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  • Cleanprincegaming
    Cleanprincegaming   5 months back

    Do you still buy annualized sports games? Which ones?

    • 24
      24  2 months back

      NBA live,madden, fifa

    • Tommy De Sadi
      Tommy De Sadi  2 months back

      Well, Live isn't releasing annually, but I have to say that I bought Live 19 and it is amazing.

    • Seth Wedgewood
      Seth Wedgewood  3 months back

      Every two years I re up on my madden and 2k. It’s sad I have to wait two years to get any new gameplay lol

    • Ed West
      Ed West  4 months back

      NBA Live and MLB The Show. Live is such a better game than 2K.

  • Dozha Deville
    Dozha Deville  2 weeks back

    If all the disappointed fans put in $1 we can put $10Million on Ronnie2Ks head. (Sarcasm)

    • Chi_squared
      Chi_squared  3 weeks back

      Still don't understand why people started doing the 2K11 shit. It looks stupid and doesn't mean 2011 by any stretch of math.

      • Frans Hendrik Henning
        Frans Hendrik Henning  3 weeks back

        Sounds like game I would never play, even if you paid me to do so.

        • Sashy Nem
          Sashy Nem  4 weeks back

          There two reasons why this cheapens the experience. One original payment, you cant charge ppl to play wat seems to be a free to play structure to make continuous income. Two not enough in game to justify these changes. It's pure exploitation

            WING CHUN BLACK DRAGON  4 weeks back

            Anybody else tired of these NBA2K and want a new FIGHT NIGHT?!

            • Brandon Reed
              Brandon Reed  1 months back

              honestly 2k as a company seems like trash to me. just bought evolve found out they shut down multiplayer servers entirely. Thanks for the game i can only play vs bots now. as far as 2k19-20 someone should just buy an a$$ ton of these games and just post them on youtube being burn/destroyed. with less games out there they have less player base and less transactions. micro transactions and adds belong in free to buy and play games. that is the ONLY way they make money and can keep games running without donations. when you pay for youtube.... guess what adds go away. 2k thinking they can put in commercials skippable or not is completely unacceptable. but if they want to completely destroy their company i hope it's soon so they can show the other companies what NOT to do.

              • Banagher Links
                Banagher Links  1 months back

                snowfall is a rated m show and nba 2k19 is rated e.

                • _Logic _
                  _Logic _  1 months back

                  Sense when can big man shoot like this

                  • Joshua Rivers
                    Joshua Rivers  2 months back

                    NBA 2K is basically paying for playing I mean the loot box crap is ridiculous, WWE 2K got that going on too.

                    • Team Shadow gaming
                      Team Shadow gaming  2 months back

                      I hate the fan base of 2k cause when I first started playing I need to be 80 over all so people wouldn’t leave when I join

                      • your best pall shawn
                        your best pall shawn  2 months back

                        Wtf is that guys face 😂😭 3:33

                        • DySL3XiA FTW
                          DySL3XiA FTW  2 months back

                          lmao i literally watch FX all the time

                          • Bolt otsutsuki 258
                            Bolt otsutsuki 258  2 months back

                            2k is trash

                            • Jordan
                              Jordan  2 months back

                              I’m about to fucking throw my controller at my tv and crack my fucking phone.

                              • Sandra Perry
                                Sandra Perry  2 months back

                                That's not real life my guy lol

                                • Expert Shiny Glasses Nigga

                                  Why does Gatorade need to advertise ? Everyone knows what Gatorade is 😂. Nobody drinks a soda after or while playing sports . They’re wasting money

                                  • Kanye East
                                    Kanye East  3 months back

                                    I’ve never been “retro” guy. But recently I bought an old Xbox and me and my young son have been having a blast playing old NFL/NBA Street games, Ncaa Football/Basketball. I didn’t realize how fun most of these games still were. I’ve retired from this new way of gaming. Seems like nowadays, we the consumer shell out more money, for a significantly weaker product. Haven’t bought a Madden in 10yrs. Last years 2K will be my last. Most of us that see what’s going on, your wallet is the only thing that can influence them to change.

                                    • Terminator TV
                                      Terminator TV  3 months back

                                      This must be a bad year for video games first Pokemon Sword and Shield Then Black ops 4 Now 2k what's next?

                                      • Frank Woods
                                        Frank Woods  3 months back

                                        Why do people buy this trash it's the same game every year but better graphics like what?

                                        • Pat likesfortnite
                                          Pat likesfortnite  3 months back

                                          The only 2k game i have is 2k17,well I'm glad i did not waste my money

                                          • MAASAI G.H.O.D
                                            MAASAI G.H.O.D  3 months back

                                            Perfect, breakdown of the realistic expectations of the DUMBED down sports gamer. Because you're absolutely right. You can put the 97 Lakers, up against the 2013 clippers. HA ha ha ha.

                                            • Brian Miller
                                              Brian Miller  3 months back

                                              I bought this on steam on sale. Its shit.

                                              • The Best PlayStation and IPad games

                                                *The PowerPuff Girls commercial plays before NBA2k20 match begins*

                                                • Alex Kartalis
                                                  Alex Kartalis  4 months back

                                                  We want WNBA 2k20

                                                  • Steven Johnson
                                                    Steven Johnson  4 months back

                                                    They might as well give it away for free now. Nobody's gonna pay a cent for a game with adds.

                                                    • Juan Velez
                                                      Juan Velez  4 months back

                                                      I stopped giving 2K My Money a while back. When they started making the game play real difficult for no reason without an option for people who don't want to go through that, I knew they didn't want my money. I hope they sink soon

                                                      • MR. M M
                                                        MR. M M  4 months back

                                                        I feel like if this is happening during the loading screen it’s still going to load no matter what so if I’m going to have to wait for it to load whether it’s a commercial weather is just a bar regenerating it really doesn’t matter to me if that is the case

                                                        • Austin George
                                                          Austin George  4 months back

                                                          ur crying like a bitch bc they put ads on a loading screen jus stop bein a fuckin pussy all u do is whine u fuck

                                                          • Ray Shepherd
                                                            Ray Shepherd  4 months back

                                                            ☺️ 🎶 *“I think the neighbors think I’m selling dope, selling dope...Yeah, ok the neighbors think I’m selling dope, selling-”* 🎵
                                                            Oh what were we talking about?

                                                            • Kevin Brennan
                                                              Kevin Brennan  4 months back

                                                              Unfortunately these fools that are easily parted from their money are too stupid to not buy these games. Either kids spending mom's money or the dumbass that needs to buy their way to the top, both are killing videogames.

                                                              STOP BUYING THESE SHITTY GAME PRACTICES!

                                                              • hAsTeOnThAmIc
                                                                hAsTeOnThAmIc  4 months back

                                                                Did ya get a bit sunburned? Your cheeks are looking a little red there.

                                                                • jujuinator
                                                                  jujuinator  4 months back

                                                                  I hate the YouTubers who dickride 2k like it's gonna actually be good I feel like they really believe it they're just enslaved tbh

                                                                  • jujuinator
                                                                    jujuinator  4 months back

                                                                    Sad watching how loyal people are to 2k every year

                                                                    • jujuinator
                                                                      jujuinator  4 months back

                                                                      Post game shows every single mycareer game...

                                                                      • Eddie De La Rosa
                                                                        Eddie De La Rosa  4 months back

                                                                        Man Im glad i dont play sports games but at the looks of this thats pretty bad, with problems like this it no mystery that pirating is the way to go.

                                                                        • Yaknowits. Cy
                                                                          Yaknowits. Cy  4 months back

                                                                          Who else plays excellent defense but wen u they drive to the paint they make a contested layup 🤔

                                                                          • Super Scared Corncutt
                                                                            Super Scared Corncutt  4 months back

                                                                            I only recently got into the nba and I really enjoy a lot of aspects of 2k19 but theyre so money hungry it ruins it for me, I like nba live but it doesnt have as much content as nba 2k, its really frustrating, but Im proud to say Ive never spent money on vc, I hope 2k changes or another company makes a superior product soon

                                                                            • LuL_
                                                                              LuL_  4 months back

                                                                              I remember when 2K was about the quality of the game, not making money off of micro transactions. 2K11 was one of my favorite games of all time. As soon as they introduced VC, I knew the game was dead to me, because it meant you couldn't grind to improve your player, you'd have to pay for it.

                                                                              I'm not even surprised at this anymore. They don't have competition, which is why they kept the same engine from 2014 and the graphics look practically the same. But even if they had good competition, it would be EA, so fuck it. I'm done with basketball games.

                                                                              • Money Needed
                                                                                Money Needed  4 months back

                                                                                Love 2k but hate the micro transactions on my team cause if you put up a card for 40k you will only get 38k

                                                                                • Brother Adams
                                                                                  Brother Adams  4 months back

                                                                                  It's absolute BS. I got away from television so I wouldn't see commercials. The problem is that the younger gamers don't know any better because they grew up in a world where everything is monetized. I grew up when commercial breaks lasted at most 30 seconds...yes 30 seconds. I have old VHS tapes that we recorded shows on that prove this. It's asinine that it's forced upon us. If I want your product then I will make the effort to get it.

                                                                                  • Trav Masters
                                                                                    Trav Masters  4 months back

                                                                                    Simple solution, it was in last years game, wut ! ! !, oh oh oh u know wut ur rite after u sold it for $3 dollars, so if u want to do the shady it was n last years game in which their rite, but it was at a fraction of the price, their response it was on sale because the new 1 was coming out in 2 months & we wanted to see how people responded to a real life sitting on the couch viewing of a NBA game, my response okay that shot is only costing me like 1 dollar a month once I break down the basic cable bill, so I'll b generous and give u 2 dollars for a simulation of viewing a televised nba game & I won't charge u for my fuel cost to drive here to buy the physical game, cause lord knows they dont want the consumer to start to simulate fuel cost for a NBA fan to go to Walmart to purchase a nba game

                                                                                    • Pablo Pesquera
                                                                                      Pablo Pesquera  4 months back

                                                                                      Is this Shia LeBouf doing Game Reviews?

                                                                                      • 16STUDIOS & FILMWORKZ
                                                                                        16STUDIOS & FILMWORKZ  4 months back

                                                                                        Its crazy how they got us by the balls cause Live game play is assssss asssss please someone help this community

                                                                                        • Julio Rodriguez
                                                                                          Julio Rodriguez  4 months back

                                                                                          Oh, so now even the sports fans are picking up on EA's fuckery? This is gonna be great

                                                                                          • mistaPARADOX
                                                                                            mistaPARADOX  4 months back

                                                                                            A simple fix...Play old games or make them yourself. If you know companies don't give a fuck about you, then why keep bitching to them ?....

                                                                                            • devin roblow
                                                                                              devin roblow  4 months back

                                                                                              Dude you reallyyyyyy look like Tony Romo 🙃

                                                                                              • Mr unknown
                                                                                                Mr unknown  4 months back

                                                                                                2k fans are spoiled which we had a NFL2K