A Time for Wolves in King's Landing | Game of Thrones Season 8 End Game Theory


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  • Azor Ahype
    Azor Ahype   8 months back

    Thanks for all the amazing HYPE & LOVE people! I've never had so much fun making videos, and sharing them with all of you! I would love some ideas on what all of you would like to see after the Season is over!

    • Jenny From the block.
      Jenny From the block.  8 months back

      I think Dany will hv to mention Sansa or maybe it’s Arya being there. But to get Jon that pissed or scared it has to be their safety

    • bhinedrx
      bhinedrx  8 months back

      The book version vs tv series

    • Diana smith
      Diana smith  8 months back

      I’m still upset that Jamie went back to Cersei. I feel like his character arc was a waste over the last 6 seasons.

    • Torin Jones
      Torin Jones  8 months back

      LMAO this could be less than 10 seconds long. The answer to your first question is: badly

  • Ms. Byrd
    Ms. Byrd  8 months back

    There's no Stark plan, there's just Sansa still wanting to be queen and Bran knowing a million people would die and not saying anything so that he (not the RIGHTFUL heir) would sit the throne.

    • Michael Byrd
      Michael Byrd  8 months back

      "Why would she give out a secret her father kept his entire life, is she dumb?"
      Why would she rat out her family/father in the first place? Why would she not tell jon about the vales reinforcements in the battle of the bastards? Why would she separate the north when bran would've been the next king in the north anyways?
      Is she dumb? Shes sure something alright

      • Sharon Pernes
        Sharon Pernes  8 months back

        I was confused about the whole Bell Ringing thing. I know why the bells ring, but who was it for? Did Tyrion use the bells to stop the fighting and make everyone think it’s through, although it wasn’t really done by them. Was it a plan with Cersie to stop KL from being burned down and Cersie would still love.

        • Akshay Bhosale
          Akshay Bhosale  8 months back

          they said arya is going to shut brown eyes blue eyes and green eyes. they never said "green/blue/brown eyed people".. what if she kills drogon? it has green eyes right?

          • Topolino Topo
            Topolino Topo  8 months back

            Final scene Bran gets up from his wheelchair and sits on the throne- he was faking it all along for 8 seasons

            • Jack Meoff
              Jack Meoff  8 months back

              Bran is pretty much responsible for all the deaths in King’s Landing. If he never told Jon about his heritage he wouldn’t have rejected Dany and have her snap completely. Good job Bran.

              Also Sansa is a bitch for Swearing to Jon to keep her mouth shut and then betrayed him 5 minutes later. Everyone is an asshole on this show.

              • Matthias Jüttner
                Matthias Jüttner  8 months back

                The raven being warged by bran is nothing more than suspicion.

                • Gnarkson
                  Gnarkson  8 months back


                  • Ever Dawn
                    Ever Dawn  8 months back

                    I respectfully disagree with the Starks per se making a play for the Throne. The only one of that crowd that might have an interest in that would be Sansa. Sorry I don’t see it.

                    • Ever Dawn
                      Ever Dawn  8 months back

                      Am I mis-remembering this? At the time of the conversation Tyrion had with Varys, Dany didn’t know. Dany specifically stated to Tyrion that he had told Varys before he told her unless I dreamed it, lol. So the 8th at that time was likely Gilly? Does that sound right? I can’t think of anyone else who knew 🤔

                      • So Real
                        So Real  8 months back

                        The only role Jamie has is to be a complete disappointment

                        • Hauptstadtgamer
                          Hauptstadtgamer  8 months back

                          Bran cant see the future only the past and the now

                          • tutti
                            tutti  8 months back

                            Arya will parallel park that white mare of hers for 3 grueling minutes, at the last 4 minutes of the show..all the while "Dont Stop Believin" by Journey starts playing in the background..Arya runs into the ruined throne room, makes eye contact with Jon, it all fades to black...I smash my TV and weeks later D&D swear in interviews "guys..we promise..if u see the seasons again, you'll understand what happened".

                            • P Gajaananan
                              P Gajaananan  8 months back

                              Final scene - Bran sits in throne - opens his eyes - you see night kings blue eyes --- end of GOT. ;) :D

                              • Calico Cavalier
                                Calico Cavalier  8 months back

                                I hope so! All I’ve ever wanted is for the Starks to reunite!

                                • Henrik Hörnke
                                  Henrik Hörnke  8 months back

                                  I mean jon is going to kill daeny in a very tragic and sad moment after her actions in kingslanding i Think thats for sure and he is the only one Who should kill daeny not arya or someone else. I dont Think the starks made a secrete Plan cause jon wouldnt betray daeny like that. Jon is the most loyal and honourable Person in westeross since eddard starks death. And also he doesnt want to be king he doesnt want the iron throne would be very weirred if he suddenly wants to be king😅

                                  • Dave S
                                    Dave S  8 months back

                                    Nope. Jamie had no additional role.

                                    • The M.O.B Show : Small Business Podcast

                                      Could Arya not returning to Winterfell be actually because they plan on taking the throne to free the North. Arya to stay as hand of the Queen/King

                                      • Malika I
                                        Malika I  8 months back

                                        Knowledge is power Sansa + Bran
                                        Power is power Arya + jon = the pack survives

                                        • Malika I
                                          Malika I  8 months back

                                          J. Lanford thank you 😊

                                        • J. Lanford
                                          J. Lanford  8 months back

                                          best comment Ive read!

                                      • kslagley
                                        kslagley  8 months back

                                        As always, great theory. BUT...unfortunately the last couple of episodes have suffered from some of the laziest writing in the entire series. They had one foot out the door when they wrote these and just trying up loose ends of giant plot points.

                                        • SmashFetus
                                          SmashFetus  8 months back

                                          All these theory videos are pointless because D&D lack the imagination and writing skills to incorprate anything origional or worthwile into their stories....GoT went from my fav show ever to one of the worst ending shows ive ever seen....fuck D&D for ruining this shit...

                                          • sandorsbox
                                            sandorsbox  8 months back

                                            I think it’s safe to remove this theory. Episode 5 kinda destroyed it

                                            • Guisseppe Imbriago
                                              Guisseppe Imbriago  8 months back

                                              Jon kills Dany and is proclaimed King. He abdicates in favor of Sansa and Tyrion to rule as wife and husband. Arya married Gendry. Jon goes into self-exile to the North or even beyond the wall to live with the free folk. Book it!

                                              • Joxie411
                                                Joxie411  8 months back

                                                I think they will take the throne. The Starks are the new power of Westeros that’s what it’s all been about

                                                • ElizabethDrawstring
                                                  ElizabethDrawstring  8 months back

                                                  Should be a Romeo Juliet where Jon poisons Dany and then kills himself

                                                  • hukuando
                                                    hukuando  8 months back

                                                    Everyone: “I suppose Cercei be killed by one of her younger brothers, as prophesied?”
                                                    Bricks: “Hold my mortar.”

                                                    • Fasel Fasel
                                                      Fasel Fasel  8 months back

                                                      Yes, why tie together loose ends in creative ways when you can just subvert expectations for the sake of subverting expectations.

                                                  • FionnC
                                                    FionnC  8 months back

                                                    The capital of england has changed throughout the years. Winchester, York, London. Will the capital of the 7kingdoms simply be moved to Winterfell is the Starks have power. Also....where the f is Dawn in all this. They haven't risked a single person of their army

                                                    • ricky bobby
                                                      ricky bobby  8 months back

                                                      What if its knowledge and power maybe jon becomes king with bran as his hand or something else if Davos stays alive

                                                      • 2WO 5IVE
                                                        2WO 5IVE  8 months back

                                                        When she says "the lone wolf die but the pack survives" I'm 99% sure they were saying that in regards to during winter I thought.

                                                        • trish griffith
                                                          trish griffith  8 months back

                                                          You have it all right we are going to see a beautiful red headed Queen and then I think her brother is going to go way up north and live

                                                          • nayan prakash
                                                            nayan prakash  8 months back

                                                            I wonder how it feels when you put so much effort to be proven wrong in 2 days...

                                                            • Nisha Hazel
                                                              Nisha Hazel  8 months back

                                                              Damn you GOT you just wanted to kill the dragon 🐉 s 🤡

                                                              • Eliza Almaguer
                                                                Eliza Almaguer  8 months back

                                                                Sounds possible, even after episode 5. Sansa, Arya, and Bran already know how to use their skills to work together, and seem to still be doing so after dealing with Little finger. We do know that Jon knows of the political skills Sansa gained, and seems to grasp Bran’s powers... not too sure how much he knows about Arya, but at the very least he is well aware she is a powerful warrior. I Don’t think Jon is fully involved with the pack at this point, he was too infatuated with Dani, but the others do still see him as part of the pack and might be doing their best the lead him around without causing too much confrontation.

                                                                • Maria Pritchard
                                                                  Maria Pritchard  8 months back

                                                                  Cersei being Mad Queen was heavily foreshadowed throughout the show ("I will burn cities to the ground", "If she tries to take my kingdom, let her be the queen of ashes"). Dany's turnaround was way too quick. She held back from murdering innocents during season 7. Dany didn't need to turn mad queen for them to portray the futility of war, and Cersei being mad queen made more sense than Dany being so.

                                                                  • Luis Vazquez
                                                                    Luis Vazquez  8 months back

                                                                    Your theories (and everyone else predicting & profiting from these theories) are always so aggravatingly wrong; I'm glad my feeds will no longer highlight these nonsensical musings anymore.

                                                                    • Kieran M
                                                                      Kieran M  8 months back

                                                                      No point thinking of anything smart happening, the writers are gonna let us down yet again

                                                                      • Odin666
                                                                        Odin666  8 months back

                                                                        All I know is Jon better have a good redemption for his character because his character, just like every other character, has went to nothing this season...

                                                                        • Shirley Harrill
                                                                          Shirley Harrill  8 months back

                                                                          How has his character changed? Sorry I don't see it.

                                                                      • David Crooks
                                                                        David Crooks  8 months back

                                                                        I’ve never seen a show with so many amazing and incredible theories on how the climax will play out. Yet the show runners are being overshadowed by these content creators on EVERY EPISODE. Such a shame. Azor ASIKE

                                                                        • Richy Stewart
                                                                          Richy Stewart  8 months back

                                                                          Jon will kill Danny, drogon will do nothing and fly away, Jon will head north and leave Sansa with the crown, simple!

                                                                          • abraxix
                                                                            abraxix  8 months back

                                                                            my 2 theories:
                                                                            1-Tyrion will get Castlerly rock, Bronn gets Highgarden, Arya WILL marry Gendry and secure the Stormlands (remember the hound "don't be like me") Sansa will rule the North and Jon the South.
                                                                            2- Everyone in the south dies killing each other for the throne : dany, tyrion, jon, drogon, arya, greyworm, bronn they will all die in the fight ...and Sansa will rise.

                                                                            • Terry Buyce
                                                                              Terry Buyce  8 months back

                                                                              Iron Throne-Jon
                                                                              Winterfell- Sansa
                                                                              Dragon Stone-Arya
                                                                              Storm's End-Gendry
                                                                              Pike- Yara

                                                                            • Scantron Music
                                                                              Scantron Music  8 months back

                                                                              I think maybe that’s a backup plan. Like Jon insisted they trust her, but if something were to happen like what happened Sunday, they would have to make a decision

                                                                              • bArt bAts
                                                                                bArt bAts  8 months back

                                                                                nope no pact, just Jon Snow becoming king in his own rights

                                                                                • letino sullivan
                                                                                  letino sullivan  8 months back


                                                                                  • Low Gu
                                                                                    Low Gu  8 months back

                                                                                    The only rightful ending, Dany sits on a new Iron Throne and burn to ashes all who have intentions get rid off her; Sansa, Jon, Tyrion and Arya

                                                                                    • Mysteries And Thoughts
                                                                                      Mysteries And Thoughts  8 months back

                                                                                      This series is a total shit show lol

                                                                                      • Wallace Sipes
                                                                                        Wallace Sipes  8 months back

                                                                                        I have the same idea you have for the ending. I do believe we have not seen the end of Bran and Sansas plan at work. I do believe we may not get to see John on top at the end. But maybe Tyrion and Sansa will have to rule in the end. I think Johns fate is tied to Dannys. He has to fulfill his purpose. Just like Berrick D.