Stories from Ireland (and GRRM!)

  • Published: 04 September 2019
  • We went to Worldcon and Titancon in Ireland - here's a stream dedicated to chatting about our experiences including chatting with GRRM, (he was at both cons and a special event we attended in-between), and visiting filming locations!

    We are joined by Christina (agameofcons on Instagram, ladyxtriple on Twitter) both in this stream and on this trip!

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Comments • 22

  • Jo Peric
    Jo Peric  1 months back

    Great job :D

    • Olli Casey
      Olli Casey  2 months back

      14:40 US cities are relatively new, but I'd think the older buildings on the east coast to be quite a bit older than 200 years. They didn't just spring up after the revolution. I don't know how much US native buildings are still standing, but I wouldn't expect them to be completely non-existent, they weren't all plains people living in tipis.
      But since you bring the rest of the continent into it, people in Mesoamerica built plenty out of stone, and the colonizers didn't destroy all of it.

      • Alphonso S.
        Alphonso S.  2 months back

        The drogon scene was hilarious!

        • Szymonita Herrero
          Szymonita Herrero  2 months back

          Christina is beautiful, no wonder she cosplayed Sheara Seastar

          • Jamie McKenna
            Jamie McKenna  2 months back

            Thanks for sharing this with us. So glad y’all had such an amazing trip! Loved all the IG vids, Ashaya. ✌🏻🌈 Also, so happy for Michael and his amazing maps. Well done!

            • Draztikus
              Draztikus  2 months back

              release the craicken!

              • dCell
                dCell  2 months back

                Woow awesome advertures. ^-^ Hi Christine!!

                Yeah i was reminded of the scouring of the shire when Dany torched KL in the tv show. Having in mind GRRM's passion for LOTR and how the scouring of the shire always puzzled him, as it was something that happend after the main story was finished.
                For me the long night is the endgame and in the tv show, that happend halfway season 8. So in a way looking at it from that perspective, we had 3 bonus episodes that "highlighted" the story after the main battle ended.

                If the tv show is any indication we might expect a structure following similiar advances with the story..... with the long night ending way before the end of the books.
                With GRRM's story being way more complex, yeah one of his life's lessons can be, that human squabling and bad politics would still happen after an apocalypse kind of scenario like the long night.

                • AU Packmule
                  AU Packmule  3 months back

                  I don’t know if any of you have seen George’s recent ancestor study that he participated in. I wonder how he feels about having Jewish ancestry instead of Italian? It would make great conversation.

                  • AU Packmule
                    AU Packmule  2 months back

                    Ruth Bennett we get it free, but not a lot of people know about it.

                  • Ruth Bennett
                    Ruth Bennett  2 months back

                    Ok. Oops. Free to PBS donors. I forget about cookies/auto sign-ins. I’m certain it’s free out there elsewhere, if anyone cared to search...

                  • Ruth Bennett
                    Ruth Bennett  2 months back

                    “Grandparents and Other Strangers” FYR, season 5, episode 1:
                    It’s free on line to all!

                  • AU Packmule
                    AU Packmule  2 months back

                    Ruth Bennett I couldn’t agree with you more. The general fans probably don’t watch PBS. It sounds like something I’ll rebroadcast on YouTube. I’m glad you saw the show. I think it is great too.

                  • Ruth Bennett
                    Ruth Bennett  2 months back

                    AU Packmule (PBS FYR is quite the series... GRRM notwithstanding) this is an issue I’m surprised I’ve not seen anyone generally address.
                    The themes of secret ancestries from beloved female relatives? Secret “forbidden” affairs? Secretive adoptions/duty-promises/changelings/odd-children-out? All are rampant throughout ASOIAF & his other work. It IS well worth a good discussion.
                    I loved that he was ok about being surprised by Dr. Gates. He was totally down with being a Jew... just not given time to work through his own plot twist which was there to be seen from the beginning (also a GRRM thang, hein?)
                    Also... many Italian Jews fled European Nationalism & the coming storm... what’s the issue to be both Italian AND Jewish (or a fair haired/completed European Jew)? Sheesh, I think some just fear the term Ashkenazi (even spellcheck doesn’t recognize it.) perhaps some don’t like such realities intruding into their fantasies.

                • Nathan McCracken
                  Nathan McCracken  3 months back

                  I’d love to go visit Ireland. And to talk to GRRM while you were there! That’s a dream vacation in my opinion!!

                  • Suzanne Beam
                    Suzanne Beam  3 months back

                    Christina was a great guest!

                    • ladydynamite7
                      ladydynamite7  3 months back

                      I'm really glad that you guys enjoyed Ireland. And that you enjoyed the stuff about how our mythology influenced ASOIAF. :)

                      • Devi_Dane
                        Devi_Dane  3 months back

                        George’s story about an old con ...“oh look...manatees!” Had me in stitches

                        • SKG Anno
                          SKG Anno  3 months back

                          Klarfeldt! <3

                          • SKG Anno
                            SKG Anno  2 months back

                            @Kasper Mathiassen well any country west of the us is socialism in some peoples minds. but i get your point :)

                          • Kasper Mathiassen
                            Kasper Mathiassen  2 months back

                            Socialism? In what way is Ireland socialist?

                        • Firefly Phoenix
                          Firefly Phoenix  3 months back

                          Love you guys

                          • Smokebeer
                            Smokebeer  3 months back

                            Did Shaun actually shave my worlds just ended eeeeeeek