Thursday on ‘The Real’: Eva Marcille, Lil' Kim


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  • Ryan Tobin
    Ryan Tobin  1 weeks back

    #LilKim The Queen Bee

    • Uzoma
      Uzoma  1 weeks back a new social media networking platform for meeting with your twin friends.

      • Monique Wilson
        Monique Wilson  2 weeks back

        I love these ladies and to the woman who said she's going to be a talk show host one day! I say go for it and speak it into existence! That's what i do. :)

        • Geminilove 69
          Geminilove 69  2 weeks back

          Ewww they are brining the ugly muppet

          • Jesus Rodriguez
            Jesus Rodriguez  2 weeks back

            Yes for KIM!!!

            • Raquel Henry
              Raquel Henry  2 weeks back

              Good guest this week!👍

              • Arrogant Boii
                Arrogant Boii  2 weeks back

                yaasssss I can't wait

                • Lenore Hamilton
                  Lenore Hamilton  2 weeks back


                • JAMESBOND LEGAL2G
                  JAMESBOND LEGAL2G  2 weeks back


                  • Blac Monroe snow H.B.I.C

                    Queen kim

                    • Onur Bb
                      Onur Bb  2 weeks back

                      Yaaaaaas Lil kim finallly cant wait!!!!

                      • King Barbie
                        King Barbie  2 weeks back

                        Yas hunni I'm really for all of that tea lol


                        • DaniEatzTV
                          DaniEatzTV  2 weeks back

                          One day I will be a talk show host, in claiming it 🗣🗣🗣

                          • Vocally Gifted
                            Vocally Gifted  2 weeks back

                            🗣bitch I’m excited about the mother of female sexuality & RAP Lil’Kim 🐝”Bzzz”🐝

                            • Eileen Welter
                              Eileen Welter  2 weeks back

                              I’m curious if they are going to ask why she chose to whiten her skin. 🤔

                              • Eileen Welter
                                Eileen Welter  1 weeks back

                                Vanessa Torrado let me guess you probably think Jeffrey Epstein also committed suicide too right? 🤣

                              • Vanessa Torrado
                                Vanessa Torrado  1 weeks back

                                Eileen Welter clearly you are slow next groupie

                              • Eileen Welter
                                Eileen Welter  1 weeks back

                                Garfield kat I’m a millennial and I promise you I see it!

                              • Garfield kat
                                Garfield kat  1 weeks back

                                I just saw the biggie documentary and lil kim is bleaaaachedt, Millennials are easily duped😂😂