Legendary High Elf Campaign #1 (Tyrion) -- Mortal Empires 2019 -- Total War: Warhammer 2


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  • The Strategy Professor
    The Strategy Professor   10 months back

    Thanks for watching! Special thanks to Colton for supporting this campaign. Battle start-times below:
    9:30 = Tyrion vs. Dark Elves
    33:00 = Tyrion vs. Dark Elves
    54:00 = Tyrion vs. Dark Elves

    • Dr. Paul William
      Dr. Paul William  1 weeks back

      legendary difficulty also changes the outcome of battles, e.g. it is much, much harder to gdt decisive victory than on non-legendary difficulties!

      • Pax Luporum
        Pax Luporum  3 weeks back

        My son turns 1 year this month and I love Mortal Empires just for the fact I can do so much dad stuff in between turns. On the downside the battles have to wait for nap time for the most part. I can't keep pausing and unpausing and still lead an army. I don't think even Julius Caesar had to put up with that lol.

      • Tom Jerry
        Tom Jerry  5 months back

        I note that you don't focus fire with your archers (at least till the half way point).....why not?

        • Ninaran
          Ninaran  9 months back

          Wait isn't there usually a town between Lothern and Vaul's Anvil or am I going mad? Completely new to Total War Warhammer so pardon if I miss something obvious

          • The Strategy Professor
            The Strategy Professor   9 months back

            The geography is a bit different on Mortal Empires than it is for the Vortex campaign. I highly recommend checking out my newest Tyrion campaign. This one has technical difficulties from a patch on 1/29 and stops on episode #9. The other will have 20+ episodes. Here is a link to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd7EYUMq56DEdbIivwSuB3qRzXuuakVgZ

        • N D
          N D  10 months back

          Great video, and well organized. Subscribed!

          • 박재완
            박재완  10 months back

            Why beards... why

          • - Moustache
            - Moustache  10 months back

            If you dont put the noble into your army the AI will actually move out and attack you. Pretty easy fight to win and you can take the settlement on turn two. Just a tiny bit more efficient. ;)

          • Mareesha
            Mareesha  10 months back

            Yes! My body is so ready! God I love the High Elves!

          • GALIFTGALA
            GALIFTGALA  10 months back

            I love you!!!

          • Justin Tobey
            Justin Tobey  10 months back

            Hey I just wanted to say thank you for still uploading these vanilla Campaigns. I'm still pretty new to the game (only 35 hours in), but learn a ton from these videos!

          • Lemon Squeezy
            Lemon Squeezy  10 months back

            Heads up you can make your opening moves more efficient by the following:

            Turn 1 move to NW border and recruit. AI will move off the settlement NE to colonize ruins.

            Turn 2 move your army towards NE. AI will move from then newly colonised ruins to defend and AI may move army in NW (on this turn or the next, I forget).

            Turn 3 1st take settlement to NE

            Turn 4 take 2nd settlement to NE

            Turn 5 move to NW settlement.

            Turn 6 take NE settlement. AI faction destroyed. Province is united. All before Yvresse shows up to cause trouble.

            CHILIDOG HAMSALAD  10 months back

            buffed up nobles with average items and yellow lines make great hero/lord killers, especially mounted enemies with their anti large halberds

          • Keys
            Keys  10 months back

            I wouldn't say the Noble is useless in combat. In the early game I usually put him and Tyrion at the frontline where they occupy 2/3 of the enemies army and just slaughter them. He also makes the battle at the very first turn way easier

            • The Strategy Professor
              The Strategy Professor   10 months back

              He is ok early, but later in the game I would almost certainly rather have an extra dragon or Swordmaster battalion.

          • Fabrice Lypold
            Fabrice Lypold  10 months back

            "I will never play a Campaign without SFO again. It's horrible to play in comparison" ... there you are.

            • The Strategy Professor
              The Strategy Professor   10 months back

              This is a donation series, and the Colton did not want me to use any mods.

            • Grelt
              Grelt  10 months back

              Watching the White Lions fight without SFO changes, hurts my soul.

          • KingKurac
            KingKurac  10 months back

            I think your commentary sound needs to be slightly louder above the background game sound