Is the European Union a Country?


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  • akhs denlew
    akhs denlew  2 days back

    No, it's not.. and never will be.
    At least not without any "force".
    So if so many people want that, why did they fought off hitler?
    Just cus the "3rd reich" or "German empire" sounds too intimidating and too insulting compared to the "united states of europe"?
    Can't happen.. sorry.
    If they ever put this into vote i can't see any country saying yes with a majority..Maybe germany,luxemburg or even belgium and netherlands? But i doubt it.
    So if it ever happens it has to be by force.
    And if it happens by force (force doesn't have to include tanks and aircrafts, there are other ways to force people into submission) then u're gonna have a bunch of revolutions all around soon after...
    Especially the balkans...
    So why do u even want that?
    I am really curious.. WHY do some people want that?
    Just to create a superpower almost equal to the US and china?
    Who the fuck cares, let china russia and usa fight for world's 1st superpower.. or you germans can just grow silly mustaches and raise the old mighty war-machine germany again...Why does it have to include every little country in the eu? we're not interested thank u

    • Lenin our savior
      Lenin our savior  1 hours back

      akhs denlew yes they do have borders. All states have borders, but you can pass through them as you wish. Exactly like it works in the EU. Well as it stands, all countries that are in the EU have *to a degree* already signed up to that. By simply joining the EU and letting laws decided by higher powers rule over you, just like a government to a state. The highest authority for EU members is the EU Supreme Court, nothing stands above it. Just like the government/constitution to the American states.

    • akhs denlew
      akhs denlew  2 hours back

      @Lenin our savior except that the united states have 1 goverment, no boarders, 1 single language and i don't think that the states are taking advantage of each other.
      Also the "states" all want to be part of this united states of america thing right?
      While in EU, no country will ever sign up for that..
      The states don't really have indepedant long history and culture.While most of the EU countries have.. and some of them have a really old and rich culture/history...

    • Lenin our savior
      Lenin our savior  2 hours back

      akhs denlew look at the United States. They have 50 different states that can do as they wish as long as it follows the constitution. Now look at the EU, the member states can do as they wish as long as it follows the EU laws. The EU is a supranational organization, which means that it stands *above* countries, just like the constitution in America and the states. I am not saying that the EU is a country, I’m just saying the argument could easily be made.

    • akhs denlew
      akhs denlew  6 hours back

      @Lenin our savior No it's not..
      We all have our own boarders, our own language, seperate goverments, seprate military, different culture, some of us have different currency and politicaly speaking each country approach every incident differently.
      How is the EU 1 single country?

    • Lenin our savior
      Lenin our savior  15 hours back

      One could easily make the argument that the EU is a country right now as we speak

  • Chuj w dupę dla google


    • Hayden
      Hayden  4 days back

      im confused, the US has a federal district that is completely owned by the government? Washington DC was carved from states for the gov to control and house the government. I get this is a year old but like fact check stuff maybe? like its literally the capitol of the US. Also national parks are federal gov territory. Like what?

      • Oidvin _
        Oidvin _  5 days back

        Sweden also opted out of the eurozone.

        • Aslan Bayramuqlany
          Aslan Bayramuqlany  5 days back

          In my view this video just overcomplicates things

          • michu
            michu  1 weeks back

            1:07 Certain economic target? Wow i needs to be a very weird economic target when poor slovakia and baltics got it but sweden poland and czechia not...
            The red countries just don't want the euro currency, they don't have to reach any target

            • The Retro Lab
              The Retro Lab  1 weeks back

              The EU really wishes it was a country.

              • Nikola Nikolić
                Nikola Nikolić  1 weeks back


                • Elias M
                  Elias M  2 weeks back

                  Of course not.

                • SiniyRus
                  SiniyRus  2 weeks back

                  no one forgets georgia!

                  • Caskader Gaming
                    Caskader Gaming  2 weeks back

                    Also if EU would unite in the future as a country , there will be a problem with the languages. If the countrys of EU start speaking English at least,other languages will desapeard and that's a bad think to do

                    • Phil Chadwick
                      Phil Chadwick  2 weeks back

                      Washington DC?

                      • Ivan Blanaru
                        Ivan Blanaru  2 weeks back

                        L'unione fa la forza! Viva gli Stati Uniti d' Europa !

                        • om nom
                          om nom  3 weeks back

                          UK ummm still in the eu

                          • alberto cassinelli
                            alberto cassinelli  3 weeks back

                            No! The Union of many different countries with agreements

                            • TheGhost
                              TheGhost  3 weeks back

                              5:17 Gadsden Flag ❤

                              • Nirvana Supermind
                                Nirvana Supermind  3 weeks back

                                You took 78 seconds to do your 90-second recap (0:33-1:51)

                                • Some Guy
                                  Some Guy  3 weeks back

                                  Short answer: No.
                                  Medium answer: Actually yes.
                                  Long answer: Wait actually no.
                                  Ultimate answer:, we're really not sure. Maybe?

                                  • Some Guy
                                    Some Guy  3 weeks back

                                    @Lester F.A.R Well in my personal opinion it kind of is and kind of isn't. It has many attributes of a federal state - EU law, an EU government and parliament, EU borders, EU money, EU citizenship, a totally integrated economy etc. But ultimately the member states control the EU government, and the EU does not directly collect taxes nor does it have an army, making it more like a confederation.

                                    Ultimately, like the video said, the EU is not a country because it does not claim to be one and is not recognised as one. But in terms of how it functions, it is a lot like the US before the Civil War, when the federal government was much weaker. So it can certainly be seen as being the same sort of thing as what we usually consider to be countries when we use that word.

                                    I imagine over time the EU will become more integrated and will basically be acknowledged as a country, nation, state or whatever word we use for entities such as the US, China, India etc in the future. In the meantime I personally don't get too mad at Americans for thinking Europe is a country because looking at it from the outside with the Schengen area, the Euro, the flag etc, it sure does look like one.

                                  • Lester F.A.R
                                    Lester F.A.R  3 weeks back

                                    @Some Guy I thought no one in Europe would ever say EU was a country lol.

                                  • Some Guy
                                    Some Guy  3 weeks back

                                    @Lester F.A.R No, I'm European (UK). ;)

                                  • Lester F.A.R
                                    Lester F.A.R  3 weeks back

                                    U r American right?

                                • Claira Sva
                                  Claira Sva  3 weeks back

                                  The information in this video is not completely correct as Czech Republic has the economical status to apply for for Euro currency, however the population is not keen on changing the currency (Koruna)... On the hand Slovakia is currently using Euro currency.

                                  • Billy Marold
                                    Billy Marold  3 weeks back

                                    Is Turkey really a part of Europe?

                                    • Hakan Tekin
                                      Hakan Tekin  2 days back

                                      @akhs denlew Correct! 3% only in Europe. From polulation point of view it is around %14 which is around 10.000.000. The rest of 70.000.000 is in Asia Minor. Hope it is clearer. :)

                                    • akhs denlew
                                      akhs denlew  2 days back

                                      Geographically speaking a very small % of turkey is in europe.
                                      Only a small part thought

                                    • Hakan Tekin
                                      Hakan Tekin  3 weeks back

                                      I am a Turkish guy and please let me give an answer to you: No Turkey is not a part of Europe and wont be. Turkey is Turkey and a Transcontinental country. ;) .. Hope this helps.

                                  • ayHHo
                                    ayHHo  3 weeks back

                                    You have to exclude sweden.
                                    Sweden fullfills the economic targets as it is one of the richest countries in the EU.
                                    But it didnt fullfill the reagulatory cretarias which they didnt want to change.
                                    And the people votet in 2003 against being part of the Euro Zone.

                                    • Foorack
                                      Foorack  6 days back

                                      Yes, he misspoke again. They not only have to reach a certain economic target, which Sweden already fulfill easily, but they are also required to fulfill certain currency requirements, one of which is currency stability (minimize fluctuations) which Sweden currently doesn't fulfill.

                                      Also people voted against the euro in a referendum 16 years ago, but that was not legally binding. What is legally binding though is the promise to adopt the euro when all requirements are fulfilled, which was ratified in Treaty when we joined. If one day all criteria was met over a continuous 2 year period then it would be difficult for Sweden to argue against adopting it. We saw a similar case with the referendum on driving side, with the No vote winning yet dagen-H came 12 years later, due to logic and peer pressure from rest of Europe.
                                      I think it is highly unlikely Sweden will ever adopt the euro before Denmark does, but once they do we will be quick after.

                                  • Me AndMeToo
                                    Me AndMeToo  3 weeks back

                                    0:16 that empire's long gone.

                                    • Конрад Лейк
                                      Конрад Лейк  4 weeks back

                                      Better hope not

                                      • Dick my Suck
                                        Dick my Suck  4 weeks back

                                        2:20 and Wales

                                        • Nyal Burns
                                          Nyal Burns  4 weeks back

                                          Brexit now

                                          • Heisted
                                            Heisted  4 weeks back

                                            No shit it isn’t a country. It’s just a union that keeps peace and unity in Europe.

                                            • Heisted
                                              Heisted  3 weeks back

                                              Fritz True but I’m just saying what it should be doing. I live in Germany and 90% of the time I forget it even exists

                                            • Fritz
                                              Fritz  3 weeks back

                                              Idk it seems to be doing everything but unifying as of late

                                          • Scroody
                                            Scroody  4 weeks back

                                            Short answer NO!!!!!!!!!

                                          • Rey
                                            Rey  4 weeks back

                                            New USSR with different clours

                                            • Miś Wojtek Kapral
                                              Miś Wojtek Kapral  4 weeks back

                                              1:10 poland isnt planing on joining the Euro zone

                                              • Nemon Cubez
                                                Nemon Cubez  4 weeks back

                                                You just awakened 6YO me

                                                • Mitchell Pincham
                                                  Mitchell Pincham  4 weeks back

                                                  'Society decides what is a sovereign country'


                                                  • ExplosiveStickFigure
                                                    ExplosiveStickFigure  1 months back

                                                    But why not turkey 🇹🇷

                                                    • Fritz
                                                      Fritz  3 weeks back

                                                      Ari Jao to be fair what are they went to do with them there not a rich country especially now that the eu is refusing to give them the money they where promised to house them in the first place

                                                    • Ari Jao
                                                      Ari Jao  3 weeks back

                                                      Turkey is not in Europe, they always threaten us to send millions of immigrants too so no thanks

                                                  • Lotantio
                                                    Lotantio  1 months back

                                                    0:26 "And there's a single government" I love how you showed a picture of the European Central Bank instead of the EU Commission

                                                  • sam banks
                                                    sam banks  1 months back

                                                    Is European Union Going To Live On Without The Great United Kingdom Funding it...

                                                    • Silapaht Baosongsi
                                                      Silapaht Baosongsi  1 months back

                                                      My coutry is safe switzerland

                                                      • Tiny mod
                                                        Tiny mod  1 months back

                                                        No fucking way

                                                        • yvaine
                                                          yvaine  1 months back

                                                          8:05 I think this is recognition of Palestine not Israel

                                                          • jagman84
                                                            jagman84  1 months back

                                                            No. It's a tyranny. If you are unable to remove the people who dictate your laws at the ballot box then you are not in a democracy. The EU parliament has no power to initiate legislation. A puppet parliament, in effect.

                                                            • TechWolfDE
                                                              TechWolfDE  1 months back

                                                              8:04 I think you mean the recognition of Palestinia an don’t Israel

                                                              • Pan-asianist Solidarity Movement

                                                                Its not and it should never be!!!

                                                                • John Smith
                                                                  John Smith  1 months back

                                                                  Wish the US could join the EU and than quit in a week to show the UK how to get out of the EU quick and cheap.

                                                                  • Fritz
                                                                    Fritz  3 weeks back

                                                                    Vladimir I think it’s the other way around to be honest it would only take one eu country member to veto all their extensions but that’s never happend

                                                                  • Vladimir
                                                                    Vladimir  1 months back

                                                                    The UK doesn't want to get out of the EU quick and cheap, they try to cause as much damage and inconvenience for the EU for as long as they possibly can.

                                                                • cctv in use
                                                                  cctv in use  1 months back

                                                                  i don’t want to leave the eu 🥺

                                                                  • Nick Diamond
                                                                    Nick Diamond  1 months back

                                                                    Short answer: no
                                                                    Medium answer: its not a country because the people decided its not a country.
                                                                    Long answer: this video

                                                                    • Spcki de Spock Spock
                                                                      Spcki de Spock Spock  1 months back

                                                                      This is for Americans isn't it?

                                                                      • John Smith
                                                                        John Smith  1 months back

                                                                        Wish the US could join the EU and than quit in a week to show the UK how to get out of the EU quick and cheap.

                                                                    • amel villabroza
                                                                      amel villabroza  1 months back


                                                                      • deckard pt
                                                                        deckard pt  1 months back

                                                                        You've completely mis-described the UK. The UK is not a country of countries, it is a unitary state and a single country.

                                                                        • deckard pt
                                                                          deckard pt  1 months back

                                                                          03:38, wrong the UK is a unitary state, it is NOT federation. England, Scotland and Wales essentially do not exist, the territories which make up the UK are Great Britain formed from the unions of the now defunct kingdoms of England and Scotland and Northern Ireland which was formed from the Irish free state.