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  • Glow
    Glow  3 months back

    Yesterday i won a Game with one hp too

    • Patrick Ma
      Patrick Ma  3 months back


      -Toast 2019

      • Tom Drewery
        Tom Drewery  4 months back

        “How to tilt the HELL out of your viewer base”

        • Matthew H
          Matthew H  4 months back

          23:32 I was throw my phone at the wall if he didn't see that.

          • Joao Ramos
            Joao Ramos  4 months back

            33:39 - That gave me a bit of an erection though. Love hasagis...

            • Robertas Viskupaitis
              Robertas Viskupaitis  4 months back


              • SharpShooter
                SharpShooter  4 months back

                Literally while u roled for yasuo u got so many dravens that u could have a lvl 3 and won by hand ffs it got me triggered so much

                • DedZecc
                  DedZecc  4 months back

                  SharpShooter yea if you Roll them away theyll come back

                • Its Warpriest
                  Its Warpriest  4 months back

                  But if he started buying those dravens then the drop chance for him will decrease and most likely would have a hard time rolling for a tier 3. So no, probably just more worth it rolling for the yas

              • Luka Jovanovski
                Luka Jovanovski  4 months back

                Selling the garen triggered and it was a bad idea in every way possible

                • Sparky Sharky
                  Sparky Sharky  5 months back

                  It's funny how an Asian can't speak "omae wa mou shindeiru" correctly :D

                  • Sparky Sharky
                    Sparky Sharky  4 months back

                    I didn't say he should know any language in the world, I just said it's funny to me. Nothing more, nothing less.

                  • Q Skyshark
                    Q Skyshark  4 months back

                    maybe because he can’t speak japanese? just because they’re asian doesn’t mean they can suddenly speak all asian languages lmao

                • God Level Yasuo
                  God Level Yasuo  5 months back

                  we on 800k boissss

                  • Ilgar Gedikoğlu
                    Ilgar Gedikoğlu  5 months back

                    Omg if only he picked the dravens while searching for a yas
                    He was a level 3
                    I'm tilted

                    • luna
                      luna  5 months back

                      "iF oNlY hE piCkeD tHe dRavEnS"

                      There's a limited amount of champions in the pool, there's a reason why people buy that random Karthuses and Anivia-s while looking for Yasuo or Kayle. It's to lower the champions in the pool, to higher your chance of getting the other champions. Same applies to buying out units, if you buy those Karthuses and Anivia-s, you're not going to pick up as many as their chance pool has been lowered, with less of them being in the pool.

                      That all applies to buying Draven, and every other champion. You're just seeing the same like, two Dravens over and over.

                    • Kakyoin-the milf Hunter
                      Kakyoin-the milf Hunter  5 months back

                      Ilgar Gedikoğlu the chance lower everytime he get the same unit so it just a waste of coin

                    • Kakyoin-the milf Hunter
                      Kakyoin-the milf Hunter  5 months back

                      Ilgar Gedikoğlu not really

                  • Kevin Wang
                    Kevin Wang  5 months back

                    Dis Guys TOASTED

                    • IRBx Halotic
                      IRBx Halotic  5 months back

                      I'm literally so sad u kept rr for 1 yas and easily passed up lvl3 draven.....

                      • TheFixer710
                        TheFixer710  5 months back

                        Ha he passed up like 5 dravens could of had lv 3 draven but nooooo gotta get yas

                        • Ola
                          Ola  5 months back

                          from Mr.100% to Mr.One

                          • Ola
                            Ola  4 months back

                            Sad :)

                          • NeoDraquin
                            NeoDraquin  4 months back

                            still 100% winrate? =)

                        • Xfireball
                          Xfireball  5 months back

                          How the f did he win without 1 lvl 3....

                        • Anthan Krufix
                          Anthan Krufix  5 months back

                          I love this guy's enthusiasm. He's like the Imaqtpie of teamfight tactics.

                          • Epiko Perfect Noob
                            Epiko Perfect Noob  5 months back

                            "TwoFaceHeavy" i have a news for you.... you are real dummy :) But you are lucky that you are that dumb so you dont even realize it and you can life happy life of simple soul.

                            • Robbieh1988
                              Robbieh1988  5 months back

                              Is this the Mr. 100% I've heard about?

                              • Pain Bae
                                Pain Bae  5 months back

                                He could’ve upgraded draven

                                • Namaki Sasaki
                                  Namaki Sasaki  5 months back

                                  33:55 ur welcome

                                  • True North
                                    True North  5 months back

                                    What is a hypercarry?

                                    • Megaman 2407
                                      Megaman 2407  5 months back

                                      Is the one that can solo carry you

                                  • Nguyễn Nhật Khánh
                                    Nguyễn Nhật Khánh  5 months back

                                    1 thing to say.... your guardian..... 😂, read what guardian do bro.

                                    • hanirko00
                                      hanirko00  5 months back

                                      Nguyễn Nhật Khánh he knows , i think he placed braum there to take some aggro off of yasuo cause he was being targeted and killed early

                                  • CoCreeed
                                    CoCreeed  5 months back

                                    If I didnt read it, i would always understand "this guys' toast". and sometimes i still find myself wondering: why the hell would two or more guys share a toast.

                                    • Ayush B
                                      Ayush B  5 months back

                                      It's "this guy's (guy is) toast"

                                  • Lubos Šimko
                                    Lubos Šimko  5 months back

                                    i got comeback with 7 hp - enemy got about 80 but i got finally my yordle combo with buffed kennen + he got burn effect when dealing dmg + yordle on lvl 2 - the worst was when i lost game and lost 2 hp (so i got 5 because of time - goddamit kayle

                                    • Team Spintop
                                      Team Spintop  5 months back

                                      what a poor excuse for a game

                                      • deari900
                                        deari900  5 months back

                                        You and the number 8 were the only ones with dravens in their comps number 8 fell off pretty early, you had a decent chance for lvl 3. Why do you think you kept getting dravens every reroll xd. Might as well slow reroll in 2 turns instead of one and keep the dravens incase. Then sell them if you don't get the third for yas.

                                        • illya olav
                                          illya olav  5 months back

                                          HOLY 2 STAR YAS

                                          • MasterOfMelons
                                            MasterOfMelons  5 months back

                                            People talking about how he could've gotten level 3 Draven, clearly don't know how RNG works.

                                            • deari900
                                              deari900  5 months back

                                              Strictly speaking league in general let alone tft doesn't work with rng but psuedo rng. Modified chances after every result to get a consistent output. But regardless he and number 8 were the only ones going for draven, he had a pretty decent chance to get a third one and even if he didn't its the better option to just keep it and sell them after you've reached 0 gold, that way yas has also a higher chance of showing up since you're taking dravens away from the pool.

                                          • Cole Stevens
                                            Cole Stevens  5 months back

                                            I want maphite to be added as a unit

                                            • jim
                                              jim  5 months back

                                              How come Toast isnt the top 500 players list?

                                              • VoteCthulhu
                                                VoteCthulhu  5 months back

                                                needs more clickbait , almost didnt click on this

                                                • Fritz Winterhoff
                                                  Fritz Winterhoff  5 months back

                                                  its not clickbait if it actually happens.... wich it did

                                              • That Loner
                                                That Loner  5 months back

                                                lvl 2 Kale... sounds delicious!

                                                • nikfelther
                                                  nikfelther  5 months back

                                                  when that person said "you couldve had lvl 3 draven". he was right, you can count 6 dravens the entire time toast is madly rolling for yasuo. giving him lvl 3, 3 item draven

                                                  • Ethan Allwood
                                                    Ethan Allwood  5 months back

                                                    not how that works, every time he takes a draven its even more unlikely he'll get more. theres only like 13 dravens total in the whole pool. ridiculously unlikely chance he could get 9

                                                • Moe
                                                  Moe  5 months back

                                                  I love that you added chat :O

                                                  • John Elkhoury
                                                    John Elkhoury  5 months back

                                                    21:00 LMAO

                                                    • Chris Yoon
                                                      Chris Yoon  5 months back

                                                      What do you think are good starter characters for tft

                                                      • Bryan Q
                                                        Bryan Q  5 months back

                                                        DotA 2 Auto Chess looks so different now @Disguisedtoast

                                                      • HEL RAVEN
                                                        HEL RAVEN  5 months back

                                                        i wish i could hasaki janet too


                                                        • BADGAMING
                                                          BADGAMING  5 months back

                                                          hearthstone has teached I well

                                                          • elias pxl
                                                            elias pxl  5 months back

                                                            he needs to reroll more.. it cost only 2 gold and he didnt make it worth

                                                            • Zhuojin Xie
                                                              Zhuojin Xie  5 months back

                                                              27:35 Draven lost a fan and got upset so you lost the battle. He needs SUPPORT.

                                                              • Scott M
                                                                Scott M  5 months back

                                                                "LOCAL VIDEO GAME STREAMER BEATS DOWN GIRLFRIEND THEN POPS OFF"

                                                                • samtrue3
                                                                  samtrue3  5 months back

                                                                  Ah the power of privilege protects you I see

                                                                  • Alvin Regentraud
                                                                    Alvin Regentraud  5 months back

                                                                    will there be other champion pools later on?

                                                                    • samtrue3
                                                                      samtrue3  5 months back

                                                                      I love that every add you have is for autochess🤣

                                                                      • IMPOSSIBRU
                                                                        IMPOSSIBRU  5 months back

                                                                        The cringee

                                                                        • Arion Wong
                                                                          Arion Wong  5 months back

                                                                          Climax begins at 34:00