Narrated D&D Story: How My Deranged Player Became The Undisputed Rat King


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    First of all, SHAMBLING MOUND. And now, have you ever outmaneuvered your DM? Please tell us of your experiences and comment your reactions below!

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    • Duke Traxxus
      Duke Traxxus  4 days back

      If this episode were a drinking game, I'd have died from alcohol poisoning by 2:46

    • ComocosonoEWL
      ComocosonoEWL  5 days back

      That was a really cool story. also where is Astoshan?

    • Jaded Pony
      Jaded Pony  5 days back

      Playing a Lawful Evil wizard, battled our way through the tower of a necromancer trying to resurrect his Litch master.
      DM had no intention of letting us stop the ritual so when we made it down the stairs into the ritual chamber there was 20 low-level undead between us and the Necromancer.
      He was preparing a ritual sacrifice of a virgin girl using a dagger with the Litch's soul in it. All he had to do was plunge the knife into the heart of the child.

      Fighter rushed in to fight the undead, Paladin rushed in to fight the undead, Priest turned undead trying to make room for them to work.

      I cast magic missile at the prone, restrained, 12-year-old girl on the table and instantly exploded her head.

      With the sacrifice dead the Litch couldn't be resurrected, we cleaned up the low-level fodder and captured the Necromancer.
      The party was upset that I killed the girl but I told them, the life of one girl to save hundreds, perhaps thousands of souls from being enslaved by the Litch for all time, sounds like the greater good to me.

      Characters hated it. Players loved the look on the DM's face when I ruined his evil plot.

    • John Allison II
      John Allison II  6 days back

      Out maneuvered my first DM (he was a PK kind of guy) with a spellblade/Eldritch knight that had a staff of force and plenty of spells as well as combat exsperance. The DM first tried to kill my character with some BS chest trap. A little while before that I'd cast the cenqury spell, (can't remember the exact spell but I believe it increased my reflexes.) Either way I got a second chance and won the roll. The next time I got caught in a BS ceiling trap that could somehow reconstruct itself after it sprung on you thus continuously hammering into you. Managed to save my character thanks to the other players. But the icing on top was the big boss battle. First part of the battle I completely negate with my staff of force. Use wall of force to encase the random tentical monster rendering it harmless then I encase the Big Bad Dragon in a cage of force also rendering it nullified. Even with it's sphere of anti magic (pro tip an anti magic sphere can't stop the wall of force spell. At least not in 3.5,) so yeah that was fun. Untill the DM pulled a spell out of his ass that somehow teleported his dragon out of my wall of force even with his anti magic sphere. I was soon kicked out after that because I couldn't make it to several game's, had some family issues to deal with and told the DM but I guess he really hated me for derailing his grand adventure.

    • Russell
      Russell  6 days back

      No ,nothing was out maneuvered. Everything just went so perfectly players and dm had to accept the rolls of the dice and they did so with charm and grace.sometimes the dice give you perfect. How you roll with perfect is on you. Glorious story.

  • Raptor In Your Closet
    Raptor In Your Closet  18 minutes back

    I once had a DMPC challenge me to single combat over conflicts on how I treated a goblin prisoner (true neutral half orc Barb who looks down on small weak creatures vs lawful good paly sorcerer home brew), figuring his op ass character would kick my ass, since we’re both lvl 1. I was playing a stupid pathfinder barbarian archetype that lets you turn into a tiger while raging, and I one shot him with the three natural attacks it gets in a turn. He was less then pleased.

    • Hayden Campbell
      Hayden Campbell  11 hours back

      Talk about the best laid plans of mice and men

      • Axios
        Axios  17 hours back

        The origin of the skaven...

        • Joseph Netherland
          Joseph Netherland  2 days back

          (this is my first time playing DND) my party and I were headed to kill a giant troll, and we had to make camp at a cave entrance. So ask to check the cave for anything interesting. The GM said that there was a statue of a dragon in the cave. And asked what I was going to do. So I screamed "Hello!!!" into the cave causing a huge battle. Then rolled to smash the statue. Releasing an imprisoned Dragon that gave us all a magic item. Later the GM told me that statue was for later and I ruined 2 weeks of planning. I felt terrible. Lol

          • Jared Walker
            Jared Walker  2 days back

            A dragon was going to drop me from a fatal height, and I convinced it to let and my party go. I explained that I had no hostile intentions, didn't realize it was offensive to be in possession of a dragon orb, gave it to the dragon, apologized, and the rest of my near dead party members reluctantly apologized as well. Sounds wimpy, but the dragon's alignment was good, and my party, except for me, had attacked it for no reason other than boredom.

            • Meinrad Dreizacker
              Meinrad Dreizacker  2 days back

              You want Skaven? Cause this is how you get Skaven.

              • Cameron C
                Cameron C  2 days back

                I’m running a campaign with a guild of wererats. But when a player gets bit and fails con save, the lycanthropy curse takes time to change the PC, if they don’t get treated they will turn in a month game time. Having the people turn in this story instantaneously seemed a little off to me

                • Silvadel Shaladin
                  Silvadel Shaladin  2 days back

                  Actually I didn't like the DMs actions in this. It was a very heavy handed reaction to unexpected actions by the players.

                  • Jacob Cochran
                    Jacob Cochran  2 days back

                    Damn that is such a badass way to murder the main boss

                    • Telemergion
                      Telemergion  2 days back

                      This story is awesome, but in an 80's B movie kinda way. If you think too hard at any point it's actually sorta dumb and very implausible. At numerous points the DM would have been well within their rights to have things go differently, and arguably should have. But they got this super unique story out of it, everybody had fun, so I'm glad they didn't.

                      • susuke selberkh
                        susuke selberkh  3 days back

                        All hail sjin, the true rat king!!!!!!!!

                        • Yamato Hotsuin
                          Yamato Hotsuin  3 days back

                          Why would he ever give it up? He gets to make all the rules.

                          • Unknown name
                            Unknown name  2 days back

                            I mean, they're rats. THE rats.

                            Theeey're the RATS.

                        • woot spam
                          woot spam  3 days back

                          amazing, great videos dude!

                          • Caleb Christensen
                            Caleb Christensen  3 days back

                            All hail the sub surface king, the gnasher of teeth and claws, the faux become real. His favorable gaze be upon you.

                            • The Cheese
                              The Cheese  3 days back

                              Yes-yes! Under-empire grows! Praise the horned-one!

                              • vsGoliath
                                vsGoliath  3 days back

                                How many times can we say shambling mound?

                                • Jeremy Powell
                                  Jeremy Powell  3 days back

                                  so once my DM and I were playing our massive kingdom builder campaign and he had a roll sheet for city events he rolled 2 black dragons, I was a lich I handed back the 2 ancient black dragons on a silver platter after going off with no army cause who needs that when I just throw a maximized empowered fireball at the 2 dragons and teleport (feats are great)

                                  • ogugua obidike
                                    ogugua obidike  3 days back

                                    Well this is a shit DM

                                    • Jarrod A
                                      Jarrod A  3 days back

                                      I became king of werewolfs in a story once and retired him as he March werewolf horde to new lands but best part in future DnD with friends he show up again as a NPC with a quest to kill undead army who try take his land (kinda feel like Warcraft if replace werewolf with worgen and Undead with forsaken) but still that was a fun times

                                      This story brought up the good old days thank you

                                      • Jarrod A
                                        Jarrod A  3 days back

                                        Skaven: yes yes he be good leader to plz horn rat yes yes

                                        • soul 4
                                          soul 4  4 days back

                                          Kinda did something but it was kinda a boring result though honestly. The dm said there was a wood barricade blocking the entrance to the dungeon we raided earlier and my character a known psychotic arsonist imeadiatly decided to burn down the door. Unfortunately for those inside it took a while to burn using create bonfire soooooo.....everything including a giant orc boss died of suffocation or smoke inhalation. The gust being cast into the tunnel by another party member didn't help either lol

                                          • The Spencer Show
                                            The Spencer Show  4 days back

                                            Can this be made into a full fledged story

                                            • Warboss Sloth Pope
                                              Warboss Sloth Pope  4 days back

                                              I had a Dwarf Barb who was Warhammer themed- slayer and he would destroy any icons of "foul worship". This lead to a section of the Strahd campaign where the 20str Beartotem barb Slamming the statue of Strahd onto the floor breaking it. But it also happened to destroy a Strahd's coffin that had been protected with invisibility.... When we later killed strahd it turned out he couldn't reform in his castle all because of a zealous dwarf destroying anything he didn't like.

                                              • TheFictionMan
                                                TheFictionMan  4 days back

                                                Should've put Pickle Rick in. Wipe out all of rat-kind.

                                                • Jack ripper
                                                  Jack ripper  4 days back

                                                  All hail the rat king 😊😜

                                                  • SC3 B7
                                                    SC3 B7  4 days back


                                                    • Nathanael Simons
                                                      Nathanael Simons  4 days back

                                                      I have a friend who has not played DnD and has shown no interest, however he claims that he knows DMs that have never had party members ruin their plans...

                                                      • Mustache Merlin
                                                        Mustache Merlin  5 days back

                                                        The ninja turtles play a game of DnD with. master Splinter

                                                        • jeloseth
                                                          jeloseth  5 days back

                                                          SAY SHAMBLING MOUND AGAIN!

                                                          • David Nix
                                                            David Nix  5 days back

                                                            Sound mixing is off

                                                            • Max Starling
                                                              Max Starling  5 days back

                                                              The dm got stuck in a trap of their own making, as nothing actually forced their hand in having the rats accept the EK as their king, to have the rats continue serving EK after they were exposed.

                                                              • mike Lefebvre
                                                                mike Lefebvre  5 days back

                                                                Shambling mound

                                                                • Terrence McDale
                                                                  Terrence McDale  5 days back

                                                                  Yes yes yes

                                                                  • William
                                                                    William  5 days back

                                                                    1:44 4:54 Hey! Who turned off the lights?!

                                                                    • Tymbre GameZ
                                                                      Tymbre GameZ  5 days back

                                                                      I hope they incorperate the rat kings society in future events.

                                                                      • Tymbre GameZ
                                                                        Tymbre GameZ  2 days back

                                                                        @Unknown name glad to inspire you haha.

                                                                        EDIT: Even maybe open up the city to other "were" creatures if i remember right alot of were creature can be good in nature if willingly turned. I remember we had a were-bear as a guardian of the woods. Keeping the balance of nature in its domain (lore friendly too)

                                                                      • Unknown name
                                                                        Unknown name  2 days back

                                                                        @Tymbre GameZ
                                                                        Migration! That's a fantastic idea. It's the Were-Rat Holy Land. A place were they don't need to be feared and hated for what they are.
                                                                        I'm going to make notes on this; it's too good to ignore.

                                                                      • Tymbre GameZ
                                                                        Tymbre GameZ  2 days back

                                                                        @Unknown name great reply.

                                                                        They could round up captives during the initial take over and ask if those willing to turn would step forward. To ensure a good amount of sane rats.

                                                                        Also if i was the Rat king i would send out emisaries to seek more willing to turn, or those who have turned willingly to migrate.

                                                                        Thinking about it.. id actually love a campaing set around building a similar society from the ashes. Would be interesting and fun IMO.

                                                                      • Unknown name
                                                                        Unknown name  2 days back

                                                                        Remember, he promised the Rats that they would invade the surface and take the City for their own.

                                                                        They infect *_rapidly_* and are immune to non-magic damage. After the Rats absolutely win the invasion of the city, the best-case scenario would be them taking all the old farmers (now Rats), and having them continue to work the fields so that they can continue to create food for the Rat Kingdom. Keeping all the old institutions functional, and maintaining order within the Monarchy Government.

                                                                        There would be a problem with the NPCs who embraced the curse, and those that didn't. Those that embraced it would still be normal people technically; they would be educated, intelligent, and probably upper-middle-class in this new Rat Society.
                                                                        Those that *_didn't_* embrace it, would be a weird mixture of stupid humanoids, completely insane humanoids, and true savage animals.
                                                                        The ones who are completely savage would probably be put to use as manual labor (construction, border defense), since they're not intelligent enough for deep thinking. Those who are still "people" but not all that intelligent, would likely end up being the lower-class citizens, filling whatever role they can get.

                                                                        In this society, the Sewers would actually be very useful! Since the Rats can still live there, they could construct large tunnel networks to defend against invaders, and they could have large districts inside. Homes, businesses and market places could all be within the sewers for those rats who wish to still live in the dark, while the surface City is available at any time for anyone who wishes to move up above.

                                                                        In the setting, you would have the obvious problem of whatever Kingdom owned the city before is going to be upset that they've now lost an entire city to Rat People. So the Rats will need to organize a self-defense force.

                                                                        If the Rats are to have ANY hope of living peacefully, they NEED to make a peaceful deal with the local Kingdom for independence. Probably sending their most intelligent and educated of citizens to meet at a Neutral location so they can negotiate.

                                                                        This is totally *_bleeding_* with story potential.

                                                                    • DeltaPhoenixHawk
                                                                      DeltaPhoenixHawk  5 days back

                                                                      I was playing a second edition game a few month's ago. My character became a priest of Bast which meant NO felines could ever willingly harm my character and would react favorably towards him. The module he picked had a room filled with displacer beasts which are feline of sorts. My character just smiled went to his knees with open arms saying "KITTIES!" ... The DM sighed as I now had a pack of Displacer beasts at my command. Worse yet in the next room a Rakasha waited for us. I looked at the DM with a grin as my character looked at the tiger faced creature. By the end of the night the DM looked at me and said... "No more minions for you." He wasn't happy cause I kept the displacer beasts attacking the weakest things in the area to get rid of those quickly while the Rakasha and our Fighter continued to tank what ever was the toughest thing there. I wasn't a rat king, I was a Feline Emperor!

                                                                      • Difficult Reaper
                                                                        Difficult Reaper  5 days back

                                                                        I just had a session where I pinned an adult dragon to the floor after two failed death saves. For our parties fighter to give the final blow. Our DM was impressed and extremely salty.

                                                                        • BBerry
                                                                          BBerry  5 days back

                                                                          *Shambling Mound*

                                                                          • funnyblog100
                                                                            funnyblog100  5 days back

                                                                            Now all we are missing is a sugarplum fairy and a nutcracker.

                                                                            • Garrett Frugé
                                                                              Garrett Frugé  5 days back


                                                                              • Dominic Bolling
                                                                                Dominic Bolling  5 days back

                                                                                This totally reminded me of an older campaign the dm was trying for a darker campaign and allowed us to use any faction we wanted. There were five in totally we had a dark elf wizard, dwarf paladin, orc barbarian, tiefling sorcerer and me a goblin rogue. I remember this campaign vividly. It was the best I ever had. Sadly the dm moved away and it ended. But the gist was basically do what we wanted. And our Dark elf friend turned into a very dark and secluded person who after each encounter only asked for the bodies of those we slew. "Side note he was a necromancer so we didn't think much of it." But one quest we had was to deal with an orc raiding party that had been troubling villages we were around level 10 at the time and with the five of us we thought a few orcs wouldn't be hard, but as we approached what we anticipated to be the next target I was sent ahead to scout. Now level ten goblin rogue not a whole lot of health or armor I used a modified rapid fire hand held crossbow along with a clock of elven kind I "borrowed" and it turned out this wasn't a raiding party but and army of orcs who forced goblins to be meat sheilds. So I returned with that info in mind and my orc buddy and I divised a simple answer to this. I asked to receive 12 of the most stealthy goblins to act as my own personal apprentices the orc however asked our dm if he could remember the tribes banners and see if he could potentially join. But that's another story in short we achieve each of our goals and my hubble little Grinnub Elf Slayer soon became the Prince Of thieves in one of the central trading cities. My other members also went on to achieve noble and evil deeds

                                                                                • Pupcake The Smol Doggo

                                                                                  So my group of people in our table top club campaign go into a sort of game show, run by a deamon who has taken over our friend Caper and not only tried to eat Capers soul but is curently posessing her with her soul in another body.
                                                                                  Sooooo Caper or now Scarlet the red deamon starts the second stage of the game. A wyrmling, or a baby dragon. This thing is like 10 foor tall which is bigger than our largest player. And as soon as it has its turn it breathes fire onto the stage.... this is were my charicter is standing. The others who are on the stage jump off but I rolled a 12 and my halfling sorcerer is burnt to a crisp. Right now she is on -13 health. My DM is really nice so my Halfling lives, for now at least.

                                                                                  • Andy Garcia
                                                                                    Andy Garcia  6 days back

                                                                                    I'd like to hear more stories of the EK Rat King.

                                                                                    • AquaDarkSkull
                                                                                      AquaDarkSkull  6 days back

                                                                                      And thus... the new plague started...

                                                                                      • Eric Larrieu-let
                                                                                        Eric Larrieu-let  6 days back

                                                                                        *Keep priestess unturned so she can de-curse everyone else later.*
                                                                                        *party and priestess bail out of the sewers after killing boss, dooming survivors to wererat life*

                                                                                        • deathpresent101
                                                                                          deathpresent101  6 days back

                                                                                          But what about the shambling mound?

                                                                                          • jbee02
                                                                                            jbee02  6 days back

                                                                                            You know if my player came up with creative way to clear my dungeon or encounter, I wouldn't shoe horn something in just to get the difficulty backup. Especially if it's really creative like this. I'd be of the mind that the players earned the easy ride.