Cats, Dogs and a 20 Million Year Rivalry


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  • Prota Modz
    Prota Modz  2 weeks back

    the dominant species go extinct and the weakest ones evolve and go extinct I guess thats what nature functions this species today and us will go extinct and the smallest ones evolve the species born from garbage will bring the future species a disease outbreak until all of it goes extinct the extinction cycle repeats until the solar system can no longer hold us

    • Moth Light Media
      Moth Light Media   2 weeks back

      Well if life is on other planets, until the last star goes out

  • george fleming
    george fleming  3 weeks back

    I never skip the ads on folks making great content like this.
    That's the least we can do.

  • Tello 64
    Tello 64  1 months back

    It's also important to mention, Canines spread into Eurasia was at the detriment to the Hyenas which evolved into similar canine-like niches before true dogs arrived on the continent. But unlike the Borophaginae the Hyenas survived into modern day by taking up marginal niches that the canines did not, but hyenas nonetheless are much less diverse than they were in the past with only 4 surviving species compared to 34 to 36 living canine species alive today.

    • Tello 64
      Tello 64  4 weeks back

      @Greatest Ever Well, no one said they weren't.

    • Greatest Ever
      Greatest Ever  4 weeks back

      Hyenas are more closely related to felines than canine, last time I did my research.

    • Moth Light Media
      Moth Light Media   1 months back

      Tello 64 well some people haven't watched it and we'll see this so it's still a useful comment

    • Tello 64
      Tello 64  1 months back

      @Moth Light Media Wait, you did? Damn, now I feel stupid...

    • Moth Light Media
      Moth Light Media   1 months back

      Yes I made a video on hyenas

  • metal87power
    metal87power  1 months back

    It really enlightened me about the main difference between cats and dogs I wasn't aware of.

    • The JurassicMan
      The JurassicMan  1 months back

      A 20 million year old rivalry indeed

      • Bryan
        Bryan  2 months back

        What in the world is the antelope-y thing at 3:02?

      • k1w1
        k1w1  3 months back

        These are some good videos. Subscribed, liked and commented for the YouTube algorithm.

      • Stefan Milo
        Stefan Milo  3 months back

        That was a great video. I genuinely know almost none of that. Fantastic

        • Hug Groin
          Hug Groin  5 months back

          Keep making great videos like this man, I love absorbing information, especially on evolution stuff!

          • Ace Mcloud
            Ace Mcloud  6 months back

            Great video, subbed and good luck with the channel

            • kingkingkingking
              kingkingkingking  6 months back

              I'm gonna subscribe just because you only asked me to consider it... and i liked the background music

              • sukmycokyoutoobz
                sukmycokyoutoobz  6 months back

                Super dope video, love understanding where everything came from. I think you should do one on humans, I'm always trying to explain to my daughter and niece exactly how we became the most brilliant great ape species on the earth... Not just some creature that use to be silly little monkeys like the Christians think we believe.

                • sukmycokyoutoobz
                  sukmycokyoutoobz  6 months back

                  maybe youve mistake me. I understand how we evolved, I'd just love to show them a video explaining exactly in detail what we know thus far.. but thank you for your in depth explanation

                • Pied Piper
                  Pied Piper  6 months back

                  sukmycokyoutoobz by eatting bone marrow and fire. Fire is a second stomach, it lets us digest food outside of the body (we get more calories for less work than raw meat). Our immediate ancestors had fire. This let us spend even more calories on our brains.

                  It’s all calories in the end.

              • Astro Jay
                Astro Jay  6 months back

                Lovely video!
                Thank you for including the cladograms !

                • Max Heiliger
                  Max Heiliger  6 months back

                  I can’t believe that with content so great (not only the topics and research but also the technical stuff like quality of audio etc.) your subs count is so low. I hope the algorithm will be generous to you some day and I hope this day comes rather sooner than later. 10 minutes ago I didn’t even know this channel exists and now I have a new favorite content creator. It really makes me sad, that because of the way the yt algorithm works i miss out on all the channels like this one, but shitty low effort memes get millions of views.

                  • Don't, Jimm
                    Don't, Jimm  3 months back

                    Max Heiliger where can I learn about the algorithm and other things about yt?

                • CarrowMind
                  CarrowMind  6 months back

                  Seems the solution is simple: Breed a catdog: A creature with the retractable claws and excellent tree climbing ability of a cat and the intelligence and social abilities of a dog. If it's omnivorous instead of being an obligate carnivore then it would be even better. It could be an ambush predator or a pack hunter. However, it needs to be no bigger than a wolf, so that humans could control it.

                  • Tello 64
                    Tello 64  4 weeks back

                    @Greatest Ever I stand corrected, Felines seem to be more successful in hunting average. It does bring into question why other pack hunting Canines like Wolves and Dholes are not as successful as the African Lyacon is in hunting.

                  • Greatest Ever
                    Greatest Ever  4 weeks back

                    @Tello 64 Even though African wild dogs have a higher hunt success rate. The top 5 predators with the highest success rates include 3 feline species such as the cheetah with a 58% success rate, black footed cat with a 60% success rate AND the leopard surprisingly with a 38% success rate. So yes, even though you've only named one canine species capable of succeeding in hunts more than any other feline, there are more felines that succeed at hunting than canines in general. Either way they're both amazing animals and we really shouldn't be arguing over which family is better, because at the end of the day, we would get our asses mauled to death by both of them.

                  • Tello 64
                    Tello 64  1 months back

                    ​@Caleb Hudson "Cats are true carnivores and superior predators" Really now? Aren't canines more successful hunters in general? For example, in Africa lions success rate in hunting is only 30 to 40 percent while African wild dogs/Lyacon have a success rate of at least 80 percent. In short, if you boil it down to hunting success Canines are killing-machines.

                  • MT 1
                    MT 1  4 months back

                    Never gonna happen. Cats are true carnivores and superior predators. They're built to kill and meant to be in the wild. Wolves and bears are different.

                  • Angius
                    Angius  6 months back

                    "it needs to be no bigger than a wolf"
                    I beg to differ. It needs to be bigger, so we can ride these creatures into battle.

                • Jennica Nobre
                  Jennica Nobre  6 months back

                  Thank you

                  • seeriktus
                    seeriktus  6 months back

                    Great report. Bang on about the cladistics, glad you didnt try to sensationalise it.

                    • Sikrrt
                      Sikrrt  6 months back

                      Very interesting, thanks for the video!!!

                      • Javier Paz
                        Javier Paz  6 months back

                        Great content keep making videos like this :D

                      • Dino Pečenković
                        Dino Pečenković  6 months back

                        Great video, dont stop fiming!

                        • Guzmán Eastman
                          Guzmán Eastman  7 months back

                          Thank you for this video! It's great!!