Beauty Editors Test Buzzy Skincare Products | Sh*t We Stole from the Beauty Closet | Cosmopolitan


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  • Kennedy Keane
    Kennedy Keane  7 days back


    • Zodiac Blac
      Zodiac Blac  1 weeks back

      Why does the beauty director not wear makeup? That’s crazy to me... like shouldn’t the person who holds that title be passionate about cosmetics? That’s like a pastry chef who doesn’t like sweets. I mean they CAN still do that job but like SHOULD they?

      • Eliza Parker
        Eliza Parker  6 days back

        get over it, zody

      • Zodiac Blac
        Zodiac Blac  1 weeks back

        I’m perfectly aware that beauty encompasses more than one category. I myself am an Aveda hairstylist. But to have the main person in charge straight up tell the viewer that she doesn’t care for a significant portion of what a ton of viewers would consider to be their favorite part of the beauty world is kind of weird. I love skin care reviews just as much as the next person but this isn’t an influencer sharing their opinion. This is someone in charge of a major magazine overseeing the publishing of information they have no interest in on a personal level.

      • Cosmopolitan
        Cosmopolitan   1 weeks back

        We're all super passionate about beauty! Beauty is more than just makeup and our beauty eds are also hair, nail and gorgeous skin geniuses. What kind of makeup looks would you like us to cover? We're down to try anything!

    • Ra Nasty
      Ra Nasty  1 weeks back

      Me : More like “shit that I can’t effort “

      • hamstergame r
        hamstergame r  1 weeks back