Royals' bats surge as Sparkman blanks Sox | White Sox-Royals Game Highlights 7/16/19


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  • Bradley Allen
    Bradley Allen  5 months back

    I'm a desperate Cubs fan, but pretend I’m the Cubs’ GM.  I’ll slap my cards on the table right now.   Whit Merrifield (with Baez, Bryant, Rizzo, Contreras, etc.) batting  behind him will alone hypothetically score about 400 runs for the Cubs over the  next 3 ½ seasons, thereby transforming the Cubs back from  retenders to contenders.  So, what do you want in  return?  Name your price?   Schwarber?  Happ?  Pitching?  Prospects?   Picks?  Our watches?  Our Jewelry?  Our underwear?  All the aforementioned?   Spill your beans!  We gave you Soler and Montgomery. That was  nice of us, wasn’t it?  Think it over!  We'll even pay your water bill for that waterfall thing you have in the outfield.

    • SamHat
      SamHat  5 months back

      Disappointed in my Sox

      • Jack Broockerd
        Jack Broockerd  5 months back

        Dont trade Whitt

        • Kevin Champagne
          Kevin Champagne  5 months back

          White socks are fallen apart

          • Sir Salty
            Sir Salty  5 months back

            Another L for big daddy rich.

            • Patches O'Houlihan
              Patches O'Houlihan  5 months back

              Pathetic. Getting shutout by a bad pitcher and a bottom feeder team. Sox are playing like garbage. 🤮🤮🤮

              • Juan Perez
                Juan Perez  5 months back

                @Patches O'Houlihan I hope they get better after this nightmare of a road trip. Either way I already wrote 2019 off as a loss. Next year should be a lot better

              • Patches O'Houlihan
                Patches O'Houlihan  5 months back

                @Trey Magathan perhaps. I had them winning 65 games this year. But the way they played in the 1st half was encouraging. Now they look like 2018 again since the all star break

              • Trey Magathan
                Trey Magathan  5 months back

                Patches O'Houlihan
                Perhaps I wasn't being clear enough. The White Sox were terrible last year. None of their prospects are MLB ready yet, and the White Sox have made no moves to improve the roster. Therefore, a terrible team is subject to continue being terrible when nothing is done to improve a terrible team. You can't expect the White Sox to have a 1.000 winning %age against Kansas City, they're division rivals who play each other over 20 times. You're bound to have bad games, especially when said team that's having a bad game is a bad team altogether. Likewise for bad teams accidentally being good. Even if teams didn't even try to win, they'd still win some games. That's just the unpredictable nature of baseball.

              • Patches O'Houlihan
                Patches O'Houlihan  5 months back

                @Trey Magathan I expected them to be competitive against terrible teams. Like if this was against Oakland then no big deal but the Royals are terrible. No offense to Royals fans. It's just how it is.

              • Trey Magathan
                Trey Magathan  5 months back

                Patches O'Houlihan
                Did you expect them to not play like garbage this year? Their prospects still need to develop and they didn't do anything to improve upon their awful season last year.

            • Brendan Villafane
              Brendan Villafane  5 months back

              How do the royals get that many fans when they are garbage.

              • Trey Magathan
                Trey Magathan  5 months back

                Brendan Villafane
                Loyalty. Although, I'm sure a Yankees fan who's never experienced hardship in their life knows nothing about it.

              • Gage Prince
                Gage Prince  5 months back


              • Andrew Sun
                Andrew Sun  5 months back

                because we are loyal fans unlike u fake yankees fan

            • Flamerr YT
              Flamerr YT  5 months back

              Did anybody hear or see the American channel go to like korean I'm think?

              • Anastasios Adamopoulos
                Anastasios Adamopoulos  5 months back

                I've only watched half of this video....four errors. I thought Cooper was good with pitchers.?

                • Paul Edmondson
                  Paul Edmondson  5 months back

                  As a White Sox fan these highlights should have been sped up, I mean give us a break someone.

                  • Anthony Roic
                    Anthony Roic  5 months back


                    • Cyber Bully
                      Cyber Bully  5 months back

                      Good gawd, the White Sox are terrible. Bad team and playing like it.

                      • Flamerr YT
                        Flamerr YT  5 months back

                        @Luke Bhawk yup

                      • Luke Bhawk
                        Luke Bhawk  5 months back

                        Coming from a royals fan tho right😂😂

                      • Flamerr YT
                        Flamerr YT  5 months back

                        There better than the royals tho

                    • Grant King
                      Grant King  5 months back

                      Pretty spicy when your ERA goes from 5.18 to 4.56 in a single game. One more like that and he's un-ironically a top-tier pitcher this year.

                      • secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch

                        Hey Royal fans are you guys having struggle in the season yeah you need to fire your coach and I suggest you guys should be in the first round draft pick plus start upgrading your team a little bit more often and keep building up and to go to the playoffs and that's how we learn but anyway though this team will do better next year and I would believe them if they win the series next year

                        • All Sports Talk
                          All Sports Talk  5 months back

                          Pitching and hitting on point for the Royals tonight!

                          • Don Medrano
                            Don Medrano  5 months back