Midsommar- Spoiler Free Review

  • Published: 03 July 2019
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Comments • 154

  • White Bread
    White Bread  1 months back

    Watched it 2x and liked it . My friends thought it was too weird and expected more violence maybe?

    • White Bread
      White Bread  1 months back

      Sinister Cinema Reviews
      They all about Fucked Up movies and asked me before watching if it was “ fucked up like The House That Jack Built?” I said yes , so expectations were maybe high on violence and not psychological.

    • Sinister Cinema Reviews
      Sinister Cinema Reviews   1 months back

      Modern day audiences...

  • Dave Jordan
    Dave Jordan  1 months back

    When I saw Hereditary, I had wished I had not watched it after words.. Is this like that? I don't know if I want to watch Midsommar because I don't like filling my head with negativity.

    • Armando De La Cruz
      Armando De La Cruz  1 months back

      I missed out on this one due to having a baby now, but I just watched it yesterday and I fell in love all over again with Aster. I was hooked from beginning to end I will go as far to say I enjoyed it a little more then Hereditary

      I also hope they release a director's Cut in 4k or just blu Ray

      • MoGreensGlasses
        MoGreensGlasses  1 months back

        Missed this in theaters. Just watched it on Redbox day 1. Liked it a bunch. Not sure I'd call it horror. Psyco-drama with some horror elements.

        • Eric Hernandez
          Eric Hernandez  2 months back

          I havent seen the movie yet ill probably rent it monday but something tells me someone's dick gets cut off.. Idk .. Guess ill find out monday!

          • who'schairisthat ?
            who'schairisthat ?  2 months back

            Getting myself hyped up to see this. I thoroughly enjoyed Hereditary, but everyone I've shown it to didn't appreciate it.

            • Andrés Rojas
              Andrés Rojas  2 months back

              I loved the photography, the music, the acting was descent, but for me it's just a basic slasher with people going to a beautiful place and then finding that they are moving targets, but hey, it's an arthouse movie. That's where Laster magic is. Because if you take all the Aster nonsense and put graphics deaths, this movie becomes just another generic slasher, but he put some pictures here and there, some pagan dance a lot of wide angle shots, long scenes moving nowhere but perfectly build, characters dissapearing, but all of it makes the movie unique. I just think Ari Laster keeps fooling us telling simple stories but making them "artsy", "confusing" and long, oh and keep chopping some heads for shock, that seems to work for him.

              • Courtney Durham
                Courtney Durham  2 months back

                I actually prefer Midsommar over Hereditary. I know most people that like Hereditary, like it more than this film but I just loved Midsommar. I didn't know how to feel about Hereditary at first but grew to appreciate it on the second viewing. I want to watch Midsommar over and over again and now apparently there are hidden faces in the background of this movie. I can't wait to go looking for them.

              • Douglas Bull
                Douglas Bull  2 months back

                someone explain just what they actually did to mark all a sudden he's lured off by some chick to come back looking all puffy faced and also looked like a retarded zombie so wtf did they do to him

                • Sam Loomis
                  Sam Loomis  2 months back

                  I finally watched this tonight and as a sick disturbing horror film it was very effective. I personally liked Hereditary much better but this was good too (so was the VVitch). To me the most disturbing part was the cliff jumps. Why is Ari retiring? He has at least 2 more high caliber films left.

                • Shvy4n
                  Shvy4n  2 months back

                  Where tf can i watch this movie?

                • Amanda Saylor
                  Amanda Saylor  2 months back

                  This felt like wicker man had a baby delivered by eli roth and david lynch and delaurentis did the soundtrack

                  • Sinister Cinema Reviews
                    Sinister Cinema Reviews   2 months back

                    Yeah it’s not a film I would recommend to anyone outside of a certain group of people haha

                  • Amanda Saylor
                    Amanda Saylor  2 months back

                    I see what you mean about the wide spread release of this movie. I found it riveting however i could see how normal movie goers would dislike it...for multiple reasons. My friend asked how it was i said " really good! But not something u would be into."

                  • Sinister Cinema Reviews
                    Sinister Cinema Reviews   2 months back

                    Well, what did you think?

                  • Amanda Saylor
                    Amanda Saylor  2 months back

                    @Sinister Cinema Reviews honestly...watched online with subtitles. 😔 times r tough haha

                  • Sinister Cinema Reviews
                    Sinister Cinema Reviews   2 months back

                    Amanda Saylor you watched it! Did you go to the theater to see it? The directors cut is what’s out right now. Is that what you watched?

                • saxon 1066
                  saxon 1066  3 months back

                  Was it a similar modern-day WICKER MAN WITH EDWARD WOODWARD???

                  • Fire Away Productions
                    Fire Away Productions  3 months back

                    Can you discreetly tell me which part of the movie the girl in the audience of your theater ran out sobbing?

                  • Aleksander Eide
                    Aleksander Eide  3 months back

                    just got back from my cinema here in Norway and omg i loved it so much :) but i also love other divisive movies like hereditary, raw and mother :)

                  • Eddie Forehand
                    Eddie Forehand  4 months back

                    Was the front row majority African-American? Just wondering.

                    • Jason Butler
                      Jason Butler  4 months back

                      Huge respect for your analysis. Not seen it yet, don't want any spoilers either, sounds awesome. Hereditary is one of my all time favourites. Cheers

                    • MassFragment
                      MassFragment  4 months back

                      That's what I wanted to hear "Ari delivered again" liked and subbed, now I just gotta figure out how to get a hold of the movie. My mainstream shitbrain movie theatre ain't showing it.

                      • Sebastian0318
                        Sebastian0318  4 months back

                        Good thing I didn’t take my lil sis with me to watch it 😂😂😂

                      • David Lewis
                        David Lewis  4 months back

                        You are the man.

                      • I.P. Knightley
                        I.P. Knightley  4 months back

                        Sweden is no Eden!

                        • Harry Woodward
                          Harry Woodward  4 months back

                          You're right when pointing out that you don't believe people when they say they want to see original films, which is one of the reasons I think we're seeing so many sequels and re-makes these days.
                          As for Midsommar, it's the best film I've seen in years and I'm glad that I appreciate it's genius.

                          • Susie 1604
                            Susie 1604  4 months back

                            I absolutely LOVED this movie. Great review thank you. Subscribed! 👍

                          • V V second channel
                            V V second channel  4 months back

                            Hey, since you watched the movie, can you tell me if the preview actually spoils the plot or is it best to just not watch it?

                            • MagicMatson
                              MagicMatson  4 months back

                              I finally got to see this tonight! I loved it!! I’m definitely looking forward to the Blu-ray since the 30 some minutes of footage that was cut to prevent an NC-17 will be on it. I already want to rewatch this. Such an interesting and beautiful wild movie.

                              • Ben Quinney
                                Ben Quinney  4 months back

                                Command ACAV

                                • O V S T
                                  O V S T  4 months back

                                  As someone who suffers from crippling depression and anxiety, there is no other film in the history of cinema which has not only made as anxious as this movie did, but also portrayed anxiety so damn accurately. That relatability makes the film all the more disturbing. A first for me too while seeing this in theaters was that at the "cliff" scene, I genuinely started to feel nauseous.

                                • Tim Stephens
                                  Tim Stephens  4 months back

                                  I'm ready to be amazed by the cinematography. People are stuck on remakes original ideas get so much crap from movie goers.

                                  • Realistikk513
                                    Realistikk513  4 months back

                                    Wtf ari aster is a saving grace for the horror genre let's hope theres many more to come.
                                    Btw are you talking about Slade Shepard from killer flicks? I hung out with him at a horror convention. Thats funny.

                                  • Mainely Movies
                                    Mainely Movies  4 months back

                                    Nice review! I love how thematically layered this film was. The plot itself is pretty simple and straight-forward, but the way its interwoven with relatable, yet dark themes is incredibly impressive! I guess I lucked out with my particular showing. There were only 6 other people there besides me and everybody was completely silent, even after the credits rolled. We did have two walk-outs though, just before the start of the third act.

                                  • Dark Star King
                                    Dark Star King  4 months back

                                    Most people are braindead and just want their constant jump scares.

                                    • eternal soul
                                      eternal soul  4 months back

                                      Great movie

                                      • Bandit ExE
                                        Bandit ExE  4 months back

                                        This channel deserves more praise, Jason is a great host and very well spoken.

                                      • Hey, isn't that Devon Graham?

                                        Masterpiece. And I literally no nobody in real life that I would take to see this. They’d all hate it

                                        • Sinister Cinema Reviews
                                          Sinister Cinema Reviews   4 months back

                                          I could have taken my buddy but he was at work. He went later and loved it. Wish we saw it together

                                        • TheLadyDelirium
                                          TheLadyDelirium  4 months back

                                          I was thinking of taking my Mum, who didn't like the end of Hereditary. I'm wondering if she's gonna like this. 🤔

                                      • Daniel Meza
                                        Daniel Meza  4 months back

                                        Years ago I can honestly say I probably wouldn't have liked this movie...thanks to hereditary it really changed how I view movies and opened my mind to how much meaning a movie can have. I walked outta this movie in awe! I loved it...can't wait for my 2nd watch. Great vid man!

                                      • Dominant Persona
                                        Dominant Persona  4 months back

                                        It is a well shot film...

                                        However it doesn't standout on it's own in the way Hereditary did. It borrows too much from The Wicker Man. There are shot to shot recreations of scenes from The Wicker Man. Maybe if there was an added supernatural twist? I feel Aster doesnt deviate too far from the template used to make it unique. I should have also never watched The Wicker Man right before seeing this film.

                                        • James Sandy
                                          James Sandy  4 months back

                                          At 1:47: "...So let's get right into it."...NOPE! Instead, he begins ANOTHER preface, this one more abstract than the first ("This film is not for everyone...")

                                          • Cinema Junkies
                                            Cinema Junkies  4 months back

                                            an elder couple was in the audience when I saw this and they hated it, the moment I saw them I knew they made a mistake coming to see it. I really enjoyed this film, a great theater experience. this video is great example of how to do a spoiler free review. Spoiler Free videos are the most difficult for me to do.

                                            • Cinema Junkies
                                              Cinema Junkies  4 months back

                                              @Sinister Cinema Reviews Agree, but there sometimes needed when a film is brand new.

                                            • Sinister Cinema Reviews
                                              Sinister Cinema Reviews   4 months back

                                              Cinema Junkies they are very difficult to do. And they are less fun too

                                          • Anya Stump
                                            Anya Stump  4 months back

                                            Could you do a review on the movie Climax??

                                            • Max Neakro
                                              Max Neakro  4 months back

                                              Can't wait to see it!

                                              btw love your videos man! Great channel!

                                            • George Sciblo jr
                                              George Sciblo jr  4 months back

                                              Absolutely loved Hereditary.... Can't wait to see this

                                              • Horror in TOJ
                                                Horror in TOJ  4 months back

                                                I watched it last night and loved it, but like you the audience hated it.

                                                • Horror in TOJ
                                                  Horror in TOJ  4 months back

                                                  @Sinister Cinema Reviews I uploaded a rant about how good the movie was, has I was driving home from the cinema because I couldn't wait to tell everyone how good it was.

                                                • Sinister Cinema Reviews
                                                  Sinister Cinema Reviews   4 months back

                                                  Horror in TOJ isn’t that funny? EVERYONE has told me the same thing. Mainstream audiences haha

                                              • SeRgio [][]
                                                SeRgio [][]  4 months back

                                                Gr8 review but I’d like to point out Annabel might be actually worst horror movie of the year tbh

                                              • Adam W
                                                Adam W  4 months back

                                                Mother!, Heredity and Midsommar boy were getting some interesting flicks during the Trump era!

                                                • Adam W
                                                  Adam W  5 months back

                                                  Aster definitely continued with his 70s, slow burn, retro style that unfortunately today's millenial audiences might not get from Hereditary. People are hypocrites with the whole Hollywood makes nothing new, but they still mostly only see remakes, sequels and reboots. I will agree this is a movie most people won't get! Especially if they are not just familiar with 70s Hollywood style and cult films from the past like the original Wicker Man. But also cannot stomach very graphic imagery. I worry about movies like this finding an audience today in theaters because like the man says it defenitely id not for everyone. Its not a jump scare movie and you really are held in suspense throughout. But like Hereditary it will most likely become a new pardon the pun, cult, classic! Florence Pugh had to be one of the best suprises of the last year. I really loved her in The Last Kingdom on Netflix and also plan to check her out in Malevolent. Which I heard was not that great supposedly but I'll watch for her. There's also The Little Drummer Girl miniseries movie she was in and Fighting With My Family. Not a fan of The Rock but I'll watch for her! I wish I could say I was floored by the movie and I did think it was good but maybe Hereditary set the bar way to high for me and I have seen some of the similar cult film tropes, some, in other films. Also wanna point out the freat work done by Will Poulter in the film. We kind of new where his character was going by his smart ass nature.

                                                  • Patrick O'Malley
                                                    Patrick O'Malley  5 months back

                                                    Midsommar is a fucking gem! I don't know if it's recency bias, but I think I prefer it to Hereditary (which is also great). Movies that are "made for everyone" are often piles of shit because they're made by committee. Anything interesting has to be excised because some dipshit in a focus group doesn't get it, or they need to hit that PG-13 rating, or [insert any other decision that places commerce over artistry]. But, thanks to A24, Ari Aster has been allowed to bring his own artistic vision to life with minimal interference (if any, beyond "it can't be 4 hours long") and you get something really original. Sure, you could compare it to The Wicker Man (like some exec surely would, while saying no to the project), and it has some stuff that comes from Scandinavian myth, but it really comes from Ari going through a bad break up and processing it through his art. And that's pretty special in a time when so many movies that make it to the theaters end up being written and rewritten by half a dozen people.

                                                    • Evil Queen
                                                      Evil Queen  5 months back

                                                      This sounds like something I definitely need to see! Great review, thanks!🖤

                                                    • H2Finest
                                                      H2Finest  5 months back

                                                      Can you recommend some movies that are similar to Midsommar?

                                                      • sab walkswithpurpose
                                                        sab walkswithpurpose  4 months back

                                                        @Sinister Cinema Reviews Those are GREAT suggestions!!!! The only one I haven't seen is The Sacrament, though Ive heard of it. I hope we get more of these types of films, or at least discover lesser known films of this type. This is def my fave type of horror...films that are told in an original way and are dread inducing above all else!!!!💕💕💕

                                                      • Sinister Cinema Reviews
                                                        Sinister Cinema Reviews   5 months back

                                                        H2Finest Wicker man obviously but also picnic at hanging rock, the invitation, the endless (and resolution), the sacrament, kill list, and the conspiracy. Most of those are cult like films with a slower off kilter nature. I’d also recommend Blackcoats daughter and session 9 since they are both slower Art house films that are very unsettling.