Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette Review & 2 Looks

  • Published: 02 November 2019
  • Hey Beauties!!!
    Today I am going to be going over the pros and cons of the new Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette. Please keep in mind that these are just MY opinions on the palette. Everyone is different and will enjoy different things.
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  • Mel Thompson
    Mel Thompson   2 weeks back

    UPDATE: I tried this palette again with a set base. I had the same problems. I used fix plus on one eye and my finger on the other with the sequin formula on the lid. On the side with the finger, the glitter was gone within 5 min. The side with the fix plus did apply a lot nicer, however....after that dried down, it only lasted on the lid a little over an hour. I still like the metallics and the glitters but I am giving this palette to a subscriber who missed out on it and really wants it. I want to mention again that this was a review about a palette, not a person.

    • Angelica Cepeda
      Angelica Cepeda  20 hours back


    • Rochalle Racine
      Rochalle Racine  1 days back

      Mel Thompson Im having the same issues with the glitters. Makes me sad

    • Diane Da Costa
      Diane Da Costa  2 days back

      I had all kinds of problems with the sequin formula. I’d had seen so many great reviews, but I was just left with glitter on my face. I finally swatched it on my arm and lightly swiped it. The color stayed exactly there, and glitter was all around. It just doesn’t stay together. I also had issues really blending the brown matte color. I love Tati. But a review is a review. If people gave you a bad time, that’s on them. I love your and Kinkysweat’s videos the most, as I learn the most from you.

    • Eva Freytes
      Eva Freytes  2 days back

      I feel maybe the glitters were pressed not right for you or is a inconsistent formula because on me, it stuck on my eyelids and worked great..however sequin was a major letdown for me, the tiny gliter just went everywhere but on the shadow so it looked like i was applying the same matte but messy. The metallics were not mind blowing like norvinas for example

    • RuinsOfCoolness
      RuinsOfCoolness  2 days back

      Love your honesty, you got a new subscriber :)

  • K Ham
    K Ham  2 hours back

    Omg your dog is so cute ,,, you do beautiful makeup. Don’t let these silly Tati Stan’s tell you any different

    • Georgia Hamilton
      Georgia Hamilton  8 hours back

      Mel, I appreciate your artistry and your honesty. Thanks for keeping it real.

      • Mia Taranto
        Mia Taranto  14 hours back

        Thank you for your review. I don't want to blend two shades for 16 minutes. Tati loves high end make up, she has a total of five volumes. That's almost $250.00. Hope the other four palettes don't have two rows of the same shades. Also you can't return the palette for any reason. No returns if you have a reaction, just don't seem right to me.

        • Lesa Marie
          Lesa Marie  20 hours back

          Oh my gosh. This is my experience as well. I was beginning to wonder if I got a different formula. I agree the glitters are beautiful but I’ve had so many issues blending the mates

          • Angelica Cepeda
            Angelica Cepeda  20 hours back

            Ok so this is my first time on this channel and I came because to be honest I was a bit annoyed of ONLY positive reviews. I mean, even when someone loves a pallet, we always give our opinion on the negative side too. I feel many were “afraid” to say anything bad and a subscriber of this channel sent me here. I just HAD to subscribe. Very honest person and does a beautiful job blending! I love that you said the obvious. This review is only on the pallet and NOT the creator. Great vid!

            • Steff Leduc
              Steff Leduc  21 hours back

              I’m sorry you had those issues :( I love my Tati beauty palette. They are butter smooth, and blend like a dream! I can create looks in 5 minutes that used to take me 20 minutes or longer. Some people had issues like this and I think there may have been a bad batch created. I’m sure if you reach out to Tati she would replace yours :)

              • Change Now
                Change Now  23 hours back

                I like how honest you are.. it’s really refreshing and rare

                • Uyen Le
                  Uyen Le  1 days back

                  I’m a Tati follower and I have this palette and I’d like to say that Mel’s review is 1000% accurate. In fact had I seen Mel’s review earlier I would not have bought the palette. That’s how much i trust this girl!! I get that there’s a lot of Tati stans out there but fair is fair. Pls don’t attack Mel for giving an honest opinion and honest review. It’s really not fair to her and if you’re a really Tati Stan you should know that Tati herself would not condone that kind of bullying. It’s these kind of feedback that help her grow and fix these issues in her next palette ✌🏼

                  • Megan Meyer
                    Megan Meyer  1 days back

                    this palette i wanted to love but it just doesn't do it for me the sequins are pointless they last like one hour so i feel like i have a palette with, messy glitters, metallics more like frosts and mattes but the mattes are basically duplicated so its kinda silly still a good concept but she should have done satins or two rows of different mattes or something idk also it is overly hyped and doesnt blend well especially ritual mattes its the worst however the black is really good....all in all its not for me and people shouldn't get mad i love tati but its not about tati it is about this palette and how it worked for me

                    • DevoGlows *
                      DevoGlows *  2 days back

                      Great review! Really appreciate that you're honest about your experience

                      • Peg E
                        Peg E  2 days back

                        You created very pretty looks.

                        • Kimbles
                          Kimbles  2 days back

                          Mel, you’ve taken SO much crap for this review and I think it’s horrific. This is JUST make-up and I think (personally) this is JUST the best of reviews of this palette. I won’t buy it (UK based and too expensive) but my friend bought it and mehhhhh. The glitter is all over her face and her usually amazingly blended eyes are patchy AF. It’s just NOT the best. xxx

                          • Jettaboo
                            Jettaboo  2 days back

                            Wow where did the rude nine year old army come from. It’s unfortunate that genuine honest people can’t even coexist on this platform anymore because being fake and following you tubers blindly is the new norm. Mel please never change and never get discouraged by the negative comments. Remember you have people with actual intelligence that depend on you because you are the absolute best unfortunately stupid comes in bigger numbers these days

                            • Salomeea Dobre
                              Salomeea Dobre  2 days back

                              Thank you for the review queen 👑 I can always trust you that’s why I love you so much 👌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

                              • Nicci Zelda
                                Nicci Zelda  2 days back

                                I just wanna point out that just because it wasn't the best for Mel, DOESN'T mean it's the *only* honest review of the palette. I'm glad there was true honesty & feedback, but it doesn't mean that all the videos where it worked just fine were all just complete lies.
                                We all have different experiences with everything!

                                • Erica Adams
                                  Erica Adams  2 days back

                                  Thank you. You are the first person to talk about the positive and negative in this pallet. Thank you for being honest.

                                  • Belma Bee
                                    Belma Bee  2 days back

                                    I agree with you 💯.. I’m 41 .. the glitter falls all over my face ,they don’t stick at all to the lid .. I’m not about to use glitter glue 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 .. no more buying palettes just cuz of the hype around it !!

                                    • Leanne Hoffmeier
                                      Leanne Hoffmeier  2 days back

                                      Mel, you are one classy lady & that type of petulant behavior will not be tolerated. I appreciate the fact that you stay true to what your core beliefs are & it has nothing to do with how thick someone's skin is or isn't, unkind remarks hurt everyone who pour their love into their passion. It is also important to note that an honest thought from someone who knows their craft only increases their credibility. Please take to heart what I am saying, as I stated originally, Mel, you are one classy lady & that class shines through in every video you post. Thank you for ALL you do. Please continue to pour that love, passion & expertise into you being you, Beauty.💕

                                      • Rachel Haller
                                        Rachel Haller  2 days back

                                        I really appreciate how you can take the person out of the product, and give a very classy review whether it’s negative or positive.

                                        • Cheryl De-Zilva
                                          Cheryl De-Zilva  2 days back

                                          You shouldn't have to preface a review saying 'it's about the product not the person behind it', argh. People can be utter Douchenuggets sometimes. There have been plenty of products I have tried that people loved and didn't work from me. Doesn't make me a liar or lacking in skill. Sheesh! Good on you for persevering and not just throwing in the towel when things started going pearshape!

                                          • Cara M.
                                            Cara M.  2 days back

                                            Just like Tati didn't deserve the nasty responses she received when she didn't like EmilyNoel's Makeup Revolution collab, you certainly didn't deserve it for this review. Makeup is so subjective and used to be about expressing individuality but now, abuse is heaped upon anyone with a differing opinion. I'll just never understand why people get so angry at strangers on the internet that don't like something they do!

                                            • Randi MacDonald
                                              Randi MacDonald  2 days back

                                              What exactly is a sequin formula?

                                              • Tamara Darmandjian
                                                Tamara Darmandjian  2 days back

                                                My daughter ordered 2 and I told her I’m not interested. I will be forwarding this video to her so she can see.
                                                Thank you for your honesty.

                                                • Dorothy B
                                                  Dorothy B  2 days back

                                                  Everyone is different...what works for you might not work for another. This palette was a dream for me to use and one I am excited to use, with the sequins being no exception when applied with my finger as I usually would with any glitter or shimmer shades. Just because Mel isn't as impressed does not mean that you shouldn't try it yourself and visa versa. I am a fan of both Mel and Tati and appreciate their reviews but I always take into consideration I am not them, I am me.

                                                  • Kelly Kendall
                                                    Kelly Kendall  2 days back

                                                    I’ve been using this palette for a week and I love love it. But it’s makeup so it’s all very personal, both in taste and what works for each individual. That’s why we have so many options when it comes to makeup, right? The only thing that made me sad about this review is this palette was created by one woman (you know what I mean), not a giant company like Mac or Nars with huge R&D departments and hundreds of launches. And maybe those are the standards these little companies should be held to, but it sure makes it hard for the little companies to break through. It wasn’t like this was just another colorpop collaboration. She did this. She threw her hand in with the big guns and I think that is pretty awesome. I wish we could all support the little guys more often. But at the end of the day, if you don’t like the palette you don’t like the palette. 🤷🏼‍♀️

                                                    • J K
                                                      J K  2 days back

                                                      I hate my palette ☹️. The mattes don’t blend well and the sequin row is useless and the glitters fall everywhere

                                                      • Ernest Scribbler
                                                        Ernest Scribbler  2 days back

                                                        I don't care for Tati and her palette. I'm just here to support Mel. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                        • Janelle H
                                                          Janelle H  3 days back

                                                          I canceled my Tati order, based on Mel's review, and I'm so glad that I did. Leaves me with money to buy Pat's rose palette!

                                                          • palomaenamorada76
                                                            palomaenamorada76  3 days back

                                                            @rosymcmichael had some issues blending the mattes too, and I know Mel is soo honest, LOVE YOU MEL.

                                                          • Pamela Rose veliz7
                                                            Pamela Rose veliz7  3 days back

                                                            Hmm 🤔 the glitter looks too thick and cheap and I don’t think the sequins are necessary I think is so over price I think for glitter is better a cream or liquid shadow also the metallic don’t looks metallic they look like a really soft shimmer

                                                            • Ditje Datje
                                                              Ditje Datje  3 days back

                                                              I absolutely adore. Always being honest. Most people are too afraid to give Tati a bad review, even if they dont like the product. We need more influencers like you.

                                                              • Nassi Againnam
                                                                Nassi Againnam  3 days back

                                                                How could anyone leave you a bad comment because of this??? Your opinion is so leveled and you are being so respectful!! i don't understand...

                                                                • Charlotte Reh
                                                                  Charlotte Reh  3 days back

                                                                  I loved the review. Thank you for your honestly Mel. I did not want it before and I definitely don’t want it now. Much love and happiness❤️❤️❤️

                                                                  • Briana Armstrong
                                                                    Briana Armstrong  3 days back

                                                                    Omg I thought it was just me. I had the hardest time blending the mattes together. They all looked like poo when blended together. I’m a matte girl and unfortunately I had to use other mattes from other palettes

                                                                    • C.G. M.
                                                                      C.G. M.  3 days back

                                                                      Hi Mel 💖😍 I’m back to make another comment because you need all the love. I don’t understand why anyone feels it necessary to say something negative, just move along. I have the palette and it worked on my eyes perfectly, it’s so weird how some shadows work for some and not for others. It worked so well on my eyes it was crazy, I Always get creasing but I didn’t with this palette and I used the sequin shade which also stayed sequins and all. Why am I saying this? It’s for all the haters, to show that what works for one person might not work for another and yet we can all be respectful and get along. I love and respect Mel and yet we have differing experiences and opinions, that’s called getting along with others. Mel was respectful and you still left rude comments? No, you need to look deep into yourself and take account for your actions.
                                                                      Love you Mel! Be well 💖 ~ Charli

                                                                    • Melanie
                                                                      Melanie  3 days back

                                                                      This palette doesn’t appeal to me at all. As soon as I saw the first pic I knew it wasn’t for me. Thank you for your HONEST review, Mel! I can always count on you for a thorough and non-biased review! You’re one of my absolute favorite people and I’m sorry if anyone was mean to you. Humans are trash! 💜

                                                                      • minniemadonmakeup
                                                                        minniemadonmakeup  3 days back

                                                                        Loved your review x

                                                                        • Joye Smith
                                                                          Joye Smith  3 days back

                                                                          Update.... I like all the colors and how they are laid out...BUT I used the glitters for the first time the other day....won’t do that again...lol...had glitter all over my face ! Too messy for me, but I will continue to use the other formulas...hugs, Joye

                                                                          • Chloe Lisette
                                                                            Chloe Lisette  3 days back

                                                                            i’ve never been able to make matte glitters work, from any brand, they only look pretty in the pan

                                                                            • Abells Ann
                                                                              Abells Ann  3 days back

                                                                              I love the picture of the pallet because you could see your puppy in the Mirror! So cute

                                                                              • Claudia Torres
                                                                                Claudia Torres  3 days back

                                                                                I'm amazed at the comments telling Mel how to do her eyeshadows wow!!! She's an expert and her skills are one of the best I've seen. I expect to have to work extra on a palette that is $5 to $20 but not on one that is $50. I expect it to look awesome, period. Just my opinion.

                                                                                • Kim Gehr
                                                                                  Kim Gehr  3 days back

                                                                                  You're definitely not the only one who has had problems with this palette. Specifically, the blending. I can't get it to blend to save my life! Not that I'm an expert or anything... but at the end of the day it has to work for ME. Me with my skillset and my tools. Everyone's skin on their eyes is different so you can't expect one eyeshadow to work for EVERYONE. I have a daughter in college that is getting mine... and if it doesn't work for her, she has a dorm full of friends to try it!
                                                                                  Have a great day! ❤

                                                                                  • sing4u07
                                                                                    sing4u07  3 days back

                                                                                    Thank you for your honesty, Mel. No explanation necessary. You have always been honest no matter whose product it is. Tati is just another person releasing a palette. She isn't a god. Just like anything else, it can work for some and not others. I thought you were very gracious in your criticism. Thank you for being critical of products. I appreciate that so much.

                                                                                    • Maria
                                                                                      Maria  3 days back

                                                                                      everyone should watch your video.

                                                                                      • Maria
                                                                                        Maria  3 days back

                                                                                        thanks for the honest review. I think influencers who gave positive reviews all received a PR package.

                                                                                        • Dash Son
                                                                                          Dash Son  3 days back

                                                                                          Only person I trust when it comes to eye makeup pallets!!! This women KNOWS her stuff, especially eyeshadows!!!! Not to mention she is a stunner!!!

                                                                                          • K Ham
                                                                                            K Ham  4 days back

                                                                                            Everyone was ok when Tati gave Emily noels palette a bad review ,, oh your so honest ,, blah blah blah , then someone gives her palette a honest review. Now they don’t know what their doing , etc ,,you Tati Stan’s are idiots

                                                                                            • K Ham
                                                                                              K Ham  2 days back

                                                                                              gill leaf totally agree ,

                                                                                            • gill leaf
                                                                                              gill leaf  3 days back

                                                                                              I agree, I love Mel for her honesty & I think it was very brave of her to say what she thought. I don't follow Tati due to all the drama which I cannot stand. I like channels that don't involve themselves in it just like Mel. I think Mel should not review any more of Tati's products as it always attracts negativity. She is always polite but a lot of people just will not tolerate anything negative about Tati.