part

                                            • Cheetos Leopard
                                              Cheetos Leopard  3 months back

                                              Oh that’s how you do that I always thought it was just impossible for them to win roy

                                          • Harley Dilly
                                            Harley Dilly  3 months back

                                            Hey Krispy you a god at YouTube

                                            • Adriane Young
                                              Adriane Young  3 months back

                                              6 like if you don't care

                                              • Suramya The Legend
                                                Suramya The Legend  3 months back


                                                • Malachi Smith
                                                  Malachi Smith  3 months back

                                                  Noti gang

                                                  • Jacob
                                                    Jacob  3 months back


                                                    • Giannisformvp Andnbachampion