The Hypocritical "No Forge World" Policy - Angry Rant


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  • The Outer Circle
    The Outer Circle   2 years back

    After reading ALL the comments, something I do for every video, and I noticed some people have some strange views on what I said, possibly thanks to me not being clear enough. What I'll do is dot-point and pin this post;

    1. Some stores BLANKET BAN all Forge World products. This is nothing to do with power creep, playing a game, any of that. They literally will not allow people to paint a miniature in the store if in any part it's Forge World, right down to marine shoulder pads!
    2. Forge World is not unbalanced any more than regular 40k, if you think it is, you're living under a rock. It has all the same problems as 40k, being no better or worse really.
    3. Forge World is owned by Games Workshop and is advertised alongside all their other products in White Dwarf. It is recognised as being a legitimate part of the hobby.
    4. Forge World products are not for 'elite' players and veterans, they are instead mostly products FOR veterans who understand how to work with resin, but many of the kits are no more difficult than GW kits to build and paint. They are produced in resin as they expect to sell less, not because it's a 'superior product' or some other spurious claim.
    5. In some stores even specialist games are banned, such as Blood Bowl. Work that one out.
    6. Some have suggested that veteran players shouldn't be in Games Workshop stores. That wasn't the case a decade ago. Veteran players were the people who taught me the most about the game, and in stores where they only have one staff member running around trying to do everything, you need older players who can guide the youth and who actively play with well painted armies. These are the people the kids will be looking up to and trying to emulate, and they shouldn't be pushed out of stores. I will of course be doing a video very soon about this phenomena.

    • Bruno Neto
      Bruno Neto  5 months back

      @Tomacc he is just saying what all the sponsored by gw youtubers will not! Its a refreshing breath of fresh air instead of the insane fanboying that affore mentioned sponsored youtubers spout while neglecting the ever increasing issues with gw (been in the hobby for nearly 30 years and the quality & balance has gone down while the prices and the amount of books needed for just one army increases exponentially, remember how 8th was supposed to lower the amount of books needed to bring to a game...). If the truth hurts go look at one of the videos that are basically fanboys doing a circle jerk over gw new releases and your imaginary gw can do no wrong bubble can stay un-popped. Just wait till you have a major army that gets made unusable by gw to push a new sub faction they farted into existence overnight that gets way better rules, yeah ynarri I'm looking at you! and you might also find such truth refreshing!!!

    • Brighton Begole
      Brighton Begole  10 months back

      Anyone who supports these policies and ideas is a fucking moron.

    • The Black Knight
      The Black Knight  11 months back

      The Outer Circle hey outer circle, thankfully we have recasts who we have to thank for recasting "limited" miniatures or GW only which is fucking awsome.

    • felix crab
      felix crab  2 years back

      My local shop wont let me play my dkok army :(

    • Lord Boofhead
      Lord Boofhead  2 years back

      Point 5 is a lie. I have never seen any proof that that is the case. In fact I've seen folks make that claim to have it disproved

      About 2 years before the .Local GW in my area opened a smart arse on BoLS who had revealed he was also a local a few days earluier claimed he had been told that Space hulk was not allowed to be played in a GW store. I called him out on his lie.

      Similar lies were kicking about about Necromunda. All to be proven wrong.

  • richard grainger
    richard grainger  1 weeks back

    I was told recently I couldn't bring my death guard legian to armies on perade because it wasnt 40k or aos needless to say I'd probably get the same reaction if I brought my legion of azhorh aos army

    • 28mm RPG
      28mm RPG  3 weeks back

      lol... Little Timmy or even his 13-16 yr old counterpart cant afford this. CANT.... So yeah, looks like this is an Adults only hobby now, but you need a Dentists salary to afford them now.

      • Adam R
        Adam R  3 weeks back

        Someone sounds super salty >.<

        • Dr. Medic
          Dr. Medic  4 weeks back

          I dont get it... is forgeworld the main line of production of 40K stuff?

          • Doc Valiant
            Doc Valiant  1 months back

            I live in Dallas. We have a bunch of stores in the DFW area. A mecca of Hobby stores and even the only warhammer cafe called the citadel beside warhammer world. I dont shop or play at GW stores. Fuck that. If anything going to someones home is the best option.

            • Trevak D'hal
              Trevak D'hal  1 months back

              I tells ya, I'm getting flash backs from 5th edition where we entered a parallel universe where Leman Russ wrote the codex Astartes and I was playing Ultra Wolves, Dark Wolves, Chaos Wolves, Etc. But now with Iron Hands.

              And who's the star of the show? Leviathans. If I could play my 7th edition Tau rules against that shit, where I could Jump shoot Jump and more easily have bs3+ crisis suits (and take crisis suits as troops) then I'd sort this foolery out like I always did. 30+ crisis suits, objectives are something other people worry about, I just kill marines.

              • Trevak D'hal
                Trevak D'hal  1 months back

                Kinda seems like banning it is easier than welcoming the bs.

                • Iron Legion Studio Official

                  Good news is my store is run by a pretty chilled guy
                  But good lord I feel for the other people
                  Games workshop really need to fix this shit

                  • Daniel Jefferson
                    Daniel Jefferson  4 months back

                    I agree. My store enforces no forgeworld policy due to their rules and detracts people buying the kits stocked in the citadel store. Utterly stupid as it fleshes out armies and there's some really great units

                    • Brian Cline
                      Brian Cline  4 months back

                      Do you really play at GW so much that to not be able to use models at their stores means they are worthless? I live in America in a pretty good sized city (Charlotte NC) so maybe my perspective is different.

                      • Brian Cline
                        Brian Cline  4 months back

                        To quote my local GW manager: “Take your pay to win Forgeworld cheese somewhere else!” ... if you try to debate him: (cutting you off) “NO FORGE WORLD!!”

                        He even put a sign near the front door lol.

                        • Nicholas carreau
                          Nicholas carreau  5 months back

                          I live in the great white north of canada. Forgeworld is ridiculously priced, similarly to Australia (though not as bad) and then when it gets here we have to pay duties on it. Woo.... though... from china theres no duties, and costs a quarter of the price. Just saying GW... Harden the Fack Up!

                          • Leman Russ
                            Leman Russ  6 months back

                            But arent 40k and forgeworld diff game systems?

                            • nisthan
                              nisthan  6 months back

                              I live in the UK and the local store manager does not allow bloodbowl necromumda or any specialist game and if I wanted to play my forge world model well it must be 50% gw, on another note he has also banned people who know how to play the game and only allows new players to play gw is a messed up business who will one day run them selves into the ground

                              • Thomas Cruise
                                Thomas Cruise  8 months back

                                Uhh... cured resin isn't toxic or carcinogenic. True, the dust is bad for you if you breathe it in significant amounts... but then again so is the ABS plastic used in minis anyway... that's why they suggest wearing a mask any time you're doing any sanding and filing. So... unless you're working with uncured resin (which unless you're casting things in the resin itself, and using UV resin and not 2-part epoxy resin...) you're not really taking any more risk with a resin product than with plastic. Just saying.

                                • The Outer Circle
                                  The Outer Circle   8 months back

                                  Agreed, but as simple as that statement is to you or I, it's less easy for many to understand.

                              • Gozew StuffNThings
                                Gozew StuffNThings  8 months back

                                I used to work at a GW store..
                                Whilst we didn't have an outright ban, it was frowned upon. Purely monetary reasons - can't sell in store, managers don't want it there as people might spend money elsewhere and not the store (stores need to maintain a profit or manager loses their job etc).

                                My store had a lot of older gamers who actually did come in during the evening to play for some strange reason, and they used a lot of forgeworld so manager didn't want to annoy them as they were big spenders.

                                Which I find strange as we have a LFGS with 60 tables, discounts and a bar to play in... only place I go now lol.

                                • liam earl
                                  liam earl  8 months back

                                  My gw store manager is pretty cool he is happy for forge world products in store he has a warlord Titan on display in the front window that belongs to one of the hobbyists plus I play 30k and a few other people and again he is happy for me to play said game in store, there is a fe gaming tables at the front of shop and a big hobby room out the back with like 8 gaming tables he isn’t bothered where I play, he sees it 1: like you said it can bring money into the store cause gw sell plastic heresy kit and 2: he likes the hobbyists in store to have fun and use there fancy models they have spent there hard earned cash to buy

                                  • Trevak D'hal
                                    Trevak D'hal  9 months back

                                    Every book Matt ward made was usable, tough and there weren't any Phil Kelly style trash units. His fluff/fanfiction wasn't good, but his books had crunch. If Matt Ward had written Chaos Space Marines in 6th edition, we probably wouldn't have had to wait for legions and the shit wouldn't have been as copy-paste of the most hated codex of all time.

                                    • Doxrion
                                      Doxrion  9 months back

                                      My gw dosent care what models your bring just dont have a whole 3rd party army

                                      • PANZER MkII
                                        PANZER MkII  12 months back

                                        Why I don't play or buy at GW stores.

                                        • tom Rose
                                          tom Rose  12 months back

                                          Thank You.

                                          • ben robbo
                                            ben robbo  1 years back

                                            Lucky my managers good with this if he wasnt i would be triggered

                                            • The Black Knight
                                              The Black Knight  1 years back

                                              Why stores don't have this stuff? Because it's over priced and they shove shelves full of crap that doesn't well at all

                                              • big jeff
                                                big jeff  1 years back

                                                mate that sounded a bit dark towards the end, hope your all ok now and yes your 100% right

                                                • Mark Chandler
                                                  Mark Chandler  2 years back

                                                  Haha. ‘Burst into fucking flames’. I’m with you there and I am now stealing that phrase for myself. I have seen too many kids coming out if my local store in tears for reasons you mention. Keep up the ranting matey👍🏻

                                                  • sandmanhh67
                                                    sandmanhh67  2 years back

                                                    I will see your Matt Ward and raise you a Gav "Gender Studies" Thorpe

                                                    • Mark Armenta
                                                      Mark Armenta  2 years back

                                                      At my gw the manager just tells us if we run a HH or blood bowl it has to be run by the community and forge world is allowed but the manager just jokes about forge world

                                                      • Tadhg Conroy
                                                        Tadhg Conroy  2 years back

                                                        I was looking at your prices and i was like, what!!! And then I realized their Aussie dollars

                                                        • Ants Canberra
                                                          Ants Canberra  2 years back

                                                          The store I go to actively supports Forge World. If someone wants a Forge World product instore, they get an order together. They ask everyone in the store if they want something from Forge World, and they pay for it in a bulk order, hopefully exceeding the mark that removes the additional price of shipping.
                                                          That store also buys some web-exclusive products and sells them. Yes, the workers sometimes spend their own money to buy some web-exclusive miniatures and sell them in the store. It’s awesome.

                                                          • WG101
                                                            WG101  9 months back

                                                            i would love to know where this store is

                                                          • tom Rose
                                                            tom Rose  12 months back

                                                            Where is this holy grail of a store?

                                                        • TheRunesmythe
                                                          TheRunesmythe  2 years back

                                                          Late to the game, just saw this video in my recommended feed. It was definitely some interesting listening, and there's only one part I would dispute; the idea of resin being potentially hazardous to work with is perhaps the one and *only* policy I can see being legitimate. You made an excellent point about other materials, but what it really boils down to is the relative weight; white metal and lead (though the latter is thankfully not used anymore) particulates are still relatively heavy and will tend to settle on surfaces like a work table or the floor, meaning there's little to none floating in the air and as long as someone isn't foolish enough to try blowing it off those surfaces it can be cleaned up fairly easily with a damp cloth or paper towel without much risk at all. Resin particulates, on the other hand, are *very* lightweight, which means that when its sanded or filed most, if not all, of the dust is going to remain airborne for a considerably longer time, meaning the possibility of breathing it in us *much* higher. That being said though, its a very flimsy reason when you can either have someone working on a resin model sand/file outside or ask them to do that sort of work at home and still allow them to paint those kits at the store; it *definitely isn't a valid reason not to allow resin kits to be used during play.

                                                          • Mr.destroyer
                                                            Mr.destroyer  2 years back

                                                            The store I need to go to is cool as hell they don't care if it's forgeworld models or no forgeworld is at all as long as you're having fun they could give two shits. All I ask is that you don't steal and cheat hell we're even allowed to eat and drink there as long as we don't get it on the table.

                                                          • Zealotic Templar
                                                            Zealotic Templar  2 years back

                                                            wow this is news to me i was unaware of this , im fucked if my store say no to my FW models as my next closest store is in another country

                                                            • Malgarroth
                                                              Malgarroth  2 years back

                                                              This is one of the 10,000 reasons I don't go into a GW. I stick to my local independent store.

                                                              If the only place I could play was a Games Workshop, I wouldn't be in the hobby.

                                                              • PoppyAppletree
                                                                PoppyAppletree  2 years back

                                                                This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

                                                                • Ian Branson
                                                                  Ian Branson  2 years back


                                                                  • Lord Boofhead
                                                                    Lord Boofhead  2 years back

                                                                    FYI GW doesn't work on commission at least not in Australia.

                                                                    • Lord Boofhead
                                                                      Lord Boofhead  2 years back

                                                                      It's a good thing that none of your Strawman arguments are the reason.

                                                                      The reason it's managers choice is because some areas have a problem with scummy recasters. The best way to convince your local GW to let you use your FW stuff is to shun the recasters and put them out of business.

                                                                      • Idiosyncrasy
                                                                        Idiosyncrasy  1 years back

                                                                        If you or they are blaming recasters then maybe they should fix their issues. Just a thought though.

                                                                    • Wade Wilson
                                                                      Wade Wilson  2 years back

                                                                      Cleaning and filing resin models in the store. Naw mate, you can do that at home. Resin dust is problematic, I don’t want to cleanup that shit, and you should be wearing a mask for it anyways. Banning them in store though is dumb.

                                                                      • Wade Wilson
                                                                        Wade Wilson  2 years back

                                                                        Generally the same place. In the states, best for shops to avoid the bullshit that can lead to lawsuits. I mean there is a guy at my shop that is allergic to forgeworld resin. In its solid form he is fine, but as soon as the dust makes contact with his skin, reaction. Now if the store itself sold resin items in store, sure, shame on him, but all they carry in shop are plastic models. I personally don't mind showing people how to sand, etc. it is a good time to explain the importance of a safety mask. But the shop is not the workshop platform for filing down an entire model. Already filed down and you just want to paint, have at it.

                                                                      • The Outer Circle
                                                                        The Outer Circle   2 years back

                                                                        Where does Finecast fit into this....

                                                                    • ben robbo
                                                                      ben robbo  2 years back

                                                                      Would you be breaking any laws if you just played qoth forge world models anyway and just generally give 0 fucks what the manager says and carry on playing

                                                                      • Nerdy Nachos
                                                                        Nerdy Nachos  2 years back

                                                                        Meanwhile at my gamestore:
                                                                        "I'm ordering chinese recasts, who wants some?"

                                                                        • Argentspear
                                                                          Argentspear  2 years back

                                                                          This is why I bring my stuff to a 3rd party store. GW brick&mortar stores are pass-ay and defunct because of reasons just like this. Just play with friends and competitors, not GW insecurities-r-us.

                                                                          • Obscene 9
                                                                            Obscene 9  2 years back

                                                                            Thankfully my store manager, doesn't care if its Forgeworld or GW. As long as it's not recasts or third party models (which afaik is the actual standing GW policy) you are fully and encouraged to hang about, play, paint, build etc. It is unfortunate that this is a managers choice though.

                                                                            • James Valentine
                                                                              James Valentine  2 years back

                                                                              I never have to worry about what the stores say about FW being allowed or not. the shops near me are only open 14 hours a week and are 1 staff shops so you cannot play anyway.
                                                                              zero issue

                                                                              • Warp Angel
                                                                                Warp Angel  2 years back

                                                                                Wow, my GW doesn't screw us for any of this shit except when it comes to full forgeworld models(shoulder pads and displays, etc. are fine) in painting competitions(which still sucks). But yeah specialist games and even some non GW models in some cases, they don't care. U.S. for me and the manager is freaking awesome! But the fact that u have these issues in other stores is total bullshit!

                                                                                • michaelkeha
                                                                                  michaelkeha  2 years back

                                                                                  For my money I don't care how much of your army is forgeworld or 3rd party kits etc and how much isn't so long as you have the proper stats and are at or under the points limit(I usually don't give a fuck if you are up to 9 points over as whats that really going to get you) then we I am all chilled.

                                                                                  • SeaTehNoobWorld
                                                                                    SeaTehNoobWorld  2 years back

                                                                                    In June 2015 I went to WH world and had a blast. I was shocked to discover SM command tanks as exclusives, bought two to bring to Australia. I had a spare as a prize and I hoped tim the kid would win this awesome kit, but it was never to be. Some power gamer spent $500+ on raffles just to get the command tanks, for gods sake they cost 75 pounds, around 155 Aud.

                                                                                    • Daniel Lopez
                                                                                      Daniel Lopez  2 years back

                                                                                      Aren't Forge World and Games Work the same same ?