Goldschmidt, Wainwright lead Cards to win | D-backs-Cardinals Game Highlights 7/14/19


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  • Cade Clark
    Cade Clark  5 months back

    ads these days

    • Brendan Chwascinski
      Brendan Chwascinski  5 months back

      That probably pitched for Diamondbacks

      • Brendan Chwascinski
        Brendan Chwascinski  5 months back

        Goldys former team he knows his teams pitchers except 1 of ours

        • RememberTheMaine
          RememberTheMaine  5 months back

          Holy god that announcer is so boring

          • enrothable
            enrothable  5 months back

            Is there a safer glove in CF than Bader?

            • tyrael280
              tyrael280  5 months back

              great job, waino and goldy !

              • Richard Clark
                Richard Clark  5 months back

                Good job Redbirds.

                • Book of shadows contributor Brian

                  Stl glory

                  • TheVirus455
                    TheVirus455  5 months back

                    still to early to say this card team is playoff material..

                    • Brendan Chwascinski
                      Brendan Chwascinski  5 months back

                      Hey cards are playing unlike Brewers and cubs

                    • Brendan Raposo
                      Brendan Raposo  5 months back

                      Pitching needs to get better they give up the lead a lot of times so they end up having to come from behind are offense isn’t all that great either they strike out a ton if they can fix that then they are playoff bound

                    • TheBatugan77
                      TheBatugan77  5 months back

                      Not too early to say they ain't.

                  • Daniel Berri
                    Daniel Berri  5 months back

                    1st has

                    • chiefmegadeth
                      chiefmegadeth  5 months back

                      I'm Mad and happy for Goldy. He got the best of My D'Backs this series thats for sure.
                      Rock on Goldy and i hope you stay hot!

                    • ashley pyatt
                      ashley pyatt  5 months back

                      Go redbirds

                      • RedBirds 618
                        RedBirds 618  5 months back

                        Aye look what happened

                        • Daryl Dixon
                          Daryl Dixon  5 months back

                          Jesus Carpenter...🤦🏻‍♂️

                          • Elias Carrillo
                            Elias Carrillo  5 months back

                            Goldy is going to get revenge

                          • Kevin Rios
                            Kevin Rios  5 months back

                            Ha Ha what happened d backs do you guys regret trading Goldy to St Louis.

                            • Pucker Factor
                              Pucker Factor  5 months back

                              You laugh like the fans made the decision...

                              Of course we didn't like trading Goldy. However, Christian Walker is having a good year so far, so it doesn't hurt as bad. We wish you guys the best. Take care of Goldy and he'll take care of you.

                            • chiefmegadeth
                              chiefmegadeth  5 months back

                              Yes and no. I love Goldy and he got the best of us this series. But Walker is playing well...
                              I hope Goldy stays hot. forever a fan!

                          • MLB NATION
                            MLB NATION  5 months back

                            Who is better: Freeman or Goldschmidt?

                          • Mitt Mittens
                            Mitt Mittens  5 months back

                            A HUGE victory, once again, for the GREATEST team in the league. Never A Doubt. I LOVE GOLD ! Paul Edward Goldschmidt DELIVERED on the offensive end this afternoon, and what better way to do that than against your former team. He has been a FANTASTIC acquisition for the St. Louis Cardinals this year and is going to look SO GOOD with his first ever World Series trophy in October! I am MIGHTY PROUD of Adam Parrish Wainwright. An absolutely VINTAGE performance by one of the greatest pitchers to ever do it. Bullpen was spot on, as well. Now gotta get a little shut-eye before a CRUCIAL division series starts tomorrow night at the Busch. Time To Fly!!!

                            • Kenneth Futch
                              Kenneth Futch  5 months back

                              @Godlikelobster01 yep.

                            • Godlikelobster01
                              Godlikelobster01  5 months back

                              Kenneth Futch MJ is the GOAT no question lol.

                            • Kenneth Futch
                              Kenneth Futch  5 months back

                              @Godlikelobster01 To be honest though the Bulls from the 90 s may just be the greatest of all time. MICHEAL JORDAN is definitely the greatest player ever.

                            • Kenneth Futch
                              Kenneth Futch  5 months back

                              @Godlikelobster01 You know I'm only kidding with you. I think Everyone should pay no attention to MIT. He only wants Attention.

                            • Godlikelobster01
                              Godlikelobster01  5 months back

                              Kenneth Futch “Neither are the Bulls” When did I say the bulls are the greatest team ever?

                          • Shannon Horner
                            Shannon Horner  5 months back

                            1 comment of this video I will like my own comment because no one else will 😭