Leaked Major Lazer *DEFAULT VIBE* and *DEFAULT FIRE* Lobby Music.

  • Published: 22 August 2019
  • ▶Full Major Lazer Set got encrypted and we can say that the pack would be coming in Item shop Soon

    These are two leaked Lobby music from that Set.
    ▶Default Vibe
    ▶Default Fire

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    🙏Hope you enjoy! Peace!
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Comments • 47

  • HELL-O
    HELL-O   3 months back

    Mine Favorite is DEFAULT VIBE !! Whats yours ??

  • Dzrty Dami1
    Dzrty Dami1  3 months back


    • Nick Molina
      Nick Molina  3 months back

      Default vibe vs default fire ➡️ Comments


    • Kill Game KH
      Kill Game KH  3 months back

      I love default vibe it's very dope

    • General Gian
      General Gian  3 months back

      mix them together so it will be a beautiful mess

      • Eetoh [QUIT]
        Eetoh [QUIT]  3 months back

        Fun fact : These are remixed by the real "MAJOR LAZER" :OOOOOO

        • Royna _
          Royna _  3 months back

          My reaction lmao i was like WTFFFF

        • HELL-O
          HELL-O   3 months back


      • __ WqThL1rD
        __ WqThL1rD  3 months back

        Do the default fire 1 hour i will buy dance with your creator code😂❤

        • HELL-O
          HELL-O   3 months back

          @__ WqThL1rD thanks for that :)

        • __ WqThL1rD
          __ WqThL1rD  3 months back

          @HELL-O but i will buy the 200vbucksdance with your code chill mate

        • HELL-O
          HELL-O   3 months back

          I wish... My pc will burn rendering 1hr video 😌
          Will take a lot of time to render that

      • __ WqThL1rD
        __ WqThL1rD  3 months back

        We want this for 1 hour

      • trendygxd
        trendygxd  3 months back

        Hope this stuff cheap lol

        • Torqz IOS GAMING Yt
          Torqz IOS GAMING Yt  3 months back

          Ghood Bhabie *200 V-Bucks

        • Ghood Bhabie
          Ghood Bhabie  3 months back

          robseNNN correction I’m from the future 9 hours later it’s 200 vbuckd

        • Cross415
          Cross415  3 months back

          It could either be free or 200 v-bucks

        • HELL-O
          HELL-O   3 months back


        • robseNNN
          robseNNN  3 months back

          it is cheap its like 300 v bucks

      • Owen Jenks
        Owen Jenks  3 months back

        Plz pin this

        • Owen Jenks
          Owen Jenks  3 months back

          I can’t stop watching this vid it’s just so good

          • HELL-O
            HELL-O   3 months back

            Default vibe makes everyone go crazy 🤪

        • Apun Munna Tripathi
          Apun Munna Tripathi  3 months back

          Still feels OP

        • Skyro 05
          Skyro 05  3 months back

          No original guitar version but I still like both

          • HELL-O
            HELL-O   3 months back

            Vibe is 🔥