Fire Emblem: Three Houses Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019


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  • jeffery keeton
    jeffery keeton  2 weeks back

    WTF my sperm count droped just watching this....

    • fuxt edd
      fuxt edd  3 weeks back

      Im here because Danny Brown shouted this game out in a GQ video.

      • Tyler Strum
        Tyler Strum  3 weeks back

        Lol that’s a critical hit, not a gambit...

        • MrJogi86
          MrJogi86  4 weeks back

          give me a game where i play as petra the proud amazon queen

          • Deion Greenaway
            Deion Greenaway  4 weeks back


            • Ayush Patel
              Ayush Patel  1 months back

              Bring pubg mobile to Nintendo Switch

              • TacoMeat17
                TacoMeat17  3 weeks back

                That’s never gonna happen

            • Kervin Kersey Montano
              Kervin Kersey Montano  1 months back

              I miss Brigandine

              • Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan
                Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan  1 months back

                we gonna lose lots of gameplay "features" after the localization i bet

              • Dylan Valentine
                Dylan Valentine  2 months back

                This is pretty late but i don’t know where else to post this. Accessibility is a huge thing nowadays and you would think that a company would think about things like text size in regards to a handheld system like the Switch however, Three Houses does not have an option to increase text size. Can you please provide this in an update? The size is literally 6 points. Thats the size for legal text. Please and thank you<3.

                • Fernando Cardoso
                  Fernando Cardoso  2 months back

                  Tis one reminds me of shining force series, specialy sf 2 and 3. Just give me SF4 😥

                  • MrPotato
                    MrPotato  2 months back

                    Hard to believe the games been out for a while now

                    • Eiszapfen der wütenden Winde

                      4K Emulation is the only true way to enjoy this game! No more ugly low res screen flickering on big screens!

                      • Mary Hunsinger
                        Mary Hunsinger  2 months back

                        Knowledgeable 😂😂😂 she attacked certain enemies with classes that are completely weak against them. Needs to learn class vulnerabilities and strengths. Garbage.

                        • TacoMeat17
                          TacoMeat17  3 weeks back

                          Give her a break alright? People make mistakes

                      • Mr. Waffles
                        Mr. Waffles  2 months back

                        I'm really torn on this because I've never really played much in the way of strategy games, but it's a genre I think I'd like to get into. However I've never played a Fire Emblem and this doesn't look very noob-friendly, especially with the added complexity of managing the social aspects outside of battle. At the same time this is clearly very polished, and I'm aware that Fire Emblem is considered to be one of the best series in the turn based strategy genre. Is there anyone that knows what the learning curve and difficulty levels are like in this game? Is it something a TBS noob could pick up and learn, or would it be essentially hopeless for me to jump in this late in the series?

                        • TacoMeat17
                          TacoMeat17  2 months back

                          Fire Emblem Three Houses is one of if not the best game in the series to start with. There are tutorials for everything and they’re are easy to understand and can be viewed at any time. Fire emblem has always been known for its permadeath mechanic but in Three Houses you can just use divine pulse to fix your mistakes if you’re afraid. You can even play in casual mode to remove permadeath altogether. As for the learning curve it’s perfect for a beginner. There are also three different difficulties and you can make lower the difficulty if you’re struggling. Also if you’re wondering about the story, you don’t need to play the other FE games to understand the plot. Three Houses takes place in a completely new continent, separate from the other games.

                          Tl:dr yes a beginner like you can definitely pick up this game. There’s no such thing as jumping too late into the series

                      • Xervantez Xvi
                        Xervantez Xvi  2 months back

                        Please on the next DLC we want JERALT back to life we want him as a playable character PLEASEEEEE

                        • Super C
                          Super C  3 months back

                          Radiant Dawn was the final and best Fire Emblem game out. Everything after that is all bleh to me. Then the Dynasty warriors copy of it really was rubbish. Oh well.

                          • Super C
                            Super C  2 months back

                            @Mercedes von Aegir this style suck and they call it FE. That is how. Then again it is not up to me. Let me check the reviews out on it etc. One thing for sure I personally did not think it worked.

                          • Mercedes von Aegir
                            Mercedes von Aegir  2 months back

                            @Super C how exactly is it damaging a good name?

                          • Super C
                            Super C  2 months back

                            @Mercedes von Aegir Good way to give something a bad rep if you ask me. I mean i see it like damaging a good name. Oh well i guess

                          • TacoMeat17
                            TacoMeat17  2 months back

                            @Super C so by your logic Tokyo Mirage Sessions is an FE game despite it obviously being more similar to SMT/Persona

                          • Mercedes von Aegir
                            Mercedes von Aegir  2 months back

                            @Super C FE Warriors isn’t an FE game. It’s a dynasty warriors game. Just because it has FE in the name doesn’t always mean it’s an actual FE game. It could be a spin-off

                        • Mr. Karl Hedberg Crab
                          Mr. Karl Hedberg Crab  3 months back

                          More immersive with the people. Yeah except they don't pile on you and they run when only ONE GUY get downed. Like wut?

                          • Vigilant Rebel
                            Vigilant Rebel  3 months back

                            Am I the only one who thinks the New Fire Emblem game sucks?
                            I am a hardcore fan of the fire emblem series and I preordered and bought the game. I played it for a week and I have to say it was a complete waste of time. This game is supposed to be a Hardcore Tactical Combat RPG, that is what I was expecting, and thats definitely not what I got. Props for voicing every dialog box but thats all my sixty dollars went torwards. The story is poor and very lazily written. The main character looks very generic and lame to me, and the costumes and the general asthetic is not what I've come to expect from a Fire Emblem Entry. The combat is okay for the most part except all the "Flair" behind many characters attacks. Other drawbacks (in my opinion) Include; the lack of actual battles, also crappy reasoning for said battles, whiny students at a MILITARY ACADEMY. Example: Badass fire mage dont wanna hurt people instead wants to heal, Heavy armor warrior dont wanna ride a horse anymore, etc. The fact there is over 800 damn conversations you can have every day. FOR WHAT? IM TRAINING AN ARMY!! This is a needless boring mechanic that needs to disappear. Another BIG problem I have is that there is no pvp like at all. In many other titles especially the gba entries had pvp and you could compare soldiers with your friends and see who trained up that character better and could fight against one another with your own tuned up force. Not in this game. If you are a Hardcore fan of the series, This hijinxed psuedo social sim isn't for you.

                          • kaval187
                            kaval187  3 months back

                            good job nintendo on running 10 20 of the same add back to back cruchy roll i now will never buy that game its allmost as annoying as gramerly adds on youtube

                            yep all it takes is 20-50 of the same add in a day or 20 back to back for un-ending loathing☢

                          • PedroBandicoot
                            PedroBandicoot  3 months back

                            Uou, Nice Graphics... ;-;

                            • Acrossthestars12 Carrot
                              Acrossthestars12 Carrot  3 months back


                              • Taylor Hornsby
                                Taylor Hornsby  3 months back

                                Will be getting this game soon, and I'm looking forward to sinking in hundreds of hours so I can see the game from each house's perspective ❤️

                                • Arc Knight
                                  Arc Knight  3 months back

                                  In the wolf/bridge map, why did she keep saying “Gambit” when they were Critical Hits. You have to personally activate a Gambit to use it. Right?

                                • Night Power
                                  Night Power  4 months back

                                  why not for pc why,.

                                  • Nodto Modley
                                    Nodto Modley  3 months back

                                    Because it's a first party Nintendo game.

                                • Surf Surfing
                                  Surf Surfing  4 months back

                                  Man, this summer is going by fast.

                                  Game is already out.

                                  • mad cat
                                    mad cat  4 months back

                                    The only thing I don't like is the fighting system

                                    • 330 Native
                                      330 Native  4 months back


                                    • sieglindes
                                      sieglindes  4 months back

                                      ended up coming to this video for reference on the warp tiles haha!!

                                      • rare pepe
                                        rare pepe  4 months back

                                        this treehouse is a total clamfest

                                        • Lol what ?
                                          Lol what ?  4 months back

                                          Why does this series has so much hype ? Its feels so boring to me.

                                          • The Real MC
                                            The Real MC  4 months back

                                            I ask myself the same thing about Smash Brothers.

                                        • Katrina SitTingHuen
                                          Katrina SitTingHuen  4 months back

                                          I chose Black Eagle

                                        • Katrina SitTingHuen
                                          Katrina SitTingHuen  4 months back

                                          I bought that!so good

                                          • Isaac Lee
                                            Isaac Lee  4 months back

                                            HOW DO YOU RECRUIT IGNATZ I WANTTT 😭

                                            • Isaac Lee
                                              Isaac Lee  2 months back

                                              TacoMeat17 haha I managed to recruit him in my first playthrough, he was a great Assassin for my team

                                            • TacoMeat17
                                              TacoMeat17  2 months back

                                              Dexterity and Authority

                                          • Dou
                                            Dou  4 months back

                                            Oh, man fe is already a time sink I definitely have no life now

                                            • Donna Slayer
                                              Donna Slayer  4 months back

                                              we know women shouldn't be around games

                                              • Donna Slayer
                                                Donna Slayer  4 months back

                                                @Miya and the same goes for diversity

                                              • Miya
                                                Miya  4 months back

                                                @Donna Slayer nah

                                              • Donna Slayer
                                                Donna Slayer  4 months back

                                                @Miya women being on a boat bring bad luck in a ship that's the same way with video games

                                            • dexsea24
                                              dexsea24  4 months back

                                              i wish they stfu so the gMe could be heard easy

                                              • Tora Boba
                                                Tora Boba  4 months back

                                                Does fire emblem contain a story line? Sorry i've never played the franchise and i'm planning to buy this game. It Looks great btw.

                                                • Inna Shuster
                                                  Inna Shuster  4 months back

                                                  Tora Boba it does, I’m not too far into it so far, but it is really good

                                              • Joey Rosas
                                                Joey Rosas  4 months back

                                                Fire Emblem is basically an anime game of chess.

                                                • Aaron
                                                  Aaron  2 months back

                                                  If FE is basically a game of chess, then is Seth the queen?

                                                • randomguy6679
                                                  randomguy6679  4 months back

                                                  Basically yes. But with good characters instead of basic chess pieces

                                              • yosmany cardenas
                                                yosmany cardenas  4 months back

                                                I just have to love itttt!!!! Is just amazing !!

                                                • chantorfo
                                                  chantorfo  4 months back

                                                  I loved advanced wars, so I guess this one it’s a no brainer for me on my switch

                                                  • Monophonic Inverse
                                                    Monophonic Inverse  4 months back

                                                    ONE MORE DAY!

                                                    • Weston Meyer
                                                      Weston Meyer  4 months back

                                                      1 more day!!!!!

                                                      I can do this....I think.

                                                      • Shiraho
                                                        Shiraho  4 months back

                                                        Edlegard is the villain


                                                        • Lorenz The Progenitor God
                                                          Lorenz The Progenitor God  2 months back

                                                          Is this some kind of twisted joke?!

                                                          I will take that head from your shoulders a̴n̴d̴ ̴h̴a̴n̴g̴ ̴i̴t̴ ̴f̴r̴o̴m̴ ̴t̴h̴e̴ ̴g̴a̴t̴e̴s̴ ̴o̴f̴ ̴E̴n̴b̴a̴r̴r̴!

                                                      • CloudBomb3r
                                                        CloudBomb3r  4 months back

                                                        inb4 People try save-scumming certification exams

                                                      • IG: confused_melo To see proof melo is trash #Ginga


                                                        • Tandem Edge
                                                          Tandem Edge  4 months back

                                                          When will Fire Emblem start looking like it wasn't made for the N64...?

                                                          • TacoMeat17
                                                            TacoMeat17  3 months back

                                                            This ain’t Pokémon my dude

                                                        • Jeff Dunam
                                                          Jeff Dunam  4 months back

                                                          20:51 she splitted

                                                          • MindfulDeception
                                                            MindfulDeception  4 months back

                                                            but..... can you pet that cat!!??