K20 Pro - How is this Phone SO Cheap?!

  • Published: 14 August 2019
  • Dave2D review of the Redmi K20 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9T. The best cheap smartphones right now
    International - amzn.to/31Bh0AX
    K20 Pro - amzn.to/2yXQMw7
    Phone Skins - dbrand.com

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Comments • 3 760

  • Esc Ape
    Esc Ape  7 hours back

    A jacket remains a jacket, it can not be your luggage, if so, u do not have a jacket at all.

    • Andrey Bogdanov
      Andrey Bogdanov  7 hours back

      Using Mi 9t with a "slower" processor for half a year now - saw 0 lags, even in some demanding games. But if you really need that extra power - Xiaomi already released Mi9t Pro - so it's exactly the same as K20 Pro but I personally feel no reason to get more than I already have

      • SweetPoodle
        SweetPoodle  21 hours back

        beacuse made in china & sponsored by communist gv

        • Tutan De
          Tutan De  2 days back

          after android 10 & miui 11 update, I have noticed somewhat has been fixed but still there are some bugs.

          • vinod kumar
            vinod kumar  2 days back

            Wat theme is this

            • Daily Monsters
              Daily Monsters  3 days back

              Nice one dave.. A lot of kids here are crying bout the review.. Lol.. Try k20 pro first, then thank me later... Lol

              • bell G
                bell G  5 days back

                That mi interface is SO BAD! hated it

                • Alcatraz TM
                  Alcatraz TM  5 days back

                  Compare it with iPhone 11, its actually better than iPhone 11 at speed test, despite being cheaper

                  • DivideByZero
                    DivideByZero  6 days back

                    I wana get this phone, but it can't be used on verizon...

                    • vishwank v rai
                      vishwank v rai  7 days back

                      It's not slow or shutter it's your thinking

                      • cas818028
                        cas818028  1 weeks back

                        why would have been really nice is to know if you tested these phones on any US based carriers and what they worked on and did you get LTE reception

                        • notPranipus
                          notPranipus  1 weeks back

                          wow from 60 fps in games on the pro to 30 fps on the regular version is such a big difference.

                          • MaxusMV
                            MaxusMV  1 weeks back

                            You’d hardly find new unlocked Galaxy s9 plus 128gb cheaper than $600. The mentioned $350 - 400 is for renewed one

                            • CevizliSucuk
                              CevizliSucuk  1 weeks back

                              I have been using mi 9T for almost 3 months and never saw that micro stutters he mentions.

                              • samliyan
                                samliyan  1 weeks back

                                There is a 84hz display hack making it a complete phone

                                • Will i am Wu
                                  Will i am Wu  1 weeks back

                                  yesss...but its gonna kill some battery life

                              • Marco R
                                Marco R  1 weeks back

                                Best value rn is the Galaxy s10e, I think. Love the size

                                • Juan Delgadillo
                                  Juan Delgadillo  1 weeks back

                                  cheap cause of labor laws in china lol oh well cheap phone for us

                                  • ken zie
                                    ken zie  1 weeks back

                                    I’m coming from iPhone SE and I really want a good upgrade of a phone and I’m considering these 2. Either One Plus 7T Pro or Mi 9T Pro... but damn that 90hz refresh display is what i wanntttt.

                                    • ken zie
                                      ken zie  1 weeks back

                                      This is the comparison I am looking for. Thank You so much Dave!

                                      • Deepraj Khatri
                                        Deepraj Khatri  1 weeks back

                                        Thats cheap?It costs 49k in my country.

                                      • seebradrun
                                        seebradrun  1 weeks back

                                        Dave I really enjoy how you compare similar phones at the same price point. Well done!

                                        • WOPPER
                                          WOPPER  2 weeks back

                                          honestly $300 is insane price jeez i remember OPO was killer for like $350 this is insane. Looks fantastic for the price near bezel less and underscreen fingerprint sensor is a big win. Triple camera i would assume is still meh a lot of these cheaper phones have bad sensors.

                                          • Nilanjan Ghosh
                                            Nilanjan Ghosh  2 weeks back

                                            What's the skin on the OnePlus 7 pro ans on k20 RPO??

                                            • Lemonstar
                                              Lemonstar  2 weeks back

                                              flat clicker

                                              • Doru Matoi
                                                Doru Matoi  2 weeks back

                                                @Dave Lee - the equivalent of k20 pro is the Mi 9T Pro/

                                                • Jimel Quann
                                                  Jimel Quann  2 weeks back

                                                  Watching on my mi 9t pro

                                                  • nel c
                                                    nel c  2 weeks back

                                                    Very expensive phone 0:21 $680

                                                    Apple: hold my beer 🍺

                                                    • jithin sankar
                                                      jithin sankar  2 weeks back

                                                      When reviewed poco f1: its a plastic design.... yuc..
                                                      K20 pro : its not plastic... Really dude

                                                      • James Love
                                                        James Love  2 weeks back

                                                        LG G8 can be found for $400 now.

                                                        • Alessio
                                                          Alessio  2 weeks back

                                                          I am the owner of a Samsung S8, I would like to switch to the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, should I take this step according to you?

                                                          • Jonathz Estive
                                                            Jonathz Estive  2 weeks back

                                                            realme x2 pro please 😀

                                                            • mg23
                                                              mg23  2 weeks back

                                                              whenever dave says, Ok! I thought it's already the end of the video  😂

                                                              • Techie Nerd
                                                                Techie Nerd  2 weeks back

                                                                I wish I could have that phone so that I can review it in my channel like you do Dave Lee 😔

                                                                • Jakub Kolčář
                                                                  Jakub Kolčář  2 weeks back


                                                                  • Andrew Stewart
                                                                    Andrew Stewart  2 weeks back

                                                                    Not sure why people would say how are these phones so cheap? Why arent they 700 dollars and up? Because we are getting ripped off. These devices should not be so expensive. Do your research, almost cost nothing compared to the price they sell them at.

                                                                    • ninja 1000
                                                                      ninja 1000  2 weeks back

                                                                      Honest , straightforward no BS review... love this guy!! And yes.. im still using samsung s8 835chipset and still kicks ass.. but got lots of amoled burns. Plan to get the realme x2 pro.

                                                                      • zoiuduu
                                                                        zoiuduu  2 weeks back

                                                                        u know that u poor when ur wage after rent+food+transport cant even buy a "so cheap" phone

                                                                        • Google Pap
                                                                          Google Pap  2 weeks back

                                                                          Hmm you got some things wrong:
                                                                          1) at 2:06 you can actually change it (though I don't blame you cuz even for me, a POCO user, took me a long time to find the setting)
                                                                          2) The equivalent of the K20 Pro is the Mi 9T Pro, not the Mi 9T. The Mi 9T pro comes with an 855.
                                                                          Other than that, great vid!

                                                                          • Harsh Pherwani
                                                                            Harsh Pherwani  2 weeks back

                                                                            That moment when 300 dollar phones are called cheap.

                                                                            • Ranveer Singhaniya
                                                                              Ranveer Singhaniya  2 weeks back

                                                                              Glass phone - should be plastic
                                                                              Plastic phone - not premium should be glass


                                                                              • Wall-e
                                                                                Wall-e  2 weeks back

                                                                                Life's too short for a phone that stutters.

                                                                                • Robert Rosenberger
                                                                                  Robert Rosenberger  2 weeks back

                                                                                  You can oberclock the k20 pro screen to 80hz aparrently

                                                                                  • MrDimkur
                                                                                    MrDimkur  2 weeks back

                                                                                    K20 Pro - How is this Phone SO Cheap?!
                                                                                    Doesn't have an Apple logo on it.

                                                                                    • Boris Chan
                                                                                      Boris Chan  2 weeks back

                                                                                      i never had any lag on my K20 pro though

                                                                                      • jenzell mabagos
                                                                                        jenzell mabagos  2 weeks back

                                                                                        V17 Pro pls!

                                                                                        • Karmen Hikmat
                                                                                          Karmen Hikmat  2 weeks back

                                                                                          you haven't seen the x2 pro, have you?

                                                                                          • Vikas Shelke
                                                                                            Vikas Shelke  2 weeks back

                                                                                            K20pro front camera stuck in selfie mode, no retrving back and phone hanged. Service center kept phone for 2 weeks. Sold the phone after repires for 12000 and bought Samsung a 50.

                                                                                            • dtz1000
                                                                                              dtz1000  2 weeks back

                                                                                              No 90hz mode is a big deal for me. No stereo speakers. The camera is not as good as the oneplus camera and Xiaomi usually put an awful video mic into their phones to cut costs, so sound is terrible in videos. The oneplus 7t is less than $400 now. Definitely worth the extra.